Bermuda Islands has many elements to become the perfect place to live or simply to vacation. Do you want to know what are the characteristic features it possesses? Here we will tell you everything, you will end up as or more in love than those who have visited it.

The beaches here are breathtakingly beautiful, ideal for snorkeling or enjoying a boat trip. The water is so crystal clear that sometimes there is no need to go down to see what is in the depths, so get ready for this adventure.

If you come to this place by law you must say hello to Jhonny Barnes, if you don’t you won’t be able to say that you visited Bermuda. This picturesque character gets up at 3:45 in the morning and until 10:00 am he greets everyone who passes with a big smile. It doesn’t matter if it rains or shines, he will be there waiting for you.

During your tour talk to a local and ask why they wear Bermuda shorts with high socks, the answer will blow your mind. Learn more about their culture, traditions, dreams and desires. They are very friendly to tourists.

If you are looking for a place to spend some incredible days, The Fairmont Hamilton Princess is the perfect place for you because it has various areas that will allow you to feel at home, you will not have to look for what you need outside the Beach Club.

Based on the opinions and criticisms of users who have used the facilities of this hotel, it is important to note that the valuation of 5 points remains at 4.6 and month after month it adds new potential guests who confirm this place as their first option for vacationing. .

If we refer to the place in its surroundings, you will come across beautiful and modern paths with tall palm trees moved by the wind, lamps located in the dream to illuminate your path and a sky painted in watercolors.

Here you can also see tables with beautiful and comfortable chairs, plus they have beautiful and luxurious umbrellas to refine the view. The pool has clean and transparent water, around which there are many sun loungers ideal for you to spend a pleasant time while enjoying a piña colada or wine.

The rooms have light entrance, in a marble concept, panoramic views and comfortable beds. They also have a living room, TV and loungers on the terrace so you can enjoy the sun.

If we talk about luxury and refinement, you only have to look out the window of the room to see the wide variety of yachts and boats that are anchored near the hotel and in more than one you can see celebrations.

Enjoy the on-site spa, receive a gentle massage and get ready for an adventure. After that, if you get hungry, go to the restaurant and taste one of the many dishes cooked by international chefs with experience in haute cuisine.

The attention, security and good service are worth paying the rate to be able to enjoy the best that this hotel offers.

On the shores of Castle Harbor lies Rosewood Bermuda, 1 kilometer (0.6 mi) from Tucker’s Point Golf Club, and 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) from the Bermuda Maritime Museum. These are some of the privileges that you can enjoy if you make the right decision to stay here.

Users who visit this place every day to spend dreamy days and nights classify the service and good attention with 4.6 points out of 5, which translates into a place that offers excellent service.

To keep you connected at all times, you can access the Wi-Fi service when you arrive at the hotel, enjoy the spa service to relax, as well as the beautiful pool that awaits you with a cocktail for you to enjoy while lying on a sun lounger.

If you plan to go to the beach, don’t rush because from here you can access quickly and safely so you can enjoy with family and friends.

The rooms are modernized with light spaces, white sheets, a sofa to rest on and elements that work to offer you the best quality of service. Users describe their experience here as «exceptional», they love the ocean views that can be obtained from any point of the hotel.

The strength of the water that comes out of the shower is praised by the guests since they assure that in other places it is not the same, they detail that they feel in love with the gardens and green areas that are here.

The attention of the staff also stands out for its efficiency and education, in addition to the wide and varied menu they offer with dishes that have influences of flavors from the Caribbean and Europe. The drinks are also quite popular and they applaud the variety of options.


They will only need a hartley diving helmet to go down to the depths of the ocean and discover all its wonders, fall in love with the colors of the coral reefs and feel the sand with your feet.

You will travel for 3 hours and 30 minutes aboard a glass-bottom boat, through which you will be able to see marine species and part of what is found at the bottom of the sea, but take a risk and go further.

Take your hartley diving helmet and discover why it is more practical this way compared to snorkeling. See the fish, enjoy the sand of the sea on your feet and interact with fish


Here you will include all the necessary equipment and the wetsuit, also keep in mind that the transfer to and from the hotel is not included.


With this hartley helmet you will be able to breathe and talk underwater, a specialized diving guide will accompany you and give you instructions. Bring your towel and the best mood to enjoy, enjoy a hot chocolate, snack, drinking water and fruit are part of the service to pay.

This is one of the most famous underground caverns in Bermuda, it is located in the parish of Hamilton, near the Harbor Castle. This cave is 500 meters long and 62 meters deep.

4.6 stars out of 5 have been possible thanks to the positive opinions and reviews of users who allege that this place is worth visiting because it offers benefits of mother nature that few places appreciate.

Others highlight the underground formations and are grateful because their origin has given way to continue promoting tourism.

Enigmatic and mysterious, this is how this place has become, which to date continues to be identified as the one responsible for the disappearance of Flight – 19. This mystery remains unsolved, but regardless of this cavern, it continues to attract the attention of more and more tourists every year. Every year they decide to discover its mysteries.

Users assure that it is worth visiting and paying the demanded price. A tour guide will accompany you at all times, if you advance through the cave you will realize that there are points that have been preserved to keep the place in good condition.

Once the location of a railway, now it is an impressive path full of light and life to walk, see Bermuda and feel free while walking with family or people who also go this route.

4.0 is the evaluation that tourists make of this place and judging by the result it is an excellent alternative to visit during your time in Bermuda, here you will see fascinating places that will make you come back again.

Here you can come alone or accompanied, take your electric bicycle and start walking along this great path. Keep in mind that there are obstacles along the way so you will have to lift your bike.

Stopping to pass the obstacles became a bit awkward for tourists so they ask to move them out of the way to improve the experience. You will not travel alone through this place because you will be accompanied by two tour guides.

Another of the things that I like the most is the bathroom at the end of the tour, you will refresh yourself and you will appreciate it as much as those who have already experienced it. Contemplate how the sun hides, the best scenarios of Bermuda you will appreciate from here.

Enjoy fascinating dishes of food, drinks, musical atmosphere and fun for the whole family on this ship in the shape of a pirate ship that draws the attention of more and more people who are looking for something different every day.

Funny, this is how some tourists have defined this place. During the tour they do what is called «Happy hour» during this time you can enjoy excellent cocktails, piña coladas, wines and beer.

For a very small additional fee you can go up and walk on the plank and then swim. One of the biggest challenges will be walking around the plant, the big question is how many times are you willing to do it?

Enjoy a succulent and varied menu while you stay connected with the fun and entertainment that is on site. If you are excited, the waiters will make you feel more happy with their big smile and good vibes.

Enjoy the sun after jumping into the sea and swimming, for this moment it would be ideal for you to enjoy a liquor beer, one of the drinks with the highest demand by users because they like it a lot.

Dishes prepared by international chefs, in Barracuda Grill Seafood & Chops the classic and contemporary style works to offer you the best and that your palate appreciates the explosion of flavors that you will experience.

4.4 points out of 5 positions Barracuda Grill Seafood & Chops as one of the best options to eat, enjoy a good musical atmosphere and exquisite drinks that will make you have an incredible time.

The menu is varied, so diners praise the great selection of dishes. They ensure that the place is comfortable and praise the attention and dedication of the staff when it comes to serving orders. Some reaffirm that the experience is incredible and that this is the best restaurant in Bermuda.

The squid, desserts and cocktails are the best of this place, as confirmed by those who have had the opportunity to sit at one of these beautiful tables. The decoration of the place is classic, beautiful lamps on the ceiling that make it look refined.

In one of the many comments, it stands out that a user of the premises felt «Amazing», the experience was so positive that she felt at home and with her family. He stressed that when he returns to Bermuda he will definitely visit this place again.

If you are looking to feel in paradise, Bermuda is the right place for you because you will find everything you are looking for here. Fun, good music, beautiful beaches, night spots and hotels that have been designed with your family’s well-being in mind.

Open spaces that will allow you to fall in love with Bermuda more every day, you will not have left when you are already planning your second visit due to how extraordinary this place is, full of magic and charm.