In less than 20 years, Dubai has become the financial capital of the world, it also registers high mobility at its airport with more than 70 million visitors a year dethroning London airport.   It is the capital of modern art and one of the main shopping centers with the largest shopping center in the world that houses 2,000 wholesale and retail stores. 

  Its skyscrapers and artificial islands have represented a challenge for this country but it has been well worth it because it has positioned them on a global scale in a short period in which some economies of other countries have collapsed.   Not everything is luxury because here you can find the contrast between modernism and the old, Dubai has areas to walk or entertain in a traditional way and that will remind you of the beginning of this world power.

  Just as I had been planning it before embarking on my trip, once I got off the plane, as always happens when I arrive in Dubai, I am amazed at such beauty. When I got off, my guide Amal was already waiting for me, who took me directly to the beach club that I already had. had in mind.

  This complex is fascinating because it is too tall, it has more than 10 floors, but just as I measured its height, I also measured its spaces for entertainment and boy, do they have them.

  The pool is fascinating, the water at room temperature, it is large and with ideal loungers to rest. I chose the loungers that were in the water to sunbathe, I had one foot up and the other in the pool.

  Arriving here was impressive because this place has three levels, that was not what left me speechless, what really took my breath away was the display of lights and led screens that they have here.

  I love the elements that I could see here, they have structures to hold bugles that are used to set the scene with modern music, curtains of lights that cross the pool and when. Three levels with stairs that seem to be taken from futuristic movies, purple, blue and pink lights announce that you have arrived at the perfect place to dance until dawn.

  The areas where the bars are are fascinating, I had a couple of drinks and went to the dance floor, I felt amazing and the smoke chambers were activated and the place exploded with the best sound and everything seemed to stop for those of us who had a good time Wonderful. Night falls are an impressive visual spectacle, right there I found small places to have a drink and taste some food, the option I ordered was pasta, hamburger, salad and French fries. After a long day of pool, food and healthy fun I stayed to dance and have a few drinks in this eccentric place.

  After spending a relaxing stay at the Missippi’s Pool Bar & Social Hub, I was anxious to continue my tour of Dubai, this place always awakens in my good memories and desire to know more and more and that is how I wanted to find a good place that filled with comfort and pleasure.

  I fell in love with this beautiful pyramid-shaped hotel, it is not only a hotel, it is also connected to the Wafi Mall, which is why it registers a large concentration of visitors and guests.

  Like I said this place is the best. Starting from the friendly, smiling doorman and every one of the staff, they all exude happiness and are very efficient. Upon arrival they waited for me to guide me around the place a little and then to my room, a luxury suite, really spacious and beautifully decorated, I was impressed by the view from the balcony of this place, really impressive.

  I loved the bathroom in the room, it caught my attention because it has a green stained glass window, in addition to the floor carved in gray and white marble, this same tone was used in the tub and walls. Taking a bath here was very pleasant, I lit aromatic candles and essences that relaxed me.

  The pool is beautiful, I loved the turquoise water, jets of water descend from the ceiling and fall into it and turn it into a spectacle.

  In Dubai, food is essential and in this place they are responsible for highlighting it, its various bars and restaurants, combine the best of local culture and cuisine with dishes from around the world to give you an unforgettable experience.

  When lunchtime arrived, I loved visiting the Azur restaurant, overlooking the splendid Raffles botanical garden, Azur presents an international buffet with a wide variety of Asian and Arabic fusion dishes, being here I was able to try lobster fresh from the sea, a glass of rose wine and for dessert a chocolate cake.

  The security of the hotel is very good, they subject people to a strict review process to guarantee the safety of the guests, the internet is very good and the attention is the same.

  The facilities of this site are fascinating, large notice at the entrance, lights, huge windows that allow you to see from the street or from your car the movement inside the premises and the attention they offer you is wonderful.

  Being here I was able to coincide with one of the great events that always take place and this time it was a fashion show, an extraordinary event that brought together the best brands, where international models appeared on the catwalk, I loved being part of this moment, its elegant event room with an outdoor terrace and views of the garden, made this moment an unforgettable memory.

  I would definitely return to this site the attentive staff make sure to meet all your needs to make my stay a complete success.

   During my trip to Dubai I went to the Carolina Herrera store and after leaving that place I can say that it was the best day I could have had during my trip.

  After this brilliant fashion show and surrounded by so much splendor I was delighted with the collection presented by CH so I went for more, it was a gratifying experience to meet Carolina Herrera in person, not only did I meet her and take a picture with her, I was also attended by Carolina and she recommended the best items from her luxury store.

  In this sense, she was very emphatic in recommending me a matte nude makeup line, it is one of the most recent products that were coming out on the market.

  I bought the new makeup line and also a red party bag. I bought four different perfumes, they really had quite a nice scent.  Carolina also advised me to try another new product that allows you to hydrate and tint the lips, this is revolutionizing the market and is in high demand in Dubai. What a good time I had here and I left with my hands full, the best of all is that you don’t find Carolina Herrera every day in her own store.

  Many will think that Dubai is skyscrapers and luxuries, but the reality is different because they still preserve the best of them, their old area, which goes back to their origins.

  But what to see here, the first thing I could detail was the estuary that divides the city between Deira and Bur Dubai, according to the tour guide he told us that due to its location we would be in the heart of Dubai.

  He did not know that wooden taxis existed, much less in Dubai. I tell you that this means of transport is a kind of boat that takes you from one shore to another and at a low cost.

  I boarded one of these water taxis that offer food service during the transfer through the water, with the great skyscrapers in the background. I ate battered shrimp and white wine during my trip.

  Close, very close to the port of Dubai, I could see how merchandise from Africa and India is unloaded, it will be distributed in shops and areas here.

  70 marine species, 10 million liters of water, the longest glass in the world 33 meters and an elevation from the ground floor plan to the third floor. So I can define this magnificent site.

  Contemplating these marine species was incredible, I could see how the gaze of adults and children was captured by these animals that make life in this enormous space built for entertainment.

  I took a few pictures here and learned a bit about marine species, I also saw others that I had never seen in my life.

  This is the largest building in the world, but it is quite a challenge to fully explore it because you will only be given access to four floors of this massive structure. Vertigo, fascination and adrenaline to a thousand is what you will feel here. Floors 124 and 125 are available for visitors, from here I could enjoy the incredible view of the entire city.

  Getting to the 148th floor represented a great challenge for me because I felt some fear and the adrenaline rushed, I was far from the ground floor and in my mind I thought that perhaps this building would collapse. After this I went to the 122nd floor and ate part of the menu offered here, I tasted a delicious meat, wine and strawberry dessert. How delicious everything was and this and even my vertigo passed with so much delicious food.

  After spending the days in magical Dubai, it was time for the nightlife and enjoying the best and that’s how I got to know the best clubs in the area. I really didn’t know they existed, so many places to have a good time and I started my tour.

  At the entrance, the name of the place stands out in several places, this place lives up to its name because it is a huge open metallic base without a roof, I had an incredible time here, it has a great set of lights and state-of-the-art sound.

  Part of the decoration is used by professional dancers to perform acrobatics and entertain those present while they dance or enjoy a drink or beer.

  Juggling, women who play with fire and steal the attention of those present are part of the daily show that is put on display here.

  National and international DJs show off their best musical selections to make the public dance, definitely, drinking in this place is of another level, you will have a great time and the attention they give you is first class, it is worth paying to enjoy a good night here

  I was stunned when I walked in at 10oak to have a couple of drinks, the attention that the staff gave me from the moment I stepped foot in the door I loved it they made me feel comfortable and pleasant.

  When I entered I was impressed by the ceiling of the place because it was full of red and white led lights in the form of lines, this combined with minimalist lamps that gave the place a different touch.

  The floor has a black and white zigzag design, the furniture and tables are dyed red with the effect of the lights and are very comfortable to spend a pleasant moment.

  When it’s time to dance, no one sits here and the atmosphere forces you to feel part of the moment, so I danced and felt very good being part of the joy that the rest lived.

  Craft beer and a pizza were part of what I ate here and I must say both were delicious.

  I had the option of eating in the internal part of the place or in the external part where they have several tables and chairs, here I could enjoy the people who pass through the place and vehicles.

  The facade of this place is based on brown tubes that hold the name of the commercial establishment between them, when I entered part of the food was displayed on counters and it looked delicious.

  The vendors’ smile was genuine, they offered me to eat the most requested dishes of the place, that is, chicken, rolled up and potatoes with tomato sauce.

  It is a good place to eat quietly, talk, enjoy music and why not, a good drink to make the moment magical.

  Of the food, what I liked the most was the chicken, it was golden and crispy, you could feel the sound and the sensation when biting into it. I would repeat this dish a thousand times more.

  Visiting Dubai has always allowed me to discover that they are not only skyscrapers and luxury life, I verified this when I got on the water taxi, being in the heart of Dubai was incredible because I realized that there are sectors that boost the country’s economy and are not listed as well as buildings or artificial islands. Being in the tallest building in the world was another incredible experience, the vertigo I felt was something from another world, the aquarium left me speechless. Three levels that store between them 10 million liters of water. Seeing up close the gigantic growth of a country that happened in 20 years, leaves a great message for other countries that have their economy devastated.