If you have the opportunity to travel to a spectacular place, do not hesitate to do so because the soul can conquer you. When I decided to take a new direction in my life to begin to discover new territories within my essential objectives, I aimed to go to an inconceivable place such as the Algarve in Portugal, where there are many happy people with a sense of belonging for what it means to be born or grow up in said land. The Algarve is one of the most touristic areas in Portugal, there are many travelers who come to the south of the country in search of sun, beach and sea, which is a quiet, comfortable and easily accessible destination where it is very easy to relax and enjoy with total security.

  In my case I wanted to relax enjoying the sun, the sand on the seashore and it was not difficult for me to achieve it because Algarve has more than 100 beaches throughout its coastal area, all of these offer different adventures for all who visit them.

  Algarve is a fairly complete location with good culture, natural parks with extensive areas where you can observe the fauna and flora of the place, markets where you can buy and buy the freshest local products and you will feel soaked in all the tradition and folklore of the area.

  In this place there is a wonderful and entertaining beach club the Maré at Pine Cliffs, full of surprises with many interesting activities to enjoy with yourself, or in the company of your friends or partner. We are always thinking about work and that it takes up all of our time and gives us no chance of anything at all, but in this place you can do even the most unforeseen, from tasting delicious meals and salads in beautiful gardens, refreshing drinks on the shore of the Falésia beach, the most beautiful in the country, play a game of tennis with your friends or with new people of other nationalities who are there to learn about other ways of thinking that make you create new ideas to forget all the bad things about your past, just you step on the Algarve.

  Maré at Pine Cliffs, is a beach bar that happens to be one of the best places to spend the summer.

  It was not just arriving and going up to the upper floor when looking at the privileged views of the sea from the Maré solarium, it is undoubtedly the perfect place to relax and have a great time enjoying delicious snacks, refreshing drinks and exotic cocktails, reclining in one of the many Balinese beds.

  It is totally a fabulous unforgettable gastronomic experience in the Algarve, with local ingredients stand out in both a traditional and contemporary menu, especially the food is very good. There is a great variety of fresh fish to choose from: sole, snook, tuna, salmon, sea bream; as well as shrimp, octopus, etc. The preparation of these fish is very good. Also one can opt for steak and chicken. Great artisan ice creams, especially pistachio.

  After hours I decided to go for a walk on the beach where I could enjoy the sunset in its crystal clear waters and golden sand with the best attention of the staff. At nightfall this party starts up and the Beach Club Maré at Pine Cliffs starts its engines, giving away first-rate live entertainment, this relaxing place you can enjoy the surprises of the night adorned with the unique view of the impressive cliffs of the Algarve coast as a spectacular backdrop. The view of the sea is spectacular in a place of one’s own on the seashore.

  To rest a little from my hectic days since I arrived in the Algarve, I decided to stay at this fantastic Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort, I got a wonderful room furnished with all the comforts that helped me release all the positive energy in my body. Once I got comfortable and rested from all my journey, I decided to go for a walk to see the facilities of the place, and for me it was a magical opportunity to take pictures and include them in my virtual album full of dream postcards.

  Continuing with my tour of the site, I was fascinated by its views of the sunset from the pool, which has a warm temperature that allows you to spend the hours inside in a pleasant environment, surrounded by pleasant and colorful vegetation that allows you to breathe fresh air, in tranquility and harmony.  

  On my second day in this magical place I booked an afternoon of Yoga, which is another of the entertaining activities at the Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort. It didn’t take long for me to disconnect from reality and connect with my deepest thoughts, letting my imagination fly to the sky and absolutely sublime experience. After having been so relaxed when leaving the yoga lessons, do not hesitate to experience the simplest events of the place, share with the rest of the guests, eat its delicious cuisine. To end the day listening to music and dancing on the shore of Vale Covo beach, with your feet in the sand until dawn without thinking about anything other than having the best time, achieving the connection and emotional stability with myself that I was looking for. in this luxurious and attractive cliff.

  And in this way, between pool, beach, delicious gastronomy and delicious cocktails, my stay was spent in this cozy place, but I could not leave without visiting its first-class SPA, with first-class attention that made me feel totally relaxed in body, soul and heart, which helps to disconnect from everyday life. My face, hair, arms, legs, back and abdomen, I was totally renewed, it was like entering an operating room without doing it.

When I got to this beach, I decided to experience firsthand what it means to sail, and I did take a boat trip with one of the many fishermen who offer this type of excursion.

It is a great idea to get to know the whole place guided by one of the Algarve promoters, so are the people in Algarves who are simple, happy, talented and above all with a capacity for knowledge about the unknown in the area that will never surprise anyone.

  Joao the captain of the boat that I boarded taught me and explained many elementary details that only there can learn, this tour or boat excursion filled me with a lot of adrenaline, admiring the small and recondite details first hand.

  The best thing is that from Playa De Carvoeiro itself I enjoyed a beach stop throughout the morning and the rest of the day I launched into the wonderful adventure of exploring the most beautiful and impressive cliffs of the Algarve, which is not in vain one of the most explored tourist areas worldwide.  

  Without a doubt being able to explore all the places of this wonderful paradisiacal site, quite emblematic in Portugal, motivates me to want to travel again at all times, there is no exact time or season, the Algarve coast allowed me to be free, I enjoyed every excursion that I could To do, is simply exceptional, nature, animals, recreational activities, the people that I got me, filled me with joy, adrenaline and at the same time, with unforgettable experiences.

  An exquisite dish to enjoy alone in the company of friends or family is the buffet of sea bream, sea bass and rich chicken… Above all, I love to eat and Café Oceano Restaurant offered me that great experience to taste my palate, simply unforgettable to be able to do it next to the best sea view.

  It is another exceptional place that if you love surfing, you will love the waves, they are definitely another level to carry out this fantastic activity and if you are not a surf lover, believe me, you will still fall in love as I did when surfing on its refreshing waters. A beach with a wide area of viewpoints allows you to enjoy this incredible beach, where I was able to document my memories with digital postcards through my camera that does not leave me. As soon as I arrived at this site, it caused me a feeling of mental clearing that was too pleasant for your eyes and mind.

  I love to admire culture in the maximum expression of the word and I consider that sculptures or museums cannot go unnoticed under any circumstances. During my tour I visited the Fiesa, where you can enjoy immense figures, the best thing is that every year the theme is different, this time the theme was Hollywood, with figures alluding to his famous films such as Charlie from the Chocolate Factory, the characters of Madagascar, it is admirable how they have the disposition, the talent to be able to expose to all the people who have visited this wonderful place.

  Believe me, you will be left with your mouth open for every surprise that you will discover when you decide to travel, if you love swimming pools, just imagine going to a completely natural one in Pego do inferno.

  It has a waterfall that when I saw it I was static, my desire to throw yourself and take a dip for hours was unstoppable, I got rid of my clothes, I stayed in a bathing suit and straight to this natural pool to enjoy all its splendor, a magical moment, totally recommended.

  The Algarve is known for its lively and diversified nightlife, I was just consular with some acquaintances at the Pine Cliffs Hotel & Resort and they told me that the best and most varied entertainment venues are located along the entire coastline. nightlife for all tastes, from lively nightclubs by the sea, to bars with live music, passing through famous international pubs.

  How to forget Matt’s Bar, located very close to the Albufeira beach, where I enjoyed an exclusive wine to release tension and stress, surrounded by pleasant, fun people from different countries with whom I was able to talk and we came to coincide to organize some of the best parties , drinks and cocktails in Algarve. I made a couple of girls Paty and Jeny, who were visiting the place just like me and we started to visit the main bars and clubs on the edge of the beach.

  We started the night at Sherry’s Bar, a traditional Irish pub. It is a relatively small place, but it makes up for it with its excellent service, atmosphere and the best Guinness in Albufeira, here is a good place to start your engines and warm up for a night out in the Algarve.

  When we arrived at this place we found that it was a classic piano bar up to a glamorous open air inspired by the 80’s, here we decided to stay the whole night at the top of the exclusive and exotic «Sky Lounges VIP terrace». This famous place is called the Oasis, it is the most chosen by celebrities and national and international partygoers who are looking for their best fun nights. The DJ from his booth sets every corner of this place with the best selection of music of the season. Without a doubt, we enjoyed the most refined night of partying in a unique setting, with exclusive cocktails from the most renowned mixologists. Party, dance, cocktails and the best company make Liberto’s one of my favorite clubs in the place.

  After several days, many walks and days on the beach, surfing, yoga and walks along the cliffs, my days in this travel destination were gradually ending, where I was able to enjoy nature thanking the splendor provided from this unparalleled place.

  Something that I am sure of is that I recommend with my eyes closed Algarve as a travel destination on the coast of Portugal, where you can discover, enjoy and free yourself, beyond what you know. If you like lively nights, you should know that the nights in the Algarve are lived with great intensity and promise a lot of animation throughout the year.