Mykonos has charm. Hello, my name is Lucy and this time I will tell you about my trip to heavenly Greece, especially about a magical place called Mykonos, but don’t let its size fool you because it will catch you from the first moment. Mykonos is a quaint and beautiful Cycladic town with a labyrinth of narrow, whitewashed streets, houses and churches, clustering around its harbor in the middle of a wide bay.

    It is one of the most cosmopolitan and crowded cities in the Aegean Sea. Although the streets are full of small shops, boutiques, art galleries, cafes, bars and restaurants, Mykonos Town has not totally lost its identity. Despite the island’s rapid growth and development, it is traditional in style and character has remained firmly intact, thanks to the strictest building regulations for the island.

   An immense blue sea that will strike your heart and it will be love at first sight, its small streets are full of charm, light and color. Walking among them will take you back to the history of the place.

  Beautiful boutique that you will visit, when you enter you will not be able to resist and you will want to buy everything that you will detail in them. Other places that I loved were the restaurants, which delicacies of dishes, smells, colors, shapes and textures.

  It is small but it offers you all the pleasure you will need while you are in that place. I got so many ideal places to meet and take advantage of the stay in Mykonos, that’s why I came to the Little Venice, I fell in love with its infrastructure and human quality of its people.

  Mills, I quickly went to the mills and in addition to contemplating the whole place from there you can be enraptured by the sunset, honestly I tell you that all of us who have gone to Little Venice is to get to the mill and see the sun go down, so You cannot miss this fascinating adventure. Colorful houses, wide streets, glamorous restaurants and shops where you can buy items of interest, the beautiful blue sea, all this offers us this charming place.

  Rarity Gallery, I wanted to enjoy some unique pieces of art because I went to visit Rarity Gallery and contemplate all kinds of art, some are strange but before the human eye you will be fascinated. In addition to this, I did not miss out on the tour of Mykonos, its streets have me completely in love, I would like to live there for a couple of years and fall much more in love with its culture.

Very cozy beach club with the beach at your feet, the architecture and interior design is masterful because everything was thought out in detail to make it look like a place of luxury and comfort.

  Hippie Fish is a luxury restaurant located on Agios Ioannis beach, one of the best beaches on the island with spectacular views of Delos. Upon arrival I was able to admire its entire structure, they have a unique combination of boho chic architecture and modern decoration, they gave me the feeling of a classic environment

  On the sand of the beach I sat down to drink Sake -Japan- and other western drinks such as Mijiu -China- while other people also shared the same space with me, in addition to enjoying the musical atmosphere we also loved the sound of the sea and the birds.

  Being here I knew that it was the scene of a classic movie, this is the restaurant where the movie Shirley Valentine was filmed in 1989, Shirley Valentine is a mature woman, extravagant but nice, who one day decides to leave her boring life to look for love in the Greek islands and when she arrives she finds Tom Conti, who is the funny owner of this restaurant in the film, and who begins to court her.

  That day a party was held in commemoration of her anniversary and they reproduced this classic so that all of us present could enjoy it while we enjoyed the place.

  After tasting the drinks that had an interesting taste, I ordered a tray of sushi and when I tried it I was fascinated because it was too good, not counting the sauces.

  The cuisine of this beach club has a great medicinal influence because there are options on the menu that are designed to provide great benefits to the body and thus improve your vacations while keeping the body in harmony.

  Another of the peculiarities of this site is that they have spaces for weddings, baptisms, corporate events, among others. They are ideal to realize that long-awaited moment.

There are so many places where I can stay in Mykonos that I didn’t know where to start, I had to look for the best option, close to my places of interest and the beach to be able to enjoy all the activities I had planned for this trip.

  This is one of the most luxurious in Mykonos, named after Zeus’s beloved Semeli, giving rise to its best five-star style, centrally located in Chora, perched on a slope in a tranquil nook.

  Its strategic location on the island of Mykonos allows you to experience the best moments of the magical nightlife of the island, being here feels like an elegant hideaway with a great relaxed atmosphere.

  Combined fire in each space of this impressive hotel, I feel that it gives each space a captivating touch so that you do not have the option of going elsewhere to book.

  I will start with the pool because although it was night I sat on the comfortable and pleasant furniture that is arranged there.

  I will start with the pool because although it was night I sat on the comfortable and pleasant furniture that is arranged there. What a wonder to see at the edge of the pool two flames of fire that did not cease and were reflected in the water. Tzatziki is a typical food from Greece and consists of yogurt with cucumber and garlic shake, although it sounds strange, the taste is too rich and gives a special touch to the palate.

  The waiter who brought the dish to my table knew how to explain in detail the history of the food and why it is one of the most requested menu options. If we talk about drinks, the bartender recommended me to drink ouzo, one of the traditional drinks of Greece and its flavor is quite pleasant.

  He offered me high-level care because his staff is trained to make you feel at home and everything you need will arrive in less than 20 minutes. In its zen zone right on the terrace it is the ideal place to hang out, listen to music, sunbathe or sit down to read a book, with designer furniture and fluffy pillows like clouds, and all the trappings of modern luxury. Being here awakened my senses every day.

In Chora, the capital of Mykonos, you can enjoy one of the best sunsets in the world, both from its popular Windmills and from the viewpoints of Little Venice, a unique place to watch the sunset.

Incredible off-road 4×4 tour I lived one of the days I was in Mykonos, if you have read me before you should know that I am a lover of adrenaline, speed, wind and great adventures.

Being in a 4×4 allowed me to scream, feel free, brave and victorious, some speed is never bad in our lives. Feeling how the wind caresses you has no comparison.

I shared my vehicle with a boy who was at least 23 years old and although he seemed brave, he put up with it because I was the driver and I hit the brakes non-stop, I wanted to feel like I owned the road.

He almost threw up the 4×4 but he didn’t go too far, he congratulated me because I was an excellent driver but speed is not his thing and with this he proved it.

  Mykonos is one of the most visited islands in all of Greece. But there is something that can make a difference in your trip to this island, the month of the year that you visit it, the ideal months to visit it is from April to May, thanks to its warm and pleasant climate.

  Touring the streets of Mykonos in the company of a tour guide was the best because the tours go beyond walking and observing, I consider it important to know the history of that place that is part of another culture.

  The houses here are very picturesque, full of life, good energy and their owners with a noble soul because each smile came from the heart.

  Climbing the mills again just to see the sunset was the best thing about this tour, all of us who were doing the tour climbed by leaps and bounds because we didn’t want to miss the moment. This time we did it with a few glasses of champagne and toasted the splendid moment we were witnessing.

  The streets are full of life, quite interesting shopping places, restaurants full of people who only seek to offer their palates the best of Greek cuisine.

  Taking a new ride in Mykonos aboard a cruise ship was fantastic, I put on my two-piece swimsuit, pareo, hat and sunglasses, I was ready to conquer Mykonos from the sea.

  The first thing I did was take a little sun, then I raised my glass of rosé wine and contemplated every space of this monumental place, seeing from the water the people walking, working, the houses with sparkles of happiness and the birds singing was the best .

  Marine species of all kinds approached during the passage of the cruise, in the distance I could also see the mills turning and anxiously await the sunset to be the most requested of the day.

  Each point we passed through had the induction of a guide who gave us a review of the history that happened there and how its inhabitants used it over the years to get ahead.

  This modest infrastructure site captivated me because they have an extensive art exhibition that I was dying to have all of it in my house to see it when I walked around every corner.

  I loved the quality of the paintings, the concept of each one and what they sought to convey to each art lover, it is not just a hanging painting, it is a message, an intention.

  I did not miss my visit to this place and I bought half of the gallery, pieces that were worth taking home to change the concept of interiors, for this I supported myself via zoom with my architect and interior designer.

  I already wanted to get home to see them there, taking their place and filling me with joy when I saw them. 

  The people who were in the gallery were blown away by my purchase, but what can I say, I love art.

  Something that surprised me a lot is that seeing that Chora does not sleep, arriving in Mykonos is synonymous with the sea and parties, this island is well known for its endless parties, and this trip would not be the exception a couple of nights I got ready and left walk to dance and drink a little.

  My purpose when visiting Guzel was to dance all night, I didn’t mind being barefoot, without heels, with blisters or exhausted, I just wanted to give my body what it wanted, good music.

  I was alone and I was determined to have a great time, so I didn’t hesitate to approach a young man who was there alone and I suggested we have fun all night.

  He knew how to dance and would not miss the opportunity to learn a few steps from him.

  His hands, his feet, his rhythm, his hips were mesmerizing and brought me to his ground.

  We stopped for a moment and had some margaritas, we talked about life, work and relationships, he seemed like a good guy with a free soul and I had a great time until dawn next to him.

  Dawn came and he did not know what happened in the night. This is my story in Void and that’s how I found out. I woke up in the hotel room without knowing how I got there, it was fine, complete and without any trace of damage. I asked myself a thousand times what had happened and that was my mission for the day.

  The hotel staff told me that a taxi requested by the Void staff took me to the hotel and a hotel employee helped me to the room. I went to Void and asked what had happened to me and was shown the security cameras without speaking.

  Turns out I drank a very strong drink like water and in less than two hours I didn’t know where I was. I danced, I got up on the bar, people fought to get me down and I insisted. I did sexy dances and asked for money, I scolded the bartender because he wanted more liquor and he wouldn’t give me, plus I didn’t like the songs the DJ played. This was my night and I felt ashamed, the local employees only laughed at me.

  The adrenaline that is felt in this place is impressive due to the large number of people who come here just to dance, laugh and enjoy a good glass of rum or wine.

  Not a single needle entered and it is not for less because the DJ that was there that night is one of the best in Greece and he made everyone dance, even those who do not know how to dance moved that night.

  I had rum and some snacks to make my night the best, the lights transported me to another world, I wanted to feel desired and the music gave me everything I asked for.

  If you want fun without measure, you need to come to this venue and give yourself over to the fun.

  Beautiful beaches, vibrant colors in the houses and wide streets is the best that Mykonos has to offer, it really is like being in paradise on earth for all its benefits. The most beautiful thing about the trip was climbing the mill and seeing the sun go down to give way to night, but not before leaving an indelible mark on your mind and heart. The food will captivate you, the drinks, everything is fascinating and I can say that it is one of the best cuisines in the world for all the variety that they offer you. I invite you to visit Mykonos because in four days you will be able to get to know it completely without haste.