The Island of Guadalupe, despite the fact that it is bathed by Caribbean waters, belongs to France, that is, being in Europe there are no complications to visit it and enjoy its crystal clear waters.

The vegetation of Guadalupe Island is abundant and it also enjoys a good climate. There are many factors that will make it worth visiting this place since when you arrive the first thing you will see will be the city of Pointe à Pitre.

In this same city you can make a stop to visit the Memorial Acte , this is a center that has the main function of raising awareness about slavery and is currently very visited. During your visit you can also visit the Carbet Falls, impressive waterfalls that will steal your attention.

There is much more to see in this paradise that has everything to make your vacation truly unforgettable.


With an almost perfect rating of 4.8 out of 5 points, this site has become a mandatory reference for tourists. Only 13 kilometers away from the international airport of Pointe à Pitre and 72 from the active volcano of La Grande Soufrière.


One of the things that visitors like the most is the appearance of the reception and the bar, they are delighted with how they look. The breakfast is quite popular, it is served at the time, they have several a la carte options.

The climate that this place has is very good to spend vacations, in addition to the food, the ice creams that you can try here will leave you wanting more, so you can try all the options you need.

The treatment of the staff and the attention provided by the employees is exceptional, as tourists assure. That is why many people recommend this place as one of their first options to stay.

Ideal to share with the family, pleasant environment and with areas specially designed for the enjoyment of the family. The variety of drinks and cocktails is very good, so you can enjoy nature while you relax.


4.8 stars out of 5 is the rating that this hotel has received from tourists. During your stay you can enjoy a breakfast included, family atmosphere, excellent location and more to make your vacation unforgettable.


A nice and informal place that is 5 kilometers from the aquarium and 12 kilometers from the airport, it is really accessible to many points of interest. Enjoy a sunny day by the pool while you sip a delicious cocktail.

Many people like the word free and here they know it, that is why they have free Wi-Fi service for guests, breakfast and parking, fundamental elements when choosing a place to vacation.

The private beach is the favorite area of visitors, they say that everything here is very beautiful. They also have a mini island where the attention of the staff and warmth is to the taste of the clients.

Many people come here in search of peace, tranquility, renewal and get away from the noise of the city, being here they find that point of peace and breathe fresh air while surrendering to the moment.


This beautiful zoo has a diversity of flora and fauna, ideal to visit while you contemplate nature, but the strong point of this tour will be moving along the huge walkway they have while you observe the different types of animals.


Visitors to the place refer to the good organization that exists here and how this facilitates your tour. The experience is so gratifying that many of those who have come here already have their second visit on the agenda.

The access fee is quite affordable, so people say it’s worth it. The most curious and important thing about this site is that it is located in the Guadeloupe rainforest, that is, the animals are in suitable areas.

Users emphasize that all notices with information are in French, so they request the extension of the languages in these. Despite being a zoo you will not find animals locked up, you will be locked up in their natural and free territory.

The variety of species are native to Guadalupe, enjoy among raccoons, toucans and more, come with your best energy and as a family to portray memorable moments.

If you want to enjoy a space full of beautiful plants and ideal spaces to share with your family, in addition to being able to enjoy meals with incredible flavors, this is the right place to make this moment a reality.


People who visit this place appreciate the good care given to each plant, they highlight the respect that this site gives to the flora. As you advance, you will observe signs that will facilitate each step you take.

Not everything is food and plants here because for animal lovers there is also variety and you can see flamingos, fish, parrots and more. The view here is fascinating and the prices are within your pocket.

Enjoy the artificial ponds and rivers, for the little ones there are also goats that they can enjoy. Some recommend visiting when the weather is not so hot because it is very hot.

Relax while you enjoy a delicious plate of food, feel the gentle breeze caressing your face, listen to the birds singing and enjoy beautiful plants at every point you stop.

If you want to learn about slavery throughout the years, this is the right place because they have a complete exposition about what many people suffered centuries ago and who dreamed of wings of freedom.

Users appreciate this monographic explosion on slavery and what it allows them to learn, some emphasize that this has generated a great positive impact on those who visit this site.

Multimedia scenery, screens with information of interest and very interactive, as well as the best audio guide system to complement the tour. In the same way the guides will be there for you and assist you

This tour lasts 3 to 4 hours, some visitors emphasize that it is necessary to learn about slavery in the Caribbean and the world. If you want to visit this place in just 2 hours it will also be possible and in an organized way.

Tourists and locals emphasize that it is very cheap to visit this place, so you will not need a lot of money to go there and feed yourself with part of the history that has plagued humanity.

This place has an acceptance rate of 3.7 out of 5 stars, you can access casually, so don’t worry about how to dress and enjoy amazing cocktails in a friendly atmosphere.

The interior of this place is air-conditioned so do not worry about the type of atmosphere, if you are one of those who do not like cigarette humor there is also an area for smokers. The cocktails and the lights are one of the biggest attractions of this place.

Some visitors assure that depending on the day the night will be good or regular, but others point out that you make the atmosphere and it will only be up to you to have fun or not. The musical atmosphere is also pleasant, the DJ is always praised for the correct and varied musical selection.

If you come at noon you will find a holiday atmosphere, very much in keeping with your time on the island, but if you go at night everything changes and there will be totally more fun.

Some assure that the place is very expensive, others emphasize that the price is worth it. The atmosphere always becomes youthful due to the high number of young people, so you must be ready to feel part of them.


Defining this place with a single word would be excellence because the opinions of the users have raised it to 5 stars out of 5. Enjoy a good atmosphere in the open air, comfortable seats and divine cocktails.

If you want to be received here like a celebrity, they will make you feel like this because the owner of the place will receive you with the best attention, he will give you a warm welcome and to complement it he will give you some exquisite tapas to taste.

The location of this site is ideal because it is located in the fishing port of Saint François. The view here is wonderful, enjoy boats and an incredibly beautiful sunset.

The cocktails are well prepared and have permeated the taste of people. Enjoy a memorable moment outdoors in comfortable seats and perfect tables to make your stay the best.

Security is essential anywhere and here they will guarantee it so you can shoot without worries. You will have access to Wi-Fi, constant cleaning and an avant-garde and innovative interior design.

Guadeloupe is a European paradise bathed by crystal clear waters that drag from the Caribbean, exquisite cuisine and people full of optimism who give you the best they have to give.

Not only beach you find here, jungle, sunsets, places to find peace and lots of fun in the midst of a unique nature in the world, as well as a varied fauna that will give you the best moments of your life.