Larnaca is colloquially known as Skala , which means ladder, referring to the city’s status in history as a major port. Palm trees line the waterfront promenade in the historic city of Larnaca. Visit this seaside township known for its enchanting views and ruins from past dynasties.

Larnaca is a port city located on the southern coast of Cyprus. It is known for Finikoudes Beach , a strip of sand in the center of the city bounded by a palm-lined promenade. Bustling bars dot the waterfront at Mackenzie Beach. Just offshore, the wreck of the MS Zenobia is a popular dive site.

To the west of the city, visit the Larnaca Aqueduct, a wonder of Ottoman ingenuity that supplied water from a spring and the river for centuries. Its colossal arches and columns stretch for miles.

Visit the historic center of the city and discover ancient gems, such as the Larnaca Fort. Its museum explains the function that the castle used to have as a place of execution. Next door, you can find the Church of Lazarus, a spiritual center from the 9th century where the tomb of a biblical character is said to be located.

Head to Finikoudes Beach , the most popular in the city, and stroll along the coast. Continue to the northern end of the beach, where you will find the Port of Larnaca and you can snorkel among the remains of a shipwreck.


Whether you want to relax in the sun while sipping a cocktail, sample freshly cooked seafood while listening to the waves, or enjoy sunset views over the Mediterranean, there are plenty of beach club options dotting the coastline here.

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One of the best places is Kaliva On the Beach. This elegant beach club is located on the white sands of Pantachou Beach, one of the best beaches in Europe, just a short walk from the bustling city center. It’s hard to find a more relaxing place to recover from the night before.

This is not a tacky beach shack. Kaliva On The Beach has a chic interior with bohemian features and subtle color schemes. Expect lots of wooden tables under a beige cotton canvas and wicker lamps.

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It’s the kind of place you see in the background of Instagram influencer snaps , so get that designer bikini top ready, complementing the clubbing experience with resident and guest DJs playing a collective mix of Balearic and mainstream sounds !

With each trip to different destinations, the main thing is to find a good place to stay, which is why it is always better to consult forums or votes on the networks about the favorites of visitors. In the case of Larnaca, The Golden Bay Beach Hotel, had an excellent score, thus positioning the rating of this hotel with 4.8 points out of 5. This is thanks to its excellent attention, quality and good service offered to users who come up here to enjoy an unforgettable moment.


Housed in a bright building surrounded by palm trees, this luxurious beachfront hotel is 10 km from Larnaka Castle and the archaeological exhibits of the Pierides Museum .

According to comments from tourists who have stayed here, they state that the location of this hotel is excellent because it is close to many points of interest to visit, shortening distances and time.

Modern, stylish rooms offer free Wi -Fi, flat-screen TVs, and minibars , along with tea- and coffee-making facilities. They all have a balcony or sea view. The suites include a visiting area, a living room or a terrace with a bathtub. Regarding the rooms, they indicate that they are Extraordinary, the beds are very large and comfortable, the bathroom has not been to the liking of many due to its size, but beyond this Cala in the acceptance of the users.

Services include 4 international restaurants and 3 bars, including a buffet restaurant and a pool bar. There’s also a chic spa, indoor and outdoor pools, plus a fitness center, tennis courts, and a game room. The private beach area has sun loungers and umbrellas.

Some user comments point out that the price is very high for what they offer, others highlight that it is worth the value to enjoy here.

Speaking a little about the tourist alternatives in Larnaca , it is good to point out that it is emerging as one of the best tourist options and its streets mostly reflect the presence of tourist attractions, an experience of height that changed the way I see the world.

The Church of Saint Lazarus, is a late 9th century church in Larnaca. It belongs to the Cypriot Orthodox Church, autocephalous church of the Greek Orthodox Church. The church of San Lázaro, dating from the 9th century, houses the tomb of the saint who is said to have risen from the dead.

According to Orthodox tradition, sometime after the Resurrection of Christ, Lazarus was forced to flee Judea and take refuge in Cyprus. There he was appointed as the first Bishop of Larnaca. It is said that he lived for thirty more years and at his death he was buried for the second and last time where the current Church of San Lázaro is located.


The church is an elongated building, with a tripartite sanctuary, the interior structure of the church is divided into three naves with double bulky pillars. It is a Byzantine, Gothic, Baroque and Rococo style church. Historically the Church of Saint Lazarus has been one of the main places of Christian worship in Cyprus.

4.7 points out of 5 is the position of this church, being ratified by tourists who only leave the best impressions about their experience here. Some say that this is a beautiful monastery, others highlight the mosaics, and one group says that the staff are friendly and instructive. Cultures are fascinating in the way they merge to offer you a sublime experience.

A prominent place in the region is the Larnaca Salt Lake, a large mirror of water populated by flamingos. In the summer, the water evaporates and the surface resembles the moon. By the lake, you can find Hala Sultan Tekke , a religious complex that accepts devotees of all faiths. Explore the site to learn about its importance in Islamic history.


Simply amazing , great wreck with a lot to see inside and outside the ship. In addition to the big wreck there are different types of fish. We saw groupers, lion fish and some unidentified fish.

MS Zenobia was a ferry that capsized and sank on its maiden voyage in the Mediterranean Sea near Larnaca , Cyprus in June 1980 and was named one of the world’s top ten dive sites.

Wreck is in good shape, but has been colonized by sea urchins, sponges, all kinds of fish, and the visibility is impressive.

All the tourists who have passed through here recommend doing this tour, the very professional attention, excellent for anyone who wants to dive, Zenobia is an ideal tour.

Located to the west of the city is a complex network of four salt lakes of varying sizes. The largest lake is Aliki Lake followed by Orphani Lake, Soros Lake and Spiro Lake . They form the second largest salt lake in Cyprus after the Limassol Salt Lake .

The total area of the lakes adds 2.2 km and being right in front of the road that leads to Larnaca International Airport is one of the most notable landmarks in the area. It is considered one of the most important wetlands in Cyprus and has been declared a Ramsar site , and an important area for birds.

It is surrounded by a halophytic shrubby area and behind it is the Hala Sultan Tekke , one of the holiest shrines within Ottoman Islam. Houses tomb of Umm Haram , wet nurse of Muhammad. 

Along with its picturesque beauty, the lake is home to 85 species of waterfowl, with populations, it is one of the most important stopover places for migration through Cyprus.

Enjoy this experience, you will share with a fantastic group that will guide you at all times and instruct you on the flora and fauna, type of species, types of flowers and everything will be possible in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

When visiting and getting to know Larnaca and its historical places, you will also find many restaurants and picturesque alleys near the lively Plaza de Europa, and then go on to enjoy the nightlife that everyone likes, there are countless exclusive places for all tastes.

At Savino Rock Bar it is known for its menu of more than 100 types of beers including a wide selection of craft beers and more than 300 types of spirits available. Open 365 days a year and during the winter months, the outdoor area is covered and heated.

Savino is famous for its popular acoustic nights, a lot of rock that all customers like and really enjoy the diversity of musical mixes. Savino Rock Bar is one of Larnaca ‘s oldest bars , combining space, drinks and music, but it’s the guests who make it one of everyone’s favourites.

What a good atmosphere that is lived here, the music is spectacular, the attention to the drinks, the space to enjoy and dance has no comparison, what good places there are in Larnaca.

At the bar they welcome you with shots of tequila to warm up, to live the moment with intensity and enjoy it to the fullest. Then, between beers and cocktails, they live the experience to the fullest, the costs are affordable, the attention and the place in general is worth visiting. The site votes point out, its decoration, the atmosphere and the good vibes that they print to have the best time.


All the comments agree that this place is one of the best in the place, at night time, places like this, where you can enjoy shows in a calm way and admire the talent of the people who have these wonderful gifts.

The swaying of palm trees and the promise of a seaside promenade draw laid-back crowds to Larnaca, making it a must-see for visitors to Cyprus. Beyond the coast; sidewalk cafes, markets and shops give this port city a lively local feel.

Larnaca is said to be the oldest city in the country, with 6,000 years of fascinating stories to tell. The city has hot, dry summers and mild winters. The locals speak Greek, but in many places English is also spoken.