One sunny afternoon I left my office and went to have a coffee on a terrace where I always did it to relax a little after work, absorbed in thought and with coffee in hand, enjoying the sunset I realized that the Easter holidays were approaching and even I didn’t know which would be my new destination to visit, once again I decided to take my travel APP and I knew right away I really wanted to visit Thailand again.

  The taste of an espresso, the sunset lights moved my mind directly to my next destination, I had already decided, I wanted to continue exploring the Thai lands, in the days close to the scheduled date of my trip I was super anxious I already had bags ready to take my flight to Phuket Island.

  Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and visiting it allowed me to live unforgettable experiences, I had previously traveled to Thailand but I needed to return to explore this popular destination in Asia. The climate is one of the most wonderful in Thailand and this causes people to flock here to fully enjoy this area. Urban areas are impressive and I swear that they captivated me from the first contact I had with them.

  I loved the Thai culture, it hides a magic, mystery and charm. Another thing I enjoyed was the variety of the cuisine of this country, it is very exotic, with vibrant aromas, colors and flavors. On arrival in Phuket on the way to my destination we passed near a very picturesque place and I asked the driver to take me to see it.

Pukhet Night Market

  The name is the complete opposite of the timetable of the place because they don’t work at night here and it can surprise tourists who don’t handle the information, but it’s just my appreciation, I’m not saying it’s like that.

  I took 3 hours to go through the whole place I arrived in a rented vehicle that belongs to the hotel, 300 stalls and 100 food are accounted for in this impressive market that is mostly visited by tourists in search of varieties.

  I chose to buy cosmetics, they are very good and cheap. Other items that I took were t-shirts, shoes and some key chains that I loved when I saw them.

The food stalls exhibit quite exotic dishes, some were not to my liking and others I ate because they are traditional and are mostly seen in other countries of America. 

  A tour that was worth it, it fascinated me and I left with my hands full of bags with beautiful things. The Thais recharged me with energy, they are people who always smile, transmit peace and fullness regardless of the circumstance.

  As I wanted to know many more places in Phuket, I decided that my first stop would be at Coast Beach Club & Bistro, this place offers the best services, according to my travel APP, I was thirsty and famished and in this place it promised to fulfill my desires to have a great time better.

This place is very beautiful, it is open and has different spaces to enjoy while they find you there a few meters from the beach, I was able to contemplate it, admire it and feel it.

Tables, chairs, large furniture and umbrellas are part of the spaces that I had to choose from and be able to enjoy different dishes of food and drinks. Wooden floors, others designed with large ceramics in blue and cream, but my favorite part was the sand, there was a huge sofa and I sat down to enjoy a non-alcoholic chalk.

  After this delicious drink I went to the table area, I got comfortable and took the menu, there were many options but I went for a delicious grill and local seafood, these dishes tasted sensational. Among the drinks they offer, I can mention wine, beer and innovative cocktails that, like me, other people present enjoyed.

  The beach of the place is extraordinary, after eating I went straight to enjoy it, it is totally charming and ideal to spend the best vacations. I swam for a while and had a few shots of tequila to liven up the moment.

  The setting of the place is in charge of a DJ who offers the best musical mixes, also that day of my visit I was able to enjoy a fashion show and a fire show by the sea. It was a totally enchanting evening and led me to enjoy the best of shows and fun.

After spending one of the best evenings at the Coast Beach Club & Bistro, I went to retire to my lodging destination for the next few days of my stay in Phuket. One afternoon sitting in the living room of my house I took my phone and started looking for a good beach club in Thailand, a place that would allow me to have different types of drinks, enjoy events and excellent cuisine. Looking for different alternatives I found this place and I must tell you that it was the best.

  This hotel is impressive, it is huge, beautiful and very luxurious, a night here is great value but it is worth paying anything because it simply gave me all the comfort I was looking for during my stay on this island.

  The beautiful room had white sheets and pillows, a beautiful floor, softly lit lamps, and an eye-catching bathroom.

  The huge glass door that gave you access to the terrace was beautiful because it allowed me to see the coast and the pool from there, what a beautiful gift it was to be staying here.

  After being in my room and enjoying it for a good moment, I went straight to the restaurant and ate shrimp fresh from the sea, fresh and with an exquisite flavor. This hotel is impressive, it is huge, beautiful and very luxurious, a night here is great value but it is worth paying anything because it simply gave me all the comfort I was looking for during my stay on this island. The beautiful room had white sheets and pillows, a beautiful floor, softly lit lamps, and an eye-catching bathroom. The huge glass door that gave you access to the terrace was beautiful because it allowed me to see the coast and the pool from there, what a beautiful gift it was to be staying here.

  After being in my room and enjoying it for a good moment, I went straight to the restaurant and ate shrimp fresh from the sea, fresh and with an exquisite flavor. After enjoying the gastronomy in this hotel, I went to my room, changed my clothes and put on my bathing suit to go to the pool area. This extends throughout the hotel, they have several divided areas with walkways, different types of sun loungers and umbrellas.

  I got some sun, I had a craft beer and then I jumped into the water, what a wonderful moment. Another attraction that this place has is that it has an excellent area to practice yoga, it’s incredible to do it from Thailand, I let go, I released and I felt renewed, I had recovered the energy and vitality that I needed.

  Another day here I went to the gym, I decided to spend some time to burn off some of the calories, the gym was beautiful, I loved the trainer, a very nice and friendly guy, he helped me a lot in every routine I did. Then I went down to the beach, I just sunbathed here and read a book by the sea.

  On one of the nights I was here, a musical event was held, I only went there for a moment. I drank water, danced for a while and then went up to my room and contemplated from my terrace the beautiful view that it gave me in the light of the moon and the stars. What a wonderful venue, I really tell you that it is worth staying here because you will live an unrepeatable experience.

  One of the many days in the hotel I decided to go out, I consulted with the service girl and she kindly recommended me to visit the Big Buddha and the Wat Chalong Temple, from that place you could see the best view of the city, I took the opportunity to enjoy the landscape, Getting there to contemplate the view of much of the island was indescribable, the best view was of Chalong Bay. How honored I am to have visited the largest Buddhist temple in Phuket which is called Wat Chalong and characteristically consists of several buildings.

I could not believe that I was in that place contemplating all the splendor of this huge island of Thailand, you could appreciate everything, the movement of people, houses, shops, the sea, the clouds, the sky and the birds.

Being in front of this great Buddha filled me with peace, I was able to reconnect with myself and thank the universe for the opportunity it gave me to be there. Beyond this, I was also able to appreciate different images of Buddha that transmitted peace, temperance and serenity to me.

  This temple is 60 meters high. Here they tell you the life story of Buddha through impressive paintings that I was able to enjoy and learn a little more about them thanks to the explanation of the tour guide.

  Some of Thailand’s most important and influential monks are represented here in wax figures. Being here represented spiritual renewal for me, I felt that I was advancing and that I jumped to a better stage of my life. Knowing more about these figures filled my soul.

  Previously I had reviewed the places to visit and not miss anything, I brought my list of must-sees, so I did not stay in one place, this place is too beautiful to enjoy it from the same point all my vacations and discover new directions.

  The journey is two hours and I enjoyed it too much, I felt happy and wanted to feel free, delivered to the wind and sea. Four wonderful islands to which you will only reach by sea, I did this tour by boat and there were many alternatives that it offered me and I was able to enjoy it pleasantly. While we were traveling we made several stops at the most beautiful points of these islands, in this way we took the opportunity to dive, discover the depths of the sea and everything that lives there.

  I also bathed in the waters of the Andaman Sea, the water was a little cold and then I lay down on the boat to toast my skin and give it a carrot color. My favorite part was the meal time at Phi Phi Don. The food was delicious, I had lobster and shrimp. This was paired with craft beer and delicious desserts. An exquisite experience worth living.

  Another of the things that attract attention here are its caves, one of these is closed and I noticed that the boats stop here to enjoy this area of ​​the islands.

  When I got here, I was struck by the fact that the beach did not have much presence of people and most of those who were were locals who were enjoying the waves of the sea.

  I felt happy to be able to enjoy the turquoise water that made me fall in love minute by minute, the fine and delicate white sand caught me, my feet appreciated it and enjoyed it.

  A place surrounded by huge mountain ranges with few buildings and robust vegetation, I loved being here because I felt the tranquility and enjoyment in people.

  I lay down on the sand, I let my body fall so that it could receive all the necessary sun, that is how I then went into the sea and let myself be captivated by that turquoise green tone.

  With some of the people who were there I enjoyed a few beers, we made roast beef and some fish, we were all perfect strangers but we dedicated ourselves to having a good time.

  I felt like a celebrity visiting this place because this bay appeared in James Bong movies, being here represented remembering every scene of that wonderful movie that set the standard in the industry.

  This bay is amazing because limestone rock formations emerge from the sea that give the place a different touch and make it a reference point for tourists to take pictures of.

  Here I swam, I did some diving and I simply got carried away by the energy that the sea gave me.

  Another of the things that fascinated me while enjoying the sea were its rocky caves.

  I went into them and enjoyed it because I felt the sea close to me.

  As part of the tour we jumped into the sea, we swam, we enjoyed ourselves, we took photos near the rock formations and we enjoyed ourselves at all times.

Every day I enjoyed my walks and expeditions in Phuket more and more, but the days after I returned I decided to visit and enjoy a bit of the island’s nightlife, I did not want to miss the opportunity to visit a couple of bars or clubs and get into its nightlife, so I got my best accessories and party dresses and I got ready to move the skeleton a little.

  The sound was incredible, the multitude of people who smiled, drank, danced and felt wonderful, they transmitted it in every movement, in every look, in their walk. Large screens are located at the entrance of the place so you can see the name of the place from a great distance and you will know that you are entering its territory to spend the best night of your life in Thailand.

  A woman was the DJ of the night and I must confess that she was beautiful, too beautiful and made everyone jump, they brought out the best in them in the middle of the dance floor. I loved the special night of hip hop that the crazy person presented, it raised the temperature of those present, I had a craft beer, I enjoyed it too much.

  Well-known artists in Thailand performed at the venue during my visit and that night the best music from all over the world played that made the place shake. A nightclub with everything you need to make you spend an unforgettable night.

  The employees here treated me with kindness, always with a big smile, positive energy and good vibes. They really are so beautiful and show you the best side of Asia. An incredible place, this allowed me to recognize that the best place is not the one with the best decoration or atmosphere, it is the one that has the best human resources that know how to treat customers.

  I ate a delicious meat and vegetable dish accompanied by a very cold beer. Enjoying this dish was fantastic because every time the waiter approached the table he gave me a big smile.

  While I ate I enjoyed some horse races and bets that were made in the place, this revolutionized the visitors of the place and made them move for the money of the bets.

  I danced at a certain moment, smoked a cigarette, watched people dance and talk, after a while I joined the dance floor and shared with other people.

  After a night of clubbing, I came to this beautiful place early in the morning to enjoy a rich, strong espresso coffee that made me sleepy and recharged me with good energy. A fairly simple but beautiful decoration, large glass walls that allow you to see different areas while you enjoy a delicious coffee sitting there or simply contemplate other customers.

  I ordered something to eat, I was too hungry and I had a succulent croissant, one was not enough and I ordered two more with extra coffee and orange juice, this helped me feel better after drinking a lot of alcohol.

  To complement I ordered a delicious dessert, I must say that the sugar ended up taking away everything I had, it was pineapple and it tasted succulent. After eating I went to the bathroom of the place and I felt at home there, beautiful bathroom, large mirrors, good lighting and necessary items to make your time in the bathroom a good time.

  My God, blessed creation you made in Thailand. One of the best beaches in the world, beautiful turquoise sea and delicate sand. What more can we ask of you? With this creation you shined. Thai people are very noble at heart, they have a good sense of humor and they infect you with their big smile. Coming here is good if you have an immediate travel plan, visiting its market is like entering paradise and finding interesting things in more than 300 stalls and eating what you want in more than 100 places that sell food. I can describe Thailand in three words, tradition, gastronomy and culture, dare to visit this beautiful country, that if I tell you, you will run the risk of wanting to stay and live forever.