Hello, if this is the first time you read my stories, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lucy and I am an inveterate lover of trips, I have already lost count of how many I have made, but this time I will tell you about my experience in Anguilla Island. Escape from modern life in the city, that was precisely what I was looking for and I got it by visiting this beautiful tropical paradise that is home to nearly 2,000 inhabitants.

  It is ideal to escape from the routine because the tourism rate here is low, which will allow you to enjoy yourself without so many people who want to know the same places as you and you will be able to fully enjoy everything. The island of Anguilla is a British territory in the Caribbean, and is located to the east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Island, directly north of Saint Martin. The island is known for its beautiful beaches with white sand, palm trees and blue waters.

  Although tourists rarely visit the island, here you can enjoy surrounded by luxury and good life, this jewel surrounded by salt water offers you that. Another thing that stands out here is that the architecture or infrastructure has indigenous sparkles, which gives a special touch to each place you visit.

  When I had my travel date ready, I started special planning to get to know the island, so I decided to book the best places of interest, including beaches, places of entertainment, hotels and beach clubs to have the best time on this trip. And from here I found myself with the Ceblue. When I arrived I went straight to this place.

  This luxurious modern beach resort, located on Crocus Bay Beach, features modern Caribbean design, lavishly appointed villas, attentive personalized service and an idyllic and relaxed island setting offering eight private villas, all with ocean views, as well as resort-style amenities.

  Modernism, class and avant-garde represented in this one place, I must start with the room that I got. A place designed in shades of brown and gray with perfect lighting, a very comfortable bed and a bathroom with everything you need to have a good time while you’re there.

  On the ceiling there is a fan, ideal to complement the air conditioning and adapt it for when you need it, the view is perfect because you can see the bay and enjoy a beautiful sunrise.

  I went to the blue bar and the brick oven, I wanted something beyond a waiter placing a plate of food on the table for me and that’s how I lived it. I was able to see how they prepared each dish, I took part in the preparation of mine and I had a glass of champagne while the pleasant moment passed.

  It is important to mention that the hotel offers tourism packages but I chose not to use them because I already had everything booked before arriving on the island, but I was investigating and they are packages that are really worthwhile and at affordable costs that will allow you to get to know different points of the island.

  In addition to this tour offered by the hotel, you can also book here for corporate events, weddings, and parties. The rooms are beautiful and have a privileged view of the beach.

  Another thing that I loved about here was the opportunity I had to train in the hotel gym, it is well known that these trips do not allow you to maintain a completely balanced diet because you want to try every food you see, but with them it was possible .

  At the end of my days at Ceblue I decided to locate a new place to spend the rest of my days in Anguilla, so I went for this option, I found them charming in every way.

  This hotel is majestic because it was built on a huge rock formation and a few meters away you will find a beautiful cliff that will take you directly to the sea, you will be able to appreciate the boats and yachts that pass by.

  ÀNI Anguilla was specifically designed to receive those seeking a more pampered escape in the Caribbean, with the charming attention to its warm people, and a wide gastronomic panorama, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

  The beautiful green vegetation that surrounds this site plus the combination of the sea makes it the ideal place to have a good time and perhaps improve your respiratory system free of pollutants. The pool at night is a spectacle, the vibrant blue color of the water plus the lights will make you spend a super pleasant moment just like I did. I jumped in the water at midnight with a bottle of champagne and it was wonderful while eating pineapple chunks.

  After this, the next day I went to the beach, I fell in love with the white sand of the place, I was able to explore it barefoot, enjoy the wind and the smell of the sea, it tempted me to try a bit of surfing but I preferred to see them from the shore.

  I felt full and more with the tasty bottle of champagne that accompanied me.

  Another of the things that I liked here was the food that the restaurant provided me, it was delicious, I ate some delicious shrimp, salmon and some freshly caught fish from the sea.

  I tried every day of my stay to try different things to do, I had a full agenda on vacation, I couldn’t believe that even on vacation I had a full agenda, visits to the pool and Jacuzzis from the cliffs were the most common. 

  Other days I I went to the gym, it is super full, a couple of days I ventured to play a little tennis on its lighted courts, this was magical, even the rackets had lights.  Another day I went on a bike tour of the place and on the way back I was invited to play a little golf. In this place the fun is infinite, I think I lacked days and a little energy to fully enjoy it.

  One of those days that I spent at the beach I decided to check the activities and outings that I had already written down, I crossed out a few and I kept the ones that best suited me at that time and I started satisfying my desire to swim with the dolphins, these lovely creatures I love.

  In this site they are specialists to make you spend a pleasant moment in the company of the beautiful dolphins that live here.

  When I got here I put on the ideal suit to be able to enter the pool and be able to interact with the dolphins. Seeing them they looked at me with so much love and smiled at me, although the latter seems hard to believe.

  They are intelligent creatures that feel and can detect your emotions and if you are sad they can make you smile.

  In addition to interacting here, I was able to participate in an educational talk about dolphins and thus be able to get to know each other much better.

  Another interesting point of the service they offer is that they have professional photographers who will allow you to immortalize the most memorable moments of your trip.

  The beautiful white sand of this beach that was described to me on different web portals was what captivated me the most and made me decide to book the tour package to visit it before finishing my trip.

  Getting there and seeing her up close was an indescribable feeling, my feet were touching her, my hands could feel her and the rest of my body too while I tanned.

  After sunbathing for a few minutes I went into the sea, the water was a bit cold, the sea is clear blue and while I was bathing on the beach I could notice that there is a large concentration of corals here, very beautiful by the way.

  This beach is also ideal for swimming because of the tranquility that its waves offer you and you can go further because you can also dive, really swimming among corals, feeling them and admiring them was the best.

  A very quiet beach, this was the main feature that caught my attention of this place and boy was it worth it. Just as snow is its sand, totally white bathed by the waves of the immense blue sea.

  Large rock formations that rise above the sea are the ideal complement to make it the perfect place for your vacations and for your family to feel in paradise.

  In addition, this place has several restaurants where they honor seafood, the area’s main dish, so you won’t leave here without trying it. Diving will be an excellent alternative here, going down to the depths of the sea left me very excited because you can see different marine species, algae and corals.

I checked my previous list of night spots with the hostess of the hotel, she was super friendly and pointed out the trendiest of the moment and also assigned me a free roundtrip transportation so that I could party without any worries.

This place is very tropical, it has color, flavor and Caribbean vibe. It is ideal to spend a pleasant day and if you want fun at night it is also an excellent option. Its colorful wooden walls, backstage and upright sticks give the place an ideal touch. This to the part of the excellent music, lighting and attention that they offer you.

A few meters from the sea, what better way to eat while feeling the waves and cold breeze. The house specialty is the Mexican tacos but I went further and ordered beans and salad to complement with tamarind water.

The sunset here is wonderful, the sun falls over the bay and orange colors take over the place.

I loved the idea of ​​choosing this place because it is very Caribbean, in addition to all the good things it has to offer to visitors. In this beautiful place they honor King Bob Marley and his entire culture. It is incredible the number of people who come here just because his idol has a place to exhibit the best of his work. The food was another strong point, that is, I was able to taste a meat on a stick that was not wasted. This accompanied by potatoes, a pineapple drink and a chocolate volcano.

Dancing at night here was the best, the music was perfect, I could feel the Caribbean running through my veins. The attention was first class, each order I made arrived within a few minutes and that is what it is about when you pay.

The energy of this place is wonderful, you can feel how you connect with the music and the charisma of those who visit the place at the same time as you, it’s like feeling at home. Enjoying some mojitos and some snacks while singing the songs and watching people dance was very pleasant.

The decoration, the lights, everything was perfectly planned to offer a pleasant atmosphere to the visitors. 

In addition to the drinks I was able to eat some delicious hamburgers, after this I began to dance with the people who were there, we made a circle and danced in the center.

    Anguilla, the Anguilla of my dreams is real. The ideal place to escape without so many people around you. Luxury, comfort and good life is what you will see here, what more to ask for. I fell in love with the human quality of people, with their kindness, just with a smile they catch you and tell you, you’re not leaving here. The natural beauties found here are impressive, the sand of the sea is of another level and feeling it has no comparison. I must return, I think that living here would be to feel in paradise.