I want to highlight again the mix of cultures in this beautiful country and how good its markets are, it is that in them you can get quite good things and at a good price. On each trip I always take a souvenir to decorate my house and to connect me with that place that gave me unique and unforgettable experiences.

  Another of the peculiarities of Indonesia is that they can find you in the most desolate areas of the planet and on some occasions they will have a place, let’s talk about an island for you alone. Bali, also known as «The Island of the Gods», is an island in Indonesia, and although it is often thought that it is a single island, there are actually four: Bali, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembogan and Nusa Ceningan.

  I remind you that in my past trips I had the opportunity to enjoy an island completely alone, in addition to living experiences that marked my life forever. Bali may seem like a small place to travel to, but its importance as a tourist destination is enormous. There are many things to do and visit: large rice plantations, very good spots where you can practice surfing and other water activities, as well as its magical temples, fascinating dance shows and white sand beaches where you can lie in the sun and enjoy its turquoise waters.  This combination of possibilities make Bali a perfect destination for tourism.

  I spent a lot of time planning my trip to Bali with tourist information, general information and everything you need to know to organize and be able to travel that I got on the web, I got several good points of interest that I could get to know with complete peace of mind, this time I focused on getting to know places and live new experiences and so I found this beach club.

  Upon arrival I could see that this beach house is an excellent meeting place for everyone, it inspired me to celebrate life with all the comforts and benefits they offer.

  Its atmosphere Inspired by tribal design, with interiors embodying culture and creativity, with bohemian styles, I was immediately moved to live the best experience in its facilities.

  The food is what I will highlight the most about this place because it really is too good, with an international and modern menu with a distinctive local touch, I loved tasting each dish and feeling on my palate an incredible mix of flavors that captivated me from the first moment.

  The place promotes foods that nourish the body, soul and spirit, so it provides some fried calamari based on fermented chili mayonnaise, hot fried chicken wings and some potato croquettes.  Of the drinks I opted for an East Side which is nothing but gin, mint, cucumber and elderflower. 

  It was too good, how wonderful Indonesian cuisine is, it has no comparison. The place has an open space in the open air with comfortable furniture and tables, near the pool, that is, you can spend an incredible moment in peace, and it is also ideal for family enjoyment.

  I was able to lounge under a shady canopy by the pool, enjoying the best views of the sea and the brilliant sunset.

In addition, you have the beach a few meters away to enjoy without walking to another place in search of good fun.

  After a great day at the Mano beach club, with good food, drinks and sunbathing, I had a great time, I must confess that I didn’t want to leave, but I had to move on to my next destination, I had a very precise itinerary with the best places to visit at all times, and so I went to the Hard Rock, I had already stayed in this place before and I didn’t have time to get to know it completely.

  Located on the famous Kuta Beach, very close to all the amenities and places of interest to know in this tropical corner, I felt full visiting this hotel. Its rooms full of comfort and modernity are luxurious with fabulous decoration inspired by rock music, I was able to rest completely. and enjoy the wonderful view that the place offers me.

  Upon arrival I was able to admire the 500+ pieces of unparalleled rock n’ roll memorabilia collection from local and international artists that adorn the walls of the Hard Rock Hotel Bali and Hard Rock Cafe Bali.

  Every day at Hard Rock is a show-worthy experience with live bands every night, an on-site boombox recording studio, and in-room IPTV.

  With the gigantic nature of this place, it was very difficult for me to decide on a room, so I stayed with a Deluxe Premium that had a large size, luxurious decoration and a private garden from where I could have direct access to the swimming pools and tropical gardens, from where I could watch the sunset.

  When it was time to take a shower, I was surprised by how beautiful the bathroom is, super large and with everything you need to have a good time there. The water was delicious, I took a bath at room temperature but they had a heater, the tub was super spectacular and the dreamy mirror helped me a lot to put on makeup.   This place is full of incredible amenities, one of them is the largest swimming pool surrounded by tropical splendor in Bali, it was on point, good water temperature, very clean. I took advantage of tanning my body, having a piña colada and enjoying good music while I was there.

  And not to mention the food in the gourmet area, they have an infinity of restaurants where they serve national and international food, every day I decided to try new flavors, it is too good, the combination of colors, flavors and textures in the dishes is wonderful. The drink was very tasty, I always like a good bottle of wine. And yes, I did not miss the visit to the Rock Shop where I went to buy souvenirs from the hotel to take home.

  Arya, that’s the name of the new friend I made in Indonesia, I met her at the hotel reception when I was staying and she was the same, we started communication when we saw each other and everything flowed. After several days at the hotel we met again in the corridors, I told her that I had a tour agenda to fulfill, it made her laugh a lot, since she is a free traveler, so she decided to accompany me on my walks.

  We started our tour through the streets of Bali in the market and the central area, we started walking through the streets of Bali and while we got to know the area and chat a little we arrived at our destination the local market, I wanted to buy some clothes and some items for home, whenever I come I find it to buy beautiful things that I use to decorate my house.

  This time I bought some clothes, shirts, pants, hats and scarves. Then I walked a little more and I loved reaching a point where there are items that remind you of your trip to Bali.

  How beautiful everything I saw here, I bought necklaces, bracelets, buttons for shirts and some spectacular vases to renew the decoration of the house, how nice to be able to buy things and take a piece of this land with you.

  The markets are very spacious, clean, beautiful and the kindness of the people is very good, it makes you buy everything with such good attention, honey because they make you feel at home. That day we had some refreshing drinks and continued our tour of this place, it was quite lovely to see all this culture first hand.

In the following days I lost contact with Arya, apparently she had been immersed in a meditation site, so I continued my journey, then I arrived at this place.

  I needed a swim on the beach and what better than to come to this luxury area of ​​Bali, here people breathe money, an area surrounded by ostentatious hotels, shops and areas to have a great time.

  But I wasn’t looking for those things, I just wanted to enjoy the beach, so when I got there I ran and jumped into the sea, swam, enjoyed the waves, the sand, the beautiful view and contemplated the sky for a moment. .

  I took a little sun, my tan was beautiful and I enjoyed some delicious craft beers, I felt in complete peace and fulfillment here while the other people on the tour went to see the places to buy and be dazzled by the hotels.

  An area that is really worth visiting but its cost is very high, you will need a lot of money to be able to walk around here and buy things to take with you.

  If you like monkeys and want to know a little more about the theory that we evolved from monkeys, then this is the right place for you because more than 1,000 monkeys live here and you can get to know them up close.

  This sanctuary of natural habitat is a temple of the long-tailed Balinese macaque, that is, you will be able to interact with it closely and when you observe the place you will realize that it is a temple for them.

  A completely green area with monuments that honor the macaque, bridges, paths, large areas, huge trees, stairs, everything necessary so that they can feel fulfilled and you in the best possible way.

  I was able to feed many of them, see them up close, take pictures of them and I liked it because they are familiar with people and they don’t look aggressive, they are very friendly and playful, they love surprises.

  I continued to cross off items on my list and then I started my tour of the night spots in Bali, I already wanted to loosen up a bit and enjoy some good and refreshing drinks.

  This place is beautiful with a decoration full of eccentric colors, very spacious and with presentations by trendy DJs, that was what called me to visit it. The lights of the place, the air conditioning, the wifi, all the services were working optimally.

  The attention of the waiters and the bartender was luxurious, they stood out to me and treated me like a queen in every way.

  I arrived here and immediately ordered a bottle of beer, I wanted to have a lot of beer and some snacks to eat later because I got hungry, they were all delicious.

  I danced a lot because the music was very good, a combination of sounds quite particular to Asia but I liked what I heard.

  When I got here I thought I would just drink liquor and dance, but it wasn’t like that. Everything was the opposite of what I thought and I liked it, I love being surprised and living without high expectations. This is one of the best party clubs in Bali, it has different bars with DJ booths in each of them.

  That night there was a DJ war, a competition to choose the best in Bali and there were 10 in competition, I must say that the mixes were very good, current sounds, one was more surprising than the other and I liked that.

  We screamed, we danced, we felt the music, the adrenaline, we drank, we jumped and finally it was time to choose the winner, the final was a slow death but the best DJ Winzno won.

  It’s good to visit places that beyond the service offer you good shows and much better if it is to reward talent. I really loved this site and would visit it a thousand times more.

  This place is quite a show, the ceiling had a surprisingly beautiful gold decoration and the play of lights did its best to captivate those present.

  People here can dance freely, enjoy a large area and feel the moment, as well as being able to enjoy a bar with comfortable seats and first-class service.

  The drinks are spectacular, the cocktails are on another level, they will make you touch the sky and want to try them all. Another thing that I liked here was the food, I ate two hamburgers but they were delicious, you don’t eat a hamburger every day in Bali.

  I loved the musical combination, I couldn’t stop dancing, everything was magical and you felt the desire to move and move nonstop.

  Bali represents the door to another world, a world of cultures, traditions, brotherhood, beautiful people and excellent cuisine, what more can you ask of God.

  Also, in Indonesia you can find the famous desert islands just for you, you can imagine everything you could do here, I’ll give you an idea, you can ask for marriage, get married, break a relationship and remember your loved ones.

  The markets of Bali are the best, you will not want to leave them if you visit them and you can buy everything you want at low cost, the clothes are beautiful, the accessories and items for the home. I love Bali, it has everything to be happy, I am idealizing being able to move here in the future and I think it will be, I love its culture and tradition.