Capri in Italy translates into luxuries, good clothing stores, perfumes with endless fragrances, bookstores, open spaces for enjoyment, the sea and a beautiful night view that is enjoyed more with the absence of tourists. Hello, my name is Lucy and this time I will tell you about my adventures when I visited Capri and how wonderful I felt in that place where the good life seems endless.

  Capri is an island in the Bay of Naples in Italy, famous for its rugged scenery, exclusive hotels and commerce, from designer fashion to limoncello and handmade leather sandals. In the summer, Capri’s spectacular cove-covered coastline attracts many yachts. One of its best-known natural sites is the Blue Grotto, a dark cavern where the sea glows electric blue as a result of sunlight passing through an underwater cave.

  Being here I let myself be seduced by good clothes and perfumes, I am a perfume lover, I love to smell good, I love when a person smells good, it is a point in favor that captivates me from start to finish and it is impossible to stop thinking in that person, to the point that their aroma remains etched in my memory.

Italy has excellent places to enjoy a complete view of the city, for lovers of good literature there is also a place, so you can find it all here.

Even before my trip I contacted a tour guide and he recommended me to visit Capri, I don’t remember the last time I visited the island, so I didn’t think twice, I immediately made reservations at one of the trendiest beach clubs of the moment. 

The adventure begins when they went to look for me at the port with their small motorboat, we traveled a while on board the boat and when I got off the boat I found a rocky area that they have been enabling to sunbathe and take a dip.

Really, with this site they took it out of the stadium, that is, what an impressive place where they offer you the service on the rocks of the sea and you can even bathe right there in a kind of natural pool.

La Fontelina beach club is located opposite the Faraglioni of Capri. It can be reached on foot by going down the road that starts at Belvedere di Tragara. Or by boat from the Marina Piccola, to the port of Fontelina. 

Each rock formation is decorated with tables, chairs, umbrellas and the best thing, the good attention that they give you in the place.

A charming place, very chic. Beautiful view of the Faraglioni. This place allows you to relax, enjoy the sea and the delicious food in the restaurant. 

Enjoying some shrimp with fish was the best, they had a touch of lemon that gave it a unique Caribbean flavor. They brought me my usual glass of wine and I enjoyed it like never before. Spectacular Beach Club where you can lie on a mattress or sit on a deckchair and enjoy the views and swim in the sea, I was able to sunbathe on the large rocks and tan my body after swimming in the sea, the area is quite safe, What I can highlight is that the water was a bit cold but it was worth it.

  Then I walked for a while through the paths that they have designed here to enjoy the good scenery that this place offers you, feel the breeze, the sea, the sun and peace is priceless.

  La Fontelina was an excellent idea but at the end of the day I had to continue with my tour and that is how I arrived at this place where I was destined to spend the rest of my days in Capri.

  Hotel La Minerva has a fairly modern concept, let’s start with the panoramic terrace that is ideal for having a good coffee and having a pleasant conversation while enjoying the good atmosphere.

  The rooms are fabulous and elegant with colorful ceramic floors, with a large window overlooking the sea that will allow you to receive the sunlight and see everything around you. It really is worth waking up in this place.

  As in all the places I visit, I always enjoy the outdoor pool, it is small but charming, quite good for swimming, sunbathing and enjoying a piña colada or, failing that, a good beer at the internal bar.

  I enjoyed the terrace area, here I was able to read a book, check my social networks and update on news without any setbacks because the wifi was working well and there were no interruptions and its amazing views of the sea left me in awe.

  Another of the services offered by this hotel is that I was able to take a boat ride, I no longer saw the sea from the rocks or from the room, I was sailing in it with my big hat and my bottle of wine, I was able to see impressive rock formations and the beautiful energy of the people who were on the different beaches. I liked this place more every day, it had me in love and it was happening every second. 

  Everything is impeccable, beautiful and they don’t give you the option to ask because they already know what their job is, to provide you with first class attention. Staying at this place was lovely, the service at check-in was exceptional. The room was very nice and a good size. The central location is a plus. I would definitely book here again.

  Speaking a little about the tourist alternatives in Capro, I must mention that this island is emerging as one of the best tourist options and its streets mostly reflect the presence of tourist attractions.

I can describe the best moment of the trip when I had the opportunity to visit Canfora, since here they make custom-made sandals and decorate them in front of you.

They are located in a nice store, which in turn works as a factory and warehouse for these original sandals, they have been there since its inauguration in 1946, in front of the Grand Hotel Quisisana in Capri, there is no loss, getting here is very easy and super satisfying to see how your favorite sandals are made.

I was able to participate in the process of creating my sandal, everything was spectacular, from taking the measurement of the foot, the process and the final result.

  The artisans work with passion, mystique and dedication to carve sea stones such as corals and pearls on the leather. A hard job that deserves the recognition of people. My sandals had pearls, leather, corals, they were beautiful in light tones with turquoise blue details, I will keep them forever as a beautiful memory of Italy.

  Continuing with my tour of Capri, I have to confess that with each activity to see or places to visit, my eyes kept going with a million desire to do them and know them all, but after so much thinking I decided to start with these cooking classes.

I don’t know how to cook very well but here in Capri I learned something about cooking, that means that the course was worth it because I learned how to prepare spaghetti bolognese, modesty aside, it was too good for me. I never thought that at this point in my life I could learn something about culinary art.

In addition to spaghetti bolognese I also learned how to prepare Italian pizza, I had already prepared some pizza in the past but nothing like Italian, its consistency, smell, flavor and color were typical of Italy.

Another of the things I prepared was ravioli, this was easier for me, I made a large quantity and the chef recognized me that they were the best of the course, everyone was dying to try them. What was not so good was the caprese salad, but I feel proud because I still tried it and it went well with the other dishes.

  A town built by the sea, still retains its essence, its history and is maintained over time. Despite all this, it is a town submerged in luxury and glamour. Imposing stairs, houses, colors and viewpoints let you know that you are in Capri and that you will have a good time there. A city built on a mountain range, from afar you can notice how the houses are lined up to the heights.

  I was able to see the dock, boats and yachts that announce that people with purchasing power live there, I did not miss the opportunity to take many photos, pose everywhere and feel the luxury to which I am accustomed.

  Meeting the people here denotes power, money, class but also human warmth, that was what I liked the most. Eating a pizza here in the viewpoint of the city was incredible because while I was tasting it I admired the beauty of Capri and I fell more in love with that place.

  I went back to Capri but by boat, what a rewarding experience to be able to discover the famous faraglonis, the caves and the coves. I was really surprised by all of this. 

  The Italian sea is beautiful, from the boat I could see the beautiful Capri, its people, its vibrant colors, its mountain ranges, the view from here is really worth it.

  But this tour had a surprise as we were surprised with a meal at a randomly chosen fancy restaurant as part of the tour and I didn’t miss the opportunity to try the spaghetti bolognese. 

  On one occasion I had asked the chef to let me prepare and see the reaction of those of us who were going to the boat and that was it, they were very satisfied with the result of my pasta and asked for more.

  During the days I always kept myself busy with walks and trips, so I decided to add color and flavor to my nights on the island and visit its busiest and most popular party spots of the moment.

  This place is very sophisticated, the lights, the color, the glamour, the people, the music, the perfectly created environment makes it ideal to spend a good night alone or in good company.

  Here I had a good glass of champagne. Well, not one, several because they were very good. I ate some ravioli, this time prepared by an exclusive chef from Italy, and a nice salad.

  In addition to all this, I was also able to enjoy the presence of people who offered art shows, they were perfectly dressed with moving fabrics, bright colors and artistic movements.

  Night after night they offer live shows here for the enjoyment of visitors and that night was no exception, Japanese Night was the event that I was able to witness and featured the participation of an exclusive chef from Italy and an important DJ from the area. I must admit, the DJ made us all dance with his mix of current sounds, I felt like I was at a high-end concert.

  Many theme parties are held here at Number Two Capri, they are very striking, full of color and a lot of nightlife.

  Although the night promised and I could dance until I couldn’t, I made the decision to have nothing else and enjoy the drinks that were brought to my table. 

  The champagne was good, but I wanted more and ordered some tequila, that really got me going and made me dance but from my seat.

  As the hours passed, the site filled with life, more people arrived. 

  The attention they give you here is really good, the facilities look great and have all the comforts.

  At least I went to the bathroom several times and everything was in order, completely clean, they had everything you could need there as well as surveillance to keep everything in order and safe.

  The viewpoint that this place has is impressive, the night view is beautiful and will accompany you throughout your visit to the place, so you will not want to leave there for anything or anyone. It is ideal for events, weddings, birthdays, parties, graduations, it is a place that has everything you need to make that special moment unforgettable.

  Eating here at night is fantastic because you can feel the sea breeze, see the sea and how the lights fall on it, as well as the boats and their lights that fill the dark waters that reflect the moon and the starry sky with light.

  Everything is a luxury, in addition to tables to eat, you will also have comfortable sofas to have a pleasant conversation, enjoy a delicious drink or simply relax for a while. 

  The gazebo has a glass structure that combined with the lights makes you feel the glamor and high class.

  I would define my trip with two words, luxury and good cuisine. This is how my visit to the beautiful Capri in Italy was, if you visit this area you should keep in mind that you will need a lot of money to be able to not only maintain your stay, you will also need it to be able to buy everything you want, everything is expensive here, but it is really worth it the sorrow.

  The viewpoints that Capri has are beautiful, but at night you enjoy the view more because you see the reflections of the lights falling on the sea, the houses lit up and you appreciate the purchasing power of the people in each place. Good Italian cuisine is fantastic, pizza and pasta are on another level, so you have to visit Capri and discover all the good things they have for you.