Istanbul can be considered a city that combines the old with modernism. It would be something like an Islamic and Mediterranean mixture in an interesting mixture of cultures that creates an atmosphere to captivate the tourist.

There are few cities in the world that have that power to captivate, so take advantage of your visit to this place and let yourself be captivated. Delight yourself in this place that has more than 8,500 years of history.

This is considered the capital of three glorious and imposing Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Here you will witness the magic of two continents, two worlds, from north to south and from east to west.

The location of this place has been awarded 3.6 points out of 5. Elegant district with fine shops, the Atatürk Museum and the Ihlamur Kasrı palace and its gardens. The ideal place for tourists looking for fun.

In tourism forums, this hotel has been awarded 4.6 stars out of 5, thanks to its quality of care, location, service, rooms and more, leaving those who have set aside a few days to get out of the routine very pleased.

Tourists refer that the hotel is so wonderful that it will make you feel at home, they add that the attention of the staff is great and that they were delighted. Another point that stands out here is the breakfast they offer.


The rooms are phenomenal, they are divided into two rooms, hall, kitchen and dining room, in addition to the bathroom and windows with amazing views. Ideal place to share with family and friends.

The elegance of this place is highlighted in hundreds of comments from visitors, as well as the constant cleaning of the areas. Some refer that the location is not perfect but they consider that the place is worth it.

This 4-star hotel has been awarded 3.9 points out of 5 for its quality, service and excellent professional care.

The structure of this hotel looks like something out of a movie, it is beautiful, glamorous, bright and full of charm. At the main entrance there is a sign that identifies the hotel with its name and gives you the warmest welcome.

The reception is impressive, black and brown tones combined with shapes on the ceiling and sophisticated armchairs welcome you and then make your way through corridors and really comfortable areas.

The restaurant is a dream, there is a wide range of fresh food and for all tastes, from salads, starters, desserts and main dishes with ideal drinks to complement the wonderful moment.


An indoor pool that will captivate you with its intense blue tone, revealing the cleanliness and splendor of the place. Ideal area to take a bath and rest in a satisfactory and pleasant way.

There is also a bar where you can enjoy divine cocktails and drinks. In addition, the rooms are spacious, clean, marble bathrooms and luxury pieces that will make your stay the best.

Tourists assure that this place is beautiful, they recommend coming in socks because you will not be able to enter with shoes.

Majestic place. Many visitors say that the site is worth visiting. In the same way, they comment that at night the lighting of this place is impressive and from a distance it manages to capture the attention of many.

Some tourists define this Mosque as something mystical, detailing that it has a unique architecture and that it is impressive to see it. Several tourists report that the place underwent a restoration so that at the time of their visit they could not appreciate the entire site.

Many go to this Mosque to renew their faith, connect with God and give thanks for the opportunity they have had to visit this beautiful country and consecrate themselves once again to God in heaven.

The Spice Bazaar, also known as the Egyptian Bazaar, is one of the oldest markets in Istanbul and one of the best places in the city to buy typical products such as spices, sweets or dried fruits.

This wonderful place was built in the 1600s. It has a particular (L) shape and consists of 88 shops. 46 on the shortest part and 36 on the longest side. It is very popular with tourists because they enjoy buying species and more.

Users confirm that it is smaller than the Grand Bazaar but that it is worth visiting for all the magic that surrounds it. Just outside this place there is also a fixed street market that is worth visiting.

Here there is a marked presence of local residents who come to enjoy buying a wide variety of species, many claim that the aroma that emanates from this place is surprising and captivating.

This is one of the tallest towers in the world, from here hundreds of tourists come to get the impressive view that only this site can offer.

4.4 stars out of 5 is the score that tourists have given to this place, for its majesty and privileged views of the best corners of this territory endowed with grace, charisma and human warmth that makes you feel at home.

The view here is 360° of the entire city. You will be able to contemplate the Bosphorus and the golden horn, the entrance is worth it according to tourists, it is accessible. 

Being here you will go up in an elevator to the penultimate floor and then you will start to go down the stairs to see the museum what is inside the Tower.

The staff is friendly, they are attentive to any questions that may arise, they attend to you immediately. The important thing about this tour that lasts about 1 hour is that you will be able to nourish yourself with the history and culture of this place.

Environment full of Led lights, music and areas to have fun. They will captivate you with their vibrant sounds upon entering and you will not stop having fun.

With 3.8 points users have rated this place, it is more than half of 5 points. Visitors affirm that when they arrive they feel the good energy of the environment that invites you to enjoy, laugh and dance with good music.

If drinks are your fascination, you will have access to a bar with many liquors, the bartenders are super friendly and charismatic, many tourists affirm that beyond serving drinks, their mission is to make you feel at home.

The cocktails here are prepared to suit you, a mixture of ingredients that will make you enjoy the best of your trip. Beers, wines, champagne and more you can delight while you dance or chat with friends.

The DJ is the most acclaimed in this place, his music is innovative, he mixes several genres that make everyone dance, you can smoke your cigarette, talk, meet new people and interact on the dance floor.

Great for wonderful cocktails in an informal and comfortable setting for the best vacation of your life. Hundreds of people come here annually to be seduced by the nightlife.

3.9 out of 5 is the ranking of this place, positioned by tourists and locals as one of the busiest in Istanbul. Pleasant atmosphere that allows you to leave your comfort zone to enter an irreverent, free and fun zone.

«Very good place, cozy and with excellent music,» said Luis, a tourist from Mexico. For his part, another traveler from Colombia stressed that the prices are worth it, as well as the participation of the DJ.

Other tourists commented that security is guaranteed, so you can enjoy without taking risks, the service and attention are optimal.

Buy your tickets during the week so you can enjoy the weekend. Come to the entrance and enjoy this impressive three-story place with different areas for fun.

Istanbul is wonderful, your trip here will allow you to rediscover that enigmatic part of history that very few know but when you know it you will fall in love with this place and you will want to return again and again.

The streets are wonderful, the infrastructure new but fused with period details, paradisiacal places to visit, many museums, temples and dazzling markets full of interesting items to take home.