It is a beautiful city and there are few like this. Beyond the beach and the sun, Marbella has many surprises to offer its visitors that will make them wish never to leave and remain trapped in the charm of this paradisiacal place.

One of the most visited and preserved points is the historic center of the white town located in the most remote of the Sierra and a great variety of beaches that adapt to the tastes of each tourist .

If your thing is the mountains, don’t worry because here you will find them and you can enjoy them. In this area the sun is perfect, ideal for those who are looking for a tropical climate and give their body a perfect tan.

For lovers of good gastronomy, this place is ideal for them because they will have a variety of dishes and influences of aromas, flavors, colors and mixtures from other continents that will hook them to this place.

Marbella is also characterized as an ideal area to exalt culture, in addition to the spaces it offers for leisure, that is, carrying out beach games and water sports for water lovers.

Marbella is well known for being a place of great luxury, here you can enjoy expensive yachts, glamor and the most expensive life.

For those who want to start their vacations in one of the best places in the area, Marbella offers different options of comfortable beach clubs with all the best services, and among them one of the most outstanding is La Plage Casanis.

The valuation that this place receives in forums and sites specialized in tourism and adventures is 4.2 out of 5 points, a count that has been possible thanks to the opinions of tourists who have visited this place.

Its visitors define it as a beautiful place, praise its gastronomy and define it as one of the best in Marbella, as well as offering a different atmosphere from the rest of the premises. They suggest that the attention is first class and that it has innovative spaces.

This restaurant club offers Balinese beds ideal for bathing and sunbathing. Tourists comment that the place is beautiful because its spaces were well planned, they emphasize that the food is exquisite and that the atmosphere gets better thanks to the participation of DJ Jordi Ruz.

Those who have had the fortune to visit this place comment that the panoramic views offered by this site are wonderful and they have been able to enjoy Marbella in all its splendor. The attention provided by the staff that works here has also been praised.

There are those who say that this place is not very nice because the terrace area is apparently small, which is why they cannot fully enjoy it. Indicates that the chairs are uncomfortable and not worth the consumer value.

There are those who assure that they visit this site frequently because it is a quiet place and they can relax. Here you can enjoy good music and food, some indicate that there is no variety of food but that it is worth eating here.

The bathroom of the premises has received good reviews, the visitors limit that they are very clean, spacious and illuminated. The cocktails here are one of the strong points of the place, tourists assure that they are one of the best in Marbella.

If you are looking for a perfect place to stay, the variety is infinite and the best rated have the best views, and offer the best services and when taking into account all the user ratings, the Nobu Hotel Marbella is completely amazing.

«We’ll be back very soon» says one of the hundreds of messages from tourists who have visited this place, along with the comment visibly detailing the 4.6 out of 5 points that Nobu Hotel Marbella has received for its wide variety of services and attention.

«Meets all expectations» reads another of the comments issued by one of its visitors, it is difficult for a hotel to obtain this type of comment, to feel that a good job is being done and that its guests are pleased with the attention given.

The decoration of the place does not go unnoticed since it has been praised by its visitors, as well as the attention and the excellent atmosphere that they enjoy in each area.

The gastronomy of the restaurant, the spa and swimming pool are some of the spaces that you will find here and that its visitors enjoy the most. The musical atmosphere of the bar is quite popular as people take over the dance floor and feel free.

If you are looking for a good nightlife this is the perfect place for you, for some of its visitors they point out that you should avoid choosing rooms that face the bar because the sound of the music will not let you sleep.

Here there is an incredible gastronomic offer, visitors really enjoy its restaurant. Another of the most striking aspects of this site is that despite being an old site, its structure is in perfect condition and with very modern details that make it look like a true work of art.

To clear your mind a little from day to day and to get to know the best and most iconic places in Marbella, it has unforgettable places, including the Canyoning Excursion in Guadalmina, one of the most emblematic tours indicated by visitors.

You can enjoy this wonderful tour full of adrenaline and a lot of emotion for 3 hours. In addition to this you will have an instructor in several English, French, German and Spanish languages.

Guadalmina is a beautiful canyon that is 20 minutes from Marbella, this place will give you the best views of Marbella so you can contemplate the environment, the sunset and the daily life of its inhabitants.

Experience the swim, rappel and descents. The Angosturas Canyon is located in the Banhavis municipality, this place is ideal to learn the best canyoning techniques and other more complex techniques for those who have acquired previous experience.

Here there is a deep dam and you will be able to make incredible jumps thanks to its idyllic location. Part of what surrounds the place are incredible mountains, there are several waterfalls here and they are different meters high.

Of 5 meters there are two jumps, of 4 meters there are 3 jumps and you can rappel down 5 meters. If jumps are not your thing, you can enjoy a slide, while some run through the canyon as they go, it will become narrower and thus allow you to discover a landscape that you would never imagine seeing.

Guides and elements to be able to carry out each sport that is practiced here, will be supplied by the team that makes up this tour that is in great demand by tourists for its incredible options to enjoy.


Many visitors to Marbella decide to get to know and visit all its corners in order to take home a good number of special memories of this place, among them, Avenida del Mar and Parque de Alameda, are wonderfully recommended.

To enjoy Avenida del Mar, it is recommended that you arrive first thing in the morning and locate the underground parking lot to leave your vehicle there and enjoy this beautiful place that has been classified as an open-air museum.

Some of the hundreds of visitors have called this place «an open-air museum» for being a place where art is expressed. During this walk you will see how the old part of Marbella communicates after crossing the Paseo Marítimo.

In this place there are 10 impressive sculptures made by Salvador Dalí. Another thing that you will enjoy here is the Marbella Day Fair, this tour will make you fall in love with this magical place.

If after seeing so many impressive sculptures you feel like going to the sea, don’t worry because you only have to cross the park to get there and enjoy a good day at the beach, sun, sand and fun.

It is in this area that there are also beautiful buildings surrounded by green areas and a wide variety of fountains that give a modern touch to this part of Marbella that is very popular with tourists.

Right there, at the entrance to the old town, is the Parque de Alameda. You can enjoy this place after taking a bath in the sea and taking a photo at the Paseo Marítimo Lighthouse, as many tourists do.

The main attraction of Parque de Alameda is found in the enormous and circular fountain that is located in the center of the park. The force with which the water comes out and how clean it is leaves more than one visitor enchanted.

If you want to sit down to talk with another tourist or your companion, contemplate nature, breathe fresh air or simply renew energy, there are some beautiful blue benches where you can sit.

Many trees have been planted in this place, there is a great variety of them that allow visitors to shade and find a place of peace and tranquility where they do not want to leave.

Many tourists come here to read and concentrate on the song of the birds. At nightfall you will enjoy the lights that intersect from tree to tree and make the park look like something out of a fairy tale.

If you want to dance, enjoy a good plate of food and an atmosphere full of lights and lots of energy, Marbella offers many perfect places to enjoy the nightlife, getting everything in the same place from the most delicious and refreshing drinks to the best tapas, to peck.

4.61 out of 5 points is the evaluation of this place, an excellent score with good reviews that reaffirm how good the place is and the guarantee of enjoying an extraordinary site without falling for deceptive advertising scams.

Before criticizing the gastronomy, people first decide to praise the decoration of the place, they assure that it is beautiful, which makes this place one of the most beautiful in Marbella.

Some point out that the food is not bad but indicate that apparently there is little variety in the dishes and that the presentations are not very striking. Others allege that for the little variety the value of each dish is very expensive.

The architecture of this restaurant is the most commented on Internet forums, they assure that it is the best in Marbella and they highlight the effort to build a beautiful place that remains engraved in the memory of visitors.


Another percentage of tourists emphasize that the food is wonderful, the best thing about the place but that they do not fully enjoy it due to the high volume of music and little variety of sounds, others emphasize that the food and musical atmosphere are the best.

Some tourists point out that the food is of a high level, although it is a bit expensive, but they say that it is worth paying whatever price it is for a dish from that place. As they say out there, variety is the spice.

4.0 out of 5 points is the score level of the reviews that users have issued about this place. Highlighting its excellence above other premises.

Excellence and professionalism have been some of the words used to define this place. The good food on the one hand and the attention of its staff stand out in the taste of the most demanding diners.

Olivia Valere’s location is perfect for many of those who come here, the price is also to their liking and they combine it with the excellent atmosphere they will find here. According to the experience of some visitors, the site is good but the time to deliver the requested dishes can be up to 2 hours.

Others point out that the food is exceptional, that the attention and immediacy of the waiters was excellent and that they enjoyed the show presented during the meal. The music is danceable, which many love because they don’t feel pigeonholed.


There is a saying that variety is the spice and it is perfect to define Marbella. In this beautiful paradise you will find a little of everything, that is, if a place was not to your liking or you want to visit a place that you like, you will easily find it.

Prices vary according to the place, you will also find a lot of luxury, glamor and places for ostentatious people. But don’t worry, don’t lose your temper because for people with less purchasing power there are also places that will appeal to the taste of many.

The natural settings are beautiful, they will take your breath away. The beaches are unique in the world and on many of them you can practice water sports or simply slide down a slide if you don’t feel safe