Corfu is a place to appreciate groups of randomly located houses that stand out from a distance due to their vibrant colors, making their way to the horizon losing in the shadows of the place. This site is recognized for its tranquility and friendliness of its people.

Let the silence catch you and feel the sound of the waves breaking in the sea, the Greek islands are one of the most beautiful places in the world, fall in love with its military history, its virgin landscapes and more.

Greek food is great, enjoy each well-prepared dish, here the best ingredients are mixed to offer you the best experience with local drinks that will captivate your palate.

Ariti Corfú Gran Hotel has a wide variety of services to offer its clients, among which are swimming pool, Wi-Fi, breakfast and dream rooms that will provide comfort to its guests.

The score given by users is 3.8 points out of 5, thus highlighting the quality and good service offered by its customers. Services include air conditioning and free parking.

According to the opinions issued by users in tourism forums, they stated that they were delighted with the cleanliness, quality of service, comfort in their rooms and more.

The food here is very good, according to comments from tourists, the hot water in the bathroom and the view is impressively beautiful.

The pool is large, clean water, ideal for a piña colada, wine or champagne while enjoying the sun. The musical mix is very good, current sounds that make more than one dance.

Imagine arriving in Corfu Pelagos and walking towards the pool, from there you can appreciate the twilight that is painted in the sky when the sun goes down, it is dyed orange and vibrant blue tones that will captivate you in the midst of a fascinating environment.

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If you book here you will have the opportunity to enjoy a breakfast at no additional cost, the cleaning here is constant and the service is of quality, they do everything possible to take your orders on time.

Enjoy the pool, sunbathe while your body rests on some sun loungers, with umbrellas and the sound of the sea roaring for you to go into it and practice snorkeling, so you can discover its wonders.


Make the most of your time in Corfu with a day trip to the neighboring islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. Take in views of coastal cliffs, beaches, and navigate through sea caves along the way. The ship docks at Antipaxos’ Voutoumi Beach and the seaside town of Gaios, allowing you to explore both at your leisure.

Fees and taxes are included in the travel package, so don’t worry about this as it is vitally important. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are the days that you can enjoy this tour guided by instructors in English and German.

On Thursdays there is an audio guide in French and Italian, so you can enjoy these if you come on this day. Romanian audio guide every Friday, among others, check availability.

It’s nice to be able to enjoy some snacks during the tour, so here you can taste them at one of the stops so you have energy and happiness as you go.

Add value to your visit to Corfu with an olive oil workshop, tour and tasting at the Governor’s olive mill.

Discover ancient olive groves with your small group and meet the Dafnis family, who produce this famous Greek oil. Learn about the history and nuances of these award-winning olive oils, and enjoy a tasting that includes local specialties like tomatoes, feta cheese, handmade cookies, and local wine.

As you walk, taste food and olive oil, drink water to stay hydrated. There are countless olive oil-based products that you can buy and take home.

24 hours before the tour you must find out about the pick-up points near the hotel, also keep in mind that there is a maximum capacity of people for this adventure and in each departure only 15 people can experience it.


Explore the olive-clad hills and historic villages of Corfu on this half-day ATV tour.

Pickup from your hotel is guaranteed, you’ll also be able to meet your guide at the starting point for a safety tutorial on how to use an ATV.

Get behind the wheel and drive to explore the island, including mountaintop views, a 17th-century monastery, vineyards, beaches, and more. Enjoy the freedom of being able to drive your own ATV.

They will offer you lunch, quad helmet and fuel, bottled water, the pick up and drop off at the hotel has an added value, they will supply you with bottled water along the way.

Place a few meters from the beach, you can dance, smoke and drink under the sky because the atmosphere is open, lights, palm trees and sand merged to offer you the best experience.

The price for consumption here is quite low, users assure that it is worth it, among comments that some tourists have written in internet forums, it can be seen that there are visits to the area for 10 days, of which 7 were lived in this place.

Others point out that the system was very professional, the lights very modern, the music new, the attention of the staff was pleasant and security was guaranteed at all times.

The areas for dancing and having fun are very spacious, the seats comfortable and the tables ideal for the type of environment, order wine, beer or cocktails and let the night take you to another level.

4.1 stars out of 5 have rated users of this place, this based on their experience. They describe the place as an ideal spot to enjoy nice cocktails and good energy from the people.

The location of the site is optimal, it facilitates the arrival of those who come in search of fun. The promotions or the packaging of some drinks are very good and you can enjoy more for less cost.

Enjoy an incredible view of the stone pier that is a few meters from the place, walk, contemplate the sea and the sunsets that bring together a large number of people while you take photos or have a drink.

There are many boats and yachts anchored near the place, many of these sometimes show celebrations, music and lights, so you will be able to appreciate how they are having fun near you.


In the distance you can see hills and mountains, beautiful houses and people who strive every day to boost the economy of this region bathed in graces and paradisiacal landscapes.

If you want to discover attractive settings, you need to make this visit, beyond the sea there are a significant number of places that will take your breath away and you will discover their wonders.

Embrace the wind and feel the sound of the sea, walk along the docks, picturesque streets full of people who, with a smile, will make you feel at home. Take beautiful memories with you and record them in your heart.