Today is one of those days in which the routine hits me hard in the stomach, because I have been in the same rigor of day to day for these last days, where the journey office, home, gym and club, have put me back in March; Since the last time I went with April on my trip we have had a wonderful connection, April is becoming that empowered woman, full of her own decisions and brilliance that I beg for so much on that sacred wall in the Riviera Maya.

  We have agreed to meet today at my apartment, she called me very excited and she told me that she had a gift for me; I find myself sitting again on my favorite divan with this aroma of jasmine, which is one of my favorites, and when I am about to serve wine, April knocks on the door, I am somewhat dislocated by her effusive greeting, I ask her what has her so excited and I shows a couple of plane tickets to our favorite place, Tulum in the Riviera Maya, where we began our reconstruction and something in our connection that seemed magical took hold.

We both entered a state of excitement and fun at the same moment, we even toasted with wine. April told me that something in her told her that she owed me this trip as a gift, she felt the need to get out of the routine of a successful woman among banalities and resume the spiritual journey that we once started.

We went to her new apartment, a little small for me but very cozy with that modern homey touch but with a peace that permeates the environment, April picked up some clothes and we returned to my house from where the next morning we left for paradise spirit of the Yucatan peninsula.

  We arrived at this paradisiacal area with the same desire to eat this whole area rich in fullness and fun, April determinedly took the reins of this trip, I was stunned with her new attitude and spiritual strength that filled me with admiration for her and that gallantry, He told me that this time we would go to a completely different place from which he would not want to leave.

  Upon arrival at the airport a local was waiting for us who took us to a very comfortable van, we spent approximately 1 hour on the road until we reached the Nomade Tulum which is located 10.5 km from the archaeological site of Tulum, 1.7 km from the Cesiak ecological center and 5 km from the Tulum National Park, a wonderful place surrounded by abundant vegetation but with fine sand belonging to a private beach.

This place aspires peace in its warm air, we were received by two beautiful girls with the appearance of missionaries who, in an excellent presentation, opened the doors of this formidable place for us.

I loved this place because it breaks my expectations as a traveler, it really is a beach club but spiritual, it is an authentic representation and revival of the Mayan culture, its sacred fire rituals, cocoa ceremonies and ancient Mayan healing treatments revitalized my body, mind and soul and spirit.

After a long yoga session in one of their tents we went to the spa center where a holistic approach is shown to create that connection between sustainable spaces that reflect a true sense of place and adapt organically to their natural surroundings. Not to mention its unique design that creates the ideal bridge to connect nature, culture and people.

  This beach club is everything my body craved, to complete my surprise April prepared the best for me, is that this beach club has an accommodation or rest house in a tree «the tree house» with a full size bed where you can restart myself by resting with a very hippy and comfortable outfit. I loved it!

  We stayed in this beautiful place for a couple of days, and from my tree house, I could admire all the facilities and the surroundings of the area every day.

  Taking advantage of the fact that we were in the town of Boca Paila, south of Tulum, we went for a walk inside the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, which I loved, this reserve is rich in tropical vegetation and rare specimen birds. It is surrounded by a huge natural marina that can provide safe shelter for many boats, which also allows sport fishing and other water sports.

  The following days we settled, after touring so much in a luxury beachfront villa, at the Hip Hotel Tulum, in the Quintana Roo area, an impressive beach. Definitely an escape from the crowds with pristine powdery white sand and warm Caribbean ocean; amid lush tropical vegetation, flanked by a beautiful blue lagoon; We stayed here to continue our days of adventure in Tulum.

  We fell in love with this hippest eco-chic boutique hotel in the Riviera Maya. Its avant-garde and modern style stood out a lot, I loved its rooms, they are totally designed to create the best comfort environment for all guests, the attention of the staff is top, from the beginning they made us feel at home, offering the best activities and services within its facilities.

Upon reaching the huge room I could notice its beautiful decoration and beach style is complemented by rustic floors and thatched roofs I loved that detail, in addition to it to be able to completely disconnect from everyday life there are no televisions in the rooms, everything pushes being able to enjoy each of the activities at the Hip Hotel Tulum.

  The buffet breakfasts with the freshest tropical fruits, cereals and typical Mexican food, I loved it, every day I tried a different dish. But the restaurant was the jewel in the crown, delicious, in the area they are known for preparing the best variety of dishes with fresh crabs, so I did not hesitate to try them at first. And yes, all the recommendations are correct, they are worth ordering, trying and repeating, accompanied by the best wines.

  And not to mention the bar on the beach, every day we sit at the bar and then go to rest and have the best moments of relaxation in one of the comfortable Balinese beds, it is the most divine thing that you will find that without telling you to get out of bed and seeing this sunrise just two minutes walk from your room is wonderful.

  My stay at the Hip Hotel Tulum was special thanks to the hotel service, the workers themselves help you fulfill your wishes and empanize with everyone, always very attentive if you need anything, they helped you with everything. It really is a Hotel where you can enjoy nature.

  Boca Paila is one of the best hidden treasures in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, the magic of being in the middle of fresh water and crossing into salt water gives you the opportunity to enjoy both worlds and escape from the earth to connect. with the sky

  To make the most of the whole experience in this place, we went for a tour of the best places in Boca Paila, aboard off-road vehicles and booked a complete tour to get the most out of knowing the whole place.

  We started with a guided walk, we hiked through the reserve and we arrived at the Muyil Archaeological Zone, a quite interesting place full of good ancient history of the area.

Then we went diving through the barrier reef, being submerged in the sea we managed to see some dolphins very closely that swam in this place.

  This place allowed me to relax watching the afternoon fall where the sky and the sea come together, it was a great experience, we returned in the off-road vehicles so we could make that closer connection with nature, the one we were looking for so much.

The surroundings of Tulum are full of cenotes. They advised us to visit at least the Gran Cenote and the Carwash, and there we went on one of those tours, it was an unforgettable experience, we also went to the Zacil Ha cenote, it is small but very beautiful.

Although it is clear that in Tulum there are many things to do and because of what we decided to explore, it is because of them that we took an excursion to one of the most popular archaeological zones, the Ruins of Cobá, one of the tallest Mayan pyramids in Mexico; Also on this same trip we visited Chichen Itza, this most famous Mayan archaeological site in the world, it is pure energy from the moment you enter until you leave, you feel how your vibe is in tune with the place, an undoubtedly magical and magnificent experience.

   At another wonderful little stop, we ended up on the coast to the south and found Akumal, a good place for a day at the beach and snorkeling: in its waters we could even see turtles and some very exotic marine species.

  We started with this place that I love, I already knew it from other trips and it is one of my favorites, because it has a daring and varied cocktail bar made with mezcal from different regions of the country. It is the specialty of this beautiful bar, with a sophisticated atmosphere. , casual and relaxed which caught me with the rhythm of a musical curatorship that highlights the most stimulating of the underground electronic scene.

  Then we went to Diablito, a well-known nightclub in Tulum, its spectacular musical atmosphere which I enjoyed until I couldn’t or rather until April wanted it and that’s how we ended up in one of her favorite PASITO TUN TUN, located between a reggae bar and a Cuban place, Pasito Tun Tun is ideal, I love to savor their different range of creative cocktails with a Mexican delicacy: the “Mezcal”. In addition to enjoying live music with various rhythms and options

This is how the night ended and with it our revitalizing adventure through that wonderful land such as Tulum, April and I woke up with a terrible hangover that we were able to mitigate later at the airport but we agreed to return, although I would like to visit a new destination. with April but we’ll see how our story progresses, while I invite you to join me in a new destination full of history, adventures and lots of fun in some other wonderful place in the world.