Arriving in Beirut in Lebanon is to remember the great history of that beautiful place, a past full of wars and resilience. People willing to keep moving forward despite the adversities experienced. Here there is still evidence of the fighting that took place during the civil war, you just have to go to the Plaza de los Mártires, it is important to mention that this is a place that is in the process of being rebuilt.

  Beirut is a city of disconcerting contradictions whose character combines the sophisticated and cosmopolitan with the provincial and small-town. The city sits on two hills, al-Ashrafiyyah and al-Muṣayṭibah, jutting out into the sea as a roughly triangular peninsula. In the central zone is Al-Sāḥil, a narrow coastal plain that extends from the mouth of the Nahr al-Kalb or Dog River, in the north, to that of the Nahr al-Dāmūr or Damur River in the south.

  In addition to all this, I liked being in this area of ​​Lebanon because it has a wonderful cultural diversity, the charisma of the people, the attention and the beautiful way they look at you has no comparison. At least for me, this area would be ideal to live in, I would really like to be able to acquire a property here at some point and be part of this magical history that will be affected here and is still present more than ever.

  Beirut is the capital of Lebanon and if you told me to summarize it in one word I would say, Contrast. If that word sums up the country in general, its capital being the concentration zone of everything.

  Upon arrival in Lebanon, it was already very clear to me that my final destination would be Beirut, I had read so much about this city that I was already anxious to get to know it as much as possible, to start I went directly to this Beach club, which due to all the recommendations in my App trips is one of the most visited, and also because of its proximity to the airport.

  I booked at this 5-star Beach Club and the reality exceeded the advertising on the website, what a dazzling place because it allows you to enjoy a privileged view, the sun bets here are another level and you can perceive the contrast of the sun’s rays on the sea.

  This luxury resort is located on an extensive property facing the Mediterranean sea, on arrival I was shown to my room, very refined and with a balcony with a fabulous view of the sea. I loved that it had a seating area and also a private Nespresso machine, this hooked me right away, I was eager to enjoy the different types of coffees that were waiting for me.

  I have to confess that one of the best things that this super hotel has is the room, I was dying to see the sunrise but the bed was very good, it was as if it asked me to stay there lying down, also the air conditioning was also on indicated point. The bathroom was wonderful, I really enjoyed bathing here, there were candles and essences for the bath, you will want to bathe every 30 minutes to feel the pleasure they give you.

  With that said, imagine what the sunrises are like here, you would want to wake up before dawn just to see the sun rise and how it rises over the sea and little by little it lights up the city with all the force of its splendor.

I really like swimming pools, the one here is spectacular to my surprise there are three bars inside it, and I wasted no time getting in and sunbathing. The bartender brought me a piña colada with some extra alcohol and it tasted great.

I swam all day, had lunch in the pool, slept and enjoyed being there in complete peace, the sun helped me a lot to recover energy and give my body a little vitamins.

  I must emphasize that the attention provided here was first class, they made me feel like a queen and I did not want to leave, I did not want to leave because I had everything in one place.

As a second option, I chose this place to stay and spend part of my stay in Beirut here. It was pleasant to be here because I felt comfortable at all times with the extraordinary attention provided by the staff that works here.

  Upon entering this hotel I could easily admire the unparalleled views it offers of the city and the Beirut River, I also loved its central location, very close to the most popular tourist sites and also very close to the airport.

  I stayed in a suite with a very discreet style and decoration and very good taste, it had a flat screen TV with Wi-Fi, it was very interesting for me to be able to watch TV in the local language. I am grateful that my suitcases have been brought up to the room, when I entered I could check the softness of the bed, it was so much that I did not resist and I slept for a while before knowing the hotel.

  Before getting to know the hotel facilities a little more, I decided to prepare myself a coffee to recharge a bit of energy before leaving, since there was a coffee maker in the room, this was a great touch of luxury. I immediately started my tour of the hotel and between corridor and corridor I got a little lost, thanks to a button that got me lost it guided me to where I wanted to go, the roof terrace, this one has a view of the city, sun loungers, a swimming pool and Pub .

  Upon arrival I went straight to the resinto bar, I ordered a few glasses of drinks of Lebanese origin, they were a little strong but in good taste, I only concentrated on listening to music and drinking, I wanted to feel relaxed without walking much, at least that day I took it just to enjoy the hotel without going to other places.

  Late in the morning I jumped into the pool, to my surprise I had forgotten to pack my swimsuit and I went to one of their stores to buy a new one. The water was freezing, but I enjoyed it like never before, I went up to the room and rested until the next day so I could go out and walk the streets of Beirut.

While I was walking through the streets of Beirut and enjoying the history that its places and people told me, I came across a tourist kiosk, where Yamal, a boy from the area, offered to give me a complete tour of the streets of the city and I agreed very happy. We reached the very center of Beirut on our walking tour. The truth is that we walked a lot through all its streets, all very modern and clean, with a contrast with an exotic touch.

All the streets lead to the same place, the very center, the very center, right there is the Mohammad al-Amin Mosque, this is not an ancient monument, really, but it is the main mosque in Beirut. It was built between 2002 and 2007 by former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who was buried next to her after an attack a few kilometers away from her. It was inaugurated by his son Saad Hariri on October 17, 2008.

It is located in the Plaza de los Mártires. According to the architect himself, Azmi Fakhuri, the blue-domed mosque is Ottoman-inspired, copying the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. The Mohammad al-Amin Mosque in Beirut is beautiful by day and by night.

  We were able to enter and I loved all its details, many old and modern details are presented, an existing combination. I liked touring the place with Yamal because he explained so many things to me that made me better understand the past of this part of the planet and the ways they have sought to overcome adversity. This boy behaved like a gentleman during the tour and even his house put me in order, this was a nice sign of his hospitality.

As Yamal was so kind and attentive to me, of course it is his job, but he does it with so much love that I was left wanting to continue learning about the history and culture of Beirut in his pleasant company.

One afternoon I left the hotel, I had agreed with Yamal to visit Beirut’s Hamra, a popular university area that also has shops to buy everything you want.

Walking this street was very important for me because it was in the heart of Beirut, the main economic center of Lebanon. You can see countless counters and buy some clothes to take home.

I was also able to notice a wide variety of coffee and people sitting around chatting or just doing business at this important point.

Being here to feel on top of the world, the movement of people is quite interesting and they fill this street with life that will catch you from the first moment you step on it.

Marina with shops and restaurants, so I can describe this important area in Beirut. An ideal place where many places of interest converge, suitable for fun and healthy entertainment.

First things first, so being here with Yamal, we went to all the shops and to buy some extra clothes, in addition to the ones I had already bought to take home.

You can get fashionable, current, well-priced, haute couture clothes, not bad for Beirut. After this I also remembered some establishments where I could drink coffee and eat a dessert, really there are many but in the end I was able to enjoy a delicious coffee and eat a dessert while walking.

Whichever you choose will be fine because they will give you everything you are really looking for to have an incredible time and it was.

I wanted to connect with the history of Beirut, a history full of great struggles, battles and wars for its territory, so we went to visit Martyrs’ Square in more depth to feel all this wonderful experience up close.

Every corner of this place has recorded the history that today Lebanon became a free and independent nation, taking photos of myself here was a great challenge because the new painting in my room would come out of them.

I love history, I think it’s important to know it because that’s where we come from and if we don’t know it we won’t know what our past was and what was important for our present.

I loved the architecture of this place, despite preserving the vestiges of a past full of wars, it is well preserved by the State.

Already from so much sharing these days with Yamal, we became friends and he told me that in addition to the historical sites, I should also get to know how nightlife manifests itself in this city, I did not think twice and I told him yes, how much sooner better.

  If you want to have fun and have a good time, you have to visit Sky Bar, a place that has first class lighting, provides another visual touch to the establishment and announces that the best is yet to come.

  A pretty good design of the place, with a successful distribution to dance and enjoy in the best possible way. The best events are held here and it was up to you to have a good time or not.

  Enjoying a good drink while interacting or dancing is the best, so you will ensure that you enjoy without regretting it.

  That night I danced, enjoyed myself to the fullest and gave myself over to the fun. The lights made me feel like the owner of the universe while the music dominated my body completely.

  The most modern combination of lights and led screens, as well as a wide space to dance, travel and feel comfortable is what Taiga Beirut offers its visitors.

  Another of the peculiarities that I liked about this place is that they have guests daily to offer attendees the best in live music and not only to make them dance, but also sing.

  So besides dancing, I sang a few songs, had some delicious drinks that lifted my spirits, and enjoyed wonderful surroundings with super nice people who made me feel at home.

  A site that is characterized by low lighting, but everything is part of its interior design, this favors the great play of lights that are available there to give visitors the best view.

  Live shows, DJs with the best music of the moment will make you dance without thinking twice, you can find the best drinks here and ask for anything to be served.

  Every day they have a different guest to liven up the night and make them all dance at the same time, it is not worth sitting in the chair while the rest enjoy.

  I had a few shots of tequila here, one hundred percent from Mexico, they really don’t skimp here and they gave you the best.

  Traveling in a time machine, that is what it means to go to Beirut because you will know its great history that is still engraved on the walls of its streets that remember everything lived years ago for the well-being of its people. These areas of vital importance remain intact, so when you step on these streets you will want to stay and even move because of the great connection you will feel when you arrive here. The mixture of cultures and the wonderful warmth that its people make you feel has no comparison, so they will make you feel at home from day one.