I decided to visit the beautiful Island of Anguilla for its impressive natural beauty and peaceful environment. In determining this site as my final destination, I did it for its 33 white sand beaches, historical and cultural legacy, as well as the art galleries that I vowed to enjoy.

A total of 16 art galleries that I visited when I arrived on the island, I was impressed with the quality of each work. Here I also found local and Caribbean crafts, highlighting wood carving, hand-blown glass and works of art. Regarding the galleries, I was able to buy a few pieces to decorate my house, you know, I love works of art. For the month of May, according to the information from my tour guide, seven three-day regattas are organized, while in the month of August, locals and tourists enjoy the carnival, Calypso, colorful costumes and the traditional races on boats. wood.

   For the month of November, the Jazz Festival starts, with the presence of national and international musicians. I hope to be able to enjoy this type of event one day, but from here, from Aguila Island. The favorite beach of tourists and locals, Shoal Bay East, I went there to jump into the sea and boy, yes, the place has earned the respect of visitors for its beautiful spaces and warm waters.

  But don’t worry, if you want to dive, like I did, there are options for us. La Tuna and the Isle of Dogs are two incredible options to practice scuba diving.

While diving I met Erika, a girl who lives on the island, I met her underwater, near some coral reefs. The camaraderie was instantaneous when we saw each other and it worked so much that when we got out of the water we ran to see each other again and introduce ourselves in a formal way and take a walk as friends.

  Erika has been diving for more than 20 years and is a partner with her husband in a company on the island that supplies handicrafts for tourists, hence making us friends and exchanging our experiences was born spontaneously and I am sure it will last a lifetime. From here we agreed to visit the Ensenada Bay, while we were walking on the sand she told me that she has spent her entire life dedicated to work and together with her husband they have recently decided to start a family. And we began to tell each other so many things and experiences that we spent hours enjoying and having fun together. This is my travels, loaded with stories that I never expect to find and they come straight to me, to share them with all of you, my faithful readers.

After this wonderful adventure around Anguilla Island and getting to know Erika’s charming story, I had to look for a pleasant and refined place to stay or eat, in this my dive guide Lucia helped me.