Visit this region in spring, autumn or winter, there will always be room for fun. But the most important thing here is that in the sunny season you let the residents of the north enjoy and come at another time so you can live closely with the inhabitants, enjoy good places and what every tourist likes, excellent prices and offers.

Take the wheel and drive along the inter-beach road and enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve, you will be able to visit them all in a short time. The sunset from here is more enjoyable because you can see it reflected in the sea.

Lagoa’s beaches are there, waiting to be discovered by you. Fall in love with them and explore their caves and contemplate their limestone rocks shaped by the wind and golden by the sun. The beaches of Carvoeiro and Nuestra Señora de Rocha are special, many tourists invite you to explore them.


In this magnificent place you will be able to merge the true pleasure of good gastronomy and quality drinks, all this in an unprecedented environment that will give you privileged views of Mother Nature.


This place was designed a few meters from the sea, its beautiful structure full of modernism and avant-garde will allow you to live a pleasant moment full of sophistication and quality attention.

Internationally renowned chefs fuse the best European and Caribbean ingredients to offer delicately prepared dishes to please the most demanding palate. Enjoying these delicacies while contemplating the sea is a fascinating experience.

You can taste hamburgers, desserts, salads, meats and more. The menu is very extensive and varied, they have options for all tastes and more to please the little ones in the house who are a little more demanding than adults when it comes to eating.

The drinks are also varied and very good, enjoy beers, wines, pina coladas, champagne and amazing cocktails. The variety of salads they offer is also very large so you will have plenty to choose from.

There are corridors where you can move around and admire the view, feel the sea up close and admire the sun. 4.4 stars out of 5 is the rating given by users of this place in tourism forums, they recommend the visit and affirm that the service is excellent.

Very good, this is how the rating of this hotel is positioned with 4.2 points out of 5. This is thanks to its excellent attention, quality and good service offered to users who come here to enjoy an unforgettable moment.


According to comments from tourists who have stayed here, they state that the location of this hotel is excellent because it is close to many points of interest to visit, shortening distances and time.

Regarding the rooms, they indicate that they are Extraordinary, the beds are very large and comfortable, the bathroom has not been to the liking of many due to its size, but beyond this Cala in the acceptance of the users.

Breakfast is very good, varied menu with tropical alternatives. The staff is very efficient and in a few minutes you will have the order on the table. If you come with a vehicle you will have access to the parking lot at no cost.

Some user comments point out that the price is very high for what they offer, others highlight that it is worth the value to enjoy here.

The pool is fascinating, as tourists say, because it offers a unique view. The location of the place is highly praised because it is close to many places of interest where you can spend wonderful moments.


In the past, this place functioned as an old convent, but it was transformed to currently open its doors as a Municipal Museum, offering tourists temporary and permanent archaeological exhibits.


This Municipal Museum has ideal access for people with disabilities, in the same way access to the bathrooms is also very easy for these people who also want to enjoy the place.

If you come with children do not worry because this place is ideal for them, so they will have incredible options to learn about this place. Another point of this place is that it has access to bathrooms, so everything is perfectly planned so that you have the best experience.

4.7 points out of 5 is the position of this Museum, being ratified by tourists who only leave the best impressions about their experience here. Some say that this is a beautiful monastery, others highlight the mosaics, and one group says that the staff are friendly and instructive.

The Roman and Muslim cultures are fascinating in the way they merge to offer you a sublime experience.


This guided kayak tour will take you to discover caves and secret corners that will take your breath away.


The Benagil Caves are amazing, as well as other tourists you also have to live this adventure because otherwise you will not have felt or experienced one of the most important routes of your visit to this region of Portugal.

From the water, close to the sea feeling its strength and power, you will be guided through fascinating scenarios that will make you vibrate with emotion. Visit wild beaches and see beautiful limestone rock formations completely sculpted by the sea.

The guides are offered in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. Together with them you will learn about the history of each place and what the Portuguese government does to preserve them. It will be two hours of total adventure through these paradisiacal places.

From the Atlantic Ocean you will be able to adjust dolphins and contemplate wildlife, enjoy this experience and learn about flora and fauna.

Explore the Atlantic in search of marine wildlife with onboard marine biologists and learn more about dolphins in their natural habitat. All this you can do for an affordable cost, tourists say it’s worth it.

2.5 hours of experience, you will be guided by a fantastic group that will guide and instruct you at all times about the flora and fauna, type of species, types of flowers and everything will be possible in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

9 people is the maximum to make up the group that will tour these stages of Portugal. Admire the dolphins in their natural habitat, learn about wild animals, a marine biologist guide will teach you everything about these species.


Perfect place to dance and enjoy live shows, ideal environment for homosexual people and you can enter informally.


High price but worth it, so say tourists who have visited this place. It has presentations by renowned DJs who play the best reggaeton songs.

Some users question that women pay less for a drink than men and ask to review this measure, the employees are friendly and the environment is ideal for having a good time.

3.2 out of 5 stars, an average place but despite the pros and cons, it has caught on with the public and is worth it for its avant-garde spaces that seek to offer the best to each visitor.

Average site with a preference of 3.8 points out of 5, as described by tourists who have spent pleasant nights here dancing and enjoying a good glass of liquor.

In this place security is guaranteed, you will enjoy in a quiet way while you dance, have a drink and smile because you feel like the owner of the night, because it is a place to be who you really are.

The lights and technology are very advanced, at the bar you will be served by charismatic staff who will find a way to make you feel comfortable, they will guide you to make the best selection of drinks.


Dance, meet people of other nationalities and enjoy yourself in an environment where the gay community predominates. Smoke a cigarette, order beers or cocktails so you can feel the rhythm while you shake.

This population of Portugal will allow you to live unforgettable moments, enjoy the beach but at the same time discover a unique flora and fauna in the world, learn about marine and terrestrial species and other elements.

Enjoy an unbeatable gastronomy, colors, flavors and aromas that will captivate you, places with affordable prices and lots of fun.