This trip to Indonesia exceeded my expectations and I must reaffirm there is no other place like it. Hello, my name is Lucy and I welcome you, discover with me how was the journey that I lived in Indonesia in this new opportunity. I must remind you that this country is characterized by the religions that converge here and show us that there is room for everything from respect and tolerance. Indonesia stands as an example for other countries where thinking differently or professing another religion is condemned or singled out by man.
  Another of the wonders that captivates me about Indonesia are its desert islands. Yes, just as you read it, here you can enjoy a completely desolate island for yourself and live the experience to the fullest. The markets here are wonderful, I must say that I love them because I can always buy new things and take them home to redecorate. The climate is perfect due to the location with Ecuador and allows harvesting without difficulty and providing the best to the citizens of this country.

In previous trips to Bali I had already been mentioned and recommended this place. Located on a mountainside overlooking the Osh River Valley, Junglefish is a two-level, open-air restaurant, one of the busiest and most modern BEACH CLUBs in the area. I was impressed by the intense blue-green color of its waters and the large number of visitors that come there.

 The Jungle Fish Restaurant and Pool Bar Built into a ravine, it fuses Balinese elegance with understated mid-20th century Danish style. On the lower level is the pool deck that brings you face to face with lush green nature with tables, hanging beds, sofas and sun loungers for everyone’s comfort.
  In this restaurant it has an Asian and Mediterranean menu, a good seafood dish, in this way I remember my stay at Jungle Fish because in no other part of the world have I eaten something similar. The taste and smell were indisputable, I had never felt such a wonderful sensation when tasting seafood.
  The wine was just the way I like it – on point – two bottles were enough to make me hang out in an incredible way, in the pool area that has an elegant club-style bar section, where I could listen to music, while enjoying a cocktail and sandwiches.
  The attention at the moment was great, I also complemented it with the friendliness of the waiter because every time he approached my table he not only smiled at me or winked at me in a very respectful way, he also told me anecdotes he had with his clients and that seemed to me funny.

   Far from sucking in tips, this was his way of connecting with his clients, of course he studied each one well to avoid inconveniences, but in this way he earned the respect and admiration of those who have visited the place for years.

Thanks to the good humor of this humble gentleman I was able to enjoy my stay in this place in the best way, every day was colorful, full of laughter and positive thoughts.
I went down to the beach and took advantage of swimming in the middle of the exuberant jungle in the beautiful landscape of Ubud, I bathed several times and took a lot of sun because I wanted to get golden. Of course, I used a lot of sunscreen to take care of my skin and moisturizers at night.
During my tour of the beach I could see a small dog, it was starving and it moved me to the point that I took the time to feed it with part of the food that I brought in my beach bag.

  During my visit to the island, I discovered that, like this hotel, none offered me so much comfort and convenience, it is that Grandmas Plus spectacular and comfortable facilities, inspired by a Balinese style to be at the forefront and be an international reference, you will find yourself as the most sublime trip, fun and exciting of your life with the best attention.

  Located on the shores of Seminyak Beach, Grandmas Seminyak Hotel is surrounded by Seminyak’s shops, restaurants and nightlife. The place is quite modern and that caught me.
  Upon arrival I gave my respective tour to see all the facilities of the place, I entered its loung area and fell in love with its decorations very given to nature, I settled down to enjoy with an excellent cocktail in hand in one of its comfortable beds in the air close to the modern bar.
  It has one of the best views and is the best place to finish the tour and watch the sunset, the largest and most beautiful spectacle of nature in the city with a beautiful view of the beach.

  But what really captivated me when the night came was the series of live band presentations that gathered here to welcome the guests. Modern, contemporary rhythms and stop counting, that is, there was something for all tastes and I had no choice but to say that I was having a bad time because I wasn’t. As you know, I love to dance perched on tables, bars or chairs and this time was no exception because that’s what I did, I climbed on the table to dance and on one of those one of the guests who were there got up and kept company.

  We danced non-stop and without any shame, the next day I woke up very sore from dancing so much, thank God the bed in the room is very good and it helped me rest. I went to the spa at dawn and they gave me some good massages accompanied by a relaxing tea. I felt how my body came back to life with each massage and cream that was applied to me. The speed of the internet here was impressive, I was able to navigate comfortably and at the same time enjoy some movies via satellite television, even when traveling I love watching movies. The security is unprecedented, they are attentive to you, your things, your room and at the time of a loss they respond without hesitation.

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Pura Tanah Lot is one of the most iconic places to visit during a trip to Bali. Its spectacular location, on a rocky islet surrounded by crashing waves, offers incredible views and what is surely the best sunset on the island, can be crossed on foot to the main temple, whenever the tide is low.

The temple, which was built at the beginning of the 16th century, is one of the most sacred, it has some private prayer spaces, for this reason I could not visit it in its entirety.

Legend has it that its founder was Dang Hyang Nirartha, and during one of his travels along the coast of Bali, he observed the beautiful scenery of the rocky islet and went there to rest for a bit. 

  Some fishermen saw him and brought him some food and some gifts. Nirartha spent the night on the islet and managed to talk to the fishermen and told them to build a temple on the rock, as it made sense that it should be a sacred place for the worship of the sea gods by the Balinese.

  And from there its origins and why it is in that area, it is magical to walk through the sea and be able to perceive the harmony and peace that you feel once you enter here. When evening falls, you have to go back before the tide rises and prevents passage on foot. And from the other side of the beach in the light of a campfire we could enjoy the sunset, the whole group of visitors that we passed that day, it was a lovely evening.

  Bali is perfectly known for its beautiful beaches of crystal clear sand and green jungle, and being surrounded at all times by culture and history and for this reason the island is known as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world, that is why in each view I manage to find new places to visit

  This volcanic island is one of the most populated in the world. From this great visit I loved being able to appreciate the smoking craters of the volcano up close, I could feel their heat, see their steam rise up close and I was even tempted to take a piece of these that was already cold and put it in my bag. After visiting these impressive craters and taking photos with the vast majority of them, we moved to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, this site is not very popular among foreign tourists, but the area that continues to receive a large influx of tourists is the old dutch neighborhood.
  Borobudur Temple that is located in the City of Yogyakarta, we also visited it during the tour, it is important to mention that this city is one of the best preserved in Indonesia and this temple is one of the most important in Southeast Asia.

  This island is similar in size to Bali, but is characterized by many excursions. Here we visit the mountain where the Rinjani volcano is located, a mountain of 3,800 meters.

  To be able to climb it completely, it took me four days, of course everything was done with the right equipment and with tour guides who have the experience to protect your life. 

  I loved being in this place, the feeling was indescribable but I kept calm and was able to conquer the top of the mountain. 

  I fell in love with this mountain, I loved the greenery, the nature and fauna that surrounds it, its aura, its energy. Everything is like living in a beautiful jungle at all times.

As many of the locals warned me that when I arrived in Bali and not going through its nightlife it was like not having been here, so I went into the night and went to visit the best party places in Barra and I found five with very good atmosphere

  A night of tequila shots was what I lived here while I enjoyed in the front row the show offered by men and women to encourage visitors to the place to consume more than the bill and leave a certain amount of tip between the underwear.
  I really liked seeing how the girls moved, well they are in the prime of their youth and thus captivate any man. The boys next to him were too beautiful, one was prettier than the other and his abdomen sculpted by the gods.
  After drinks, I also took advantage of my moment to see if they would give me a tip and I began to dance and move sensually, I managed to get the applause and laughter of those present, not bad for a start.

  The view that this place offers is impressive, it is definitely a dream and I had a great time.
I ate too much, felt like I was going to roll out the door, and drank most of the beer in the place. Everything was incredibly good and I had the time of my life.
  I loved the attention of the waiters because when they saw that I was eating too much they added a little more to the plate and always put something extra courtesy of the house to pamper me.
  This is what happened with the beer, seeing that I was drinking all of them, they placed me more and more frequently to make me feel well taken care of by them.
  The music is incredible, if you dance you enjoy it and if you listen to it you also enjoy it and sing it, what more can you ask for in life.

  What an extraordinary night of mojitos I spent in the company of Dereck, a Nicaraguan who has been living in Indonesia for 2 years as a result of the crisis that his country is experiencing.   He is a boy of years, quite noble, innocent, enterprising and kind. I liked his good energy and conversation topics, he has a lot of general knowledge and he told me that it is thanks to his passion for reading.
  Between mojito and mojito he told me that he is working hard as a waiter in a restaurant to be able to get her mother out of Nicaragua and have her with him to offer her a better quality of life.   From this place I can highlight the attention, the good music, the good drinks and the atmosphere that really makes you feel that you are in the right place because you will not want to leave.

The look and smile of the people who make life in Indonesia is synonymous with love, peace and perseverance, they show us that it is possible to build a better world and that we all have a place in it.

The cultural diversity here is impressive, that completely captivated me and I am truly in love with this country. I want to go back again and again.

Impressive natural landscapes and desert islands have me captivated, really Indonesia makes me reborn.