A few years ago on a trip to Central America, I met Guadalupe and Manuel, a couple of Mexican hikers who have dedicated their entire lives between expeditions that go from the Amazon to Patagonia, without a doubt a duo that I admire very much for their great work. regarding the rescue and care of the exotic flora and fauna of our South America.
It was they who sowed in me the desire to travel and know the majestic Latin American lands that contain great treasures, history and above all life; That is why today a new page of my personal blog opens to delve into a new and exciting adventure but this time to the country that keeps its tropical essence, known for its energetic samba rhythm, its handsome inhabitants, its imposing attractions and its paradisiacal ocean beaches, Brazil.
This time I entered the beautiful beaches of the Bay of Rio de Janeiro, specifically the shores of Barra de Tijuca beach, it is very popular for its different sports and water activities that have become internationally recognized in addition to the exuberance of its natural environments and incomparable climate
In Barra de Tujica I arrived by car after crossing the country venturing between clubs, restaurants and hotels, but none compares with the exuberant Tujica beach where I did not stop for a second with all the activities that I got to do in this little corner of America from the south.

Guadalupe and Manuel my traveling friends had already mentioned and recommended this place to me. Located on the shores of Barra da Tijuca, the Classico Beach Club is one of the busiest and most modern BEACH CLUBs in the Rio Bay area. I was impressed by the intense blue-green color of its waters and the large number of visitors who flock there to practice surfing and kite surfing in its impetuous waters that form large tubular waves and sport fishing. Upon arriving at this place I was able to experience an explosion of emotions that I recommend, because in its long and comfortable spaces I installed myself to enjoy all these activities, I was attended by an excellent staff and without counting the delicious national and international gastronomy, predominantly maritime cuisine. and native species of the region.
This beautiful and energetic beach club was born to be the meeting point for lovers of extreme sports, in a reserved environment with excellent music and gastronomy.

I wasted no time and took advantage of this privileged location of the Classico Beach Club and received my personalized surfing and sailing classes with a couple of experienced teachers, as well as activities such as windsurfing, bodyboarding and kitesurfing to go practice in the huge blue sea.


During my time in this Rio de Janeiro country, I discovered that as this hotel did not offer me so much comfort and convenience, the CLASSICO BEACH CLUB has a range of 5 spectacular and comfortable hotels, inspired by a European style to be at the forefront and be a reference International, you will find yourself as the most sublime, fun and exciting trip of your life, because in each half of the way on the coast of Rio we find one of these hotels with the best service.

It has one of the best views and is the best place to end the tour and see the sunset, the largest and most beautiful spectacle of nature in the city with a beautiful view of the bay.
Upon arrival I entered their loung area and fell in love with their idyllic sunsets with an excellent cocktail in hand on one of their comfortable outdoor beds near the modern beach bar.
After a long time here, the aromas of your restaurant awakened my senses and I decided to have dinner taste its wide variety of dishes, made with warmth and simplicity that immediately took me to tropical roots.
As a great experience learning Surfing and sailing surfing with the best professionals in the region. This Beach Club is ideal for lovers of aquatic life.

At the end of the afternoon with an impressive sunset I could notice that the Classico has a different musical atmosphere every night, with surreal drinks and a beautiful atmosphere, full of comfort in all corners with a pleasant musical atmosphere with contemporary and musical rhythms. first. I met a couple of girls and we settled in the upper terrace area, a lounge area with couches, ideal to enjoy the views of the whole place and to be able to dance and drink with the greatest comfort.

Without a doubt, the practice of water sports and having my own surfing and sailing lessons in the blue waters of the Pacific have been one of the best experiences, but they do not compare to the one lived when visiting Christ the Redeemer
I took a guided tour that took me to Christ the Redeemer or Christ of Corcovado, this symbol of Rio de Janeiro, it is one of the most iconic points of this city and being able to visit it was totally fabulous and unforgettable. Just arriving and looking at the statue did it impress me with its sheer size.
It is located on the very top of the known as Cerro Corcovado, in the Tijuca National Park. The structure is about 38 meters high.
The long staircase of more than 200, is totally worth climbing it, when I arrived and found such a majestic work of art, my mind and body were ecstatic. And I was able to know why it is one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World.
I took countless pictures for my memories but I am sure this stop will never be erased from my mind.

Barra da Tijuca is one of the newest neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro. It earned its nickname as the Brazilian Miami for its beautiful sandy beaches and palm tree-lined boulevards, which are surrounded by gigantic shopping malls and glass-fronted skyscrapers. And as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the country, I got many unparalleled activities and excursions to make my days in Rio unforgettable.


Helicopter tour in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is already beautiful to see from below, now imagine seeing from above, I signed up for this unforgettable trip without thinking twice. 

We flew over the Marvelous City and I managed to see places in the area from the heights from different points and angles.


Tijuca National Park

After this, and in order not to get lost in the city, I decided to contact Joao my Brazilian guide again and with great pleasure he took me to know the city, from popular attractions to less traveled places, as he is an expert in it he recommended the best places to me, as well as the ways to avoid crowds. We went toThere I was able to observe the diverse fauna and the exuberant vegetation of Brazil.

Copacabana Beach

Of course I wanted to see her, this world famous beach is also the area where most of the hotels in the area are located, in short, the most beautiful beach, with the most beautiful people, on the south side of Rio. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the Tom Jobim statue and take great photos of the beach and the Dois Irmãos hill.


Too bad I didn’t go during the carnival season, Joao tells me that what you see in photos and video never compares to what you experience first-hand at the Sambodromo, the scene of the main float parades. It’s huge and I think I felt the samba buzzing in my ears.

As many of the locals warned me that arriving in Barra and not going through its nightlife area was like not having been in Rio so I went into the night and went to visit the best party places in Barra and I found five with Very good atmosphere

With delicious drinks and a wide variety of drinks, this bar has a great reputation, so much so that many characters from Brazilian entertainment gather here, they have a great musical repertoire and they offer you delicious aperitifs and non-alcoholic drinks. That leaves everything very charming and pleasant, the drinks are a show, at the mercy of the DJ who makes the perfect environment to enjoy good drinks and enjoy the sunset.
I continued on my tour and I was at Banana Jack this space is super fun, with a very varied menu and has options of snacks, hamburgers.
From there I was in the GUACAMOLE Yes, sir! This is a Mexican entitled to mariachis and tequila. The decoration of the Guacamole is incredible, super characteristic and lively. The menu is WONDERFUL! With typical dishes of Mexican cuisine with tacos, flautas, nachos, quesadillas, burritos and much more, in addition to the delicious drinks to enjoy the themed night in great style, without a doubt one of the bars in Barra da Tijuca that is worth it. know. In addition, the night is not enough for me to stay to enjoy the BREWTECO place, which commands the variety of beer options and the BAR & CO. This place is an experience of the best of cocktails on the shore of the beach. With rustic decoration, the Bar & Co has balconies and nets for the spaces.
I enjoyed the incomparable sensation of walking on the fine sand of Barra da Tijuca beach, Beach club Classico, it manages to bring together in a single enclave the incomparable essence of the beach, it manages to bring together the best of several worlds. A paradise where all adventure-loving travelers can relax and have fun, thanks to its extraordinary services, fabulous facilities and spectacular views. Everything is designed in detail to guarantee a dream experience that will captivate even the most demanding like me. Do not forget to visit this beautiful place and I wait for you on my next travel adventure.