The Jardines del Rey archipelago houses the Tropical Island Cayo Coco beach, chosen this time to live great experiences and unforgettable adventures in the Central Region of Cuba. It is positioned among the 5 most important islands in the country and is also one of the favorite destinations for tourists, so it is a mandatory stop when coming to Cuba.

The preference for this beach and its popularity is due to its white sand and beautiful coral reefs. Another point of great importance is that the north coast has all-inclusive resorts.

Among the natural attractions of Cayo Coco beach that leave visitors breathless, the swamps and lagoons that are home to birds such as the white ibis and an impressive colony of beautiful and striking pink flamingos stand out. This colony of flamingos is called the largest in America.

This destination is highly sought after by Europeans as they love superfine white sand, crystal clear water and its shallow depth, so Cayo Coco beach stands out above other places in Cuba.

Once Cayo Coco beach was chosen as the ideal destination to vacation in Cuba, it was time to look for a good beach club to rest and also have a good time, so browsing the internet to find the best options, I found Sol Cayo Coco a beautiful beach club that promised great emotions.

Sol Cayo Coco is one of the most beautiful natural environments on the island of Cuba and is located on Cayo Coco beach, here they have the perfect environment for you to live the best family experience, because that is what it is all about, making your loved ones happy. .

I will start by describing my experience with the excellent room I chose. You should keep in mind that there are several types, including traditional standard rooms to large suites. I chose a traditional standard room.

The views that I was able to enjoy from my room and that you can also contemplate will captivate you because they give direct access to the gardens, swimming pools and the sea. Waking up here is a privilege because when you open the window you can see how the sun rises and the immense sea catches you with its sound as the waves break on the shore.

The night was incredible, I slept pleasantly and every awakening was better because I went straight to breakfast. The best of all is that it had options to taste the gastronomy, here they have a buffet restaurant, Creole and international.

I played it safe, I wanted to feel Cuba, and more Cayo Coco beach, in my veins, so I opted for Creole food and ordered a good old clothes dish. What a delicious flavor, exquisite aroma and combination of ingredients.

After eating I went to the resort’s gym, I had to lose my belly a bit and maintain the shape that was lost between trips. After training with an instructor I went into the Jacuzzi to relax.

As night fell I changed my clothes, put on something beachy and went straight to the bar for a few drinks. I raised my hand, called the waiter and asked him for a Cuban mojito, the one I like to try so much when I come to Cuba.

The atmosphere is nice, good music, excellent service and a good dance floor to move to the Cuban rhythm. I drank too much that night and for security I asked to be escorted to my room, I slept pleasantly.

The next day I woke up with a hangover and went straight to the pool, where I had breakfast and took a pill. The pool water was good and it helped me calm the discomfort.

For the families that are going to stay here, I can tell you that they have great options for fun, family entertainment, contact with the local flora and fauna, and they will also have an event room with capacity for 60 people if they want to celebrate a special moment.

The experience here was good, the staff, the security, the attention and the passion that they put into everything they do make this place a world reference.

My days of adventure continued in Cayo Coco beach, I was having a great time but I wanted to go in search of more so I left Sol Cayo Coco and stayed at Meliá Cayo Coco, a 5-star hotel, in the heart of Cayo Coco Beach.

I was captivated by the fact that this hotel is a few meters from the sea and I was able to see up close the large colony of pink flamingos that inhabit Cayo Coco beach. It was too amazing to see them interact with each other, to see their coexistence and survival. Before choosing the room they told me that they have some special ones for weddings and honeymoons, these are built on stilts that rest on a salty lagoon. There was no such thing as a wedding, much less a honeymoon, so without thinking about it I asked for it, I wanted to live the experience on those stilts together with newlyweds.

It is important to know that they have luxury service in the room, so there is no need to move if it is not desired.

The comfortable bungalows are also built on a saltwater lagoon, these spaces were built only for people over 18 years of age. Being in this place guarantees a great enjoyment and magical experience, while you contemplate the scenery before your eyes.

All of this is linked to the mainland thanks to the first stone causeway built on Cayo Coco Beach in Cuba. The days passed full of happiness, this hotel gives a feeling of being at home, during my stay I arrived at Playa Virgen very close to the hotel and decided to live the adventure of diving in the crystal clear sea with beautiful reefs.

I had already dived before, what if I hadn’t done was fish and I took advantage of doing it at that moment, they taught me to cast the hook, throw the net and being a novice I managed to catch some fish.

A very good experience that I lived in this hotel that also has free Wi-Fi connection. If I had to choose it again I would do it without thinking twice. So I invite you to feel the experience, as much or more than me.

The best moment of my trip to Cayo Coco Beach was visiting Rocarena Climbing Park to test my adrenaline and how risky we can be in life. And that’s how I dared to feel this adventure.

One of the things that they told me about this place and that I confirm through the comments is that this park is little known and has few visits annually, leaving this great place out of the list of options.

Upon arrival they gave me a bracelet, they made me pass with an instructor who explained everything about the security measures and how to walk in each space without putting my life at risk. This seemed incredible to me because they also gave me safety equipment -ropes-.

The moment of the adventure arrived and everything was ready to climb to the top. This tower had a kind of suspension bridge where we had to walk with great distance from each other, other paths were normal and you could walk while viewing the landscape.

In part of the way there are also wooden tunnels built through which we also pass to make the adventure more interesting. I never thought I would find a place like this in Cuba and this shows me that the passion for work is put to the test every day here.

As is customary for every traveler, it is gratifying to be able to get to know and visit every corner of every visited destination, every place, every place tells wonderful stories of the place that nourish body, mind and soul, filling every human being with culture. On this occasion I found myself with this path full of the most exotic birds of the place.

Paulino has become the greatest reference of this place and he is an ornithologist with extensive experience who guided the group and explained everything about the birds that live in this beautiful place, located in the north of Cayo Coco Beach.

During this three-hour tour Paulino infected us with his sweet love and affection, I felt the connection, with my eyes closed I followed him to the mountain and was captivated by the stories he told us.

Paulino has great knowledge about birds and he gave us a very complete explanation of each species, he told us about the flamingos, seagulls and other birds of interest that flew very close to us.

The flora and fauna here, in this corner of Cayo Coco Beach, is very diverse, beautiful and of great importance for the biodiversity of this country. For what is protected to preserve life, beyond explaining everything to us, Paulino made the tour very enjoyable because he told us many stories about the visitors and how his passion for birds was born.

Incredible boat ride, although it does not go far from the shore but we had a great time. The peculiarity of this tour is that the boat has a glass on the floor to observe everything that is under the water, on the shores and Cayo Coco Beach.

For those who want to enjoy to the fullest, they can jump into the water and practice snorkeling. It really is a fascinating experience to see marine species, coral reefs and much more.

Part of the group stayed on the boat and was afraid to go down. They enjoyed our experience through the glass. They also took the opportunity to have a good traditional Cuban drink.

The coral reefs are very beautiful, we were able to see sea turtles and sharks up close. What a miracle of God everything that surrounds us. Truly, the sea of ​​Cayo Coco Beach in Cuba is impressively beautiful.

Extraordinary nights that are spent in the discos of Cayo Coco Beach, in addition to being beautiful with incandescent lights, these bars have a spectacular sound that makes the body shudder and move nonstop. All this magic is complemented by the company of a good Cuban mojito.

I had the mojito, I went to the outside of the place to get some air. I could feel the cold sea breeze, coming from the shores of Cayo Coco Beach, the good atmosphere and vibe that the place generated for me. The site is very crowded, enjoys the acceptance of tourists.

From this place, he highlighted the kindness and good attention of the staff who serve customers, the bartenders are impressive because, in addition to their work, they treat you in an incredible way that makes you feel comfortable.

With some mojitos on top, I went to the dance floor and began to dance salsa, after which Ana, a Cuban girl asked me if I was alone to keep us company and dance salsa all night until our feet hurt. Delighted, I accepted, we introduced ourselves, we danced and we enjoyed a good mojito.

This place offered me the lodging option but I didn’t take it because I was just looking for the option to have a drink and a bite to eat. So I preferred to just enjoy the beautiful scenery and quality service. Before entering I stayed in the garden area, I wanted to admire the beautiful landscape that this place gave me. The flowers in the garden are beautiful, each one gives you the best aroma of it and they open before you.

If you come with your car you have the option to park it here for a minimum additional cost. Security is guaranteed and they will ensure your safety at all times. So have fun in peace. I love food and I must admit that this place offers a great selection of dishes -continental breakfast- super exquisite. So I enjoyed it with a delicious cup of hot coffee that lifted my spirits. The musical setting is ideal, I did some dance steps and it was fantastic to live this moment here.

Traveling to Cuba, especially to Cayo Coco Beach, was one of the best decisions of my life, I loved this journey that filled me with good times that I will remember for the rest of my life. I made new friends, tasted spectacular cuisine and some authentic Cuban mojitos.

The stay at Cayo Coco Beach was incredible, I loved the attention, the spaces perfectly designed to offer the best to each visitor. The music is fascinating because they walk you through different Cuban and Latin singer-songwriters. I ratify it, the beaches of Cuba are sensational with white sand and crystal clear waters. Huge palm trees and incredible environments that will take your breath away. You have everything in one place and Cayo Coco Beach offers it.