Dear friends, my name is Lucy and once again I welcome you to my travel blog. This time I flew to Nueva Esparta in Venezuela to enjoy the best beaches in the world, it may sound exaggerated but they are the best in the world, beautiful and very clean. I love the accent of these people, it is what is known as oriental in Venezuela, I love the fish from here, it is delicious. Another thing that I loved was its natural wonders, there are majestic settings here that do not cause you to leave.

  There are very famous destinations, those that tell you loudly «come, you’re going to have a great time» and that at times make us travel with our minds and that even make us feel that we are on a beach, with our feet in the water. and the sun hitting your face. Isla Margarita, that is one of the places that works as an attractive magnet for our heads.

  I ratified what they say in the world, the women of Venezuela are the most beautiful, their charisma, their intellect, walking and every detail they use makes them look splendid and unsurpassed.

  There are huge water parks here, people visit it frequently and enjoy its attractions.

  Here on arrival I contacted Pedro, a friendly guy who served me as a tourist guide and companion throughout the trip, he listed a large number of historical sites, monuments, museums, outdoor areas and places to take good photos. He took me to learn about the gastronomy of this island and the best restaurants and also the best bars and clubs to enjoy the island’s nightlife.

  Pedro already had a great complete itinerary for all my days on the island, as soon as he mentioned them to me, I thought that I would have days left to enjoy. On the way from the airport to my first destination, he already had a surprise for me, he took me to a place called Juan Griego, here we visited the Fortín de la Galera, a small walled fortification, with a spectacular view of the city, this place is magical, on one side the sea and on the other the Laguna de los Mártires.

  Also known as El fortín de La Libertad, history tells that it had an important role in the independence history of Venezuela as it was the seat of the resistance in colonial times. This is a heritage of which the inhabitants of Juan Griego are extremely proud, to the point that they promote their visit through very varied cultural broadcasts. It is famous for the privileged view of the sunset that you have in the place.

  Leaving Juan Griego we started a new route to the next destination that Pedro had planned for me, he told me that I was going to love the place, I must confess that I was excited, it is well known that Venezuela is a country with a lot of rhythm, surrounded by people and beautiful places was anxious and so we arrived at the Agua Dulce Beach Club.

  Leaving Juan Griego we started a new route to the next destination that Pedro had planned for me, he told me that I was going to love the place, I must confess that I was excited, it is well known that Venezuela is a country with a lot of rhythm, surrounded by people and beautiful places was anxious and so we arrived at the Agua Dulce Beach Club.

  A few meters from the beach is the restaurant area, here I had several options to enjoy the meal, open or covered, I took the open-air option.

  Being in Venezuela, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy a delicious arepa dominated by Reina Pepiada, with a delicious coffee and lemon juice. In addition to this I tried a delicious mango as part of breakfast.

  After eating I walked towards the sun loungers, I lay down on them to enjoy a volleyball game that was taking place in the sand, the game looked very entertaining.

  I did not find a reservation site to visit Faro Punta Ballenas because these are military installations that have this space for the healthy entertainment and enjoyment of tourists and locals.

  This 28-meter-high building gave me a privileged view of different areas, among which I will mention the Porlamar Coast, Las Salinas, the San Carlos de Borromeo Castle, El Copey Hill and the Caribbean Sea.

  Climbing to the top was a challenge, but I managed it because I loved climbing each step because the view was privileged, the salt flats are beautiful, their color, their grandeur.

  The Caribbean Sea looked too beautiful from this height, I could detail the movement of its waves hitting the shore, I could see surfers challenging the waves and peñeros on the sea.

  I loved their food at Agua Dulce, and I loved their tropical drinks, but what I liked the most was when night fell, what they call the rumba in Venezuela, to the rhythm of the best tropical melodies, started the party in this place.

  In the light of the stars, I danced and had fun until I could not. It seemed to me that I was among friends, all of us present became acquaintances. Then I went to rest and Pedro announced that he would soon come for me. 

  When Pedro came for me I was on the beach having a passion fruit daiquiri totally relaxed, he told me it’s time to leave your new destination awaits you and it’s a surprise, Pedro surprised me with his efficiency and warmth, I already had my luggage in the car and we went to Tibisay this name was very difficult for me to learn.

The boy told me that this was the ideal hotel for me according to my tastes, and he was completely right, he left me here and of course he stressed to me enjoy that soon we will continue our tour of the island.

I did my check-up at the reception and went up to my room, I was impressed with the design of it, what a beautiful bed, beautiful colors, excellent lighting, optimal air conditioning, it gave me a feeling of tranquility, I felt satisfied with the selection of the hotel.

After bathing, changing and putting on perfume I went down to dinner. I asked for hallaca, I wanted to try the typical Christmas dish of this country, this did not come alone, they served me salad, ham bread and soda.

  For dessert they brought me a black cake, they told me that it is also part of this dish that is served at Christmas. When I finished eating I ordered Venezuelan rum and went to the pool to have a few drinks, they had told me that it is one of the best in the world and yes it is.

  In this hotel I loved the play of lights alluding to the Venezuelan flag that colors the entire hotel complex. How beautiful it looks from a distance, how glamorous it looks at nightfall.

  These lights allow their reflection to fall in the pool area and give another touch to the water, in addition to the palm trees that are dyed red. It was inevitable when I arrived to take photos, so I took out my camera and asked the security guard who was taking my bags out of the vehicle for help and he photographed me.

  The next day I had a delicious breakfast of fish with cassava and cabbage, tomato and onion salad, accompanied by slices of plantain. When I finished I took advantage of the spa service offered by the hotel and they gave me a massage that made me feel better.

  I liked visiting this beach, I confirm what I said before, they are the best in the world. I loved the sand, its palm trees, the color of its waters, the hot sun and the good energy of its people.

  I stood under one of the umbrellas that were in the place and threw myself on one of the loungers, applied sunscreen, put on my hat and my glasses and for a moment I enjoyed the movement of the sea, the birds and the boats of the fishermen.

  Here they are very devoted to the Virgen del Valle, a seafood vendor came to sell me a portion of these and I bought it, at that moment he told me about the faith they have in this virgin and the miracles she has done in many lives.

  A little later, some women and some men arrived at the beach. I almost got a heart attack with the sensuality and body that these women project, they really look divine and they are not afraid to show their attributes.

  They infected me and I also felt Venezuelan, I felt sexy and owned the beach, I projected while walking, it didn’t turn out the same but that’s how I went to the sea.

  Here I was able to observe boats, boats, peñeros, palm trees and part of the buildings on the island. And so they spent a couple of days of enjoyment inside the hotel until Pedro again told me that we would continue the tour. I was excited and nervous because she did not know where it would take me.

We walked around a bit and I remember that before hiring Pedro he gave me a kind of interview, I thought it was interesting, but it was not until this moment that I discovered why, it turns out that he took note of everything I mentioned to him and the first stop was in an amusement park. amusements, I mentioned how much I liked them but hadn’t visited one in a long time.

  I felt like a child during my trip to Venezuela when I visited the Diverland amusement park. Roller coaster, bumper cars and more was what I found here.

  When I arrived I ran and slid down the slides, I felt too much adrenaline, I screamed and I felt totally free. I repeated this like 6 times because I loved what I was experiencing.

  After this I went to the dolphin pond and I was able to see them up close, caress them, hug them and kiss them. We played, we bathed, they transmitted all their love to me.

  The roller coaster was waiting for me, I got on and how beautiful the island looked from above, it gave me peace to read the word faith designed in the mechanical attraction, what a beautiful message.

  The bumper cars made me laugh, I went with everything against the other cars and laughter took over me. I relived my time as a child, I felt free and fully.

  Pedro accompanied me this time and was my guide and photographer, I really loved this experience because in addition to being fun, this guy managed to bring out my inner child.

  The following days were of many walks and trips throughout the city, Pedro told me during the tour about the history of Venezuela, about its culture and customs, its typical foods and so many beautiful things that I was really moved to see his face as it lit up by recreating how beautiful their land is. I learned to say Chévere, which for them is a very common word, it means it’s okay, or I like it. So he took me to a lot of cool places.

  Connecting with the spiritual part of a place is what I enjoy most about my travels, I have known and experienced different cultures, religions and gods worshiped throughout the world. Meeting the parishioners of the Virgen del Valle touched my soul, seeing them adore their patron saint, the patron saint of fishermen, it was wonderful to see them ask for their catches, for the protection of their boats and abundance for their families.

  The father of the church gave me his blessing, thanked me for being there and for showing so much love for that island.

  I brought an offering of flowers, food and some candles, to thank him for the protection he was giving me in his territory. The mass was full of blessings and I was renewed in faith.

  This temple is wonderful, I contemplated the design inside, the figures, the virgin and everything that was there that makes that place look like something out of the earth.

  How good and kind the parishioners are, their gaze transmits peace, joy and serenity.

  Diversity of slides, pools and an extraordinary atmosphere was what I found in this place during my visit, they put my bracelet on me when I entered and I began to enjoy the place.

  I jumped in the pool, enjoyed the water and lay on a life jacket to rest while the water guided me all over the place.

  Then I went to the area where the giant slide is located, after it fills up the water falls from the heights completely into the pool, there were several children waiting for the fall and I joined them. Together we scream, jump and enjoy it like children.   After this I went to the artificial wave pool and I enjoyed it, what an incredible experience because I felt as if I was in the sea.

  Without fear I went to one of the slides, the highest one and I threw myself, I felt that I would come out of the slide and I screamed until I fell into the pool, then I launched myself through the cover and my heart accelerated.

  What a wonderful place, I ate a delicious pizza with corn and malt, what a delicious drink, they have interesting things in Venezuela.

  This is one of the most important and recognized beaches of Margarita Island, one of the most beautiful, the water of its coasts is warm and falls in love with tourists and locals.

  There are some rocks on that beach, for me they were ideal because I used them to take some photos and to take a little sun while bathing in the immensities of this sea.

  There are many palm trees here, I loved the sand and there are houses very close to the sea. 

  Along the beach there are many food stalls, awnings, umbrellas and spaces to buy beer or something to snack on.

  I took a bath, I enjoyed the water, I bought come back to life and break mattress. 

  There were other people on the beach and they bought seafood to recharge their energy in bed.

  I want to go back to this beach, I loved it. The water is too good, hot, you enjoy it fully.

  Margarita and all of Venezuela, in fact, all Venezuelans are very well known for being very happy and fun and for the rhythm and flavor that they carry in their own Caribbean veins, and on this trip I was not going to let the night parties go by, I wanted to visit the best places on the island, I told Pedro about it but he had already anticipated it and had a good list of places that we would visit, so we reserved a few nights for it.

  When I got here I was able to try a delicious octopus, really few have eaten like this in my many trips. It was delicious, fresh and with an indisputable aroma, that was how I was received at the place.

  I really liked the good attention of these Venezuelans who work on this site, they are young guys but full of energy and with the best disposition to serve others.

  One of the characteristics of this very trendy place is that they have weekly parties in which they invite different national and local artists. When I went, Criollo House was presented, a well-known group in Venezuela.

  While enjoying his presentation, I drank Cacique rum, one of the best in the world. I drank it dry and had to add soda to it because it was too strong for me.

  I loved all the energy that this place transmits, the people and the way they enjoy being here.

  One of the best nightclubs in Margarita, arriving here is letting yourself be captivated by its lights, the good vibes of its visitors and the best music is what this beautiful place offers.

  Security, good attention, good service and surprises every night you will find here. Weekly they design special promotions for their clients, discounts, theme parties and more.

  That night I drank a cheap Venezuelan rum, it’s called Anís and I tried it neat. It’s too sweet but I loved it, you have to be careful when taking it because the hangover can last two days.

  After this they advised me to mix it with yogurt or gatorade, I did it with both to experiment and I really loved it, how glorious it tasted and I won’t even tell you how I ended up the next day.

  The DJ had the best musical selection for those present, the latest that sounded in Venezuela and the world, I danced and enjoyed every step I took on the dance floor.

  I loved this nightclub, they offer a great variety in the service they offer and excellent service and security. If I have to visit her again I would do it without thinking.

  Margarita’s best move is here in this place, but before dancing I ate because I was too hungry, so I ordered tequeños, hamburger and fries with a black polarcita, this beer is in high demand here. 

  Then she made me hungry again and I tried some delicious dumplings with garlic sauce.

  Satisfied, I went to dance, enjoyed the music and ordered a Venezuelan rum to drink while I had a good time. 

  The guys at the bar were careful to give me the drink on time, that I didn’t miss anything, they really wanted to make me feel good at all times.

   I liked visiting Venezuela, I fell in love with the charisma of its people, their kindness, their kindness and good heart. Despite the adversities, they continue to smile and look for the positive side. The beaches of Venezuela are the best in the world, I loved the ones I visited and their waters are very warm. It provokes spending all day in the sea enjoying the good life. The arepa is something delicious, the malt, the soda, the tequeños and the garlic sauce. What a variety of food they have and very tasty. Don’t think about it anymore and come to Venezuela, let yourself be captivated by its people.