If we talk about the best of Colombia we must mention Cartagena, a charming place that is located in South America and that will allow you to see an idea close to paradise. Coasts bathed by the waters of the sea, noble, enterprising and fighter people who love vallenato, fish, the desire to be better every day, that is how I can define Cartagena.

The beautiful old houses found here will take you back to the history of Cartagena, a past of struggle, courage and resistance that led to the happiness that we know today when visiting it.

The mixture of races and cultures is predominant here and that adds value to Cartagena, in a few words they tell us that everyone can enter regardless of where you are from, because what is most valuable here is the nobility of your soul.

Cartagena is one of the most famous places in Colombia, becoming one of my favorite cities in Colombia. It has a unique charm that makes it special and perfect for exploring; its climate, its people, the sea and the food are the ideal combination to fall madly in love with this Caribbean destination, for this reason I dare to say that, without a doubt, it has a large number of things to discover and try.

  Within all this beautiful city I was able to find a thousand things to do and know, restaurants with typical food, fascinating spaces and representative culture of the Colombian Caribbean, on each trip I get to know different magnificent places and that’s how I came to this beach club.

  That long and wide pier that leads you directly to the sea is the first thing that will captivate you in Isabela because as you walk you will feel the energy that the sea recharges you and the wind caressing your face.

  Contemplating the sky and the advancing clouds caught me and I really felt in paradise, I sat on the dock and put my feet in the water, it was very warm and made me feel full.

  After that I went to the arena and sat on the comfortable furniture, called the waiter and asked him for a bottle of rosé wine to drink while I was there. It really was a privilege to see it all from there.

  Then it was time to eat, I went to the restaurant area and they served me a huge fish, it looked delicious like everything they do here, it had lemon and lettuce. My goodness, the smell of it was exquisite and the juice was also very good. It was fresh from the sea on my plate, green salad, dressing and a good glass of juice to complement, I loved the service they offer, always attentive to my orders. I think they have a secret ingredient to captivate people.

  I have to say that I loved the room, they are like a kind of small cabins very comfortable inside, with a large bed, mosquito net and everything you need to spend an extraordinary night there.

  The view here is wonderful, that’s why I went to the pier to walk and watch the sun go down, what a visual spectacle you can enjoy from here, it’s really worth having a good time in this place.

  After that, I went to Playa Dulce, a very serene and peaceful place with quite attractive bird species. I had a good time here because I rested for a while on the edge of the beach and then I took a bath.

  Being here is synonymous with peace, tranquility and harmony. I felt fulfilled with the sound of the birds, the branches moving.

  Within the walled city, numerous hotels line the cobbled streets of Cartagena. So it didn’t take me long to find a new place where I could stay the rest of my days here, I wanted to be near the coast

  El Estelar is a warm and beautiful boutique hotel, located in front of the Caribbean Sea, very close to many places of interest and the San Pedro Claver Sanctuary, San Pedro Claver Square, all this made it easier for me to get to know each of these places more easily.

  I can say that I loved the room, a fairly large bed, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and hot water that can never be lacking, a minibar, living room and what I enjoyed most was a beautiful balcony from where you could see the entire area of ​​the room. coast.

  I really liked the attention, the good energy that this place transmits. It made me feel completely at peace, contemplating the landscape from here was like being in heaven.

  The real glory came when it was time to sit at the table to eat, they have three different restaurant options such as Sushi Caribe, Huakichan Restaurant and Eat Wok, which I took care of enjoying and trying them every day in this place, at each moment I took advantage of the fact that I ordered seafood, They were all served super fresh, with that Cartagena that had struck my heart from the first moment.

  The rooftop pool became my favorite place, here I used to enjoy breakfast, and then I stayed at the Rooftop pool, to sunbathe, swim a little and of course relax and sunbathe. In addition to this, the service offered by their waiters is first class, the orders did not take more than 15 minutes to arrive at the table, they gave me a bottle of Colombian rum for being the first time I visited the place.

  And in the afternoons I went to the hotel beach here they gave me the best attention I received, the beach was phenomenal, I liked how warm the water was and the awnings on the shore to rest or take the son without worries.

  One of the best moments I lived in Cartagena was given to me by my night visit to the historic center of the city, and being able to admire its wonders by moonlight, I was a little afraid to go out at night to tour the city, but I I was delighted to find that it is very safe to do so.

  Going through the center did not take me long and it is quite safe at night, from the hotel, I walked along the path along the seashore, from there I managed to reach the walled area, and little by little I advanced to know more sites.

  Then I went to the Clock Tower, the gate that separates the walled center of the Getsemaní neighborhood. A few meters away, the Plaza de los Coches is one of the most popular areas at night, where I saw people from Cartagena dancing in the street to the rhythm of salsa music that plays at full volume from the bars, it was interesting to discover that long ago it was the square where the slaves were sold.

  Then I went to the Santa Catalina de Alejandría Cathedral, it is another of the essential places. Its dome, visible from many points, is, together with the wall, a recognizable symbol of the city. Nearby, I found Plaza de Santo Domingo, a large space occupied most of the time by restaurant tables, the true heart of the old town. Here I took the opportunity to sit down for a bit in one of its bars to have a few drinks and feel the rhythm of salsa.

  Wandering a bit outside the walled area, I came across more activities and places to visit and that’s how I started to do some sightseeing.

  Diving among fish and sea plants was fantastic, I loved this experience because I was able to see some sea creatures up close that, far from fleeing, were somewhat curious about my presence there.

  Although I didn’t take it out of the water I was able to caress it and see a starfish up close, it was too beautiful, its texture, everything it conveyed was beautiful and I couldn’t stop appreciating it.

  I also paddled out to sea and the experience was fantastic, I had a guide with me and all the safety gear.

  Although I did not stay here, I must say that they have some small cabins ready to receive guests, they are too beautiful, I would have liked to stay there but I already had another reservation.

  This beach club is synonymous with high luxury, its facilities are stupendous and only lovers of the good life will know how to recognize the interior design and what it conveys.

  White colors that predominate throughout the place and are combined with the immense blue sea, as well as brown flashes.

  Let’s start with the edge of the beach where you will find lounges to chat or just have a good glass of champagne. You will feel the sea at your feet and it is literally at your feet.

  If you don’t want to sit and prefer to lie down on the shore of the beach, then in this place they will offer you, as well as me, a comfortable bed to make you feel in paradise and they look so good there.

  The DJ here is impressively beautiful, in addition to her talent she has some striking tattoos that she shows off in a swimsuit while she offers us the best sound mixes. Another of the things that I was able to enjoy here was a yacht ride around the place, from the sea everything can be seen and with greater clarity, what an impressive dress I was able to enjoy.

  Beautiful turquoise beach, white sand and a completely green environment to show you the splendor of Colombian nature. Birds singing high up in the trees and leaves that dance from side to side in the wind.

  Immersing myself in these warm waters was enchanting, I swam, I laughed and I was even able to see the fish swimming up close, what a beautiful wonder of nature.

  There was a barrel of beer on the shore, they were very cold and the time had come to have a few after only drinking wine and champagne, the thing is that lately I hadn’t wanted anything with beer.

  A campfire was also ready to prepare the fish by the sea, it only needed salt and lemon to taste that wonder. What good times Cartagena has given me.

  After my nightly tours of the city and being able to feel the rhythm of salsa firsthand, I was left wanting to go out and see more party places, try aguardiente or its delicious and fresh local beers.

  A place where techno music is honored, the mix of sounds that are heard here combined with the lights and the extraordinary energy of the people is truly incredible.

  A bottle of tequila was my faithful companion that night and she gave me the freedom to feel fulfilled and fulfilled, so I went to where the DJ was and while he mixed and moved my hands from side to side.

  Then I went downstairs and joined a group that was there dancing, they made a circle and put me inside to move to the rhythm of the lights and music. I did great and was rewarded with a free extra bottle of tequila.

  Many types of themed parties are held here and that night there was a milk, super good for me because just that day my outfit was white and I was able to enter right away to join in the fun.

  Night of drinks and good music, that’s how my night was in this place, when I entered salsa sounded and it was very good, the movement of the people was the same and it caused fun. I ordered a barrel of beer to start the mood and I sat at the bar. The lights, the DJ, the smoke and the people there were the perfect combination to make me feel good.

  The staff here makes you feel at home, they give you everything you need and more, they are very attentive to what you need at the moment, even when you go to the bathroom.

  I would like to take a little piece of the sea of ​​Cartagena with me in my suitcase, not only because of the beauty of its beaches, but also because of its delicious fish that they prepare very well here. You feel the spirit of enterprising people who want to be in search of more every day. The beach clubs here are fantastic, very modern and well preserved. It causes you to stay your entire life in them, in addition to their staff who are trained to make you feel at home. There are many reasons to visit this earthly paradise