Riding in a time machine is what traveling to Trinidad in Cuba represents, you will have to pass through here first before visiting the fabulous Ancón beach that will captivate you with its beauty and majesty. Trinidad has colonial houses, buildings and theaters that will make you feel like you are in a movie or on a trip to the past. Its streets seem trapped in time, the great show spaces are still standing and resist the new times.

Playa Ancón is located 12 km south of Trinidad, Cuba, formed by 4 km of fine white sand thanks to the Caribbean currents. This wonderful beach offers us excellent seabeds in which to contemplate the coral reef. In addition, it has an important archaeological reserve in which countless ships and galleons from assaults on corsairs lie. The area is perfect for lovers of snorkeling or diving, with more than twenty immersion points.

Playa Ancón is a beautiful place that provides tranquility and invites you to relax. Its fine white sand, in addition to its crystal clear sea, will make you live one of the best moments of your trip. Here in Playa Ancón you will find places of interest, hotels and many areas of attractions to have an incredibly good time.

Playa Ancón is one of the best beaches in Cuba, in the heart of Trinidad in Playa Ancón Club Amigo Ancón was built, this hotel complex to receive tourists and Cubans with the best of the island. What a blessing it is to be able to be a few meters from the sea and feel all that beautiful energy.

I got out of the taxi and immediately a staff from the resort was there to help me with my suitcase while I confirmed the reservation. When I had access, they took my bags to the room and further back a girl arrived with a Cuban mojito courtesy of the hotel to welcome me. That night I only slept in that wonderful room, full of comfort. The window had a view of the sea and he could also appreciate the moon. I showered before going to bed, put on comfortable clothes and good blankets for the cold.

At dawn I took a bath, I went to have bread and coffee for breakfast because I wanted something simple. With this task for the day ready, I then went to the pool to get some sun, I asked for a laundry to keep me hydrated and at ease. The pool area is very beautiful, besides being large, it is ideal to have a good time in a perfect family environment.

You will be a few meters from Playa Ancón, here you will enjoy the best service, good food, drinks and perfect spaces to make your vacation the best. Thanks to this experience you will never forget Club Amigo Ancón, in Playa Ancón, Cuba.

After spending pleasant moments at Club Amigo Ancón, I came to Hotel Village Costa Sur located in the heart of Playa Ancón, this beautiful location that offers a wide variety of ideal spaces for you to spend unforgettable moments.

Located on Ancón beach, Ancón Peninsula, ideal for a vacation with family and friends. For the comfort of all guests they have the all-inclusive service, it is distinguished by the variety of its entertainment programs, the beauty of its surroundings and the careful treatment that is received there.

If we talk about quality, Hotel Village Costasur is one of the best in Cuba and stands out more for the beautiful Ancón beach. Can you imagine reading a book on a lounger by the pool, well stop imagining it and be like me, how tasty it was for me to sunbathe here while I nourished myself with knowledge and drank a Cuban mojito.

The service is of a high level because everything is delivered to you at the moment, they do not make you wait for your order. The pool water is also warm and super clean, maintenance is constant.

The green areas are well maintained, the rooms in good condition and super clean. Sleeping here was a privilege, I felt at home because it had air conditioning, hot water and room service.

The gastronomy is great, I loved tasting the ropa vieja dish because, unlike other places where I have tried it here, it has an unrepeatable flavor.

During my short days of stay, I can corroborate in my own flesh everything I knew about Playa Ancón on the Ancón peninsula, a truly enchanting experience, this place full of magic all around.

For me, the best experience of this trip was visiting Playa Ancón because if true magic is not in the hotels or restaurants, it is found on the coast, which is one of the longest in Cuba and, like the rest, stands out for its sand. white and fine, in addition to its crystal clear water.

To take a bath here you do not have to think twice because the temperature of the water is ideal, it is very warm and together with the sun you will have an incredible time.

One of the advantages that this beach has for its crystal clear water is that without diving or going deep you can see starfish and some fish on the shore while you walk barefoot along the shore of the beach.

If you wish, like me, you can also practice a little diving, the clarity of the water allowed me to see precisely the animals that were around me, detail the coral reefs and some seaweed.

Playa Ancón is perfect for a family reunion or wedding, you have everything to shine and be happy in a matter of seconds.

Visiting this nature reserve in Playa Ancón was a good decision because I was able to choose from many alternatives in one place.

There is much to be found here and as the road progresses you contemplate it. I’ll start by saying that the vegetation here is very dense, green and humid, so as I walked I ran into birds and their songs, some rain and the indisputable smell of wet earth that made me fall in love.

Each step brought me closer to the thunderous sound emitted by the beautiful waterfalls of this place. I really wanted to see them and for their water to bathe me completely, so when I arrived I went under the waterfall and bathed with its flow. To kick off the tour we arrived at some natural pools, they are beautiful and we also bathe there. There was a lot of humidity and heat so it wasn’t difficult to take a bath again, it wasn’t so cold.

I love this type of tour, unlike the others here I was drinking my Cuban mojito, as authentic and tasty as any. Go ahead and visit this beautiful place ideal for hiking.

In Playa Ancón I really liked this place because its tables and seats are striking, that is, they are wooden barrels perfectly made to serve as comfortable chairs. I took advantage and took some photos.

The view here is splendid because I had the sea a few meters away, its sound was wonderful while I had a beer and smoked a cigarette. I could appreciate the crystal clear water of the sea and the white sand.

With beer in hand I got up and started to walk along the shore, shortly after I ran out of beer and ordered the house specialty Coco, this was divine, I drank their water and bit each piece of the coconut with pleasure.

At lunch I ordered a plate of old clothes and a plate of fresh fish with salad and beer, both were delicious, I greeted the cook, he approached me and I was able to acknowledge his great work.

Here there were also large family groups sharing and playing in the sand, give yourself the opportunity and live the moment now.

The definition of paradise is the same as Playa Ancón, whose coast is so beautiful that with the force of the water it bathes the shore and announces that you will be able to spend the best days of your life there. What more can you ask for in life.

If you are looking to eat the best fish on the island, I recommend that you come here because they will appeal to your palate. Playa Ancón goes beyond the sea because it has impressive natural reserves ideal for hiking.

Here there are also natural pools and waterfalls that will make you spend unforgettable moments. The song of the birds is as wonderful as the hotels and inns, the attention and hygiene are first class.