I love the United States, I love the mixture of cultures, traditions and ways of undertaking to overcome adversity. Here you can feel the Latin spirit that turns on the engine of this beautiful country. The beaches of Florida are beautiful, I enjoy seeing the people here sunbathing with contagious energy. The avenues, the vehicles, the skyscrapers and the low costs.

  The sun here is fantastic, the attention of the people in each place you enter, all the good things they have to give you and see at each point a small colony of nationalities that make their way with their flag raised. I arrived in Florida and I automatically felt younger, renewed and fresh, I think it’s the good vibe of the people here, everything is dreamy.

  A wooden path that leads you to the beach and a street full of lights to illuminate your path are two characteristic things that I will remember about this place and its symbolism of progress and advancement.

  A building that I could see in gray, white and ivory tones, beautiful colors that give the place that American touch, as well as sophistication and glamour.

  Tasting some delicious oysters here has no comparison, I think I had never tried something like this and they tasted much better from the place where I was eating them, that is, the service took me directly to the roof to enjoy the beautiful panorama and the waves that hit on the shore.

  The rosé wine that I ordered was exquisite, I loved trying that glass so delicious that my palate felt in glory.

  The food had a Latin flavor with a gringo influence, but it had a good flavor and aroma. I loved the rooms, white and gray tones, nothing more elegant than this, the windows give you a view of the sea and I could appreciate the sunset and sunrise at all times.

Serves up reinvented beach cuisine with a menu designed by celebrity chef Marty Blitz. I loved feeling like I put my heart into every dish or drink with the relaxing seaside vibe of the outdoor patio complete with fountain and romance.

  The Berkeley Beach Club is the perfect connection between the good atmosphere and the magic of the place and its surroundings, a magic that made me want to always come back for more.

  While I was on the plane to Florida I began to investigate which hotel I could stay in and after so many searches I loved the information on this hotel, I immediately made my reservation, I really wanted to know the place.

  Located along the gulf coast of northwestern Florida, Alys beach is a private tourist complex of exclusive residences and luxury everywhere, this new style of vacationing is booming worldwide.

  Stay located in one of the most luxurious residences, super large, comfortable and with access to all areas of common interest.

  This looks like a small beach town within the city, I loved its green areas, parks, walkways, it is visually stunning, I loved staying in this place because I had an incredible time, many forms of entertainment in one place, I would have liked to be able to invite a friend or family to be able to share together.

  The highly recommended residence, the bathroom, the air conditioning, the internet service, the living rooms, all perfectly planned to offer the guest the best during their stay. Eating lobster was one of the moments that I enjoyed the most, because many people do not know how to prepare it, but here they took it out of the stadium with the exquisite preparation.

  The green area, the flowers, the butterflies, the palm trees, everything and even the watering can was properly placed and looked beautiful. I remember the fire burning and a man next to it doing stunts with fire, how memorable.

  The Caliza Pool, that’s the name of the pool in this Greek-inspired place, I enjoyed it too much, ordered a cocada and sunbathed to have a Latin color and captivate people wherever I happened to pass. Another thing that I enjoyed was the ZUMA Wellness Center and an impressive beach club facing the gulf, this themed beach club, with vibrant colors and extraordinary points for fun, I felt like a girl being in the water with other children.

  I needed to walk, think, renew energy and that’s how it happened, sometimes the transfer of trips is complicated and between suitcases and the airport we lose a lot of time. I escaped to the long pier, enjoying the birds, the sea, the wind and contemplating the landscape without haste.

  In Miami Beach, South Beach is the most famous and crowded beach. It seemed to me something like Ipanema or Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. It is located on the entire coast of Miami, in front of it you can admire countless hotels.

  One of the things that I liked the most was the row of buildings in the art deco style of the twenties and thirties that are part of the tourist attraction of this place.

  In passing I went for a walk along South Beach and Ocean Drive here I did not stop taking beautiful pictures the views are beautiful surrounded by palm trees and paths for pedestrians and skaters.

  To end my tour, I arrived at the Design District, a neighborhood that leaves no one indifferent to this place respected by artists and architects, as well as by art lovers. Filled with art galleries and museums, it is one of the cultural fortresses on which a city that does not stop innovating on itself is sustained.

  As the days went by, I was dying to visit and learn about many of the favorite places of the internet reviews on the Florida coast, they seemed extraordinary alternatives and it was difficult for me to choose which one to start with.

  I love betting and without thinking I found this spectacular casino, so I took a few dollars out of my wallet and started betting, at first the streak was not very good but then it was fantastic.

  After betting $800 I left the casino victorious with $5,000, feeling successful, frantic and on a roll.

  The people who were there no longer wanted to bet with me because I was unseating them.

  In addition to my triumphs, I enjoyed some good drinks, sandwiches, an extraordinary musical atmosphere and luxurious attention. Standing ovation for more sites like this.

  Singing is one of my passions, so this place immediately became my favorite haven. The voices that were heard here were impressive, in addition to the prizes they gave to people who dared to show their talent in public.

  That night they were awarding the winner $500, not bad, so I signed up and decided to participate. I faced 10 people and although I didn’t win, I came in second place and won $250. The best of all is receiving the applause of people and hearing them praise you for your talent. Those of us who participated gathered several tables and spent the night together, we sang, danced and drank liquor to celebrate that day. We shared experiences and they were delighted with all the trips and tours that I have made for several years.

  I loved this because for a limited time you have to find a way to escape, which tests your intellect, talent, and stamina to come out on top of everything that comes your way.

  I sweated like never before but I remained undefeated at all times, with determination, nerves but with the desire to win over the rest who also aspired to win.

  Every minute counted and although I thought I wouldn’t make it, the opposite happened and I made it, I was able to win and scream with emotion.

  Everything is so real, you tremble with emotion, it is as if you will never leave that place and everyone bets on seeing you defeated, but walking out that door is a great victory.

The idea of ​​knowing much more about this area kept running through my head at every moment, and after several days of wonderful experiences, I couldn’t stop enjoying the nightlife that Florida offers.

  A very spacious place for relaxation and entertainment, comfortable tables and armchairs which will allow you to drink beer in the most relaxed way possible.

  An environment that combines music and lights to offer you the best.

  I had a few beers upon arrival, the attention I received, the cost of the service was super affordable and everything came immediately to my table, I love it when venues are like this.

  I danced past midnight, salsa, merengue and bachata, smoked a few cigarettes and ate a hamburger with delicious strawberry juice. What an amazing way to have a good time.

  An ideal place to spend with family, in the company of good friends or like me, simply alone.

  This is the ideal environment to have a pleasant conversation while enjoying a delicious strawberry or blackberry drink, in short, there are an infinity of flavors that you will have at your disposal.

  Here I met Telma, a veterinarian who shared with me her love for animals and especially for dogs that are abandoned on the street and she rescues them.

  Each dog is taken to his home and receives the best care to then be placed at the disposal of a home for adoption that provides the best quality of life. I felt very connected with Telma and I think that soon I will start studying veterinary medicine.   I love knowing great stories, animals are very noble and even more so if you give them love without measure.

  A site that honors freedom and the heroes who made it possible for the United States to lead other countries as a world power, everything refers to this.

  The flags on the wooden balconies, all very representative. The lights are spectacular, they offer you a friendly atmosphere, in addition to the sound that is here is of another level, current music and some old mixes but they are worth listening to. I had a bottle of tequila accompanied by a couple of hot dogs, everything was very tasty, then I began to dance with the people who kept me company in the place and we had an incredible time, we even did the little train. I enjoyed it like never before, the best service, the best price and the best attention they offer us here.

  The United States remains the power of the world and will continue to be so for a reason, it offers us the best places to have fun, have a good time, live rewarding experiences. It is not the first time that I visit it, but they really continue to surprise me with the progress they make year after year, not only to offer the best to its citizens, but also to tourists. I hope that when you visit the US you write to me and share your experience with me, it will be worth reading and knowing about your adventures.