On a trip to Croatia it is difficult to choose which islands and which ones not. The truth is that in photos, they are all very beautiful. One of the obligatory stops is the Little Town of Bol on the Island of Brač .

Brač Island turns out to be quite attractive for adult visitors who want to spend some relaxing time, because it is less touristy and less traveled than other islands in Croatia. Its promenade leads to the long Zlatni Rat beach , which is one of the best beaches in the area. According to different reviews, the little town of Bol is ideal to enjoy a lot in this small corner of the Dalmatian coast.

Bol is a municipality located on the Croatian island of Brač , off the coast of Split. To the west, Dragon’s Cave houses a 15th-century chapel with carved wall details. Nearby, on a steep cliff, is the hermitage of Blaca . To the east is a 15th-century Dominican monastery with Croatian Baroque paintings. Inland, Mount Vidova Gora offers panoramic views of the coastline.

Its streets are a labyrinth of cobbled alleys and all of them end at the promenade, full of restaurants and ice cream parlors. Bol is characterized by being an ideal area to exalt culture, in addition to the spaces it offers for leisure, that is, carrying out beach games and water sports for water lovers.

Now talking a bit about the topic of fun for everyone and at all times, Bol offers different options of comfortable beach clubs and with all the best services and among them one of the most outstanding is the AURO Bol, Brač , Beach Club.

Those who have had the fortune to visit this place comment that the panoramic views offered by this site are wonderful and they have been able to enjoy Bol in all its splendor. The attention provided by the staff that works here has also been praised.

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Those who have had the fortune to visit this place comment that the panoramic views offered by this site are wonderful and they have been able to enjoy the island in all its splendor. The attention provided by the staff that works here has also been praised.

The AURO Bol, beach club, offers Balinese beds ideal for bathing and sunbathing. Travelers comment that the place is beautiful because its spaces were well planned, they emphasize that the food is exquisite and that the atmosphere gets better thanks to the participation of international DJs .

The best opinions from users ensure that the service is of the best quality day by day, offering the best for each one and accepting suggestions for improvement in all aspects.

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In terms of fun and distraction, the best of all is being able to get to know the best and most iconic places in Bol on Brač Island , it has unforgettable places including Zlatni Rat Beach , it is one of the most emblematic walks indicated by visitors.

Zlatni Rat is a narrow beach with white stones on a promontory near Bol, located 2 km west of the port of Bol, on the south coast of the island of Brač , Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia. Zlatni Rat beach is so well known for being a tongue of sand, a natural formation that extends out to sea for approximately 600 meters. It is known as the golden horn. It is not a sandy beach but small whitish pebbles where all users recommend wearing shoes.

It has a completely nudist zone, another semi -nudist zone and the tip of the horn is the non-nudist zone. The opinions of the users recommend visiting them in the afternoons, commenting that when the sun goes down there are fewer people and you can enjoy the beach almost alone.

To get to Zlatni Rat Beach . It can be reached by walking along a street surrounded by trees or by taking a tourist train that connects the town with the beach, just two kilometers from the town, available to all.

Deciding to tour every corner of Bol, in order to take home a good number of special memories of this place among them, Climbing Vidova Gora are wonderfully recommended.

Another of the activities to do days in two days in Bol is to climb Vidova Gora. With its 778m it is the highest mountain on the island of Brač and on all the Adriatic islands. The ascent must start early, especially in summer. The heat begins to squeeze after ten in the morning and it really presses. If you are not used to walking in the mountains, it is a hard climb, especially due to the stony and sloping terrain. But reaching the top after two hours of endless switchbacks and very hot is quite a triumph.

From the top you can see the beach of Zlatni Rat and, if the day is clear, the island of Hvar. They say that you can also glimpse Italy if the day is very, very clear, but I cannot confirm this.

This is a protected area of great value to the residents of the island, every day they join efforts to conserve it and keep alive the past that allowed them to be what they are today.

When it comes to partying and enjoying a good atmosphere full of lights and lots of energy, BOL offers many perfect places to enjoy the nightlife, delighting all visitors.

Its facilities are phenomenal, the lights were a perfect tone for a disco, and of course, with a VIP area with a huge ceiling with elegant lamps. Large windows allow fresh air to enter, they are decorated with elegant fabrics that move with the wind, creating an incredible experience.

4.61 out of 5 points is the evaluation of this place, an excellent score with good reviews that reaffirm how good the place is and the guarantee of enjoying an extraordinary site.

Some tourists point out that the food is of a high level, that it is worth paying any price for a dish from that place, the taste is in the variety

Contemplating the sea, feeling how the waves roar before reaching the shore was very good, the gastronomic experience in this exclusive venue was quite positive. Good music, full of a lot of energy, that all visitors enjoy until dawn.

An exciting place to relax, hide from the sun and have a coffee or a delicious cocktail overlooking the sea. There is no better place to rest, that’s what users in travel forums say, giving them a rating of 4.3 out of 5 in their scores.

Compared to the other site, this one is more relaxed, it is located on the edge of the beach and its design is very simple, colorful and fresh, so you can live such a beautiful experience.

Colored lights hang from its ceiling that steal the show at nightfall, comfortable chairs and tables are finely organized to offer the best comfort to customers.

Upon arrival at this site, the view is surprising to all, under the shade of the palm trees, visitors spend a good time relaxing in the best atmosphere with live music at the edge of the waters of Zlatni beach.


Some praise the cocktails with friends, others say that it is a great place for a good coffee in the morning, but all agree that the staff is very friendly and nice to everyone.

This is a nightclub, an atypical and underground place, where I could enjoy a good night out with a variety of activities to the rhythm of vocal house and electronic music.

One of the cities best known by travelers is the city of Bol, perhaps because it is the only town on the southern coast that is inhabited. That is why a large part of the tourism that hosts the island converges here. In the summer it becomes a refuge for visitors who fill the beaches and beach bars in the area, giving the city a very youthful and family atmosphere.

Bol Beach or El Cuerno de Oro, stands out for its curious shape emulating a horn that attracts all those who come to the island. Due to the changing tides, the shape of the beach changes, transforming its original shape. Thanks to the fame of the beach, numerous bars and small restaurants spend their August welcoming tourists making the visit more comfortable.

But what you should not miss this walk if you go to the island of Brač in Croatia, a little-known jewel of Croatia.