I decided to visit the beautiful Island of Anguilla for its impressive natural beauty and peaceful environment. In determining this site as my final destination, I did it for its 33 white sand beaches, historical and cultural legacy, as well as the art galleries that I vowed to enjoy.

A total of 16 art galleries that I visited when I arrived on the island, I was impressed with the quality of each work. Here I also found local and Caribbean crafts, highlighting wood carving, hand-blown glass and works of art. Regarding the galleries, I was able to buy a few pieces to decorate my house, you know, I love works of art. For the month of May, according to the information from my tour guide, seven three-day regattas are organized, while in the month of August, locals and tourists enjoy the carnival, Calypso, colorful costumes and the traditional races on boats. wood.

   For the month of November, the Jazz Festival starts, with the presence of national and international musicians. I hope to be able to enjoy this type of event one day, but from here, from Aguila Island. The favorite beach of tourists and locals, Shoal Bay East, I went there to jump into the sea and boy, yes, the place has earned the respect of visitors for its beautiful spaces and warm waters.

  But don’t worry, if you want to dive, like I did, there are options for us. La Tuna and the Isle of Dogs are two incredible options to practice scuba diving.

While diving I met Erika, a girl who lives on the island, I met her underwater, near some coral reefs. The camaraderie was instantaneous when we saw each other and it worked so much that when we got out of the water we ran to see each other again and introduce ourselves in a formal way and take a walk as friends.

  Erika has been diving for more than 20 years and is a partner with her husband in a company on the island that supplies handicrafts for tourists, hence making us friends and exchanging our experiences was born spontaneously and I am sure it will last a lifetime. From here we agreed to visit the Ensenada Bay, while we were walking on the sand she told me that she has spent her entire life dedicated to work and together with her husband they have recently decided to start a family. And we began to tell each other so many things and experiences that we spent hours enjoying and having fun together. This is my travels, loaded with stories that I never expect to find and they come straight to me, to share them with all of you, my faithful readers.

After this wonderful adventure around Anguilla Island and getting to know Erika’s charming story, I had to look for a pleasant and refined place to stay or eat, in this my dive guide Lucia helped me.


  Lucía recommended that I visit Da ’Vida, a beach club on the seashore, perfect to enjoy a good meal and a glass of wine.

  Before eating I observed a dock that has the place and I felt the need to walk on it to think for a moment and relax my mind and let my spirit fly, realizing how pleasant these adventurous trips are for me and much for know.

When I returned to the restaurant, night had fallen and a live band was playing, without any regrets I began to dance and those present without thinking applauded me, how gratifying when you feel free.

Stand Up Paddle Board – http://anguillawatersports.com 

  I am already so used to the sea that I have lost my fear of it, how fascinating it was to row standing up and in the company of other people, some of them did it sitting in the case of some children. A simple sport but one that deserves great resistance and stability, I highly recommend it to develop these skills that you will not only be able to put to the test in the sea.

Live Bands

  Parties until dawn with live bands, I loved the Anguilla Summer Festival, it is the most anticipated celebration of the year. Flashes of color and glitter, plus boat races, live concerts and street parties. Shamelessly I put on my feather suit and went out into the street, I knew I was going to return at dawn but I came out happy, ready to enjoy my moment. Among so many people, I mixed and interacted until I met Simón, a Colombian who was passing through the island. I loved being able to dance to the music with him, as well as sharing drinks as we moved down the street. The magic was so great that we all ended up dancing and toasting life, that’s right, we have to celebrate life. 

Erika recommended a hotel near Meads Bay, that’s how I arrived at Cap Jaluca, A Belmond, in West End Village on the beach at Maundays Village. Wow, what a good choice Erika made me, she has good taste.

  After doing the check-in and leaving the suitcases in the room I ran to the pool, it was very hot. I enjoyed it to the fullest, nothing better than swimming outdoors and a few meters from the sea. 

   There I could also enjoy an exquisite piña colada. After a while I left there and went to one of the awnings that are on the seashore, I wanted to get a little tan and then rest while listening to the sound of the sea. 

   At nightfall, engulfed in the fatigue of the day, I retired to my room with its immense bed, enjoying a delicious cocktail on its sunny terrace to enjoy its enchanting views of the horizon.

During my stay I was also able to practice some windsurfing, I love extreme sports. Going against the wind, challenging the sea, that’s fascinating. This Island is very good to do it, I loved it because of the calm of the waters, but I have to confess something, I fell several times in the attempt, but I did not give up and persisted until I achieved it.

  I was not alone in the water, several people were with me and supported me in what I needed, it was really good.

The next day I was in the same hotel and I remembered that they also offer the spa service,  I really needed it, I was a bit tired from the trip.

And I booked a private visit to the room to enjoy their botanical treatments that included a salt bath Cap Juluca’s Old World Salt Scrub and Tropical Spice Body Polish, I was totally ecstatic. At nightfall I went out to tour the hotel and I got together with other travel adventurers like me who were looking to spend a great night in this spectacular place, so we went to the exclusive bar of this place to immerse our travel experiences between champagne bubbles and good music.

In search of something calmer in the following days, I went for a ride aboard a comfortable sailboat, I just needed to breathe in the middle of the sea and I could see up close the fish and the fascinating faces of the people.

Sailed from Anguilla through Shoal Bay and Cove Bay, on this full-day adventure from St. Maarten. Leaving Simpson Bay, I sailed to the nearby island and was then transferred to an overland vehicle to reach Shoal Bay.

Finally I went on a cruise, in addition to sailing we also stepped on the mainland in some parts of the island and I went shopping, so I go home loaded with many new things for my wardrobe.


Boat racing

Lili, a resident I met on my arrival on the island, invited me to enjoy the Anguilla boat race, the island’s national sport. Here we were spectators and not practitioners due to inexperience. But it was very exciting to be part of something that is so much theirs and that they have a lot of respect for. I felt connected with what each participant was doing while having a glass of wine, at the end of the event I spoke with one of them so that on my next visit he would train me and he accepted, so on my next trip to the island I will already be there of them, the idea has me very excited.


Anguilla Watersports

Here I was able to do a bit of kitesurfing, moving on the water propelled by a kite moved by the wind, my adrenaline rose to a thousand.

For a moment I felt that I would fall, I managed to keep control over the water and slide without problem, I must tell you that there was a girl with me in the water and while she was moving the top part of her bathing suit came off, it was very funny and sad moment, but we all enjoyed it, especially the boys.

Tour Cultural De St Maarten St Martin

Doing this tour is something more to go from point to point, it is an experience that allows you to enter the best of ST Maarten, if you want to delay they will wait for you, so you can do it as calmly as possible. You can also have the privilege of being one of the first to get off the ship in each port, imagine how amazing the experience is.

A group of specialists travels aboard the tour who will guarantee your safety and another group that will have the responsibility of guiding you and explaining the historical part of the place.

  One of the best ways I have to find meaning in life and breathe in the midst of so much is dancing, it was so according to Erika and her husband that we went somewhere to dance all night, he without thinking took me to Dune Preserve , a place that is not as distinguished or luxurious as other places on the island, but it is worth living the experience.

Dune Preserve

This kind of Caribbean cabin was the perfect place to dance without stopping, we felt the owners of the world for moments while the music played.

Here we meet Lili, she came over with a bottle of wine, she came alone and we all enjoyed together. We raise our glasses and toast life and great moments.

Johnno’s Place


The next day we were a bigger group and the movement started in Johnno’s Place, there was a group of live music and well, the euphoria we caused in the place was so great that we ended up singing instead of the musicians and they applauding us.

Then we taste a delicious shrimp dish with a good wine, to go for a walk to the sea and give thanks because our paths came together in one. That’s how it was written, we had to get to know each other and better understand life from other perspectives.

Uncle Ernie’s


Was the best of our outings, here we arrived a week after those wonderful days.

We were able to taste an exquisite plate of lobsters with a glass of wine. Our conversation lasted for hours from the open-air bar and on the shore of the beach, it was wonderful to meet here and enjoy first-rate service

A spiritual experience, that’s how I define my trip to Anguilla Island, I carry Erika, her husband and Lili in my heart, I really hope they can become their beautiful family, they really deserve it and fate will unite our paths again in the future. I carry the water of the sea in my mind and its sound in my heart. I want to return, I have many pending things to do and I will achieve it from this beautiful place. I think that Anguilla Island is the place where dreams come true, I invite you to live this magical experience and you will not regret it.