It is possible that some people only know about Bali its beaches and beautiful rice fields, but in reality there is more to see in this paradisiacal place surrounded by a vibe that makes it special.

Here you can practice extreme sports but also do the opposite, that is, practice yoga. Let yourself be captivated by the island of the gods and allow yourself to discover a unique and ancient culture.

There is a popular saying that goes like this «You do not choose Bali, but it is the one that chose you» what a powerful phrase and if so, it must be an honor that among millions of people you are the one who has the happiness of connect with such a beautiful place.

Bali represents an invitation to connect with the spiritual through its temples and the spirituality of those who live here and the vibrant colors of its people.

Bali’s gastronomy is exceptional, this is due to the wonders that they cultivate in their soils, combined with delicious condiments, positioning it as one of the best in the world. Little by little this place has become the cradle of lovers of vegan, aryurvedic and raw food.

If you are looking for white sand, turquoise waters, beautiful cliffs that allow you an incredible view of the place and renowned DJs that put the musical note to the place, then Sunday Beach Club is the perfect place that brings together all these wonderful options.

Thousands of votes have received Sunday Beach Club through web pages and social networks. The truth is that it is currently positioned with 4.6 stars out of 5, thus evidencing the quality of the place since this assessment comes from local customers.

Some users of this beautiful place, before praising it, launch a great warning and that is that they suggest that you should be very careful with prices when making any type of consumption in the place.

You must reserve an amount to enter and another to consume. With a calculator in hand, you should check consumption plus taxes because if you are careless, your spending will be greater than programmed.

The beach receives praise from tourists, for sports lovers there are many alternatives here such as: free kayaking, snorkeling or paddle surfing. Here you are guaranteed all the necessary equipment and a towel, so don’t worry about the latter.

After 5:00 pm you will be able to taste pizza, but some people suggest that it is not the best. Also drinks, cocktails and beers, all at half price. Another of the most popular options is fried squid.

The staff who work here also receive good reviews for their excellent work and good disposition when serving customers. From here you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset that the place gives you, while the waves of the beach captivate you.

«Wonderful» this is the word most often used to accompany the phrases that describe Mandapa a Ritz – Carlton Reserve, a fascinating luxury hotel in Bali that stands out for its new and avant-garde facilities, in addition to its new infrastructure.

Command the Ritz – Carlton Reserve offers its visitors the best place to watch the sunsets and be captivated by the starry sky. It is a very picturesque and welcoming place to receive hundreds of tourists annually.

The gastronomy of the site is described as very good, they offer buffet breakfast, excellent service and a spa to visit after lunch. Without a doubt, this place is ideal to relax and meditate.

It is surrounded by rice fields that have a traditional irrigation system. If you visit these rice fields you will have the opportunity to till it with your own hands and be a little closer to the spiritual town of Ubud.

Not everything is perfect and this place is criticized because apparently it invites influencers to promote its facilities and some suggest that the consumption made by them is at the expense of customers.

Enjoy the beautiful view of the Ayung River, 2 kilometers from the Neka Art Museum and 4 kilometers from downtown Ubud. Comfortable, spacious, clean rooms with windows that offer the best views. In addition to this, a beautiful pool to relax and enjoy the place while having a cocktail.

This private tour lasts 8 hours, has a guide in English and will give you the opportunity to reserve and cancel the amount later. You will also have the possibility of being picked up at the hotel where you are staying.

Climb to the top of Mount Batur and watch the sunrise above the clouds. This is the best place that Bali has to contemplate the Ocean and the incredible volcanic landscape of Lombok. Delve into an excursion to learn about Balinese nature from the hand of an expert guide in the area.

Here they will offer you breakfast, tea and coffee to make your visit something incredible. Here you can also visit a coffee plantation and have the joy of tasting the exquisite civet coffee while you learn about the process of making and planting.

Importantly, Mount Batur is one of the most active volcanoes in Bali and trekking to the top is a popular challenge for hikers. Enjoy the moonlight climb and watch the sunrise from the top of the volcano. Walk around the crater and feel your heart race just being there.

Climbing the volcano with only the light of the moon and a flashlight is priceless. While the sun is rising you can enjoy an exquisite breakfast. The vehicle that will pick you up at the door of the hotel where you are staying has air conditioning.

If your hotel is not on the routes of this transport, do not worry, there will also be alternate routes for you to take it at the nearest point.

Go straight to Nusa Penida and while you do an incredible snorkeling tour swim with manta rays, you can also stop for a moment in the popular Manta Bay and discover the natural beauty of Crystal Bay. During this step you will be able to enjoy a mangrove swamp in the Indian Ocean.

To learn about the life of manta rays and their habitat, you will be accompanied by a guide who will explain everything you need to know in English or in the native Indonesian language. During 9 hours of this tour you will fall in love with this fascinating experience.

By paying the total amount of the package for this tour you can also enjoy the benefit of transportation that will pick you up at the hotel door and at the end of your adventure for this tour it will leave you at the same pick-up point.

Out of 5 stars, this experience is valued at 4.1 points and is one of the most recommended for tourists. Practice snorkeling, enjoy hundreds of colorful fish, lunch is also well cataloged by diners and if you are not sure about swimming there will be a staff willing to help you at that moment so you can try it.

Have a good glass of champagne while you take this walk and enjoy the impressive views, the sound of the sea and the sun that will toast your skin. Take advantage of the moment to learn more about the culture of Indonesia and why they keep inside a magic that captivates everyone who visits them.

Many agree that this tour has nothing extraordinary and the scores range between 3 and 4 points out of 5. The main attraction here is feeding monkeys, nothing else, so if you are a lover of these animals you can see families of more than 100 members living here.


Like few others and surprisingly, this fascinating tour has been rated 5 out of 5 by tourists around the world who have visited the Temple of the Monkeys and have allowed themselves to learn a little about the life of this species, the flora and fauna that predominates here.

Some people question the agglomeration of people but this is an indication of the high demand for people to enter the place. Keep in mind that you must bring money so you can buy bananas and you can feed the Monkeys.

In this sense, you must be alert because the Monkeys are very cunning and will steal what you have in your hands. But don’t let this stop you from enjoying the ride and living it to the full with these picturesque animals.

Enjoy the green areas and walk while you breathe fresh air and contemplate nature. Apparently there is a notice not to feed the Monkeys, but this practice has been gaining strength over time as the Monkeys are very familiar with tourists.


For the same price you can eat and drink, six hours of pure fun and entertainment. Beyond a nightclub, this place offers a pool and jacuzzi for its customers, but don’t worry about a towel because they will give you one here.

Positive reviews of the music of the place abound in tourism forums, minimal chill out is one of the many options to liven up the atmosphere here.

Enjoy a free buffet of Spanish food and an open bar for a modest price.

The staff that works on this site provides first-class attention to its visitors, according to some comments, the effort and dedication to deliver each order on time, keeping the site tidy and clean for a better experience is noted.

The cocktails are recommended, some suggest that they are somewhat strong but worth it, after trying them go to the dance floor and enjoy the best songs that the DJ has for you.

As the night progresses, the rumba lights up in the pool while others go to the jacuzzi and form the foam party.

Visitors emphasize that the free day for women is ideal for finding a partner, others advise taking a taxi at the entrance of the premises because if you go out and walk a few meters you could be a victim of robbery.

The positive opinions about this place revolve around its dance floor, we comment that it is very spacious and you enjoy dancing more, another of the things that you like the most here is the Latin music that sounds and shakes more than one .


The Late Bali offers a plus and is that it has a live group to liven up the night, this combined with exquisite cocktails will make your experience the best during your visit to the paradisiacal Bali.

Some tourists find a space for relaxation in this place, they feel free and enjoy a different environment. He loves the technology, the lights and the great sound of the place.

Attention plays a fundamental role and they define it as efficient, the assessment of cleanliness is good and the security personnel also take their credits because in addition to protecting your safety they ensure the well-being of the vehicles.

Large work groups or friends come to this place after work or simply choose it to celebrate a birthday or bachelor party. It adjusts very well to the client’s requirements.

If you want to renew yourself from the inside out and heal your spirit, Bali is the perfect place to do it. Its wonderful temples will make you understand another vision of life and you will see everything easier.

The beaches are paradisiacal, the white sand and the views are second to none. You will feel the adrenaline when walking through an active volcano. Enjoy nature, uninhabited islands and the vibrant colors of its streets.

Rice fields, coffee plantations and the human quality of its people make Bali one of the best tourist destinations in the world.