People who love travel around the world through Internet forums have expressed good opinions about the British Virgin Islands and without fear of being wrong, they safely recommend this place for vacation. Beyond saying that it is beautiful, they have suggested recommendations and tips to hundreds of users to enjoy these islands without missing out on anything.

Many people have scheduled their trip for a year and others will visit this tropical paradise in a few months. Most people want to do it in large groups of family or friends, looking for the best places and dates to start their trip.

People with experiences in the British Virgin Islands recommend traveling between April and August, but take it for granted that June, July and August are hands down the best. The reason for this is because in these months the temperature is ideal to enjoy the beaches, they ensure that there will be sun but that it will not be suffocating.

Others say that the hurricane season is between August and October, but despite this they recommend the trip for those dates. This place is also described by tourists as one of the most beautiful in the world, to the point that it has been called «the sail of the world».

Regardless of the type of itinerary you want to create, the plan that always tops the list is the catamaran ride, many people travel alone to experience this unique and unforgettable moment with loved ones.

«Excellent», «good» and «beautiful» are the words that predominate in hundreds of pages specialized in travel and tourism that day after day receive the criticisms and opinions that travelers leave for those who wish to obtain more information about Cooper Island Beach Club.

That is why this Beach Club appears as the best option for you for your next trip to the British Virgin Islands, in addition to the good scores that the place receives, you can enjoy a good drink and a dreamlike view, as highlighted by those who have experienced the experience.

Someone else’s opinion always counts and more if it comes from experience. So now you will find out more about Cooper Beach Club.


In the first instance you should know that this is an ecological Beach Club, they care about the environment and reduce everything that generates a negative impact on it. The beaches are crystal clear, white sand and perfect for swimming or snorkeling.

40 mooring buoys are at your disposal so that your yacht or boat is anchored and you can enjoy a good drink or dish prepared by a professional chef. After this you can visit Sea Grape Boutique to make your shopping dreams come true while visiting British Virgin Islands.

At the beachfront restaurant you can enjoy a Happy Hour cocktail, craft beer or a varied menu with the best local ingredients.

People have also given good marks to the rooms of this place, they are very spacious, elegant and bright. The perfect complement to relax while enjoying your tour of the British Virgin Islands.


If you are a coffee or beer lover, here you will have at your disposal a cafeteria with the best coffee on the island and a craft brewery, enjoy the brewing process and then indulge yourself.

4.6 out of 5 is the score Resewood Lottle Dix Bay receives on different Internet sites, where these users narrate their experience and leave comments with recommendations for those who wish to visit this hotel.

A score that goes beyond 50% being positive, this translates to a great alternative in British Virgin Islands. If you think that you will be locked in your room and that there will be no fun and entertainment in this hotel, you should know that there are many rooms for family entertainment and that they will make you not want to part with this beautiful place.

In general, here you will find what other places traditionally offer you, but unlike them in Rosewood Little Dix Bay offers many rooms specially designed to please the interests of each guest.

Swimming pool, Wi-Fi at no additional cost, air conditioning, spa, restaurant and parking. But what are those extra benefits that give this place a plus.

Games room or video games, babysitter -with charge-, crib, babysitting service in the room -with charge-, laundry, extra beds with charge. If you need a safe you can use it, you can also visit the gift shop. If you want to learn to play tennis you will have a teacher who will teach you all this sport.

Users value the attention in the place as excellent 5/5, highlighting the cleanliness and organization they receive on a daily basis. Also the organization and perfect conditions of the property.

50 foot catamaran with charter included. The maximum capacity of this is 12 people and you will also be able to visit the most outstanding points of the area and learn about its historical past and emblematic moments. In this way, this tourist attraction is one of the most demanded and suggested.

You can cancel 24 hours before the tour if you wish, if you need a refund it will be returned in full. Another option will be to book without anticipating money and pay later to ensure your space.

The rental of this lavish catamaran is from 4 to 7 hours, so you will have enough time to have fun and enjoy the best scenarios that the British Virgin Islands gives us, so choose your best company.

The guide that will accompany your trip is completely in English. Relax and enjoy an exquisite rum punch under the sun. The punctuation ranking of this place is 5 points on leaving a great impression.

One of the best things that tourists enjoy is snorkeling, enjoying the marine life and beaches of St. John. They also ensure that the attention and quality of service is wonderfully good.


Necker Island is a private property, so keep this in mind if you want to come to this place because the cost to spend a day here is very high.

The reason for this is because it is a luxury site. Beyond the money, hundreds of people have opted for this tour, positioning itself as one of the most popular.

In the same way, here you can practice sports activities such as surfing, snorkeling and windsurfing. You can also take scuba diving classes. The price for being here exceeds 1,000 euros if it is a group of 30 people, maximum quota to be here.

Stay in private Balinese and tropical-style villas. They are decorated with natural materials and offer the best to each guest who knows how to recognize luxury, comfort and quality.

Rent a 9-bedroom or 6-bedroom place to stay. But if you want total privacy you can rent the entire island if you wish. Virgin Gorday is a cave that was formed from volcanic action, you can visit it if you wish.

If you want to relax you can practice yoga and experience different treatments to nourish your body through a spa session. Another option is to embark on a luxury cruise and visit the different bars on the island.

Soggy Dollar Bar is a place that you can visit after lunch, dive into crystal clear waters while enjoying a delicious cocktail.

There are plenty of reasons to visit and fall in love with Tortola, you have to be the next to visit it for its immeasurable beauty and different alternatives to enjoy alone or in company.

The visit to Tortola will take 3 hours, sail along its coasts and stop at the viewpoint to watch the dolphins swim in the ocean. Then visit the renowned Callwood Rum Distillery. Here you can taste the exquisite drinks prepared.

During the tour you can visit the Oyo Shoper. The drop off and pick up at the port will be part of the courtesy. Aboard an exclusive vehicle, tour the streets of Tortola and learn more about its culture and traditions.

This tour of Tortola has received an excellent score, visitors describe the visit as something colorful because they can interact and exchange cultures, learn a little about the way of life in that place and what motivates them to stay on their feet.

Others highlight the good taste of the rum while a percentage of the opinions lean towards the process of making it. In the Soper Hole you can make purchases and take items to remember.

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Why Foxy’s Bar? Simply because it is chameleon-like and takes you into a world where everything is possible, it allows you to stroll through moments of serenity and then take you out of your comfort zone and make you shiver. Are you going to miss it?

Versatile, this is how a tourist describes the essence of Foxy’s Bar. She assures that during the day it is a very quiet place to talk and relax, while at night it changes its style to offer a dance floor and the best drinks.

Other visitors have recommended leaving a mark in this place, they assure that those who go can take something iconic from their country, that is, a flag or something that identifies them to leave it here as a souvenir.

The food is highly praised and has passed the most demanding filter, the palate of the diners. What if it has not received very good reviews is the cost of each dish but they still consider it worth it.

During your visit you can take a pleasant nap, here they will give you a hammock and you will sleep comfortably feeling the breeze and listening to the sound of the sea. The live music group has also received great credit for entertaining each evening.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Pusser’s, you will have access to free Wi-Fi, Bar, lounge and beach. Necessary elements when making your trip and that you cannot miss. Join the adventure and discover more about the wonders of Pusser’s.

The opinions about this site vary and 80% classify it as excellent, while the rest is divided between good and terrible, but that is what it is about, knowing the opinions from different points of view to find the perfect balance.

Some describe their experience as pleasant because while looking at the sea and the coral reefs they were sitting at the bar listening to jazz. They describe that the staff does not provide the greatest attention but they consider that they are happy doing their job.

Other tourists have described that the service is excellent and that the food is second to none, both opinions come together in one direction and assure that the best thing here is the proximity to the sea and the view.

Regarding the cost, according to the opinions, this is very accessible, so you will not need a large amount of money to have a good time. Another of the dishes with the best score is the hamburger, they say it is the best on the island.


As an excellent alternative, the British Virgin Islands can thus be described for its great variety in costs. There are sites that exceed some budgets due to the luxury they offer and there are others with modest plans.

The beaches are spectacular and in them you will be able to sail through the islands, you will also be able to cancel your boat and contemplate the landscape in one of the many available points. The sunsets are highly acclaimed and have great acceptance by tourists.

Few places on the beach offer the option of participating in the process of making an alcoholic beverage. Here you can see how they make the best rum on the island and also try it to fall in love with its flavor.

A wide variety of tours, guides in English and enough hours to have a good time is what the British Virgin Islands offers you. Fall in love with its people, history, culture and traditions on a trip that will go down in history.