Named as a luxurious area, this is how this hotel has become known over time. The greatest recognition has been obtained thanks to the strategic location of the rooftop bars to offer, in addition to excellent service, one of the best panoramic views of Bangkok.

Thanks to the good reviews made by tourists, this hotel has been positioned with 4.6 points out of 5, reaffirming its quality and excellence above other places. See the mix of modernism, sophistication and elegance in one place.

Go up to the roof and enjoy the best champagne in the bars that will offer you good service, quality attention and drinks -among the best in the world-. Contemplating the cosmopolitan city, the noise of the avenues and seeing how little lights light up the city, is the best thing you can do here.

If we talk about the rooms, these are modern, such as comfortable beds that are designed with the highest technology to offer you the best rest, a bathroom with all the comforts and an evolution from the traditional to the future.

This site can also be defined as a green zone, this has been possible thanks to the areas with beautiful gardens and walls woven with leafy green bushes that give splendor and freshness to the hotel.

Also enjoy an incredible conference room, here you can hold your business meetings, weddings, graduation, birthdays and more, here they have all the equipment to offer you the best time.

The food is haute cuisine, exotic ingredients from Asia merge to offer you the most exquisite dishes prepared by chefs with extensive experience who only seek to offer your palate something unrepeatable.

This refined hotel is set among lush gardens, 9 km from Suvarnabhumi Airport, 16 km from Siam Serpentarium and 17 km from Wat Lat Krabang.

The location of this place has been awarded 2.6 points for being accessible to restaurant areas, shops, places of entertainment, recreation and very close to the airport, so you will hardly arrive late to where you want to go.

In general, the hotel has 4 points for excellence and variety in the service offered. But, what do people who have visited this place say? The answer is simple because they claim that everything is perfect and that you have no complaints.

Others find here a place to relax, drain stress, emotions and feel in some cases in paradise. One of the biggest reasons that drives visitors to stay is the proximity to the airport.

The views from the rooms overlook many places, so in whichever one you get, you will be comfortable and satisfied wherever you look. The price here is affordable, it is worth it for the quality of the service.

The rooms and the place in general are very large, in addition to huge beds and a modern bathtub, they have a living room, a sofa and areas of interest for businessmen who come to stay here.

Spa you will also find here, so give yourself into the hands of a masseuse and enjoy the best massage of your life, the restaurant offers a variety of dishes, so you can eat the most delicious food.

Access the Wi-Fi network, leave your vehicle in the parking lot at no cost and enjoy the best service. The pool is beautiful, they have sun loungers and umbrellas to offer you the best experience, as well as a large bar.

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Thailand. The full name of the temple is Wat Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram. It is the most important Buddhist temple in Thailand, located in the historic center of Bangkok, within the grounds of the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

With 4.5 points out of 5, this temple stands out as one of the favorite places chosen by tourists to visit during their vacation period. Upon entering you will find a figure of Buddha, in addition to this many pieces of art.

Keep in mind that the entrance is without shoes, in addition to this you will not be able to have your legs stretched out in the direction of the Buddha. Other important aspects to keep in mind during your visit is that you will not be able to speak out loud or take photos inside the temple.

At all times there will be monks praying in the temple, it is also very hot here, so bring a fan, sunscreen and a lot of desire to have a good time regardless of the high temperatures.

Buddhist temple on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, the curiosity of this place is that it is very close to the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Wat Pho, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Strategically located in a place where everything connects.

To pay homage to the Hindu god Arun, the temple was named after him. The form of this is like the rising solar radiation because it is the god of dawn. Stand on the east side of the river and you will be able to appreciate the best view from this site, in the afternoon the silhouette of the temple forms a visual spectacle.

Impressive, this is how tourists define this place but claim that it is small. For visitors, the entrance fee is worth it, additionally there is a cafeteria and you can have refreshing drinks here.

Other tourists report that there are no guides to teach the history of the place, others emphasize that there is no staff to attend to tourists, so everything must be on your own. Regardless of what has been mentioned, many people visit this temple every month and there are more and more.

Banglamphu, in that neighborhood is located this small but well-known street, the name of this means ground rice. Here you will find a variety of services, including cheap hotels.

Food, drinks, fake candy and more, is what you can find here. During the day it will be a bit difficult to see the doors of shops and bars, because the sidewalks are full of street vendors.

This is the street of the possible, you will find everything from the imagined to the unimaginable, that is, from a t-shirt to false documents. Yes, that’s how you read it, you can be whoever you want by paying the price for the document.

In the evening, the street vendors give way to the bars so that they can set up their tables to promote cheap drinks amid loud music that attracts people to the place.

A place where you can access informally to dance and enjoy good cocktails in the best company.

3.4 out of 5 stars have given visitors to this place, it is that here they enjoy the quality of service, attention, security, innovation and avant-garde. Great drinks and everything you order will arrive at your table on time.

Sugar Club is made up of two floors and there is fun on both of them. One of the things that most impresses tourists and locals is the advanced sets of lights, in many cases red, that give life to the place.

The dance floor is large, so you’ll have plenty of room to move all night long, and there are also comfortable tables to enjoy a cocktail, beer or wine while chatting with your companions.

If you want to entertain yourself there is a pool table where you can play and bet with the challengers, many people join here and great things are put on the table to start the duel.

Music, dance, drinks and food. Yes, all this in one place for you to enjoy without having to look for another nightspot.

By visiting this place you will leave your comfort zone and you will be able to contemplate a different environment than usual. In other words, the structure and design of this site is very popular with tourists and provides them with an environment of comfort and safety.

When you arrive your eyes will light up with the lights of the place, ask for a cocktail to get into the mood or simply go straight to eat, because the smell of the food here and the taste are indisputable and blend a wide variety of ingredients.

You can enjoy inside the premises or outdoors, there are a wide variety of areas ready for you to spend an unforgettable moment with all the comforts you want. Beautiful seats and tables for you to enjoy a drink.

Temples and more temples, one more beautiful than the other and with sizes that will take your breath away. Here they worship the god Buddha a lot, so it will not be strange to come across many images of him in each place.

Beautiful sites but full of stories, stories that are worth hearing. Exotic foods, hardworking people, streets with offers and great landscapes for you to spend the best vacations of your life.