One afternoon at an aunt’s house in a family reunion, we had a lot of fun playing a famous board game that has already become a family tradition, I tell you that it is quite fun for us because in each game we get to know wonderful places, their history and We challenge ourselves to learn a little more about each region.

On this occasion the course was Oceania and in particular we focused on Australia. I love this place, I have visited it on some of my trips and that helped me win the game, everyone was impressed with everything they learned about this place. That night when I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about my desire to return to this place.

Two weeks later I had everything planned for my next days off, and so my new adventure to Australia would begin. When I arrived on the day of the trip, I took my bags and went straight to the airport, it was a long trip but my desires were too much, and it seemed super short. Everything I could discover seemed untrue to me.

Australia is wonderful, I love it because it is as if it were a desert area due to its landscapes and different species of animals, flowers and trees. You will love it from the first moment. Many of these species can be beautiful, captivating, but so dangerous as to end your life and moments, so be very careful during your journey.

Another of the things that I loved the most about Australia are its buildings, beautiful bridges, modern and imposing buildings, streets with traffic of people and vehicles, for me it was wonderful. The warmth of its people is wonderful, I loved their hospitality, smile and solidarity with foreigners. They have a lot to offer and they show you that a country is moved forward with passion.

After landing, I already had plans to get to know the best-known sites in this place, so I embarked on a great adventure through the central desert of Australia, which is considered a World Heritage Site in Australia.

The rocky settings are sublime, they took my breath away when I came into contact with them, how beautiful to see the contrast of these huge rocks with the sky and sun.

Aboriginal nations live here, the Anangu are one of them, I enjoyed this trip because I was able to ride a camel, let myself be guided by this huge animal and feel its confidence in me.

Here I was also able to observe the monoliths that tell the story of these tribes, their origin, struggles, defeats and desire to maintain their true essence before humanity that is evolving by leaps and bounds.

After this wonderful tour I was already a little exhausted, more excited than exhausted, the good thing is that I already had my itinerary well planned and I had a reservation ready at one of the most popular Beach Clubs to have a good time and relax a little, the Clancy’s Fish Bar a great and beautiful place that gives the impression that it floats on the sand and in which I felt at home.

Just when I arrived at this place I was totally shocked, the amazing view of the sea from its terrace and panoramic windows, it was totally amazing, I will use the word colorful to describe this place, if I have the opportunity to add another it would be full of life, this is what it represents for this beautiful beach club that made me live wonderful moments.

Overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, Clancy’s Fish Bar City Beach occupies one of the most beautiful locations in Western Australia. The attention from my arrival was the best, the host girl named Mary, she took me directly to a good table close to the window and the terrace from where I could admire the whole place.

While I was waiting for them to bring me a drink, I couldn’t stop admiring the whole place, 

the restaurant area is covered with huge glass that facilitated the view of the sea, eating there and seeing the waves break on the shore is magnificent. The tables are made of wood, but with different colors and touches that make the difference.

Before eating I called the waiter and asked her about the options to eat and she told me that I had to try the grilled chorizo, balsamic onion, romesco sauce, parsley, lemon and garlic toast. As a drink I ordered pineapple juice, it was really too good. It was freshly brewed and cold. For dessert I ordered vanilla chocolate cake and I was ecstatic.

Happy hour was already starting, and Mery the hostess encouraged me to join a table of tourists who, like me, were newcomers getting to know the place, Clancy’s is known for its excellent beers and we could verify that they were cold and delicious.

And together with my group of tourists to the rhythm of the music and to the chorus of many toasts we were able to admire the sunset, at the end of the afternoon when it begins to descend to set spectacularly in the Indian Ocean.

That night I felt quite comfortable with this group of travelers and we stayed to enjoy the nightly shows, that night there were different presentations, belly dancers, samba dancers, jugglers or and to finish a first level jazz or groove band.

Between many beers and many drinks, at night we were surprised to see the dance of some whales in the background in the thick ocean.

The marvelous thing apart from its beautiful view and its beautiful facilities is its attention was very good, I felt well attended, the orders are brought to the table almost immediately and they made me feel like a family at all times. Among so much fun at Clansy’s Fish Bar, it was dawn for me, it was an amazing day and night in a beautiful place and great company, but it was time to rest a bit.

I was already booked into my itinerary at Lizard Island, an elegant yet understated accommodation on the Great Barrier Reef and consistently ranked as one of the best hotels in the world. In each of my trips I always try to discover new places and that is why I decided on this beautiful place.

This beautiful hotel complex is located in the middle of an immense green zone, a huge and inclined roof stands out and is noticeable in the middle of so many trees. Only when I arrived I could see why it became one of the most famous places in the area. Its fabulous decoration and atmosphere invite you to want to spend the best days and nights of glamour, with sumptuous views of the sea and the iconic Australian skyline.

I loved staying here because mainly the attention was wonderful, they helped me unload the suitcases from the vehicle, move it to my room and gave me a nice welcome souvenir for choosing this place to vacation. Here there are different alternatives of rooms, each one is different and special with everything it offers, I stayed in El Pabellón, this one dominates the panoramic views of the ocean, perfectly designed to bring the impressive outside view inside.

The white color fuses with the wooden floor in light and dark tones, in addition to the beautiful furniture in light colors that enhanced the elegance of the place. Being here made me feel as if the sea were inside the room, I felt like I was sleeping on the edge of the beach and that was fascinating, waking up there or sleeping with the sound of the sea is something of another level, what a pleasure to have been part of it of this indescribable adventure in the midst of refined people who want to enjoy the moment.

After resting for most of the day in this amazing room, I was famished, and went straight to eating. Dining at Salt Water was exquisite, this place embodies the understated elegance of Lizard Island, here the real protagonist is the wine and I took advantage of my time here and ordered a delicious grill with seafood, fresh seafood is their specialty, a especially delicious dinner and quite an important moment.

Every day in this place I discovered new and amazing things about this place, beyond a beautiful infrastructure this hotel offers different entertainment alternatives, one day I went straight to explore the local beaches in a full-board motor boat, one afternoon I decided to go for a kayak ride, and finally a practice of snorkeling.


During the daylight hours I stayed for breakfast near the pool and then went to swim for a while and rest on the super comfortable loungers of the place, admiring the beautiful landscape.

I loved everything that I was able to enjoy inside the hotel, but the time had come to get to know a little about each of the wonders that this Australian land has to offer.

I can proudly say that one of my days in Australia I left the room and went to the street to visit one of the largest parks in Australia and the world, I can even say that it surpasses Central Park in New York.

To get to this site there will be a bit of pain and suffering, that is, you will have to climb 101 steps to discover the wonders of this site. They say that to be successful you have to suffer a little. Being here allowed me to see the panoramic and privileged view of the city of Perth, how beautiful everything can be admired from here. Another interesting thing about this place is that ceremonies or picnic afternoons are held.

I liked walking, breathing fresh air, discovering the water paths crossed by wooden bridges over the water that is adorned by green areas. I recommend living this experience, I only ask that you come in comfortable, sports shoes and very light clothing so that you can withstand the jogging of the stairs.

On this walk I went to visit the Swan River, it is a huge contrast between Perth and this place that radiates peace, tranquility and temperance. This immense river allowed me to relax because the twilight of the skies was reflected in its waters that had a little house in the middle of its waters. I was able to let go, drain energy and feel free. Another of the particularities of this place is that the area serves to visualize imposing cruise ships that use this point to exhibit the beauties of Australia to the tourists they take on board.

These different cruises that you can see daily are promoted and driven by the natives who live in this area, what a wonderful way to promote tourism and the economy of the place. I was able to get close to the water and put my feet in it, play with it and feel the calm that this place offers, it really has no comparison and I would give anything to have a part of this natural scenery in my house.

In addition to nature, Perth has great stories to learn and to tell, so I got a package with several walks through its most outstanding sites. Starting at the Perth Zoo.

I loved visiting this place because I was able to interact with different animals, including the giraffe, which I also fed, they are animals that are familiar to visitors. In addition to huge giraffes there are also lions and monkeys, the monkeys are very outgoing, they follow visitors and even steal their food. Of course, if you give them something they will not leave it in your hand and they will gladly take it.

I love the energy that this place emanates, seeing so many species in one place is unparalleled, it confirms how exotic Australia is and how rich it is in flora and fauna. The diversity here made me fall in love with this country more and more every day, when I saw the raccoons eating it was incredible, so adorable, it caused me to lull them in my arms. The one that could not be missing and that is the icon of this land is the kangaroo, how adorable to see its young in their bags feeling protected.

You know better than anyone that I am an inveterate lover of works of art, that’s why I decided to visit this beautiful gallery in Australia. It is impressive all the beauty that is exhibited here. The works are impeccable, few like these I have seen in other countries, the colors, textures and messages that they transmit to the users.

Here there were works available for sale and I really couldn’t miss the opportunity to buy some to expand the area that I already have dedicated in my house to exhibiting each work of art that I buy in any country in the world. In addition to paintings there are also huge perfectly carved sculptures in a showcase, I was enthralled with each one, they were monumental and although I did not buy them I took photos of them and learned a little more about their origins and authors.

From this tour I was fascinated that there were people in charge of explaining to me in detail the history of the place, of each work and the relevance that each one has for Australia and how it positions it on a global scale.


I loved this beautiful beach with white sand and turquoise waters. Upon arrival, a structure near the shore caught my attention, too beautiful, and I did not miss the opportunity to photograph myself on it. The lounger was ready to receive me, I lay down on it, put on my bathing suit and applied sunscreen to brown my skin, after this and after a good time I went for a walk on the beach to reflect a little on my life.

With my feet full of sand and my soul full of gratitude, I began to contemplate everything near the beach, a very busy, busy area, with certain buildings near this point. This beach is ideal for family time, entertainment activities, swimming, diving and more. I felt connected to this wonderful place.


Every day is accompanied by a night full of wonderful fun and Perth is no exception, when the sun goes down the parties are born and it is so much so that most locals recommend going out in the city. And then I did not hesitate to prepare my party outfit and best dance moves and to drop into the top of the places

I started my party days in this place, Sneaky Tony’s, a pretty nice place, some dim lights but perfectly lit with certain lamps and some candles, this gives it a discreet and very intimate touch to have a good time in the company of someone nice. The bar of the place surprised me, it is huge, full of alcohol and when you see it you know that you will have everything there to spend an unforgettable night.

Before ordering what I was going to drink, I talked a bit with the bartender, he told me about Perth and the nightlife that is lived in this beautiful bar. After this he served me original tequila from Mexico. He was too good, but I was enjoying the conversation with him more and knowing a little more about the anecdotes that have arisen in this place. The musical environment is quite pleasant, relaxing and with current sounds that complement your moment.


Another night I went straight to the HulabuBar, I was looking for a night of live music and I found it here, listening to those prodigious voices really made my night, I felt pleased and happy to have found a place as wonderful as this. I concentrated so much on listening to the voices, the melody and singing, after this I ordered my cocktail, it was a great variety that I could try and I loved it. The atmosphere is very pleasant here, the kindness, warmth and charisma of the people have no comparison.

The tables and seats, in addition to the decoration, are impressively beautiful, the details that are placed in each drink, on the tables, on the walls, everything has vibrant colors.

The Hawaiian style is fascinating, it reminds you once again that you are in Perth but you must continue living the tropical paradise in its maximum splendor. I put on a flower necklace to feel more in tune with the environment, I went up on stage to sing and toasted those present for that wonderful night we were experiencing.

Almost when I had to say goodbye to Perth, I decided to visit the Walf Lane, a place that exudes the wolfish and fierce spirit in each of the visitors.

Inside this place I continued to be captivated, that is, when I entered and looked up at the ceiling of the place I saw many suitcases stuck there as part of the decoration of this beautiful place.

Very beautiful paintings are suspended on the walls, black and padded sofas, as well as classic chairs with flower prints are some of the options on this site so you can have a wonderful time.

I loved the cocktails served here, they were glorious. But if we talk about the food, I must say that everything I ordered tasted delicious, the salad, the juice and the dessert. Without a doubt, it was the best selection I could have made.

Another thing I saw and loved about this place was a huge sculpture of Venus, this gave a wonderful touch to the atmosphere of the place.

Perth Australia is more than desert and animals, it has fascinating sites, well-built structures and wonderful bridges that you will not be able to resist crossing to live the incredible experience. I fell in love with the animals I saw here, the kangaroos and their offspring shot my heart, as well as the roar of the lion that shook my heart. Being able to give them food delighted me and connected me.

The dynamism, the energy of its people, the warmth, the strength and the drive that they put into their day-to-day is amazing and I identified a lot with this point because I love people who fight for their dreams. The Swan River was a dream, I felt in glory, I felt that I was next to God and that took me away from this world. If you come to Australia you must visit these waters.