When planning my destination I thought what would be the best way to rest body, soul and mind, after so many days of work, and that is how I began my search for the best place near the beach on the French Riviera with a of international stature and Cannes immediately came to my mind, for years I had this place in my mind since many celebrities have had the pleasure of visiting this place for the reason that the most luxurious and awaited by all moviegoers.

  When I went to the beautiful French city of Cannes, I was truly impressed by how internationally recognized it is, due to the wonderful spectacle of the film festival held annually to bring together the most famous, renowned artists or talents who are known through of this visual springboard for your personal and professional growth…

  It is more than a simple place, it is a beautiful city without a doubt that reflects pure art from its infrastructures, vegetation, fauna, people full of elegance and freshness at the same time they represent the sobriety of an authentic heritage of French culture.

  You can go the day you want no matter what the season is, you will always want and be able to go to this majestic blue bay full of many ideas and creative productions worth sharing with all its tourists and countrymen. Words fall short with how picturesque and full of life Cannes is, it was an unforgettable experience for me, I felt like a first-class artist, exactly that gave me motivation, a lot of adrenaline, admiration, the desire to do innovative activities, draw, paint. , capture photographs, dream postcards…

  Just breathing allows you to smile and want to live here for all eternity as if there were no tomorrow… I enjoyed spectacular public beaches very close… I walked through Le Suquet, one of the most comfortable neighborhoods, full of beautiful houses, colorful and steep streets, criss-crossed with sinuous and picturesque stairs where the pedestrian is king in this case.

  During my tour of the main street, it took me directly to Mont Chevallier, ruins of what was a very important medieval palace for the French and lovers of ancient history.

Then walking down the main street I was able to see the well-known Church of Notre Dame de L’Esperanca, all this path was extremely entertaining because it allowed me to observe the entire panorama of the city in a broad and general way.

  The reasons why I decided to travel to France were quite particular, in the first place, because I was able to enjoy the Carlton Beach Club on the edge of the beach, which offered me elegance and freshness, with a beautiful and spectacular view of the Bay of Cannes, it is also located just a few minutes walk from the Croisette and the Picasso Museum.

  What made me fall in love with this Beach Club the most was the precise, pleasant and fun attention of the staff. I feel that I was treated like a Queen of France, and this will undoubtedly make you want to return at any time of the year.

I loved the food prepared by the authentic and professional chefs Alexandra Delamare and Laurent Bunel, who in a simple and practical way prepared delicious meats and whole fish on the grill, to lick my fingers. What a way to make me happy!

  They have a fantastic bar where they offer the best cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Their fantastic cocktail creations are amazing like: “Spritz Collection” and their latest creation “Carlton Beach Club Tonic” definitely not to be missed.

  Carlton Cannes private beach inspired me a lot to go quite cool and nice party after having a few drinks at the bar and meeting some interesting people, with amazing loud music, we ended up dancing near this beach and popping a big champagne . It’s amazing how great I had it at the Carlton Beach Club, I had the feeling of flying without having to take a plane, the attention is incredible, the place is a mixture of sobriety and freshness, the cocktails and snacks simply enchanted me.

  When I arrived in Cannes I thought about where I could stay on my days of stay during this passionate and artistic trip. The Intercontinental Hotel opened its doors to me in a courteous, kind and committed way, since my arrival I felt grateful for the strenuous effort in showing me their hospitality…


Radisson Blue 1835

  Elegant, beautiful in the best Belle Epoque style with a touch of freshness make it exceptional…

  The Radisson Blu 1835 Hotel Cannes was the best option I took as it offered me incredible views of the bay from Boulevard Jean Hibert. With its elegant rooms with panoramic views of the bay that gave me a feeling of love, tranquility, peace and indescribable comfort. It was just leaving this beautiful place and finding myself with its beautiful beach and private jetty where I had planned to venture out on a fun trip along the coast of the beach.

  On this walk I met Katrina, a beautiful assistant to a Polish filmmaker, they were passing through because they would present a short film at the Cannes festival, she turned out to be a passionate traveler just like me and it turns out that we had a lot in common and we spent the day of the best talking and having fun together. At the end we agreed to keep in touch, this girl is an incredible adventurer.

  After my return from this intense journey I was famished and without thinking about it I went to the beach restaurant that offers exquisite dishes, my choice was a seafood grill, a total delight, I was amazed at its exquisite mix of flavors, and as an appetizer a glass of the best wines of the area, what a delight…

  The next day I wanted to burn off the calories of this delicious food and went to enjoy the fully equipped gym exclusively for guests, with the best attention from its staff, there I found a guy instructor with Tony, we talked for a long time and I was asking him about which places I should visit in Cannes and he gave me a long list that of course I will have to visit before I leave Cannes.

  During the nights I spent in this place, I used to enjoy a glass of champagne or vodka and accompanied by good music and my traveling friends until dawn.

In this incredible place it helped me recharge all my energies and feel recharged both physically and mentally, and that was thanks to its exclusive beauty treatments direct to the room, they made me feel regal and empowered to continue my tour of this wonderful tourist destination. 

After sharing several days in contact with Katrina and her team, to my surprise they invited me as a companion to the fantastic and dreamed Cannes Festival, I was totally surprised, but obviously I said yes to such an irresistible invitation.

The best thing about attending this event was being able to experience it first hand and experience how special this event is for filmmakers and for the whole world.

Being able to attend and enjoy the Cannes Film Festival first-hand was fantastic, a dream come true. It is quite enriching to see how artists of international stature fight to obtain the Palme d’Or, and how emerging artists make themselves known in such a prestigious audiovisual window.

  I had the opportunity to see famous artists of international stature, it felt so real that I felt like one more artist of Cannes stardom, Bradd Pitt is more beautiful in person than on the big screen, Leonardo Di Caprio I am his No. 1 fan since Titanic, Margot Robbie the hilarious Harley Quinn, Quenttin Tarantino was expecting blood spatter at any moment, Selena Gomez the philanthropist, singer, actress, and human rights defender, and many more. They are people who inspire beyond the big screen…

  I will never forget that moment, it remains tattooed in my mind and on my skin and I can safely say that it is one of the best experiences.

Just as Tony, my coach at the hotel suggested, I decided to go to Santa Margarita Island, well known by its inhabitants and travelers as the best place to enjoy good drinks, good food and surrounded by the best views.

  We take the route from the coast of Cannes to the island of Santa Margarita to observe the entire majestic, beautiful and imposing French Riviera in a natural way and from another perspective.

  Just at the time I decided to explore the Côte d’Azur from Cannes; It was too exciting to explore the beauty of this crystal clear beach with a radiant sun that encouraged us to sail on a catamaran in deeper waters.

  A few steps from the pier, we were able to visit the fishing village of Santa Margarita Island, with its charming fishermen’s houses and restaurants with views. A good place to contemplate the sea while having something refreshing.

  It was as if he never wanted to return to the shore but rather advance to the depths of the sea, just to fill our hearts with that tranquility that working in the city is so difficult to achieve.

  During my stay at the Intercontinental Hotel in Cannes, on one of those nights of endless fun at the Bar, I met Tamy and Luca, a couple of guys who, like me, were looking for the best adventures in this wonderful place. We were talking about how much we love all water sports and agreed that we should go snorkeling and diving in the sea together.

  And that’s how we booked a day trip and went on an adventure together, these guys were super sure of themselves with their diving gear and goggles to dive into the sea, and I really wasn’t left behind.

  We let ourselves be carried away by our soul by our instincts and we enter the depths of the waters of Cannes. We were able to see the beautiful and impressive marine fauna, stars, fish of all brilliant colors. We took some photos while sailing and then selected the most impressive of the coast.   On the way back we had a couple of drinks at the bar, we took the opportunity to talk about this magical tour of the day, Tamy and Luca really turned out to be the best adventure companions.

When my days in Cannes were about to end, I decided to venture into the nightlife of this place and together with my new Italian friends, Tamy and Luca, we launched without thinking to explore some of the most trendy and exclusive clubs.

  And so it was that we arrived at the exclusive Baoli, where we arrived and ordered a few shots of vodka to share socially and begin to talk and improve the atmosphere. 

  We talked with people who were already on the site, very respectful, sociable and spontaneous. 

Fantastic DJs played live and direct electronic music, it is impossible not to get infected by the music in the place, and my friends Tamy and Lucas, so eloquent, invited me to dance, right away we began to get carried away by the music until we could no longer.  

  The next night and before saying goodbye to Cannes for good, I decided to embark on a new adventure at La Chunga, which is a true legend in Cannes, it has been presenting the best party nights for decades, here you can meet the most famous stars of the Festival of Cannes.

  We start our night in the restaurant enjoying a delicious dinner. To our surprise, the place in the blink of an eye becomes a piano bar, with live music performances and the best international DJs, who light up the dance floor until dawn, with exotic drinks and surprises at dawn. Spending my last night in this wonderful place was totally fabulous.

  I say it properly, there is not a single second when I stop thinking how happy I am in this place, I absolutely recommend everyone to come visit Cannes.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is just the beginning of an endless journey into the unknown of your lives, you can be sure that you will have as much fun as you can and you will thank me forever, since there are no limits in life but those that we We put it, because you are going to shy away from dreaming and propose to say traveling to France, totally enough of seeing it only in the movies, you can also live it.