California in the United States is synonymous with the land of pioneers, a place where dreams are reinvented and if you know its history you will realize that it has much more historical value than other large cities in this country. Surfing was reinvented here, but you can also find immense deserts, huge trees, beaches, the bohemian style prevails and something very interesting that I loved discovering because here they do have the best wine.

  You will also denote the fusion of cultures in its foods, its smells, colors and textures, other qualities that will make California stand out is the passion for art and how it is honored. Another of the qualities that California has are its impressive cliffs, which in addition to walking you can enjoy the impressive view.

  California is also known for being one of the places on the planet with the highest concentration of the ultra-rich. California earned the nickname, the golden state, decades ago, among other things thanks to the abundant gold reserves that were found in this territory on the west coast of the United States in the mid-19th century.

For a long time I have been anxious to spend a few days in this state, because of its bohemian and free spirit, its passion for technology, the good life, they are very famous for good wine and organic food that make the difference. It is also a land of wild mountains, giant trees, extreme deserts, beaches for all tastes and immense national parks.

 Booking this site was the best option I could take Hotel Erwin has been a window to this world welcoming travelers of all kinds, with a friendly and accessible environment and an eclectic and diverse atmosphere, very typical of California.

 This fabulous place in Playa Venecia, California is located right next to the world famous boardwalk of this beach, and is well known for its great history and excellent attention to its guests.

  The incredible room, the bed, the bathroom, the air conditioning, the Internet service and television were quite excellent. I liked the balcony, it had some glass and comfortable chairs to admire the whole place from there, the height was not much but you did have a good time from there.   

  The panoramic view that my room had is incredible, waking up there was a dream because I could see the sun rise and contemplate the immense sea because the hotel is a few meters from the beach.

  At dawn I got hungry, I went to the high room on the roof and ate a delicious Venetian pizza accompanied by a delicious orange juice. After this I could see many bicycles in the lower part of the hotel, I asked for one and went to explore the surroundings of the hotel, I did not go very far, I just wanted to pedal for a while. So I got to the beach, I walked for a while on the shore and let the sea bathe my feet, I liked feeling the cold water, it woke me up completely and filled me with vitality.

  Already at night I went to visit the High Rooftop Lounge, in the upper part of the place, this place is super famous, everyone wants to enter, as a guest I had priority so I made myself comfortable in the VIP area, while the party. In this place they are famous for their craft cocktails, super cold beer and being able to enjoy the impressive sunsets in the background.

  Relaxed on a comfortable sofa, I was able to enjoy the sunset with the best panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and while the vanilla clouds turn into twinkling stars. I was immersed in this show that I couldn’t notice when the High changed its daytime atmosphere for a nighttime kinetic energy, to the rhythm of the best mixes and the best atmosphere I spent a great and unforgettable night at the Erwin.

As the days passed and I continued with my stay in one of the best areas of the California coast, I decided to book in one of the most mentioned hotels, and there were no flaws in my logic, the Monterrey Marriot, it offered me a great combination of amenities and good service.

  Arriving at this hotel was an excellent alternative, it is located a few meters from the Monterey pier. The common spaces are very nice and the rooms are very comfortable and well equipped.

  Beyond this, what stands out in this hotel is the excellent customer service, since my arrival the hostess girl received me with her wide smile and extreme warmth, I immediately knew that I would have a very good stay, and so it was.

  The room is beautiful in shades of gray and white, with a wonderful view, in addition to this the bathroom is unbeatable, how beautiful it is to be there.

  The air conditioning worked perfectly, I love sleeping feeling the cold, in addition to the internet service that was optimal.

  When I got here I noticed that they have a gym service and so I asked for a personalized trainer to help me because I felt a bit bloated because of how much I had eaten the previous days. Leaving the gym I went straight to the pool to swim, in this way I would reinforce the training I had just done and tone my arms, shoulders and legs. After swimming I had a piña colada and enjoyed the warm sun, my skin took on some color and not only did I feel fantastic, I looked fabulous to continue conquering California. 

  The food at the restaurant was spectacular, the pasta they prepared for me was delicious and the juice at its point, what a good service they gave me here. During my time here I enjoyed all its comforts and first class attention, being here represents total luxury and comfort, which is why I decided to get to know every corner day by day.

  Once in California, I wanted to feel more deeply the rhythm of the city and feel like one more Californian, so I decided to start my tour of the city and its surroundings, for me it is important to know and soak up each place I visit.

  I went to the Redwood National & State Parks because here are the tallest trees in California and if they are tall, you will look like a complete dwarf in front of them, that’s how I saw myself.

  I wanted to feel clean oxygen in my lungs, breathe fresh air, smell the green nature, moist earth and I traveled every corner of this beautiful park until I couldn’t.

  This was one of the best moments of the trip because I was able to carve the name of my beloved and mine on a tree and thus immortalize us for many years. I think it’s a way to stay closer than we already are, him on one plane and me on another.

  How beautiful it was, I cried when doing it because I had many mixed feelings and I felt how the universe conspired at that moment and through a soft breeze I felt it next to me.

  Walking on cliffs is an experience that you have to live if you visit California because you will be able to appreciate the sea from this rock formation, cross bridges that join one end to the other and contemplate the green of the coast.

  It is an ideal place to take pictures and have an incredible photo session, the view from the Big Sur Coast is privileged. Walking here will fill you with peace, calm and help you let go of all the negative. All this positive energy happens because it is a place that stands out for being virgin, that is to say, here there is no noise, no traffic lights, no banks and fewer shopping centers overwhelmed with people.

  Another of the peculiarities of this tour is that you will be able to come into contact with people who practice esotericism and you will be able to consult with them everything about your life.

  Another of the things that allows you to do this tour are the baths in hot springs, here I took a bath and relaxed, how delicious the water was.

  This tour made me feel like I was in a movie because the desert was impressive, in addition to the dunes, the only thing missing was the cowboys to duel over some woman or debt.

  You should bear in mind that this desert has reached impressive temperatures of 57º, so bring light clothing and something to cover you from the relentless sun during the tour.

  Here I took many photos and they were very nice to immortalize them in a painting that I plan to hang in my living room. The tour guide explained that the gold rush began here many years ago and 300,000 prospectors gathered here to find the precious metal.

  Near the Sierra Nevada there are still small towns that once were violent and are now supported by the sale of handicrafts.

  California continues to be the cradle of good gastronomy in the US, here you will find more restaurants than in any other area of ​​this country, so I came to Aziza and was able to taste the best of Moroccan and Californian cuisine, a mixture of flavors and colors that they will make your mouth water.

  Enjoying a good glass of champagne here was great, I loved the place because of the good attention they gave me at all times, I felt super comfortable and in good company even though I was alone, that’s how they will make you feel.

  The Moroccan tagines, the soup and the sweets were amazingly good, I almost rolled out of the place but I really enjoyed it.

  The mixture of aromas here is an impressive thing.

During the day I walked and at night I danced, so my days on the California coast went quickly, the nights here are quite hot and sometimes a little out of control until dawn.

  This is a place that honors regional Mexican music, so great artists of the genre perform here and turn the night into a pleasant atmosphere with a Hispanic flavor.

  Ideal for drinking tequila until dawn, although I don’t know how to dance to these kinds of songs, I had a lot of fun and had a great time, I was even able to take pictures with Roberto Tapia, a well-known singer in Mexico.

  Eating some tacos was also one of the options that I took advantage of the place to feel Mexico on my palate, what good flavors that beautiful Latin country gives us.

  The place is very pleasant, it is comfortable, pleasant and offers you everything to have a good time alone or in good company, the attention is good and the good security is also one of the highlights.

  The place lives up to its name because this Thursday is pure fire, this is because after midnight they offer shows just for them and the monuments of men that are presented here are from another galaxy.

  What beautiful Latinos are presented here, I had a few dollars in my hands and I threw them at them, I put them inside their clothes and that way they danced me more. What sexy moves they did on the tube.

  One of them took me and put me on the stage, he danced for me and made me tremble with everything he felt close to me, there was a lot of life in that man. When I got off the stage, I took a strong shot of tequila and started screaming like the other women. Another thing I liked about the place was the good atmosphere with live regional Mexican music.

  If that’s what hell is like, then I want to burn there, this place really is pure fire because of the good music, the drinks, the food, the attention, the good atmosphere and the friendliness of its staff.

  I danced so much that I burned on fire and lit up a few men who joined me to dance and happily I accepted, we lit up that dance floor and I even received applause, the lights illuminated us.

  I drank a lot of tequila, that turned me on, I felt like I owned the universe and I smoked a couple of cigarettes with one of the men who danced with me.

  Another thing I liked was trying the enchiladas, they were very good and I ate a few, others, seeing that I ate them, offered to invite me and pay for them.

  California has a lot of Latin flavor, its people, its music, its gastronomy, everything is wonderfully exceptional. The landscapes are beautiful, it is worth entering and exploring them. What I liked the most was the number of restaurants that you can find here and that you will not see anywhere else in the US, huge trees and areas with privileged views. What more can you ask of God, being here is being in paradise.