Welcome to my travel blog, today I will tell you about my experience in India, where cultures, traditions, art and theater converge. Goa is a state in western India with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea. Its long history as a Portuguese colony before 1961 is evident in its preserved 17th-century churches and tropical spice plantations in the area. In addition to this, the festivals and celebrations that take place here mark a meeting point between pleasure and enjoyment, good food, street food, shopping days and the city that never has. 

  Goa is also famous for its beaches, which vary from popular stretches at Baga and Palolem to those in sleepy fishing villages like Agonda. One of the things that I enjoyed the most of my trip was shopping, I bought many things to renew my wardrobe and at a good price, if it is cheap why not buy it, it is not every day you are in India and you buy less. The city is also known as the heart of the Bollywood film industry.

Upon arrival in Goa, my desire to have the best time immediately came to my mind and full of the energy of the place, its visitors and the locals, I immediately knew that I would have the best time in this place. I looked for a place with a cool atmosphere to be able to start my vacation on the right foot.

  In this way I found the Olive Goa known for its endless options ranging from sunbathing on the sumptuous lounge chairs on the beach, having a cocktail at the bar. Olive Goa is the perfect place to sunbathe, feast and stargaze.

  Very sober spaces, somewhat old, not at all modern and loaded with a lot of class and elegance, this is how this place is inside, but it is like a trip back in time because when you leave and arrive at the restaurant area you run into the current world and you appreciate all in color while enjoying the great outdoors in a sun-drenched, slightly breezy area.

  Being here allowed me to eat too well and enjoy the good local wine, a moment without waste that I loved to experience. The tasting was unprecedented and the dessert is not even said. From the outdoor area I could see the movement on the beach, how people enjoyed and entertained themselves while they were there, for a moment I just thought of my beloved, I wanted to see him again even if that represented an impossibility.

  While I was waiting for my food I decided to go to the beach and took the opportunity to take a dip in the sea, its waters were cool and at a pleasant temperature and the sun provided a magnificent shine, between strokes and between admiring the place from the sea, I time passed without realizing it, when I returned to my table my food had already been ready. They surprised me with a delicious gourmet meal, inspired by local products, fresh seafood and the land. In Goa, there is always a sense of mystery hanging in the air, as if time has stopped; however, every day is an adventure.

  The beautiful view of the Arabian Sea is free, perched on a cliff corner overlooking Vagator beach, Olive settles into her beautiful space in the sun.

After passing through the Olive and exploring the coasts of Goa a little more, I fell in love with its beauty, its people and its culture, so I undertook a new route to find an excellent place on this coast to continue my stay, I did not want to separate from the proximity of the sea is why with the help of the internet I found my new destination and that is how I moved to Mumbai to see the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower.

  I love luxury and you will have noticed it in my other stories, this hotel is dazzling for its architecture, interior design and how classic everything looked, a place worthy of royalty.

  This legendary luxury hotel has hosted kings, dignitaries and eminent personalities from around the world, and is recognized as a world leader in hospitality. It overlooks the majestic Gateway of India.

Strategically located in the main historical and commercial center of Mumbai, very close to the art and heritage precinct with must-see museums, art galleries, churches and synagogues.

  A photo session here would not look bad, but after seeing the place so much I got to the rooms and enjoyed the rich and comfortable bed as well as the spacious bathroom that allowed me to take a full bath. The restaurant area left me stunned, what beautiful lamps, tables and attention, I felt like a princess of the 20th century. Savor authentic Indian cuisine at Masala Kraft; from the hand of the best chefs most recognized worldwide.

  The next day I went to the pool in the morning to take a good bath, I needed it urgently to recharge. Here I loved trying the dishes at Aquarius, the restaurant by the pool, fresh and delicious food. It is important to note that the site has several international awards highlighting its excellence in the hotel industry and the high demand for guests it presents. The view here is amazing because it allows you to see the sea and the boats that are in it, everything is extremely beautiful and the sunrise is unparalleled, I liked waking up here, few views like this offer real hotels.

   Being in India I could not stop visiting this magical place, I was happy to fulfill the dream of any traveler, to be able to visit and experience firsthand a visit to the Taj Mahal upon arrival I had to blink several times to check that it was not of a dream.

   The Taj Mahal is located near the city of Agra, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, and was built in the 17th century. Incredible architectural feat, its immortal beauty is nurtured by ancient love. Arriving here I was delighted to know that this imposing architectural work was built out of love, that is, Emperor Shah Jahan built it in honor of his wife after she died giving birth to her fourteenth child.

  Being in front of him was magical and he showed me that true signs of love do exist, going through it was fascinating and even in the distance the Taj Mahal shows you its grandeur.

Cried a soul in love


tears, pain, grief, crying


a heart sings its sad song


a hand, tired, behind


its closed window


There from his palace,


 from his window


admire that white tear


poetry made art, 


art that passion starts


for you, my beloved, 


my wife, my soul sister

  And it is that the Taj Mahal is that: poetry made art, a song to love, a sublime work that only a soul in love would be able to offer to the world. There, just above the entrance portico, you can read some verses from the Koran that describe paradise; Like magic words, that bronze gate will reveal a palace of pearls surrounded by gardens.

  Large gardens to walk through, huge trees and an extensive water source are part of the exterior landscape. On the outskirts of this site I could see camels, engravings and details in each column of the great work. The remains of the emperor also rest here along with those of his wife.

I wanted to continue my tour of all the corners of this place and I had to take advantage of my vacation time to organize visits to the most impressive sites, and so I got down to work and embarked on an adventure.

  This site has its historical peculiarity because its construction passed from hand to hand, that is, several kings had a part in its structuring until the final result. I was able to go through it and I was struck by the hundreds of mirrors that are inside, before this the guide explained to us that this was designed so that when night came and moving forward with a candle inside, the whole place would be illuminated.

  I found its history particularly curious, it is a beautiful architectural work in which I took photos and was able to share with the other people who were on the tour. The cultural exchange was wonderful because we discussed ideas about the place and the possibilities of raising such a temple in these times and its purpose.

  This is a sample of Mughal architectural art and includes the tomb of Emperor Humayun, as well as mosques among other constructions, truly the temples of India have their particularity.

  The tour guide also let us know that UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1993. This is one of the complexes or temples that have been best preserved over the years.

  Going through it was quite interesting, it is too huge to house a corpse, but well, that’s how they thought years ago, now everything has become simpler and more bearable.

After so many walks I felt so happy to be able to get to know all these cultural and historical sites but I needed something, and I already knew what it was, I needed to go out and get to know a little about the nights and their surprises that Mumbai hides at sunset.

  Enjoying a good coffee in this place was a good choice so as not to stay locked in my room, something different and quiet to do at night without so much running, running.

  The coffee was delicious, in addition to the attention they gave me, another peculiarity is that you can sit here if you wish and without the need for a consumer, that seems good to me.

  There was a good musical atmosphere, all perfect for a work, family or romantic conversation.

  I liked the design of the place, how well planned everything looked to offer the best to visitors, I really recommend it.

  Wide dance floor, colored lights that combine with low lighting, a DJ, an extensive bar and the best atmosphere to spend a spectacular night.

  I think that more than 1,500 people were there enjoying the good party atmosphere, the idea was to leave at dawn and that’s how it was, nobody wanted to leave the place early at night.

The attention was great, the drinks were affordable and the variety was palpable, I had a wide range of liquors to choose from and I like that, so that night I mixed about 10 different drinks. I danced too much, my feet hurt but I had an amazing time. I met a gringa named Ruth, I danced with her because we were both alone, we talked for a moment and she told me that the next day she was going back to her country.

I had a great time with her, I liked the experience that night, I really hope it will be repeated.

  I was in the hotel and I really wanted to eat somewhere different, see new people and atmosphere, so I went to PDT Mumbai on the recommendation of the hotel receptionist.

  Arriving here was like stepping on paradise because I ate divine, it was what I really needed, I ordered Butter Chicken Risotto with wine and everything was exquisite, I like this place because it is more to eat and share calmly or with the family.

  Its design is quite modern, I was also able to have a few drinks that are offered to the public here and the cost seemed affordable. I liked the different designs that I saw on the wall, they were interesting, you can see that he has creativity and ingenuity.

  Beautiful and endearing experiences India gave me, I want to return as many times as necessary to continue discovering its temples, its art, its culture, its traditions and love for what is theirs. The sites I visited were spectacular, I can’t complain, they really were very complete in what they offered and they made you feel good with the care provided. The smile and the good vibes that they transmit to you is incredible, I got infected and I take everything good to my home, I like places that renew my soul.