This Mediterranean city combines crystal clear waters with a historic center full of treasures from different eras. Let’s start with some statistics that prove the popularity of this impressive place.

14 million people visited the region, this figure is on a par with Istanbul, Turkey’s capital and main tourist destination. Foreign home buyers have led to a remarkable increase in the popularity of the place.

Antalya is one of the most visited cities in the world and is the fourth most visited destination in Europe. These are some of the reasons you will have to visit this place and you will not have left when you are planning your return.

Pets are always important for families and this place always thinks about their well-being, so it allows these gracious beings to always be united with their owners, in addition to offering all the comforts for you to have an excellent vacation.

A spectacular view, so says one of the first comments on tourism forums about this site and according to the opinion of those people after their stay there, the site is worth visiting.

Another refers that they chose not to read comments and take it as an adventure without expectations and that’s how it was, the result was satisfactory because they were pleased with the food, service, rooms and more.

The swimming pool is splendid, big and clean. It has very beautiful green areas that complement it and loungers for sunbathing or, at night, incredible lights to have a drink while enjoying the water.

The rooms in addition to the fantastic view have a kitchen, refrigerator and dining room. That is, a place with everything to vacation with the family. You will spend incredible moments there because you will feel in the comfort of your home.

A few meters away is the beach, there they have a large space that covers the sand, they placed many loungers on the shore of the beach for the enjoyment of tourists. Here you feel the breeze, the sea and the sun.

The location of this site has been deserving of 4.6 stars out of 5 because it allows you to easily access restaurants, transport and shops. It is one of the things that tourists appreciate the most.


Tourists report that the hotel is very good, highlighting that the beach is free and that they had a lot of fun there. They also stressed that there are beaches that are paid and that the price is worth it because they give you hammocks to rest.

Near the hotel there is also a very cozy cafeteria, there you can enjoy a delicious coffee and some desserts. This is a place of peace for those who want to relax and spend quiet days.

The cuisine here is also good, tourists say that there is not a great variety to choose from but that the options offered are very good and worth it because they have a Caribbean influence.

The bathrooms are beautiful, the views wonderful, the elevators are luxurious, the green areas impressive and the bar is perfect for chatting while having a drink prepared with the best attention and care.


Aquarium and museum at the same time, so when you buy your pass ask so you can buy the ticket that takes you to those other places.

The aquarium has become one of the most visited places by tourists in recent years. Arriving here is finding an amazing place that allows you to enjoy yourself in an air-conditioned environment with the best facilities.

There is a variety of fish and the sharks are huge, they steal the attention of visitors. Similarly, other of the most famous animals here are lizards and snakes. People really enjoy the tour.

At another end of this place is the museum, with the same ticket you can enjoy wax figures, you can also see ice figures and 3D cinema. A site worth visiting according to tourists.

Opinions are divided around this place and some say it is expensive and others that it is accessible, but what is worth it is the privileged view of this place from above.

Almost perfect, 4.6 points out of 5 is the assessment of this place according to tourists for all the benefits it has to offer and that it is definitely worth living because it takes you out of your comfort zone.

From the heights you will be able to contemplate the sea, how its waves move, the mountains and almost caress the clouds. They are unforgettable moments that you will remember with a big smile and a thousand adrenaline rushes.

The trip to the top in this cable car takes about 10 minutes. You will travel and record every moment in your mind to feel freedom. You have parking to leave the vehicle for a small price.

Swim among sharks, that’s how exciting this experience will be. There are many more species to fully enjoy in the middle of the water.

4.3 stars out of 5 have awarded tourists to this place, after living this wonderful experience that will make you want to return to repeat all the unforgettable moments in the midst of these wonderful species.

Before entering to swim and they will integrate you with the professional staff that works here so that they instruct you on the protection equipment to use, rules, how to deal with the species and they will urge you to remain calm at all times.


Seeing the sharks up close is rewarding, feeling their energy as well as that of the sea lions and playing with dolphins that will throw a ball from side to side. Dare to live this adventure and feel the good of these species.

If you want to enjoy a live show this is the right place for you, lights to dance and the best attention you can receive.

Join your group of friends and feel the good energy that this place has to offer. The cocktails are wonderful and the entertaining areas are ideal because they will allow you to be comfortable at all times.

During the live music show you will be able to sing, chant the themes of your choice or ask for the theme that you like the most. Have a good cocktail or beer while the live performance is taking place or just hit the floor to dance.

Colored lights and a staircase that leads you to the fun, this is the entrance to this wonderful place that will make you vibrate with emotion.

Environment in which people from the LGBTIQ+ community predominate, but even so, heterosexual people have a good time because they feel respected and safe in an environment of peace and fun.


This place is very crowded, so on some occasions it is usually hot, but there are fans and air conditioners to solve the situation. Still, people have a good time.

The employees take great care of you, the security is good and the maintenance is guaranteed. Enjoy live performances, divine cocktails in an informal setting.

Antalya is a fascinating place with hundreds of attractions to have a good time at a good price. Beaches with white sand, clean and free of rocks, surrounded by mountains and lots of sun.

Incredible nightclubs, streets full of history, dreamers who conquer their dreams every day, and handicraft sales to take home. Exotic flora and fauna, preserved by the Government.