If we talk about Latin America, one of the most beautiful countries is Uruguay, not only because of its beaches, mate or its people, but also because of the great opportunities and high quality of life that it can offer. Returning to this beautiful land was a blessing for me, I was able to rediscover its shores and practically cover everything in a short time because it is a very small territory.

  My transport was there, waiting for my return, waiting to be able to get on and sit in its seats and with all the energy of its engine show me the streets it travels daily and the smiles that greet it good morning. On my previous trip while I was bathing on the beach I met Alexandra, a girl of at least 25 years with whom I established a beautiful friendship and together with her I got to know her beautiful country. I came back, I came back to see each other face to face and melt into a hug that will allow us to live this adventure together again.

  You may wonder how I got to Parador La Huella and why that destination, the answer is very simple to answer. It turns out that Alexandra was the one who chose this place and even made the reservation through the website.

  She wanted me to get to know something different, to show me more of her beautiful Uruguay and that was it, I loved the place very close to the beach, it is located in Los Cisnes and Playa Brava, with comfortable tables and a privileged view.

  There he was, with open arms to receive me and the table waiting for us, how beautiful it was to be able to see her again, contemplate his look, his smile and his aroma.

  Alexandra and I took advantage of this reunion to be able to catch up on what has happened in our lives during all this time without seeing each other, it was quite nice to chat  together, we measured a couple of mates and with this I sealed my arrival in Uruguay, how nice to come back to try the mate, taste its flavor and aroma, they should serve this in all countries.

Then a waiter came with the food, grilled sea bass and corvina ceviche with salad and a bottle of wine, it smelled delicious, the dish had a range of quite beautiful colors and the presentation was another level, and, for dessert, the dulce de leche volcano, an essential dish for those with a sweet tooth.

It was exciting to be able to meet their famous chef Vanessa González, famous for turning Parador La Huella into the ultimate in chic food on the beach, she was super friendly and we chatted for a while about her fabulous food.

While we drank the wine, Alexandra thanked me for having accepted this new opportunity to meet again and after a while we went for a walk along the coast to contemplate the beautiful sea of ​​Uruguay.

  Alexandra surprised me again, I must mention that he took charge of suggesting the best places to visit in Uruguay on this occasion. And so it was that I came to this hotel to stay during my stay in your country.

  I must tell you that the structure of this very exclusive Design Boutique Hotel, located in front of Laguna del Sauce, in a romantic and natural landscape, very beautiful and very well preserved, is one of the greatest things that captivated me even when I had not even entered, I found the ideal place for relaxation and comfort.

The room has a very beautiful interior design, the super comfortable bed, the shower, the bathtub and the attention were first class. The lamps in the corridors, the furniture, every detail was perfectly planned to make everything look refined and high.

The first day I rested, I enjoyed the rooms, the comfort and being able to charge energy to conquer Uruguay the next day.

  At sunrise I went to visit the SPA,  I took advantage of a complete package that includes facial treatment services, body scrubs and body treatments, I received some massages that returned my soul to the body, essences, candles, everything was perfect.

  When I was ready, I went straight to the restaurant to have brunch, toast with honey and orange juice, by the way, the mate that I like so much was not lacking. On the way out I went to the pool area, I loved its decoration and structure, with Balinese rocks and a view of a very old ruin, it is a place you will not want to leave.

  In the following days I decided to take a bike ride, a tour offered free of charge by the hotel, through the mountains along the shore of the lake and it was great to find myself surrounded by nature with total and absolute silence as well as the sound of the birds. singing.

Every day in this place were new adventures full of peace and harmony with myself and nature.

  We started my tour through Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, it is an important city located in the bay. It is located around the Plaza de la Independencia, where there was once a Spanish citadel. I liked to see carefully the smile of the people walking through the streets, working, buying or simply sitting in a square, it was as if time had stopped while I saw them.

  The square connects with the Old City, with art deco buildings, colonial houses and emblematic places such as the soaring Palacio Salvo and the neoclassical Solís Theater.

  I stopped at the Plaza de la Independencia, there were many people there, the place is beautiful but the sympathy of the Uruguayans made it look more beautiful. During the tour I was also able to visit the coasts of Montevideo, in addition to a restaurant that specializes in offering the best meats in the world, it is the specialty of the area, when I entered they placed me at one of their best tables and they immediately served me tasting, I really loved everything so much that I asked to congratulate the cef personally, he very kindly approached my table and we chatted for a while, he turned out to be a colleague and good friend of Vanessa González, the resident chef of Parador La Huella, I told him that in both places They had left a good taste in my mouth as a pleasant memory of Uruguay, it was really a great moment.

To make the most of my days in Uruguay, I decided to take a guided tour of its busiest towns. Alexandra recommended me to take this tour, it is quite complete and you can admire the corners of the country and learn a little about its history and culture.

  Our first stop was Punta del Este, a seaside resort located on a narrow peninsula in southeastern Uruguay. 

  There is the popular Brava beach, known for its strong waves, a site with high tourist demand and a wide variety of resorts to vacation or spend a night there.

  I was able to contemplate the sea, go down to the shore, touch its water and bathe quickly because we had to move forward to continue traveling.

  Before leaving we stopped at the sculpture in the shape of a hand, a giant sculpture of 5 fingers that emanates from the sand on the shores of the beach, a mandatory stop where everyone who visits the place takes pictures before leaving this beautiful Beach.

  And then we went to visit the 19th century lighthouse on the southern tip of the peninsula, where we were able to climb up to its platform and admire the landscape from its observation deck.

  And to close this little tour the next day we went to visit the Cerro de Pan de Azúcar, located in the department of Maldonado, Uruguay. With its 389 meters above sea level, it is located among the highest hills in the country, it has a wooden cross on its top and a nature reserve and a zoo on its slopes. This beautiful hill is located 15 minutes from the city of Piriápolis, it has a great ecological and animal reserve of great value, not only for Uruguay but for the whole world.

  From a distance I contemplated it while I was running, but getting there was on another level, we climbed it and I felt the adrenaline rush through my body as we reached the top.

  A beautiful 35-meter cross is located on the top of the hill, we took photos there and we also took others of the beautiful view that the hill gave us, we could contemplate the houses and the people, it was beautiful to live this experience.

Days after my little tour of Uruguay, I returned to my hotel and contacted Alexandra again, we had agreed to go out dancing a couple of nights and so we did, I was dying to go out partying and loosen my body a bit on the slopes of dance.

  Upon arrival at this place, located in San Jorge, I met my friend at the entrance of this nightclub to have a couple of drinks and dance for a while, it was part of our tour. We tried some craft beers that were delicious.

  After drinking we took over the dance floor for a long time and moved our hips to the same rhythm, it was lovely to be able to dance with Alexandra, people looked at us and thought she was my partner, but our treatment was always friends. We transmitted so much that when people finished dancing they shouted “long live the bride and groom” we only had to laugh and let them continue thinking that.

  Our tour had to continue to another night spot to learn more about Uruguay in a short time and on board that beautiful motorcycle.

  To continue enjoying the best parties in Uruguay, Alexandra took me to Tecni Disco, a place with an incredible atmosphere and very good for non-stop dancing, in addition to the good drinks they offer.

  I wanted to urinate and I quickly went to the bathroom, when I entered I liked it because everything was very clean and with all the comforts available to be able to use it without thinking twice.

  When leaving Alexandra was with a big smile and beers in hand, the music of the place is great and it was impossible not to continue dancing to the same rhythm while we looked into each other’s eyes and the people around us looked at us.

  To close the party nights we did it with a flourish Alexandra and I arrived at Latinos Disco, a place in honor of Latinos in the world, with the best of our music, the best of the Caribbean and that warmth that characterizes us.

  Upon entering, a salsa was playing and we immediately began to dance, Alexandra really has some professional dancer movements, she knew how to carry me and it felt divine to have her smell near me.

  We had a few beers and went outside to get some air while we chatted and she asked how I had been.

  I just thanked him for giving me one of the best trips of my life.

I fell in love for the second time with Uruguay, with its people, with its warmth, with all the beautiful things they have to give to the world, they are a small town but spiritually great. I loved trying mate, that’s why I invite you to visit Uruguay and discover everything beautiful that I could see.