If we talk about Bali in Indonesia, I must say that it is known worldwide for the white sand of its beaches and its immense rice fields, but its beauty goes beyond this. The spirituality that exists in Indonesia is incredible, it does not only lie in its imposing temples, it is something that is in the environment, it is as if you crossed a portal and your soul connected with the depths of your being.

  The traditions and cultures here are unique, this is because they honor what they are from the depths of their being and during the day you can see floral offerings in their streets, dances and words of gratitude for all the goodness that God has given them dice. Bali is an Indonesian island known for its lush volcanic mountains and coral reefs. The island is home to important religious sites, such as the cliffside Uluwatu temple. In the south of the island in the coastal city of Kuta you can find many lively bars. And highlighting while Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua as the most popular cities in tourism. The island is also famous for its yoga and meditation retreats.

  The charisma and affection of its people is beautiful, they always have a good response, solution and alternative to the circumstances. His look, his smile and his helping hand is one of the best things I witnessed during my trip. I think that it is useless to enjoy a wonderful landscape or temples if you do not feel the affection and hospitality of its people. Already on different occasions I pass through Bali, I focus on living the emotion as a tourist getting the best places to have a good time and get to know the island a little more, this is how I found my first stop.

  One sunny afternoon sitting in the living room of my house I accessed the internet through my computer, I had in mind to travel to some destination as I always do and I decided on Bali, Indonesia. After this, I started looking for a beach club and Cocoon Beach Club seemed interesting to me and now I will tell you why I chose it.

  Beyond the photos and positive comments I read about the place, a friend named Mariana gave me an excellent score for the place because she visited it less than a month ago and assured me that it is one of the best in Indonesia.

  Cocoon Beach Club is similar to a hotel -infrastructure- it has two floors, its white color sings to me because it enhances its elegance and category. The green areas designed on the roof terrace are wonderful, they give it a fresh and innovative touch.

  The palm trees and trees that are distributed in the Cocoon environment give that tropical and Caribbean touch to the place. Downstairs is the pool, it occupies a good part of this tourist site and it is very beautiful, on the edges you can find several chairs to rest, sunbathe and even read a book. I must say that the water was incredible when I took a bath.

  Once here, one of the areas that I loved was an outdoor living room, designed in a modern and very glamorous structure. This point is ideal to chat comfortably, have a glass of champagne and exchange ideas about the trip and life experiences. From these comfortable seats I struck up a conversation with other guests, we discussed the benefits of the beach club, the good service and how wonderful the people of Bali are.

  The restaurant area is very beautiful, being there gave me a wonderful feeling because I felt the luxury and first class attention. I was able to eat outdoors when I was by the pool or inside the place, I chose to eat here once, I wanted to enjoy a soccer game that was being broadcast on the screens that they have on the walls. One of the best meals they prepare here and although the dish sounds simple I ate a hamburger and a beer, its smell was too good and I needed to try it. I also tried a delicious salad, it was good and made with exotic ingredients from Bali.

  The drinks are splendid, I had a piña colada which was too good, the champagne was unprecedented, I loved having a whole bottle. I liked this site that they have certain events every day, that is, they broadcast finals of sporting events, they have theme parties, among others. These are times to have fun and entertain yourself healthily. The musical atmosphere is wonderful, current and dynamic music to make even those who do not know how to move dance.

   Being in this beach club was wonderful, but I wanted to visit other places, enter another environment and with different people than the ones I had seen during the day. That’s how I entered from my cell phone and started looking for places near Cocoon.

  And I found Capella Ubub, one of the best hotels you can find in Bali, I highly recommend it. It stands out for its black color, areas in shades of gray and a large green area that makes it stand out from the rest.

  This hotel is quite interesting and it caught my attention because they have designed several tents with outdoor terraces, surrounded by plants and the green color stands out at all times.

  I was fascinated by my room because it had a bathroom, a comfortable bed, a divan, a private pool and exclusive access to the official store.

  The decoration of the room is very simple but striking, it stands out for its colorful fabrics and elements of similar colors. Although in the lower part there is a super beautiful pool, I swam in the private one, from above I could smell the aroma of the plants, hear the song of the birds up close and feel closer to heaven. At lunchtime they brought me a dabu dabu, a typical Balinese dish, to my room. It is a mixture of red peppers, chili, shallots, red and green tomatoes, salt and sugar. Sometimes lemon juice is also added. This dish was exquisite and I enjoyed it at all times.

  One of the things that I loved the most about this place was its impressive living room, it had a certain resemblance to the room and I loved it for its spacious and comfortable furniture. There you can read a novel and a book on spirituality that they gave me when I arrived at the hotel. Another thing I enjoyed was the games room, I ended up playing pool. I have done it a few times and I loved it, I ordered a few beers and started a game with other hotel guests. The moment was very funny. This hotel also promotes spirituality and through its design they seek to connect with the body, mind and soul. I loved that because they go beyond a nice hotel or a large litter.

  After seeing so many green areas, I wanted to go out to see new places near this hotel, so I started a conversation with the receptionist of the place and he told me the wonders of Bali and in particular he recommended me to visit Tegallalang.

  An area as green as the hotel but with impressive attractions and a dream view, these are beautiful and picturesque slopes with nice terraces. I sat on one of them because first I wanted to contemplate the landscape full of rice fields among green vegetation and sports activities that take place there.

  People were ziplining and others were having a great swing adventure. From my terrace and with coffee in hand, I amused myself with the reactions of the people who did zip lines.

  The good thing about this place is that it is six minutes from the hotel, that is, if you want you can get there on foot or by car, to get to know the area better I walked little by little while enjoying the vegetation. As I was telling you, after laughing and laughing at the people on the swing and their reactions, it was my turn and I just hoped they wouldn’t laugh like I did at them. My time came and my heart was going to jump out on the swing, it was too high but I wanted to live the experience. When it started to rock I started screaming non-stop and they laughed at me. When I went down they hugged me as a sign of gratitude and respect, the experience was incredible.

  To then go for a walk on an active volcano to see the sunrise, on Mount Batur, I was able to talk with a person who lives in Bali, I met him while walking on the slopes of rice fields and without thinking I asked him to recommend the best Bali site to raid. Without thinking about it, he told me to go to Mount Batur, because in addition to watching the sunrise from a volcano, it would reconnect me and align my inner energy towards the path of peace. At the beginning of my excursion we were accompanied by a guide who explained the history of the volcano and told us that the last time it was active was in the year 2000. Looking at the sky from here was wonderful, we were above the clouds, I felt I could touch the stars

  It was a great night, we talked about various topics, politics, religion and interests, many of them were surprised when I told them that I had visited many countries and that I dedicate myself to exploring them to fall in love with them. I don’t feel like I’m planted in one place, I feel like I’m free and that I belong to every place I visit. Obviously we did not sleep, we shared a few glasses of champagne and as the hours passed we saw how the sun made its attempt to peek out, how beautiful to see it rise with impetus to illuminate every corner. It was beautiful to see him leave, filling us with brightness and warmth, it is a priceless moment, the starry night was beautiful but the sunrise was unparalleled.

  In Bali there is a very particular reality and it is that hardly when you mention the word south you can speak of tranquility.

  In Nyang Nyang Beach this is possible, I tell you that the south of Bali is the area with the highest population and movement of people, so finding some tranquility will be somewhat difficult, this beach is one of the best hidden treasures in Bali for its tranquility and peace it provides to be able to escape from the crowd and the noise.

  I was shocked when I got to this beach, the sand is impressively white, it looked like flour. I loved touching it and feeling it, I took it in my hands, I let it move through my body, it really didn’t seem real.

  As if that were not enough with the sand, another thing that hooked me was the captivating blue of the sea, how beautiful. I ran and let my feet touch the water as I moved along the shore, the wind ruffling my hair.

  I let myself fall on the sand, I felt in paradise and I couldn’t help but feel happy being in that place that was surrounded by green mountain ranges that gave shelter to birds that captivated us with their song.

  Bali connects with your spiritual side and on each trip I try to connect with that inner self that leads me to set foot on land and thank God for so much.

  This temple, as the tour guide told us, has a very marked spiritual history after Christ and it is said that this site has protected the islanders since 900 AD from evil spirits.

  It is located on the edge of a cliff, at the foot of which the waves break with force and the power of the sea is felt, it is an ideal place to thank the ancestors and God for the opportunity to be there.

  Another attraction offered by this beautiful and imposing temple is the kecak dances that are shown daily in this place positioned 70 meters above the sea.

  If you are looking to see an unforgettable sunset you will be in the ideal place because from there you can see one of the best sunsets in Bali. I took some pictures and I did not stop contemplating this natural spectacle that only God can offer us.

  Seven, read well, seven waterfalls await you when you arrive in this area of ​​Bali. One of the best places I visited during my stay in Indonesia and it was worth getting there.

  But although everything seemed beautiful and magical, there is a reality and it took me between 3 or 4 hours to get there walking along the trails and then I had to go down a leafy ravine to reach the waterfalls so desired by tourists.

  Going through the trails was very good because I was surrounded by green vegetation and that is good for my lungs because I was breathing fresh air free of pollutants.

  The group in which I was going decided to jog a few kilometers, do some exercise part of the way and ask about the different plants and animal species that were there.

  It was too beautiful to see the waterfalls face to face, an unprecedented visual spectacle. The green vegetation that covers the stones is beautiful, everything is fascinating and you feel as if you are out of this world.

  As in Bali not everything is spirituality, I did not want to say goodbye to this passage through the island without visiting and enjoying all its corners and so I did a couple of nights before packing my bags I decided to go out to party to discover the night magic doing a little research I found these popular clubs.

   One of the best night spots you can find in Bali, Sky Garden has an atmosphere to spend an unforgettable night out. 

  Its impressive set of lights that are located on the ceiling and the LED screens are a spectacle that is enjoyed mostly by Australians who frequently visit the place.

  What I loved about this place is that it has theme nights and you can enjoy international DJs who perform in the nightclub and make everyone dance.

  Just as you have a great dance floor, you can also find tables ready to have a drink or eat.

  I arrived early around 7:00 p.m. to take advantage of the lunch hour and I ate a whole pizza with beer, in the same way I took advantage of the open bar until 9:00 p.m.

  Good benefits provided by the place, the waiters are attentive, the bathroom incredible and the security of the first level.

  After eating I drank tequila and danced until dawn with the people who were there, they wanted to have fun as much as I did and we had an incredible time in one group.

  The head of a sphinx hangs at the main entrance of this place inspired by the pyramids of Egypt, upon entering I could notice that on the walls there are impressive hieroglyphics and impressive drawings inspired by the statues of Anubis. Another of the attractions of the Pyramid are the dancers, I was impressed to see women in swimsuits with spectacular bodies doing impressive shows together with a body of dances of men in suggestive clothes and bodies of infarction.

  I got lost in them while they danced, the show was of a high level, few have I seen like this in my travels.

  Another peculiarity of the place is that they offer theme nights from Monday to Monday, that is, you can visit it any day of the week, I visited it on a Monday night.

  The mixes that the DJs throw here are impressive, in addition to the local ones, I also enjoyed international artists who made the night the best, positioning the Pirámide as the best choice in the area.

  I had a few shots of tequila, I danced, I had fun and I felt totally good in this place that has everything to spend one of the best nights in Bali.

  During the afternoon I was walking through the area where La Favela is located and I came across this site that is quite particular. I went in to eat something because I was too hungry and I ordered a shrimp soup with juice to calm the hunger I had. I must say that this place is located on the edge of a forest, it looks somewhat neglected as if it was abandoned or if it had been trapped in colonial times, but it is part of its design and inspiration to create the place.

  Here I could see an old Volkswagen as part of the decoration of the place as well as a motorcycle, not only this caught my attention, here it seems that the plants grow on the wall and reproduce quickly.

  Leaving the place I asked if they knew of a good night spot to dance and have some liquor and they quickly told me this is the place you are looking for and I was surprised by the duality of the place. The largest number of visitors here are tourists, it is one of the freshest and most youthful places that Bali offers, at nightfall I checked it out, I started by drinking some tequila and then I gave myself over to the dance.

  People here have fun without complexes and make the night their best time of day.

  Serenity was what I found on this trip to Bali, I was surrounded by green areas, areas that helped me calm down and regain peace. I felt better physically. I discovered impressive places and many of them full of spirituality, if you are looking to reconnect with the best of your inner self, Bali is the right place. They are people who remain connected to another plane and look to their gods for the best to be prosperous and blessed. I invite you to visit Bali, to fall in love with its people, culture and traditions. When you visit it you will not want to leave here.