The architectures in the cities I have visited have always fascinated me. On one occasion while browsing social networks I came across an architecture that left me impressed, a beautiful building on the sea, I immediately visited that link and it was Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates known for its luxurious commerce, the ultramodern architecture, its lively nightlife and beautiful landscape full of skyscrapers. After seeing that majesty, my mind quickly moved to Dubai, and of course I did not hesitate to schedule my next trip to that destination, which became a reality two weeks later. While I was waiting for the day, I organized my suitcases and the desire was enormous to start this adventure, my research did not stop and it was so impressive to learn that the coast is a paradise for migratory waterfowl and attracts bird watchers from all over the world; the country’s pristine beaches and opulent resorts have also attracted international travelers. The day of my trip arrived and after taking off I landed at Dubai International Airport.

When I got off the plane, tour guides abound, and because I didn’t know the city I went to Jake; a Bachelor of Tourism, he quickly advised me on a super spectacular beach.

A fantastic beach club that received me, without a doubt, Jake was not wrong. It has an incredible atmosphere with an exquisite restaurant, which offers delicious and good Japanese, Italian and Texas Smokehouse food, it also has excellent attention, a very good atmosphere with the attention of Mr. Milton, who arranged to serve me perfectly..

After enjoying an exquisite dish, I discovered that the enormous place includes 20 exclusive bars, an impressive Ibiza-style beach club, I immediately went to enjoy some time on the shores of the beach, it is so beautiful to see the skyscrapers as they are reflected in the sea, when I get out of the water I see Jeak and he told me to visit these spectacular bars, I did not hesitate and tried to meet them all.

There I was able to dance in such a majestic bar, it is so elegant that upon entering you are transformed by the spectacular atmosphere and the entertainment shows that were presented live, most of them have excellent drinks and wines. I loved it so much that after warming up, nothing better than going directly to the fabulous pool, where our feet could be seen by the beautiful LED lights that are there. I loved being there, without a doubt, it was the best welcome I could have on this great journey.

After that wonderful day at the beach club, Jake recommended me to one of the best hotels in Dubai, I arrived at the majestic Asiana. A spectacular hotel to get around the sites of Dubai. It is impressive that only a five minute walk from the hotel is the Dubai Metro, which allowed me to explore the «new» Dubai.

After doing my respective registration I was able to notice in a giant catalog that the rooms and suites have been designed to provide comfort along with a rich and warm atmosphere created with the extensive use of dark mahogany wood finishes, typically inspired by the extremely Asian culture. beautiful, so after that observation I can only choose the Super Deluxe room. Upon entering I was shocked at such beauty, its luxurious mahogany furniture welcomed me to relax my back and take the biggest naps on this great trip, in addition to the fabulous smell of natural woods and fabrics that complement an elegant and modern decoration.

Its fabulous King-size bed was the one that offered me a delicious rest, they have a large work desk with high-speed Internet access that helped me to do small jobs in my free time, as well as an LCD television where I did not miss my favorite series of the moment, which by the way I’m hooked on it.

The rooms also benefit from a seating area with a sofa. Bathrooms finished in Italian marble with a beautiful and refreshing deep soaking tub, of course I couldn’t stop naming the spectacular separate rain shower Loved my room!

Having breakfast at the hotel’s signature Korean BBQ restaurant, and enjoying authentic Filipino cuisine, Lamesa was the highlight.

As the days passed the experience increased, one day I had the pleasure of relaxing in the hotel SPA to recharge and revitalize myself. 

Well, how magnificent it was to create a feeling of relaxation, comfort and tranquility with the super Saber hot stone therapy massage, super spectacular. Where also, going to the pool, located on the roof of the hotel, is perfect for that short break while enjoying a variety of snacks and drinks.

Always in the afternoons, I would go to work out in the large gym that is fully equipped for health and fitness lovers. I loved my stay at Asiana.

To get a little out of my Asiana charm, I decided to consult with Jake and an iconic place in Dubai, he told me that he had a place in mind but that he would not anticipate anything, he wanted it to be a surprise for me, so I left it in his hands. , and guided me to this magical place.

The Gold Souk, known as «City of Gold». It is a traditional Arab market that reflects the richness of the regional heritage charm gold trade. It is located in the heart of Dubai’s commercial district. These souks, which means market in Arabic, are located along the Dubai Creek, and I was able to cross the water in an Abra, a traditional water taxi.

In the Souk of Spices, I found the best spices of the region, which is something that characterizes this continent, and in the Souk of Gold, jewels such as pearls and precious stones will make your eyes shine. Without a doubt, I loved that enormously because each jewel had a great meaning.

This traditional Arab market reflects the richness of the regional gold heritage charm trade and the vibe you get there is on another level. Also, the perfect combination of traditional colours, flavors and smells and strolling in the narrow streets and old shops where going back in time was very beautiful.

Three great experiences were marked in me during this phenomenal tour, where each place visited was very magnificent.

After enjoying the views from the Burj Khalifa observation deck, I went down in its super-fast elevator and watched the spectacle of water, light and music from the fountains located in the lake opposite, which has become another of the best things that do in dubai. This show, which is more spectacular than the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, takes place every half hour from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and each show is different. In addition to the entire area surrounding the lake, to have the best views of the fountains I went up to the terrace to have dinner on the terrace of the Tribu restaurant. I had the opportunity to see two shows in a row since they vary a lot in terms of spectacularity and usually in one of the two the most powerful water jets are used, which reach 150 meters in height and it was impressive.

This religious building is built of white stone, with two twin minarets that rise on both sides of the central dome and the only way to get to know it is by taking a guided tour inside, which takes place at 10 in the morning.


To get in there I had to cover my hair with a scarf, which is the norm for women.


In addition to its beautiful architecture, this mosque offers a good opportunity to learn about Muslim religion and customs during the hour and a half that the visit lasts.


After the visit I took a walk by the sea at La Mer, a long promenade with several beaches and the Laguna Waterpark.

The Dubai Marina area (the largest marina in the world) is located in front of the coast and has numerous attractions such as more than 200 skyscrapers, and Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), a perfect tourist complex to enjoy with the family, other activities to do in Dubai.


The place has commercial areas such as City Walk for shopping, accommodation, open-air cinemas, restaurants, a water park and one of the best beach areas in all of Dubai:


the JBR Beach, with seven kilometers in length.

The nightclubs in Dubai were very talked about everywhere, so I did not hesitate to set aside two nights to enjoy a few nights of partying in these places and with the support of Jake I went to have fun for a couple of nights. The best vibes, the coolest crowd, and the hottest hits waited for me all night.

A team at Chameleon Club Dubai is dedicated to making sure the experience is the very definition of luxury, fun and exclusivity. I was definitely blown away upon entering this nightclub with what seemed like millions of LED lights, heart shaped ceiling arches, suspended DJ booth, state of the art sound system and beautiful acrobatic dancers.

The undisputed jewel in the multicolored Chameleon Club crown is the chameleon. Plus, tickle my taste buds with Chameleon’s dazzling menu that brings together a fusion of international and Japanese cuisines for pre-club dinners that left me wanting more.


There’s never a dull night at this venue, an energetic crowd, raucous tunes, and an adorable party-loving mascot named FRANK The Bear. This club is mainly known for its hip-hop nights and great parties with some of the brightest DJs in the city, I danced like never before in that great bar.

Of course, I did not hesitate to enjoy the first class drinks created by experienced mixologists and enjoy the best shisha in town. Instantly, the dance floor was activated together with the VIP area of ​​the disco, where I was present to taste the best wines, it was a wonderful night.

What a wonderful trip. Getting to know Dubai was the best experience I had, I couldn’t believe that I saw its great skyscrapers; those he admired so much in the movies. Without a doubt, it is a super fantastic town that allows you to grow, get to know and discover great places. It was a beautiful stay, and realizing the technological, social and economic progress of this place was impressive, in each business I visited I could notice the effort of its workers and the desire to succeed greatly, in addition to the excellent attention to tourists, each trip I fell more in love with his land. Do not miss the opportunity to travel to Dubai.