agosto 2022


Miami is the city of the United States with a Latin American spirit. If you are planning to visit this part of the United States, reserve a space in your itinerary to visit the most famous postcard in the world, South Beath, and fall in love with its heavenly landscape.Among the reasons you have to […]



One of the biggest attractions of Bonaire is the water of the sea, this highlights because it is very clear due to the little Water what ‘s in this land and does not reach the sea what pollution _ it is almost null . don’t you worry for the hotel search , in Bonaire there

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Exotic and multicultural, this is the beautiful Mauritius Island. It is located in the Indian Ocean and this allows tourists to find a beautiful and accessible place to enjoy all the wonders that nature has to offer. On the island there is a mixture of races and languages that enrich this land and allow tourists



Bermuda Islands has many elements to become the perfect place to live or simply to vacation. Do you want to know what are the characteristic features it possesses? Here we will tell you everything, you will end up as or more in love than those who have visited it. The beaches here are breathtakingly beautiful,

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Belize is wonderful because it allows you to swim among nurse sharks but at the same time you can also explore jungles with Mayan pyramids that you can climb if you wish. It is not a Latin American country and neither is it entirely from the Caribbean, but it blends perfectly and has a little

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If you are looking for a place to vacation that has it all, let me tell you that Naxos is the right place for you, this is because it has beautiful beaches, fine sand and the best environment to spend a phenomenal day. In addition to this, Naxos has mountain villages that take you to

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First of all, Tulum can be considered as a Caribbean beach paradise with clear, fine and soft sands, where you can spend all day without shoes. The Yucatan Peninsula is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Mexico and its development model, great connoisseurs comment that, based on ecotourism and the enormous variety of destinations,

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If your destination to visit is Greece, you should undoubtedly make a mandatory stop in Paros, thanks to its central location, it is very easy to access Paros from the most popular islands of the Cyclades. Without a doubt, this will be your best option in the travel itinerary. What kind of plan can you

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