Hello girls, welcome back to this small space to learn about my experiences around the world. I tell you that on one occasion I was at my aunt Clara’s birthday, she is one of the most special people in my life, she has been with me in good times and not so good.

  My aunt is a kind, cheerful person and something we share in common is travel, because she loves going out and discovering new horizons. While we were sharing some cookies on her birthday, it occurred to me to give her a surprise trip and you know that traveling is my passion, at the moment, I began to question her to know which place she wanted to visit and spontaneously she told me “My beautiful Lucy, at some point in my life I hope to meet France” without a doubt it was the most sensational clue he could have given, of course I went along with it and asked him what part of France he wanted to know and he did not hesitate for a second in answering me “Daughter, Sarténe, yes, Sarténe, I have read a lot about that place and it really catches my attention”. That moment was key and perfect to organize that next trip.

  While I ate her birthday cake, I began to investigate this city, Sarténe is a commune and population of France, in the region of Corsica, department of Corsica du Sud. It is the sub-prefecture of the district and the head of the canton of its name. Several cult buildings are located in the city itself. The parish church is dedicated to Santa Maria. The Franciscan convent and its church dedicated to San Damián. The city is famous for its Holy Week procession, during which a penitent relives the Passion of Christ through the streets of the city.

  Knowing that history of the city, I knew that my aunt would enjoy it like never before. I still did not want to tell him that we were going to be a trip, it was not until a few hours before the flight that I told him to prepare his bags that we were going on a trip, he had already bought the tickets and he only needed to be at the airport to travel. Very surprised and confused, she packed her bags, until she got to the plane and heard «Leaving on board to France.» My aunt’s face of emotion was not normal, she gave me a hug and did not stop crying.

  While we were on the plane and my aunt was resting, I received an email from the beach club that I had scheduled to receive us. Upon landing my aunt Clara was very excited, it filled my soul to see her so happy.

  I remember that when we arrived at the place you could see the striking green color in the grass and the leaves of the trees, as well as the perfect fresh air to forget about problems. As soon as we entered Domaine de Murtol, we were both struck by the great beauty that adorns this place. The story goes that philosophy predominates here in extreme Corsica, which we were able to admire, in all the passion and will of the gentile to work for the rebirth of this wonderful heritage property of the city.

  The first thing we did was leave our luggage aside and go to the center of the private pool, a perfect place to enjoy the welcome accompanied by relaxing music in the background, I took the opportunity to take a much-needed dip, it was delicious to swim in its cool waters, while the aunt relaxed on the edge of the pool.

  After that relaxing time, we went to taste a delicious dish, in an impressive restaurant that is located in the mountain, just by entering the place we were totally captivated, and I am sure that the same thing happens to all visitors, being able to feel the rich aroma of nature being so close to her is an almost indescribable experience.

  We got ourselves a fairly varied menu, lamb from the farm, fruit and vegetables from the garden, cheeses from the shepherds, olive oil from the oil mill, freshly caught bream, dentex and sea urchins, everything looked divine. They offered us a variety of food as a menu, however we preferred to be guided by the chef’s suggestion that presented a delicious combination of flavors from the sea and the earth, this triggered our palates. 

  Simply in this restaurant he managed to make us feel at home, and this is thanks to the service and personalized attention, which they have for visitors at any time.

  After being satisfied, we went to enjoy the services offered by this place such as playing golf and horseback riding for a wonderful tour. Next, we decided to have some massages at the beach club spa, at the beach spa, in the open air, hidden behind groves of flowers, there are natural plant cabins for massages and treatments, such as hydrotherapy.

  There we recover all the energies for a wonderful trip. As sunset approached, we tasted a delicious wine while contemplating the waves of the sea and their extraordinary sound.

  While we were enjoying the sea, I contacted the hotel where we would stay, everything was ready for our reception. From their website their rooms looked fabulous, I longed to meet them.

  Fuerte Villa was very close to the beach club that received us, its structure is totally beautiful, it is colonial in shape and very colorful, my aunt was delighted and I was even more so.

  We were assigned a suite with two bedrooms, we felt comfort and exclusivity with its elegant and modern design. In addition, to have 2 bathrooms on 2 floors, a small garden, an entrance porch, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and all the comforts, a Wi-Fi Internet connection and national and international television.

  Not forgetting the very private central outdoor patio with outdoor shower and hammocks, including an exclusive Finnish sauna on request. We literally felt at home.

  After taking a refreshing shower, we decided to sleep at once, since we had eaten a lot at the beach club and wanted to rest. The next day, we went to the hotel restaurant where we enjoyed some delicious buns and conches with raisins accompanied by a glass of milk, a very peculiar breakfast of those lands.

  We had our energies at a million, so we decided to surf, I had never done it in my life, but we could not miss the opportunity. It was extraordinary, they gave us the board and at first some classes to know how to monitor it before the waves, despite falling into the sea every moment I enjoyed it enormously.

  After that adventure, we enjoyed an electric bike getaway, where they lent us them for two days and it was incredible, which allowed us to visit farms in the area and taste local dishes, while we were riding the bikes we ran into various services from the hotel, and also one of them was to enjoy a few hours of yoga. Without a doubt, Fuerte Villa suite is wonderful, a great choice.

  We wanted to get to know a place that impacted us through social networks due to its gigantic and amazing structure, investigating its whereabouts.

  There are unique trips of those that you will never forget, generally associated with exotic destinations, distant destinations or specific dates. My aunt and I had the opportunity to take a car route through the best Loire Castles. In addition to being a tour that we had been looking forward to for a long time and that we have finally fulfilled.

  However, in the Loire Valley there are so many castles that you would have to ask for three months of vacation to visit them all at a brisk pace and in those weeks that we had in France we enjoyed it to the fullest.

  In the place there are 73 castles that can be visited although around the Loire there are more than 200 stops between castles, abbeys and more cultural heritage.

  It was a super special moment because we were able to discover ancient France, everything they went through in the world war and many curiosities, I certainly loved them.

  My aunt also fell in love, and more than she is a history teacher, she was like a fish in water knowing and interpreting every detail that the tour guide told us.

  As I was determined to make these vacations an unforgettable moment for my aunt, I already brought many places beforehand which I planned to visit with her, we both love adventure, history, sea voyages, in short, we had so many plans ahead and so little time that we had to choose which one to stay with and so we started our tour.

  We enjoyed an unforgettable evening with a gourmet dinner cruise along the Seine River.

  We pass by the famous monuments of the city, including the Louvre Museum and the Île de la Cité aboard a luxurious riverboat.

  It was one of the best experiences we could have lived, being in the sea at night and seeing how amazing the city is, as well as how busy it is.

  A French music group performed on the cruise and we enjoyed the show while we enjoyed a glass of champagne. I loved the moment!

  Later we go out on deck to enjoy a breath of fresh air at night and soak up the romance of the City of Lights.

  At the end of the cruise, we returned to the mainland at the original departure point. A great majestic trip.

  We delight our senses with the vibrant colors and charisma of the «Féerie» show at the iconic Moulin Rouge during an extravagant evening in the city of lights. We take a seat in the picturesque theater and prepare to enjoy an impressive show of theater, dance and music.

  We watched as the dancers, dressed in elaborate costumes, dominated the stage; wonderfully watching dancers perform captivating choreography; and we opted for the superior option, which includes a dinner with typical French dishes and champagne before the start of the show. I loved that experience, without a doubt it was a great show where the fantasy and talent of young people was reflected, I had not enjoyed an event of this magnitude for a long time, it was like a kind of circus, and of course, it reminded me a lot of my childhood.

  The fantasies continued, we immersed ourselves in the extraordinary world of the Musée de l’Illusion.

  We challenge intellectually in this parallel world.

  An experience never lived before and I really enjoyed it, since it is a museum where interactivity, pedagogy and reflection, this Museum of Illusion taught us that nothing is what it seems.

  Each room has its specificity and complexity, we discover this world where our eyes perceive phenomena that cannot be explained. It is something impressive and sensational.

  They were totally new places for my aunt and me, we felt like children before so many surprises that we came across.

  My aunt is very active and loves to dance too much. During one day I told her that I wanted to know what the parties were like in France and she without thinking told me that she was joining this journey. We asked at the hotel about a nightclub and the receptionists recommended “Le Papagayo”.

  This is a new trend nightclub, they have music by Philppe Corti with the «legitimate dementia» of him, and even DJ Eric Kaufmann, Reina Parisien. Without a doubt, it is a very warm environment that is inspired by the tropics.

  The managers said the decor was changed in the early summer of 2007, and they do a lot of themed nights.

  On that occasion, the VIP area was not enabled until midnight, obviously it was the moment to approach us to enjoy a delicious cocktail, at that moment the DJ of the night was activated to present his extraordinary musical mixes.

  In this incredible disco we enjoyed a long night, my aunt totally surprised me she did not stop dancing, of course I accompanied her.

  What a wonderful trip, I loved every second, every minute of every day, every trip, every stay… I felt completely happy to meet Sarténe de France, a magnificent and impressive city. In addition to feeling happy for that, I was also happy to fulfill my aunt’s dream, I was so eager to get to know France and especially Sarténe; I gave her a great birthday present from her, because my aunt Clara deserves that and much more.

  Seeing her always happy, with a giant smile she was not compared to anything. It was a great trip, without a doubt, it adds to the list of my best moments. We return home with emotion, recharged with energy and ready to continue enjoying life, that is what it is all about, overcoming our fears and savoring each day of life, each adrenaline and each experience. So remember, travel, get out of your comfort zone and enjoy. And do not forget, that Sarténe in France will be a great unforgettable experience.