I am pleased to greet you once again, I will tell you about the magical experience I lived on the island of Bali in Indonesia, but first I want to thank you for your loyalty and company during my adventures in this wonderful blog that has led me to visit places that I always imagined know.
   In paradise Indonesia is the province of Bali, a place that is home to the Island of Bali, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningal. If we locate the cardinal points, Bali is located in the western part of the smaller Sunda islands, along with Java to the west and Lombok to the east.

Bali stands firmly in the long list of islands on a world scale and is positioned as one of the most chosen by locals and tourists due to its delicate arts, which include dances, sculptures, paintings, goldsmithing, leatherwork and a particular and characteristic musical style that is especially interpreted in the gamelán.I loved being here, and although I have not said it before, I confess that I am a lover of the arts and I have a large collection in my home, as well as impressive paintings that I have acquired in my travels. Like all women, I fell in love with the local goldsmith and bought several clothes that I wore in Bali and on my return home. The musical style is fascinating, I was able to dance with another tourist, a brunette from Trinidad and Tobago, with whom I immediately connected because we have the same interests, we danced for a long time, we shared our life stories and the beautiful connection we feel from travel.
 The Gamelán is an instrumental ensemble characteristic of Indonesia, especially of the islands of Java and Bali, where it is closely related to rituals and religious ceremonies. Jason, my Trinidadian friend that I mentioned earlier, accompanied me to a beautiful religious ceremony very characteristic on the island and at the moment we started we felt the magical connection when we left this plane to find ourselves in another point of this immense universe. Although for many Bali can only function as an open door to tourism, the reality is different because in addition to receiving tourists, it also functions as a port of export and a meeting point for fashion, jewelry, footwear, furniture or decoration wholesalers from around the world.
During my time at the export dock, I was impressed with the large ships that transport merchandise to other countries. Here I took a photo session and learned about this wonderful process of providing high-quality products to other continents. While passing through the port, you can meet Joseph, an experienced ship captain who has been in the crew for nearly 25 years. He told me about the great adventures that he has lived through the rough sea and the challenges that it has represented for him to be far from his greatest affections. Once the massive purchase is made here, the export to hundreds of countries of origin originates, another important characteristic of Bali is that like Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, they have opened their doors to celebrate the 2013 edition of the prestigious beauty pageant Miss World, a contest with great acceptance in this continent and that promotes social causes and beauty. Bali is made up of an extensive mountain range that extends and full of splendor with its color seeing the entire area from east to west. The wonder is this island that is completely surrounded by coral reefs. To the south the beaches are entirely white sand, while to the north the sand is black, a particular curiosity of this area. All these characteristics of Bali, make the place an earthly paradise preferred by many to live and vacation.

  After arriving on the island and getting to know different places I insisted on looking for the best place, to relax, have a drink, eat delicious and have the best time on the seashore and after so much researching all the references they guided me to La Brisa. La Brisa Bali Beach Club is more than a place to spend a pleasant moment, this impressive place has a story and I assure you that when you meet it you will fall in love, as much or more than I do.

  When I looked at it for the first time, my eyes were filled with brilliance by the beautiful structure and decoration made from the wood of ancient ships and subtly decorated by hand, in order to transform it into the most ecological and sustainable place on the island that radiates a true Balinese character.
  Admiring each point of the place I was able to take several references to apply them in the future in myself and thus take part of Indonesia to my most precious places.
  After a tour of the whole place and admiring all the decorative appliques, my appetite was whetted and I did not hesitate to taste the specialty of the house, a good seafood dish that invaded my palate and made me feel fully.

  It is not every day that you wake up in Bali, much less have the immense pleasure of tasting the wide variety of dishes that are prepared here. For that reason, I did not hesitate to eat until I was satisfied and I ate a large Sevillian dish made from fried squid in the Spanish style, tartar sauce, pickles and fried onions.  The best moment of the meal was being able to share a table with different tourists, next to me was a girl from Venezuela, she was in the same search as me, to know the world.

  We both ate a plate of spicy potatoes, while we tasted the exquisite dish. Carla shared with me the harsh situation in her devastated country and how difficult it is for low-income people to stay on their feet. It was difficult not to be moved by the situation of millions of people, that is why I took his hand and led him to the sea to raise a prayer for the peace and well-being that Venezuelans need so much.
Although the experience was difficult, I am grateful for her because she allowed me to connect with them and feel for a moment what hundreds of hearts feel.

  Although I did not stay at La Brisa Beach Club, I was able to find a good hotel option to stay and the site chosen was Meliá Bali, what a pleasant sensation I felt when stepping on this place. Located on the shores of Nusa Dua, it is a unique beachfront sanctuary resort of exotic beauty and comfort for a dream vacation. With sprawling hillsides lined with lush tropical gardens and a huge lagoon-style pool rippling through the perimeter.
  And it is that after a long day of excursion what one wants the most is to rest comfortably. I was greeted by the incredible staff who work here, upon entering they helped me with my luggage and took it to my room. I enjoyed a great shower and when I got out I could feel the soft sensation of the bed and in a matter of minutes I fell exhausted, in the arms of Morpheus until the next morning. 

The next day I went to the restaurant of the place and I was able to eat a delicious seafood dish, I am a fan of them and more in this type of trip. There I met Jason again, we shared the table and he told me about his experiences in Bali and how well he was having and that he was going out of Bali to another part of Indonesia. I loved it and caught their private beach and pool area and where I was able to enjoy their private lounge, at complimentary tea time, until nightfall and try all their exotic nighttime cocktails under the light of the stars and with nice music from background, an unforgettable night.

   His views of the turquoise blue sea, guided me to book an afternoon at the SPA and enjoy a wide range of treatments, massages and facials at the YHI Spa, my body and mind thanked me, they helped restore balance.  In addition to all the magic of the facilities, I found a wide selection of cultural programs and enriching experiences unique to this place. I was not disappointed by the hotel, the perspectives I had before going were fulfilled so I recommend it without any doubt. The space and the atmosphere are the best and the quality of the services and the food are up to par.

When I thought that the adventure in Bali was over or was about to end, I met Camilo, a waiter of Latin origin who works in this hotel insisted that before leaving Indonesia, it was necessary for me to take an elephant ride. Surprised and with a great laugh I said no, that I was terrified of these huge elephants, but his insistence was so great that I agreed and I must thank Camilo for insisting, thanks to him I was able to connect with the universe once again. I visited The Bali Elephant Camp located in Taro next to the sacred Ayung River.

You arrive at the elephant camp in Bali and while waiting for my turn to mount them. I was able to taste delicious chocolates from the area that made my wait pleasant. When my turn came I climbed on a wooden platform where my elephant arrived with his mounted driver, he has a comfortable teak chair on his back where I could accommodate myself to start the walk. Although I was afraid to be sitting on his back, I love elephants, I have always thought that they are noble creatures, I took advantage and lived the experience to the fullest and I was able to learn about the life of these beautiful pachyderms along the beautiful path. 

About halfway through the tour we passed a small lake and it was fun to see the spectacle that elephants show as they throw water from their trunks. The entire tour lasts approximately 30 minutes that seem eternal, where I could also admire monkeys and birds of the place. At the end of the tour I was able to feed and caress the Balinese elephant and take snapshots to remember.
  In addition to spending great days at the beach, during my stay in Bali I also wanted to get to know a new culture, try new flavors, discover exceptional landscapes, finally discover another world. In my search for activities to do, I found that Bali offers all kinds of water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, rafting … It is because of all this that you cannot hesitate another minute and I launched into a great experience.
  I went to visit Pura Besakih, made up of 22 religious temples. Chief among them is the Pura Penataran Agung, an extensive shrine with different areas representing the seven layers of the universe. At the top of the Mother Temple, a darkened stone temple that offers wonderful views of the complex.
 Rafting is a sport widely practiced in Indonesia. This experience made me feel my adrenaline rush, I was able to scream, test my resistance and laugh out of my nerves. After so much adrenaline, I started my tour and visit its towns and cities, from the most populated and busy cities to the most rural towns, where it seems that time stopped, now I think it was the best way to get to know the Fantastic Indonesian island of Bali.
  The next day I ventured to enjoy the route through the most beautiful lakes on the island: Lake Bratan, Tamblingan, Buyan and Batur, where I was able to bathe in its calm waters and contact with nature filled with calm and peace. my mind and my being.
  And to end this tour of the traditions of Bali, I went to see its rice fields. In all the famous images of this island you can admire its ancient rice fields, here the green acquires a unique and indescribable color. The best I managed to visit were the Jatiluwih rice fields and the Tegalalang rice fields. The views of the landscape and its surroundings are captivating, be sure to visit at least one of these places when you visit the island.
   During my stay at La Brisa I met Carla the nice Venezuelan girl and we agreed together to go out to see the nightlife of Bali. This begins with the sunset in the beach bars. As the night progresses, the party moves to the island’s clubs, discos and bars. We found out that Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Ubud are the best places in Bali to party. In general, you can enter for free in almost all places, many offer offers as long as the clientele decides to stay during their night tour. Being there we get all kinds of environments and music, for example, dancing outdoors at beach parties that never stop their activity.

  We donned our best party finery and went to one of Bali’s most popular clubs, Club Jenja, upon entering the club, you are immediately transported to a realm of party, accented by elegant decor including a mosaic of dragon scale motifs, first-rate music from the best DJs in the area and the best exotic fruit cocktails the island has to offer. Here we warm up our engines by dancing a bit and then visiting a new place.

   Our second stop of the night was La Favela, this place is a must in Bali’s nightlife. Modeled to resemble a Brazilian favela, the interior comes equipped with gardens, artificial waterfalls and ponds, outdoor tables and chairs, and many more, captivating our attention with their comfort. Here we enjoy until dawn dancing to the rhythm of music and an exquisite champagne.

  As Carla and I were enchanted by the wonders that nights in Bali offer, we decided to launch together on my last night of adventure in Bali. We went to the Sky Garden known for its crazy parties, here the best and best-known DJs are presented worldwide and during the night it presents a variety of regional and international acts that serve as the central entertainment of the place, to close my stay in Bali this was a quality experience in the ideal location.

   Bali is an island of overflowing natural landscapes. Wherever the green color acquires a range of radian hues. A little corner of Indonesia where there are almost more temples than houses and its people are always ready to welcome you with a smile. I recommend you add La Brisa to your bucket list, it is the perfect beach club for a lazy day, it is one of the famous ones in Echo beach Canggu, it offers an incredible sunset, a view of the waves and the surfers entering you They will keep you mesmerized in an island trance, an experience that you have to live first hand. What did you think of my experience in Bali? Thank you for coming to the end and I take the moment to ask you to close your eyes and imagine and feel each moment related.
   Enjoy your vacation by visiting Bali has www.amazingbeachcubs.com helps you plan the trip in the best possible way, so that you save the most while enjoying the exoticism of the island without worries. Feel it as much or more than me, live it as if it were yours, see you in the next installment.