Menorca is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the Balearic Islands of Spain. It is a very quiet place if we compare it with Ibiza and Mallorca, yet it retains its own essence and attracts tourists daily. Menorca is characterized by its beaches that seem to have no end, some are crescent-shaped and other bays are rocky but with turquoise water, better known as «calas» and the entire coast is lined with pine trees.

«Independent» is how Menorca is described and many say that if it were to distance itself from Ibiza or Mallorca it would easily survive because over the years it has built its autonomy.

Menorca has made an effort to maintain a premise over the years and that is that they have made an effort to maintain the balance between tourism and protection, otherwise they would not be what the world knows today, this concept goes beyond its natural beauties because its inhabitants have firmly defended their territory.

Here the roots to past times are maintained, that is, to boost the economy, the environment must be preserved, so agriculture and fishing merge to remain stable.

To get to know Menorca, you must first understand its wind, but this does not mean that you know everything about the island because it will only be the beginning of many things that you should know. If you want to see how the sea hits the rocks with force, head north, but if you want to see it calm you should go south, it’s that simple.

To learn more about Menorca, the ideal is to talk to its inhabitants and find out from a very good source about their customs and traditions.

A place for adults only, this is how Arena Beach is defined in Menorca, highlighting its Mediterranean essence in which the warm, relaxed atmosphere and great privileges predominate. Providing greater well-being to its users is the great premise promoted by this place.

Arena Beach is a great stage for the presentation of national and international DJs. They offer the best music to those who visit this place in search of fun. The pool is another of the areas that people enjoy the most when they come to this place because, in addition to being huge, it has an artificial beach and many Balinese-style beds to enjoy a cocktail or an exquisite bottle of champagne.

If you want to improve your experience at Arena Beach, it is recommended that you take a special massage session that will free you from stress or health problems that you may be carrying. In addition to the massage you can also enjoy an exquisite plate of food in the restaurant with Mediterranean flavors.

The experience that users describe in Arena Beach is «pleasant» because many come here after spending several days in Ibiza enjoying the nightly parties and after so much alcohol and dancing they decide to escape to this little Spanish paradise.

One of the services that is in great demand here is the spa area, you have to clarify that you can receive a massage on the artificial beach or pool, but you can also go to the local spa and receive it there.

The experience is pleasant for many and of course, here they preserve everything that surrounds them to maintain balance.

On the south coast of Menorca is Barceló Nura, a 5-star hotel that offers the best to its visitors.

Only 1.5 kilometers separate it from the famous Punta Prima beach and 9 kilometers from Mahón. These elected position Barceló as one of the reference hotels in Menorca and day after day it registers a large influx of tourists.

Family, couples and friends come together in this place to experience unforgettable moments. There are 128 rooms that are at your disposal and one of those can be yours so that you can enjoy its avant-garde design. You can also enjoy semi-private pools or a shared garden. Some of these rooms were designed with an integrated living room, of this number 45 they stand out because they have access to semi-private pools.

In addition, if you are a lover of sports activities you can enjoy the gym that is in this hotel. If your thing is to enjoy excellent views, you can have access to beautiful terraces and contemplate the immense blue sea that borders the hotel.

Different offer plans offered by this hotel complex. You will have the option to make your reservation with a flexible alternative, others without reimbursement and access to Wi-Fi.

There are many opinions about this place, some users have highlighted the excellence and quality of this hotel through web portals. They assure that the food is wonderful, that they enjoyed good attention and that the facilities are spectacular. Many of them are willing to repeat the experience at any cost and enjoy once again all the good things that can be achieved here.

There are many options or tourist places that exist in Mernorca , each tour and each site visited represents a good starting point to acquire the smallest and most unforgettable experience possible.

Dare to kayak along the north coast of Menorca and experience an adrenaline-pumping day practicing snorkeling in the marine reserve or you can enjoy a delicious swim at A’renelet beach. You can also discover the Virgin Coast of Menorca during this tour.

To enjoy this tour you can make your reservation in advance and at no cost. They are 3 hours of pure fun, adrenaline and pleasant moments. One of the important things about this tour is that you have an instructor who is fluent in Spanish and English.

If you come with a person who has a disability, you should know that you will have easy access for them so that, like you, they do not miss the tour. After living this experience, many people recommend Alex, one of those on board the trip, because his kindness is on another level.

Practicing Kayak is fascinating because you will go through open spaces, caves, calm waters and open sea. It will be fascinating to walk through those contrasts that allow you to have a better vision of each place.

The waters are very clear to practice snorkeling, this allows light to enter and facilitates your excursion to see precisely what is at the bottom of the sea. Enjoy the marine species and everything that is found under the water.

The tourist places of Menorca are immense, without a doubt a great variety of places to share and enjoy its nature.


If you want to feel like you are in a movie, you have to visit the Favarixt Lighthouse in Menorca. To get to Cape Favaritx, where this impressive fairytale lighthouse is located, you need to start your way along a dirt road and many cliffs that will paralyze you.

Driving to the Favaritix Lighthouse is a journey, just by driving on the road you will already be living an impressive adventure. The S’Albufera des Grau Natural Park has cliffs that will take your breath away, you will be amazed to see it.

The color of the water is impressive, the waves break strongly on the rocks. You can appreciate this privileged view better in the afternoons. Writers, couples, married couples, and families visit this site for inspiration.

Your vehicle must stay in a secluded place to reach the Lighthouse, after parking you will walk 3 kilometers to reach this beautiful Lighthouse. When you return, just halfway down the road you can visit Playa La Tortuga, a virgin place that will make you live good times.

Visitors recommend walking this trail on a rainy day to enjoy the scenery. Others assure that the last 2 kilometers of the route are somewhat difficult to travel but it will be worth the experience.

The highest point of Isla Menorca is Monte Toro, this is 358 meters high and will offer you a 360° panoramic view. It will be easy to get to the top of Monte Toro, for this you will have to drive for 30 minutes to be able to follow the line of Menorca with your eyes, there you will feel free as the wind.

Located in the center of Menorca, Monte Toro has 100% free admission, walking and walking is the objective of the people who visit this place, in addition to feeling the wind, letting yourself be surprised by this paradisiacal view.

Visitors enjoy the sunset very much, it ensures that the place is cool and that you will hardly feel hot here. Other points of adrenaline is the winding climb that is very steep in some sections.

This site is also chosen by cyclists, so they should be very careful when visiting it. If you are lucky and the day is clear you will be able to see the Island of Mallorca from here. There at the top of Monte Toro is a replica of Christ the Redeemer.

If you want to buy a souvenir or have a refreshing drink, here you will find a bar-restaurant where you can buy it and enjoy it as you go along this path. Appreciate the landscape better if you go in the afternoon.


If your desire is to have the sun in your hands, do not think twice and visit Punta Nati, this place in Menorca offers you the best sunsets on the island, a favorite spot to take photographs and have your portrait taken for posterity.

To complement the sunset, it reaches the Punta Nati Lighthouse, you will see the sun reflect on its structure. If your thing is not the sun and instead you prefer the stars, here you can truly appreciate them in all their splendor.

If you want to feel close to the Citadel City, you need to come here because it is very close, and if your trip is about to end, this place will be perfect to close your time in Menorca with a flourish.

If you had the idea that Menorca was just beaches, it’s time to break down all those concepts because this island offers more than you can imagine. Sites of charm, film and serenity.

From the car park to the lighthouse it is a 15-minute walk, so many people ask to calculate the time well so as not to miss the sunset. Another aspect to take into account is that the roads are full of vehicles, so you must take precautions so as not to miss the sunset.

If you are looking for an exclusive and elegant atmosphere, Kopas Club is the perfect place to enjoy a varied musical proposal. This will make you part of some first class parties that will make you shiver.

If you want to dance until dawn you can do it, but if your thing is to be more relaxed there are areas designed in this place so that you have a great time from the comfort of your seat or table.


Drinking from the bar will be fascinating because you can start a conversation with the people who are there or learn more about Menorca by talking to the bartenders who serve you the drink.

Weekly there are events organized in this place to attract a greater number of visitors, they constantly renew their repertoires to offer quality shows. You decide, dance fast or a more relaxed atmosphere.

2 terraces, 4 bars and 3 types of environments that will adapt perfectly to what you are looking for.

This place works from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

In Ciutadella, the former capital of Menorca, you can find Space, one of the most renowned night spots on this island and which has a high demand from day-to-day users who are looking for entertainment and fun.

The point in favor of this club is that it has a huge dance floor, this serves as a showcase for international DJs to perform and offer a top repertoire for those present.

Another resulting aspect of this nightclub is that it overlooks the port of Ciutadella, which means that the dim lights of the port captivate the attention of the users when they are turned on, mixing with the night.

The cost to access this site is quite high, in Menorca it is recognized for being one of the most expensive sites on the island. Even so, people choose this place to have a good time and have fun until dawn.

Security, parking, air conditioning and large spaces are part of what this beautiful place offers.

«Now we are regular customers» was the comment of one of the users through social networks to define their experience here. Many people who are looking for fun times come here and then fall in love with this site.

In this way they become regular customers of this place and are captivated by the good music, drinks, attention and LED lights. There are two plants that you will have at your disposal to entertain yourself and have a good time. Here you have a special area for smokers, so if the smoke bothers you, you won’t have to worry.

Security and parking are 100% optimal, so enjoy without anxiety. The music here is what captivates. If you like dawn partying you will have until 6:00 in the morning to have fun.

The bar and the VIP area of this place are very crowded, before dancing people sit here to spend a quiet moment, then they throw themselves on the dance floor to move their feet to the rhythm of the music.


You will have everything here to spend an unforgettable moment, so live the adventure in Ama-gi and be the next regular customer in this place that continues to aim to be the best in Menorca. A place to interact and learn about different cultures.

Menorca offers dream places, ideal places to dance, drink and meet nice people. The appeal of the island goes beyond its beaches and you can let yourself be captivated by its magnificent settings that will take your breath away.

You will live the best sunsets here, but beyond seeing the sun go down you will have magnificent places to complement this moment. Cliffs, stars, lighthouses and trails that you can walk.

If the landscape accompanies you, you will be able to see other islands like Mallorca from here, without having to go there. The people are very warm, a town that remains rooted in its traditions and you find the best in squares, churches or simple monuments.