Advancing in my travels around the world I arrived in Greece, a country that stands out for its philosophical influence throughout the world. Aristotle, Plato and Socrates are part of this world culture, ideal for lovers of literature and history.  It also stands out for its art and architecture, becoming one of the best in the world. Another aspect of Greece is that its food is one of the best in Europe, as well as its beaches.

  This trip allowed me to transport myself to ancient cultures, delve into and explore nature and take a moment to rest on crystal clear waters. Without a doubt one of the best places to vacation, you will nurture yourself on this trip and learn things you never thought you knew.

  Arriving at Ftelia Beach Club was enjoying from beginning to end of unparalleled parties in the place. The people who were there were willing to dance, smile and have an incredible time.

  Ftelia Beach Club is located on the magnificent beach of the same name, one of the most virgin and natural places in Mykonos. Upon entering I was able to lie down for a while to rest on the comfortable loungers, savoring delicious cocktails in the elegant bar, after hours I entered its restaurant and was able to experience the aromatic Mediterranean cuisine in one of its impressive terraces overlooking the turquoise waters of the ocean.

  The first night the DJ known as Papa Sven appeared, we had a great time with his presentation and there was excitement in those present. We jumped to the rhythm of the DJ, his hands were in the direction of the sky and we felt like owners of the universe.

  Another of the presentations that the place offered and that I was able to enjoy was that of Apollonia, a trio of DJs that captivated the attention of those present from the first moment and I assure you that even those who did not want to dance ended up dancing and raising their hands up to move them from side to side.

  Everything was nice until between jump and jump I stumbled and fell, unfortunately I sprained my ankle and needed to get out of the place but there were too many people, as there was no alternative they lifted me up and hand in hand, over the heads of those present I left the place.

  I enjoyed myself at all times, even with a sprained ankle. It was nothing serious, it was a mounted rope and in a few minutes it was like new and jumping again in the electronic party.

  If you are a lover of luxury and good life, Aeolos Resort will be your best option in Mykonos, this place has it all, absolutely everything to give you a pleasant experience.

  I was surprised to visit and be able to admire every corner of this place. From the indoor lounges and reception areas to the picturesque outdoor alleys of the complex, with the palm trees, pergolas and swimming pools, they create a pleasant, romantic and luxurious atmosphere that led me to absolute relaxation at all times.

  Its facilities are divided into different sections, there is a swimming pool and a jacuzzi where I could relax during the day and at night, while I could enjoy its beautiful garden in the main section, and my favorite section is the view of the sea from where I could sit sipping cocktails overlooking the incredible sunset. For me, one of the best areas of this hotel is the Koozen haute cuisine restaurant located in the main section of the hotel. One of the best Greek chefs is in charge of the kitchen, in order to offer different options between a rich lunch and a complete culinary experience.

  Something very characteristic of the place is that it has a library, this is ideal for people who are lovers of reading, it is always good to cultivate knowledge even if we are traveling. I also decided to watch a movie while I was here and I moved to the area where they have satellite television, searching among so many channels I found myself with a gem of a movie, Titanic. I ended up crying but I loved it again, even until the credits.

  Another attraction of the site is its pool, I love pools, I was able to take a nice bath, sunbathe and tan my skin a little with suntan lotion. The atmosphere is very comfortable and I did it accompanying the moment with a good cocktail. I guarantee that the senses are awakened, the mind and body are relaxed, calm, while, in this environment of first-class services, the attentive staff attends to your every need.

  Days before, I had booked a Catamaran ride that departed from Ornos Beach, a beautiful beach and one of the most popular with tourists. Its atmosphere is familiar and it has a wonderful landscape that allows you to enjoy the place without waste. There were many families on the shore of the beach sharing and others did it in the water. How nice it was to see so many children play in the sea, make sand castles or pass the ball with each other.

   This catamaran ride through the waters of Mykonos was incredible, I loved traveling on the sea and being able to see new places in this beautiful city, its coasts, the people who live there and the way they make a living.

  All of us on board were very excited, surprised by the beauty that the place gave us and made us lose ourselves in its immensity.

  Beyond sailing and seeing different places we began to sing, each one had to sing a song and the rest applauded to reward the talent. In the middle of songs they began to pass beers and tapas. What a beautiful moment when good company makes you feel like family.

  Stopping on a coast, the group that was traveling together decided to play volleyball, and we put together the teams. I felt in the prime of my youth being with them, I hit the ball without fear and scored a point in favor.

In each hit they hugged me and jumped with me, how exciting it was to feel their adrenaline and vital energy. We ended up winning the game and they invited me to eat with them at the edge of the beach, we shared a good moment and the experience was pleasant, they treated me like a queen.

The smiles were genuine and the atmosphere couldn’t be better, with people like that who wouldn’t dare to travel by catamaran along the coast of Mykonos.

  Getting to this beach is easy and free of charge because it is located 500 meters from Mykonos, the sand is pleasant and the water is ideal for swimming, which will make your experience even more pleasant.

  It is one of the best in the Mediterranean Sea and famous for its spectacular beaches, located right next to the city, it is perfect for visitors who are close to the city, and have little time to visit the other beaches further afield. It is very busy, and has many options for lunch or dinner in one of the tourist restaurants.

  It made me want to feel the sand of this beach, that’s why I walked it from end to end and it was worth it because the sensation felt wonderful on my feet, the breeze was very cold and I could feel the sound of the waves close there in my ears.

  During the tour I lay down on the sand, I needed to contemplate the beautiful sea and feel peace in my soul, nothing better than this. I kept going and tripped over a piece of paper, it was a love letter and from what I see it had been buried there for some time and was brought to the surface by a turtle.

  The letter was from a boy and he addressed it to a girl. What a deep love those lines narrated and he swore that they would be together forever, the surprising thing about this letter is that there was a family bond, they were cousins ​​and they regretted not being able to demonstrate their love in the light of the world.

  This Jeep experience through Mykonos allowed me to reach different beaches of Maykonos and its iconic lighthouse, as well as the Venetian Monastery and the occasional stop to have free time in predetermined places.

  We did everything accompanied by an excellent guide and obviously I was the driver of my vehicle, it was 9 hours driving.

  What I liked most about this tour was the visit to the lighthouse, it looks like a chapel and is located on top of a hill, it looks imposing and firmly in that place.

  Its structure is not very good but it allows you to take wonderful pictures. It is simply beautiful. The advantage of this visit was that we got in the Jeeps and avoided the climb.

  Another attraction was the Venetian Monastery, this coast is really incredibly beautiful and is home to this imposing temple that stands in the middle of the other infrastructures.

  Its three bells and its huge doors, its beautiful white color give you a wonderful feeling and the opportunity to take several photos on the site.

I couldn’t let go of party nights in Mykonos. Every time I visit this corner of Greece I love to party, this island is well known for its nightlife and its fame is not in vain, I have always had the best time in the best night spots.

This place is dazzling, its play of light combined with the layout of the place is unprecedented. It has two floors for total fun, you can dance downstairs or just enjoy a nice drink at the top.

I don’t know what happened here, but when I arrived, all eyes fell on me and three bottles immediately arrived at my table, they were different gentlemen who were courteous to me and wanted to meet me.

I kept the bottles and did not agree to sit with any of them to avoid losing my modesty as a lady. They were great, I just limited myself to toasting in the distance with each one and I thanked them for their good gesture.

There was a boy dancing on the floor and I started dancing with him, I just wanted to have fun and that’s how it was. He was in the company of his girlfriend and the three of us ended up dancing, it was the best of the night, feeling how the sound shook the columns of the place.

Entering Astra is reaching heaven, its ceiling has so many lights that it makes you feel in Paradise. I loved its interior design because it gives prestige to the place. I loved the bar, I sat there for a long time to have a drink or two.

Although the bar area is small, that was not an impediment for people to get up from their seats to dance, even I joined them. It was fantastic to move to the rhythm of the music without stopping.

The attention is first class, they were attentive to everything I asked for and very quickly it came to my hands. Being here is worth it, between drinks and dances I ended up a bit drunk, but it’s one of those hangovers that are worth feeling with your soul because I had a great time.

The VIP area of ​​this place is very beautiful, ideal for having a drink during the day and enjoying a pleasant conversation with the ideal person or exchanging business ideas, outdoors and with some nature around you.

One of the best places in Mykonos to spend the night partying, if you don’t know how to dance or you don’t come with the intention of moving your body. I warn you not to come and stay in the hotel.

Visiting this place is necessarily dancing in one of its points, the corridor, on the terrace, on the stairs, wherever, the important thing is to let yourself be dominated by the rhythm of the music.

Dancing on the stairs I met Carlos, a Venezuelan who was living there. We shared several drinks and he confessed to me how happy his life was in this country. Although he missed his affections and the land where he was born, he told me that he had no plans to to get back.

I asked him to toast to his family and to the rest of the Venezuelans who continue to fight for a better future there, this type of story is what I always get on every trip.

  Greece has it all, I don’t see it as a country to live in but it is ideal for vacations. Its people are wonderful, they welcome you as if you were part of them. The architecture is avant-garde, its hotels are unique in the world and its beaches are the best in Europe, not to mention that the food has also positioned itself as one of the best on the continent.

  Bathing on its beaches is ideal, the best thing is that you do it surrounded by structures that are part of the history of this country and that will allow you to feel closely the historical background of the Greeks.