In each of my stories I introduce myself to tell one of my many travel destinations. One day while doing some shopping at the supermarket I meet Jhonny, an old friend from school. We were talking for a long time since we had time without being able to meet, while I was telling him about all the trips I had made, suddenly he tells me that months ago he had the opportunity to visit the African continent, he told me all his anecdotes and how well he I pass it.

Specifically, he was in Margate, a seaside resort town in Kwa-Zulu Natal province, Jhonny’s experience was in Margate, the KZN south coast resort where all the action is in season or out of season. In addition, its long and attractive sandy beach protected by shark nets is one of the points in its favor to attract tourists.

After saying goodbye to Jhonny, the city of Margate staggered in my mind, while I was walking I imagined getting to know South Africa and all the landscapes and attractions that this place has.

 After arriving at my house and having dinner, I found in an investigation that Margate has more than 50 beaches, after obtaining all this information, I did not hesitate to schedule my next destination to this continent. Two days later I requested my tickets and in two weeks I would be taking off for this new adventure.

The days went by so fast that in that time I was able to do my shopping and prepare my suitcase, the night before the flight I did not sleep because of how anxious and excited I was to make this great trip a reality. It dawned and I called the beach club and the hotel that I booked a few days ago for my stay in Margate and everything was in order for my welcome. The flight left in the afternoon and I was arriving at Margate airport in the morning.

The beach club that I had managed was waiting for me, after leaving the airport I took a taxi and gave him the address of the place, in just 5 minutes I was arriving at this magical place.

Only when I entered I could only say «What a beautiful place», because Margate Beach Club, is one of the favorites of many tourists, on the south coast, it makes the stay in this place unforgettable and what I loved most that all the activities They take place near the sea.

This wonderful complex has direct access to the beach, where you can easily enjoy fishing, building sand castles or swimming at the nearby main beach. Attractions in the area abound, including golf courses, restaurants, tours of coffee and banana farms, and without a doubt one activity that I really loved was horseback riding on the beach, I loved that sensational moment.

After enjoying a good morning at the beach, I went to have lunch at the beach club restaurant, I was surprised that the units with kitchens are fully equipped with comfortable interiors inspired by the ocean.

The afternoon was coming and it was impossible not to go to the pool, many tourists in a place that I met and shared all afternoon, even at night they invited me to the game room, a place to have fun and remember childhood, games of tables are very entertaining and on that occasion I enjoyed them like never before.

Without a doubt, Margate Beach Club is fantastic to visit, at nightfall I left the beach club to take another taxi to my hotel accommodation.

After my time at the Margate Beach Club, the rest of my stay awaited me in this wonderful place, Albatros Guesthouse is located on the seafront on the bustling coast of Margate, surrounded by numerous restaurants and exclusive shops, upon arrival I was shocked with such magnificent views from that place.


Upon arrival everyone was really friendly and hospitable, they greeted me when I got out of the taxi, Joe the host who received me scammed my bags and took me directly to confirm my reservations, he immediately gave me a small tour of the place.

Joe took me to the terrace area where the pool is located or from his own private balcony, it has a wide view of the ocean from the four cardinal points, where in the background and with a lot of luck you can see whales and dolphins that abound during the phenomenon Margate native of the annual pilchard race, «the largest school on earth».

After touring the place Joe accompanied me to my suite, upon entering I loved its luxury and comforts, heated, with entertainment equipment and much more.

I immediately had a long shower, the bathroom was totally fabulous, with hydromassage and much more. When I left, I prepared a coffee in the room’s machine and sat on the balcony to enjoy the sunset from that beautiful place.

The next day I decided to go down to have breakfast in the pool area, on that beautiful terrace, I was surprised by the variety of dishes on the buffet, as it was the first day I served myself a bowl of fresh fruits and cereals, accompanied by natural juices.

To then spend the whole day in the pool, sunbathe and of course swim for a while.

Every day and every night in this place they surprised me with different activities, one of those afternoons I signed up for a golf game, it was only 9 holes, but it was quite fun, almost all of us were amateurs and we enjoyed the lovely afternoon because of the company and the different time we spent.

Another day I went straight to the sauna and spa area, this helped me a lot, I managed to relax a little more than I already was, the service of those who attend this place is top quality.

Each of our air-conditioned deluxe rooms has a private or en-suite bathroom, TV, tea and coffee tray, hairdryer, radio alarm clock and private balcony with sea views. 

Covered parking with security alarm for home and garden. Breakfast is enjoyed on the terrace in the mornings, a great way to start the day.

Being here I made friends with several of the guests and at night we always met in the common areas to chat a bit and have a couple of drinks, one of those nights we had a pool tournament, I’m not very expert but they told me how do better. This place is quite entertaining and crowded, I liked it a lot and I would definitely visit it again.

One of the trips that I really enjoyed was getting to know the Pure Venom park, I loved being so close to wild animals. This park is so well known that outdoor advertising is abundant along the avenues of the city.

Visiting the Pure Venom Zoo was one of the most special moments of my visit in Margate Africa, it is a beautiful place where I can meet wild animals and have them so close. The animals are spectacular and offering them affection in these habitats is very fascinating.

Of the entire structure of Pure Venom, I loved being on the farm, I was delighted to know that the animals are identified with very particular names, such as Harriet the sow, Percy the peacock and his friend the Prince, there is the male goat Gruff and his family, Henny Penny, let’s not forget Dexter the Duck and his companions and of course there are the bunnies, the bunnies and more bunnies.

In addition, an incredible collection of birds, which are doing their best to imitate every sound they hear. It was so fantastic to call them by their names and to have them pay attention to you in one way or another.

The adrenaline of having a giant snake around my neck was on another level, I have always feared these reptiles, however, the park’s breeders teach you the techniques to avoid panicking and how sensational it was.

 I couldn’t stop going to the wonderful traditional African playground, and later I enjoyed a small snack at the park’s

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The landscapes of South Africa are fantastic, the experiences lived there were magnificent, having such a good time and enjoying those pleasant moments.

Getting to know Manaba Beach was a great thing, it consists of two beaches, Lucien and Manaba Beach. Lucien Beach is the Blue Flag beach at the northern end of Margate Beach.

Manaba Beach has lifeguards and also has shark nets, making it a safe beach for swimming. What I loved the most is that it is easily accessible for residents of Manaba Beach.

There are also natural rock pools and along the rocks between these two beaches, there is also a large tide pool.

Despite being a commercial center, Manaba Beach is also a tourist area by the sea and has many self-catering vacation apartments along the beach. I loved that diversity that it offers tourists to have a great time.

Arriving at River Valley Nature was a great experience, being outdoors and sharing laughter, anecdotes and delicious appetizers with other tourists. The River Valley Nature Reserve is situated on a picturesque section of the iVungu River, which meanders through a valley of hills towards the Indian Ocean at the well-known South Coast beach of Uvongo Beach, where the river flows over the falls of Uvongo.

It is a small reminder of the once-untouched natural coastline, with its varied ecosystems consisting of grasslands, riparian and coastal forests. Birdlife is abundant. Antelope such as Nyala, Impala, Bushbuck and Blue and Gray Duiker can be seen and I was lucky enough to see the Cape clawless otter which is a frequent sight. Without a doubt, this place is super charming.

Diving with African Dive Adventures is the highlight of your education experience. I love challenges and this was one, being so close to sharks. On the other hand, I had a magnificent experience with views while diving with smooth sharks.

A unique opportunity to see these graceful creatures overcome their fear. Very friendly, the instructors and were great, the freedom allows you to explore while maintaining good safety and diving procedures. I loved this experience so much and losing my fear with the sharks, it was a very fun moment that I will never forget.


The nights in Margate were very warm, he had to know what its streets were like at night. That is why for two nights I decided to discover the nightlife and I can tell you that I loved it.

Arriving at this nightclub was infecting me with energy and being on another wave. Tasting their drinks and also dancing the night away was the most phenomenal thing I could go through. The peculiarity of One Eyed is that it is a very traditional bar and very comfortable to spend some time talking. Without forgetting, of course, the tequilas that are well known in the area. There I met some tourists who were traveling from Spain and we had a great connection that at night when the music came on we began to dance throughout the stay in this fantastic club.

I really loved that in One Eyed you can watch the sea with good background music and a delicious cocktail of tropical fruits, with just that you will have a wonderful time because the atmosphere is phenomenal and the splendid breeze will surprise you at every moment.

Coyote Sports Bar, the bar that welcomed me days before leaving this fantastic city. That night was extraordinary, I danced like never before, at Coyotes I met Maximiliano and his wife, some tourists traveling from Italy and I enjoyed the whole night with them.

As the hour progressed, a musical group appeared to liven up the moment and add more fun. At one point Maximiliano invited us to play pool and it was sensational; first time he played it and loved it. Then, the party lit up with the opening of the bars and we had access to all the drinks, at that moment my body asked for beers due to the extremely high heat that it was in the place. I loved meeting Coyotes Sports Bar, a good place to share so close to the sea and contemplate its wonders.

In Margate I shared and enjoyed pleasant moments, it was a sensational experience. The curiosity of knowing South Africa became a reality for me, a country full of culture, food, flavor and delicious drinks. Do not think twice and schedule this great place to be the destination of a new fun and have an excellent time. This trip helped me to reflect and realize that we should do everything that makes us happy, that is why, if it makes you happy to travel, discover new corners and discover the magic of tourism, then try it, since you would be contributing with your well-being and mental health.

Hours before my flight I bought a nice souvenir to hang on the wall of my room and feel so close to this wonderful destination, a country that has a lot to give and that tourists like me love to know that each region surpasses itself. alone.