Hello girl, how are you? We find ourselves in this new opportunity to continue touring the world and learn about its wonders. I tell you that one morning I received a fantastic call, it was from my appreciated and beloved grandfather. For many years we had lost communication due to family problems, however, suddenly my phone rang and when I answered his peculiar voice saying «Lucy, dear granddaughter» it was recognizable. A moment so surprising that the first thing I did was start crying for all the memories that came to mind, without a doubt my grandfather has been a fundamental piece in my life.

  My grandfather emigrated to Italy four years ago, and since then I didn’t know anything about him, in that call I talked for a long time with my great grandfather, who comforted my soul. After so many stories and jokes, he told me to travel to Italy to meet again, hug each other enormously and spend a few days on vacation, of course I did not hesitate, firstly to make that meeting possible after so long and secondly because it would be a new experience of my fabulous trips. My response was immediate and I told him «Of course, grandfather, of course, I’ll get the travel ticket from now on» and that’s how it was, days later I scheduled the date of the flight and left on a Friday night.

  My grandfather lives in Florence, however, he told me that he wanted to visit the capital called Tuscany, he told me that it was a wonderful place to share, I immediately began to investigate to know what my next destination would be, and without a doubt it was a great choice for my grandfather. Tuscany is a region in central Italy. It houses some of the most recognizable works of Renaissance art and architecture, including Michelangelo’s statue of «David», works by Botticelli in the Uffizi Gallery, and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Flor. Its varied natural landscape encompasses the rugged Apennine mountains, the beaches of Elba Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the olive groves and vineyards of Chianti. It is considered the birthplace of and has been home to many influential figures in the history of art and science, and contains well-known museums.

  The climate is quite mild in the coastal areas, and it is harsher and rainier inland, with considerable temperature fluctuations between winter and summer. The plane landed at the airport and my emotion did not fit in the soul, while I was in the waiting room I immediately called my grandfather to pick me up.

  Ten minutes later my great grandfather arrived, I had my back turned and suddenly I heard «Lucy, Lucy, here is your grandfather» I quickly turned around and did not hesitate for a second to run to give him a big hug, it was such a nice moment that the tears were impossible not to spill. We had a lot to talk about and forgive each other, however my grandfather told me «There will be time to talk daughter, for now we are going to enjoy» It made me laugh so much because he was dressed in shorts and a beach shirt and I told him why he was dressed like that way and her response was «Daughter Lucy, because we are going to enjoy the best beach club in Tuscany, we are going to My Maitó, a place that will surprise you».

  My face did not stop being so surprised and excited to see that great spirit of my grandfather, while we were on the way to Maitó Forte it was a moment to ask ourselves how we were and in turn, to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Tuscany, without a doubt it is a beautiful Province.

  We arrived at Maitó Forte Dei Marmi. A Majestic beach club, it is impressive how every beach club I visit makes me fall in love every time, especially its impressive and beautiful structures.

  This beach club has a colonial and cozy structure, where its palms move nonstop generating a rich and refreshing breeze.

  We entered that fantastic place, its entrance is so wonderful that they welcomed us with some delicious Krumiri cookies, my grandfather told me that they are made of butter and have an unmistakable curved shape and a rough and striated texture, simulating the mustache of Victor Manuel II, first king of unified Italy.

  Before enjoying the facilities of this great beach club, we first wanted to taste a delicious lunch at the beach restaurant. When we sat down at the table, the chef approached us and very kindly asked us what we wanted for lunch and they gave us the menu, without a doubt. they offer unique and unrepeatable gastronomic itineraries in a romantic and chic atmosphere.

  It is a great restaurant, outside, the tables, between dim lights and candles, slide between the wooden cabins and the beach to discover lulled by the murmur of the waves. For lunch my grandfather advised me on the various dishes that are eaten in Italy, he ordered a Caprese salad, made up of canestrino tomato, burrata, Sicilian oregano and basil. However, he recommended me a riviera salad, made up of homemade tuna, assorted salads, boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, edamer and tartar sauce. Without a doubt, a super delicious lunch to start that great tour.

  We could not stop going to the fabulous beach, without a doubt a total relaxation in this exclusive golden coast of Forte dei Marmi, the sunlight, the blue of the sky, the silver reflections of the Mediterranean, are the great show. Seeing my grandfather with that giant smile filled my soul, however, at one point while we looked at the sea, we talked about all the indifferences we had had in previous years, the problems that caused our distance and not maintaining communication, there he told me that he was sick and suffering from cancer, I was so surprised that he told me that, of course I gave him another hug and promised not to separate from him, he also apologized for not being with me in a hard moment of my life as he It was the passing of my beloved husband.

   It was a necessary occasion, to heal our hearts and let off steam, immediately he tells me «Well Lucy, dry your tears and continue enjoying this paradise». After enjoying the beach, we went to the becah club and went to enjoy some dynamic Pilates movement classes taught by qualified monitors at the beach club. They combine the beneficial effects of physical exercise with the feeling of well-being that the sea transmits, accompanied by Some relaxing massages in the Wellness area are services offered by this great place. At sunset we enjoyed how the sun was hidden among the clouds, many tourists were around the beach photographing the moment and enjoying snacks. It was certainly a great welcome to Tuscany.

  After that magnificent day we went to a hotel that my grandfather had already managed the day before, he had everything under control and always so ready.

  We arrived at the Hotel Convento, a very beautiful venue and while they gave us the keys for the rooms I enjoyed the beauty of the city at night through the window, the waiting room has a giant and comfortable sofa.

  The room that corresponded to me had a giant and comfortable bed, in addition to the giant window where the rays of the sun at dawn fully illuminated the room, the black decorations made the room reflect elegance and naturalness.

  After a good rest, I woke up with well-recharged energies to start a wonderful day. I took a shower in the beautiful bathroom that was in my room with a powerful heater, I decided to put on a comfortable outfit for this new day of adventures. My grandfather was already waiting for me at the restaurant for breakfast.

   The Convento hotel restaurant is near the pool and was conducive to tasting a delicious croissant with milk cream accompanied by a rich espresso coffee.  In the morning hours the sun was already a little strong, my grandfather immediately took a dip in the pool and I did not hesitate to accompany him. We stayed in the pool talking and enjoying a delicious grapefruit juice all day, of course with the attention of the waiters who sent us delicious sweets. Without a doubt, it is a beautiful hotel and where tranquility is the protagonist.

  At night we went to the hotel bar, it was a fun night where we danced extraordinarily without forgetting to have a delicious glass of champagne, it was a night where we had a lot of fun and we remember pleasant moments when we shared before.

  Each day that passed was more fascinating and charming, one morning while we were in the hotel lobby enjoying a coffee, my grandfather approached me and told me that he wanted to go to a place to give thanks for this reunion, because spirituality was going very attached to him.

   That is why he had the brilliant idea of ​​going to visit one of the best cathedrals in Italy.

  In this case it was the Duomo cathedral or also known as Duomo Milano, it is an incredible artistic work of Brunelleschi’s dome where we went up to the Palazzo Vecchio, with its imposing tower.

  In addition, I was able to contemplate the interior of the Duomo of Milan is incredibly welcoming. The beautiful and colorful stained glass windows that represent scenes from the Bible are obvious and reflect an ethereal light on the floor of the church.

  Today it is possible to go down the marble staircase to the Treasury of the Cathedral to see and appreciate the Paleo-Christian and Romanesque objects.

  This cathedral has large plates of darkened marble where it is possible to admire its stylized and wide style with long marble columns and carved statues that reach the ceiling. Between these columns are hung large paintings that represent different religious scenes. It is also possible to see the skeletons of different saints dressed in their best clothes. Among the most striking elements are its beautiful stained glass windows and the statue of the Apostle Bartholomew.

  Without a doubt, it was the great special moment of this trip because I was able to connect enormously with spirituality, and as you well know, in these scenarios I remember my beloved husband even more. At one point, my grandfather sat next to me and put his hand on my shoulder and told me «Your beloved husband is proud of you as I am, my dear Lucy»; They were words so comforting that it was impossible not to give her a new hug.

  The experiences in Tuscany did not stop, we set out to enjoy and tour the entire city, since it offered infinite places to visit and without a doubt, spend the day with joy and a giant smile on our faces.

  Arriving at the National Museum of the Bargello is one of the cultural and outstanding centers of the city and very beautiful.

  Its collection of Renaissance sculpture is considered among the most remarkable in the world: it includes masterpieces by Michelangelo, Donatello and other important sculptors, as well as a large collection of applied arts, organized mainly by the type of objects.

  The museum is located in the Bargello Palace, which is also known as the Palazzo del Popolo. It is a great place to learn about Italian history and all its components, it was a place to learn about characters from the country, which was a magnificent experience because I am a history lover.

  We could not leave Tuscany without visiting its beaches. Sansone beach is said to be the wildest and most beloved beach on the north coast of the island for its white sand. Visiting the numerous caves and the different ravines that open along the jagged coast and where they hide among the large rocks that delimit the beach is unparalleled; they are usually natural springboards for younger divers.

  On the right, a rock formation separates Sansone from the sister beach of La Sorgente, while on the left a tall and solitary pile is the undisputed protagonist of acrobatics, but also of selfies and tourist postcards, which immortalize romantic sunsets that really be there they are difficult to forget. Sansone beach is equipped with a small bar, with sun loungers and umbrellas, pedal boat and canoe rental. It is a beautiful beach to share.

  A tower that is more inclined than we thought! And its iconic shape is very striking.

  It is one of the main icons of Italy. Historians say that it was not built crooked, but because of the insufficient 3 meters depth of its foundations, the ground began to give way soon, totally impressive.

  In this tower we were able to observe various paintings that are inside it and also, visualize the city from above, a beautiful and radiant view. Without a doubt, visiting this historic tower completely fascinated me.

  We couldn’t leave Tuscany without enjoying its night spots. My grandfather, despite his age, still had a great joy for parties, he liked to share with young people and hesitate nights at the disco, incredibly his spirit was magnificent.

  So much so, that one night he was the one who invited me to visit a disco near the hotel, obviously I didn’t hesitate and we went that night to party at Vanilla Disco Club. It is a spectacular nightclub where you can’t stop dancing all night, as well as enjoying the VIP area at any time and not forgetting the rich salty appetizers. It was an unforgettable night, my grandfather’s charisma and spontaneity were unique, thanks to his eloquence we met a group of friends who were from Spain and were visiting Italy.

  That night my champagne did not fail and it was the one that accompanied me, my grandfather went for a tequila since it was his favorite. In Vanilla Disco Club you can share wonderfully, it is a nightclub that offers a lot of fun until dawn, the colored lights were fantastic and gave the dance floor that electronic touch. Already in the early hours of the morning a dance music group appeared and it was so pleasant that my grandfather and I did not stop dancing for a second.

  What a wonderful experience! Visiting Tuscany was one of the best destinations I could have known in Italy. In addition to knowing its fantastic places, beaches, extraordinary and historical places, I consider that the reunion with my grandfather was necessary. When I was already preparing for my return home, my grandfather and I gave each other the longest and deepest hug that we could have given each other, it was such a feeling that we did not stop crying, with this I want to tell you that forgiveness will always be important, to Despite the problems that may arise, it is necessary to comfort the soul by forgiving.

  In the end, my grandfather took out of his pocket a cute little memento that said “I visited Toscana – Italy”, which he quietly bought when we were at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I take the best and pleasant memories of this place, visit it because it is wonderful.