Lying on my white divan with a glass of white wine that I packed in my luggage just when I saw one of the best views in the Greek islands, I patiently wait for my crazy cousin Abril, a forty-something with thousands of home stories that after 25 years of being married to Robert, a super handsome Puerto Rican, she realized that her youngest son was dating his stepsister in high school because Robert already had a parallel family for more than a decade, it turns out that my cousin April is one of those women who when signing the divorce feel like exploring the world to find the freedom they did not feel while they were married, unlike women like us who just close our eyes and take a sip of wine we know what our next destination is.

  I proposed April to visit a place that will make her experience the emotions she is looking for and will also help her with this new process of seeking fulfillment and rediscovering herself, going to the center of her inner self and taking that free and independent woman, owner of his destiny which has been trapped for a long time; April was not long in coming, I got up and received her and immediately showed her the tickets to our new destination, the best of the Riviera Maya, Tulum, a Mayan paradise that we will enjoy until we can’t.

I got up very early, Amanda, the beautiful Colombian girl who has been helping me with the housework for more than a decade, prepared us a delicious American breakfast, one of those typical of Los Angeles where I live for now, to which we agreed without hesitation after a long night where April expressed to me between laughter, tears and how hard it was to accept that Robert had another family and she had only spent part of her life; we get ready and leave for the airport from there we will take a flight to our beautiful destination.

Despite being a few tiring hours on a flight with April, we set foot on warm Mexican lands. The Yucatan Peninsula presumes us to be one of the safest tourist destinations in Mexico thanks to its development model which is based on ecotourism and the enormous variety of destinations.

Going to Playa del Carmen, we arrive at the «wall city» that is what Tulum means in Mayan, its name, according to locals, is due to the numerous records in murals and other works found in the buildings of the city, it is considered that Tulum was an important cult center for the so-called «descending god».
As Tulum has two basic areas: Tulum town and Tulum beach where our destination Playa del Carmen is located, we decided to first visit the town that is inland about 5 km from the beach, near its main avenue with a lot of noise and accommodation. more economical.

  It’s not particularly picturesque. So we made a better decision, the one that responded to our adventurous desire and if it is accompanied by beauty it is the perfect option, so we went to Tulum beach, an imposing place with the best hotels, shops and restaurants and with wonderful destinations such as Laguna Bacalar, Punta Laguna, Maya Kaan.

  April and I were touring various areas of this beautiful place, but our stomach was already claiming that’s how we went to Las Hijas Beach Club, a beach club that completely evolved the experience of being among the immensity of nature, the sea and the spectacle musical, come together and to show it from its exquisite gastronomy full of fresh, natural and delicious flavors, together with our experts in mixology, which is the art of cocktails that consists of a mixture of aromas, colors, flavors and textures, which They make the perfect complement.
  More than a beach club, we do not feel in a space where fun and creativity abound. April and I live unforgettable moments at Las Hijas Beach Club, which has different separate areas within the club providing an experience for all tastes. Resting on a cot, April did not stop talking to me about her expectations of life after this trip, it is that there enjoying the sun and the sound of the waves she confessed to me that she even feels envy of my carefree life, but I think it is part of her spite and the consequences of drinks on the seafront.
  Tired of listening to April’s songs for her lost love, I took her by the hand and we went up to the beautiful terrace with a beautiful 360 degree view, from the «sky bar» where dancing begins to see life differently near the sea. 

  Somewhat tired and with cocktails on our minds, we went to rest at one of the options that I had already prepared with a reservation from Los Angeles, an ideal place for what we needed. April and I, 500 meters from Playa del Carmen, We settled in the Serenity Hotel Boutique, a super chic place with very comfortable and comfortable rooms where they treated us like queens.
  The next day we enjoyed an exquisite breakfast and then we went to his Kool Beach Club, a rather fun little place near the beach with exquisite music and food. I loved the Serenity Hotel Boutique because it contains everything that I love about fun, spirituality and adventure under a modern style where we feel at home. I loved that this hotel is in the heart of Playa del Carmen, access is super easy to shopping centers, the marina and beaches.

  We went on an expedition in Tulum, to that meeting with that spiritual part that both Abril and I were talking about, we took a tour to a place that in Maya is called «chopped water» but is titled as COBA, this name is attributed to it. since it is located near 5 lakes; which facilitated this city to prosper.  

   We had an incredible time, our guide, a middle-aged Caucasian man from these prodigious lands, told us a rich and extensive history of these powerful vestiges that are believed to have spiritual properties such as healing and revitalizing the body, mind and spirit, he did not lie because each passing through these ruins in the middle of the jungle make you feel that you are facing an archaeological adventure, in addition to the fact that this city also has one of the largest productions of stelae in the region, which are believed to be monuments that documented the life of the monarchs.

Finally, April and I enjoyed a beautiful sunset from the top of the ruins that brought requests for a better and healthier emotional life, however while April made her requests I prayed to the Sun God to bless our paths, not give the opportunity to continue strengthening our ties as a family and we could live this beautiful journey called life.

A hidden gem within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve to which we were enchanted, we were also in Sian Ka’an, a nature reserve considered a world heritage site, we caved in the Dos Ojos Cenote, swam in the Gran Cenote and we enter the beautiful Xcacel Beach is one of the secrets of Tulum.
It is a beach where human intervention is kept to a minimum and where you can admire sea turtles. This getaway was great, April and I were exhausted but eager for more, we returned to the hotel to clean up and eat, while a beautiful sunset adorned the sky.

We took advantage of the fact that we were in Tulum and accepted the invitation of one of the hikers who accompanied us during the day and we went to the most famous place in Tulum.

Located right at the beginning of the hotel strip, this place is fascinating we loved its delicious restaurant, rustic architecture; but of all the best was the full moon party, where we had an amazing time among models, artists and fashion tourists, we felt like we were in the Mexican top, we danced until dawn to the rhythm of a renowned guest DJ.

The next day between contagious rhythms our desire to continue the night adventure through Playa del Carmen and Tulum we went to Curandero we fell in love with its bar-hoppers style of ethical mentality with a decoration made entirely of recycled products and who believe in reducing the consumption of natural resources, a different and unique setting where we dance and enjoy the excellent local talents that cover genres from afro to lounge and even acid, jazz and funk. This is the place we loved its positive and energizing vibe.

It was time for us to return home, but not before saying goodbye to this beautiful Riviera Maya that gave us a lot and which we thoroughly enjoyed, I tell April that my adventure does not stop so I reiterate my invitation to her now you who read me to a new and fun adventure to a wonderful place that we will discover together.