When I traveled to France I realized that it is mostly visited by Spaniards, the proximity between countries makes this possible, but I discovered that this country goes beyond Paris and has a lot to offer locals and tourists. I can define Paris as the capital of love and fashion, this point of the world is the city that registers the highest number of visitors. Writers, philosophers and painters choose Paris to unleash their creativity.

  A fact that seemed super curious to me is that most French people greet each other by giving each other two kisses on the cheek, in some regions they can give up to five kisses. France is one of the largest countries in Europe, There are many reasons why many people enjoy visiting the country, such as the natural beauty, the wonderful climate, the outdoor recreational activities such as golf courses, museums, galleries of art and much more.

  The iconic Eiffel Tower, 324 meters high, is the most visited point in Paris and it is not for less because it is renowned worldwide. Here there are also other architectural works such as the Arc de Triomphe, which is also very visited. The speed and ease with which we can travel to France with high-speed trains has made it a perfect destination to spend a few days and disconnect from routine life, France, Spain, and Portugal are very close, which facilitates their connection. Another outstanding aspect of France is its gastronomy, which is well known worldwide.

  Upon arrival at the airport, a Pierre was waiting for me, an expert guide to take me to my initial destination, during the tour we talked and he told me that we were very close to the Sainte Anne Church, he asked me if I wanted to stop for a moment and of course I agreed.

  Upon arrival we took a tour of the Sainte Anne Church, its construction is due to the fact that people wanted a place to thank God for having saved them from the plague. Getting to this temple was wonderful because it is located at the top of the city and the view from here is unprecedented. I was able to admire the people walking, they looked like ants, the houses, the entire movement of that area of France.

  I took out my phone and captured some images of the entire Gulf of Sr Tropez and its surroundings. I took advantage of the moment that I was near this church and I thanked God for all his goodness, for his love and for giving me the opportunity to have come all the way there to thank him.

And immediately we continued with the tour and I went to this beach club that I had previously booked, with the help of my travel APP that never leaves me, I found this place and I liked what I saw so much that I did not hesitate to have a good time here.

  A few meters from the sea is La Réserve À la Plage and for me, eating there with that bright and serene blue sea was something wonderful, I felt happy and relaxed at all times.

  A very refined site built with wooden bases that support the weight of the roof built with this same type of material. Striking decorations hang from the ceiling that are just at the height of each table. Made with palm tree threads, they are beautiful lamps that illuminate the place at nightfall.

  The tables are made of wood and look very elegant. I found the duality of the seats interesting because on one side of the table you will have a chair and on the other end a large piece of furniture with cushions if you want to be more comfortable.

  At the time of the meal I requested that they bring me Rigatoni à la truffe noire Black, before eating I left my belongings in a locker with a digital code for a USB socket, I used this without additional service charge. The food left me satisfied and I took my sunglasses to go to one of the loungers, so I rested the food in front of the sea and had a cocktail. Private parties and events are also organized on this site.

  That night coincided with a war of exclusive international DJs, which even had a red carpet. Needless to say, I stayed to enjoy it, it was a pretty cool and nice party after having a few drinks at the bar and meeting some interesting people, with spectacular music at full volume, we ended up dancing near this beach and uncovering a great champagne. It’s amazing how great I had it, the attention is incredible, the place is a mixture of sobriety and freshness, the cocktails and sandwiches simply enchanted me.

  I had already agreed with Pierre, to pick me up and take me to my new lodging place, only when I arrived I fell in love with this place, the facade is too beautiful. It stands out for its nude color, floor carved in the same color, discreet minimalist lamps that show you the way to the entrance of the place. The roof has an eye-catching shape, it is sloped to the sky and it looks very luxurious.

  There are also many green areas, some planted directly in the ground and others in pots, but they look incredible at the entrance of the hotel complex. Upon entering the first thing I saw was the sea, from the door the view is amazing.

  I was received by the hotel staff, they confirmed my reservation, the process was very fast and they took me to the room with my bags. The room had glass windows to see the beach, a terrace with a table, a very beautiful bed and some furniture. I felt very comfortable being in that room.

  I left my things there, drank water, changed, put on a bathing suit and went to the loungers, so I would rest from the journey for a few minutes and then I jumped into the pool to take a bath.

   I went back to the room, I got into the bathtub to get the water out and I enjoyed it because it is beautiful, perfectly decorated in white and with the scented candles it looked amazing. I went down to the restaurant area, I ordered a pizza and a soft drink for lunch, I wanted to taste the taste of France and particularly of this area, it was quite nice.

  Every day I got to know more and more of the benefits of this place, one of those days I came across the SPA, I took the opportunity to give myself a relaxing massage, which helped me recharge my batteries and restore my skin. During my stay at the hotel, every morning I took a trip to the beach to take a bath and after consulting with the hotel manager, he recommended that I visit Plage de I’Escalet.

  In a hotel car I went to this beach and the trip lasted only five minutes, it was quite fast to be honest. Walking and talking is also short.

  A serene but cold beach, even so I threw myself into its waters and enjoyed the sea. There was a large presence of people there enjoying themselves, sunbathing and bathing, they enjoyed it as much as I did.

  I liked the great green mountain range that surrounds the place, some parts of the beach have rocks, I used them to sunbathe. Beyond the limit for bathing in the sea I could see luxurious yachts and boats that were parked there, some had parties with music at full volume.

  The hotel manager recommended me to eat ratatouille before leaving France because this is one of the traditional dishes of this country and knowing it, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity because it alludes to the famous movie of the same name.

  That’s how I came straight to La Kikouiou after talking one night with the manager while he was staying at La Reserve.

  This is a stew that comes from the Provence region and is one of the most delicious in all of France, this information was provided by the local chef. But what does this dish that both French and tourists love, is simple and the answer will surprise you.

  Vegetables, eggplant, pumpkin, tomato, onion and peppers, all seasoned with a delicious touch of garlic, herbs and olive oil that leaves an aroma in the environment and will whet your appetite.

  About the place I must say that its decoration is in dark wood and has large windows that allow you to see the hectares of a field located on the same land. The sunsets are impressive from here, despite not being in the heights you will enjoy them as if you were on top of a mountain. There are also live shows and performances by renowned singers in France, some of whom have come from the most-watched TV show The Voice.

   After several days of enjoyment at the hotel, I decided to explore Ramatuelle a little, I was able to find many curious and quite striking places to visit, so I put the location in my travel APP and again I let it guide me.

  I am a wine lover and this tour suited me like a glove, it is a tour that lasts an hour and a half, there are a maximum of 8 people and you will be accompanied by an expert throughout the tour.

  When we arrived at the vineyard they gave us a glass of wine and I must say that blessed be the hands of those who prepared it because it was delicious, its flavor was from another world.

  We toured the place on horseback, from there I was able to admire the famous Pampelonne beach, feeling the aroma of the vineyards was incredible. The horses were very kind to us and well behaved throughout the trip.

  I liked this tour because I was able to learn about the vineyards, plantations, plant care, temperatures, irrigation, soil quality and we saw the preparation process, in addition to participating in the creation of a wine that we baptized Tour.

  To be honest, it turned out quite well for us and received good reviews from experts in the field.

  This tour left me pleasantly surprised because without knowing it I was participating in a Kayak competition on Pampelonne beach, at the time of making the reservation they included me in the list. The organizers wanted a surprise competition to break the mold and do something different beyond living the experience for pleasure.

  The beach is beautiful, many luxury yachts rest in the sea and they look amazing. We were 15 people who would dispute the competition in the cold sea, I was very excited about this new experience.

  The award to the winner would be a plaque and medal. First, second and third place would be awarded, so the fight would be close. Upon hearing the initial whistle we gave ourselves over to the competition and after all my effort I reached second place, it was not easy but I did it, I felt very motivated.

  This interesting mill has a very particular history because it was built in wood to process wheat, its owners were a wealthy family and it bears the name of Jean – Baptiste – Paillas, the first miller in the area.

  After searching and searching, they found the ideal site at the top of this mountain range, a wide and clear site, whipped by the winds. This interesting mill is a heritage of Ramatuelle.

  There were five mills, almost all in ruins and the one that was restored at the beginning of the year 2000 was this one and now it has become a tourist attraction.

  From here I was able to contemplate the sea, the village that is located in the lower part of this high mountain range, I could feel the strong wind and learn about the history of this wonderful place.

  When I was almost out of Ramatuelle, my body was already asking for a bit of nightlife, so I ventured to locate the best places, this time I consulted Pierre who kindly took me to all the best and most outstanding party places.

  The ideal place to relax and just enjoy an exquisite glass of red wine, because the luxury and glamor that this place offers is unique. Excellent food, first class service and ideal facilities to spend a pleasant moment.

  This is a farm, the entrance has two impressive columns, in the distance I could make out the name of the place and see how huge it is. Being here while enjoying the vineyards is a good experience.

  From 1907 was the wine that they gave me as a courtesy of the house, its flavor was unbeatable and I thanked them for such a nice gesture. At lunchtime I ordered a tapa of truffled ham, Iberian chorizo, Speck Leoncini, black mountain bacon, herb ham, goose rillettes. I then ordered a cooked artichoke, homemade vinaigrette.

  I had never eaten in a vineyard and believe me, I would repeat this experience a thousand times more if necessary.

  Pollo a la Vasca was the main dish I ate at Le Tiki Club, the attention was incredible and you can enjoy it in an outdoor environment.

  While I ate on the platform there was a live music group, everything looked well decorated, curtains, lights and the best energy to surprise visitors.

  The group had a certain Latin influence because the music was danceable.

  After a moment, people got up from the table and formed dance partners, others simply admired and had a drink or ate a dish.

  I liked this open-air site because it allowed me to see the sea, hear its sound, feel that cold breeze that drags and contemplate the houses located in the mountain range near the sea.

  The place is quite elegant, I like high luxury things. Quite fine tables and olive green furniture captivated me, it was love at first sight when stepping on the premises.

  After eating, trying the dessert and tasting a delicious drink, I ordered a cocktail to enjoy the colorful show offered by the dancers of the place, very much in the indigenous style, they looked beautiful when dancing and captivating the public with their acts.

  The musical atmosphere is very good, ideal for dancing, singing, jumping and enjoying the best songs of the moment.

  The attention they gave me was masterful, but impossible to forget when the chef approached me to ask if he had enjoyed the food.

  I got up from my chair, shook his hand, hugged him and thanked him for such a sublime preparation.

  If you come to France this is a mandatory stop, you will not regret it.

  France is more than fashion, for me it does not have the capital of love, for me all of France represents love in its broadest expression because the French were so kind and warm to me, it is something I will never forget. I was taken away by the pleasant taste of their cuisine, I was left with the effort and commitment they put into making each dish the best and staying as the best in the world. His wines are one of the best in the world, the vineyards are worked with love and that shows here, I admire his dedication and commitment when he gets up every day.