Thank you for being there, accompanying me on every adventure through this huge house called earth, today I hung up my backpack, took my compass, woke up my adventurous spirit and went to the shores of the Mediterranean, because nothing like a golden bath from the beach sun del Cable in Marbella, Spain, to align mind, body and soul, in addition to finding peace and fulfillment combined with excellent food, delicious cocktails and unmatched attention, make this adventure the best of this summer.

  Touch dry land in this heavenly place surrounded by tall palm trees, golden sand and crystal clear turquoise water, which was the perfect setting to let my body be ecstatic as I lay down on the shore of its lush beach and let me savor the most exotic cocktails prepared by a large group of professionals who, always with their disposition, made me feel at home, inviting me to taste delicious Mediterranean food.

  Marbella is one of those places where I feel that there is no time for everything, there is so much to see and so much to enjoy that I have had to make a selection of the best, that is why I started my journey in its extensive plain of beach club on the shores of Playa Padre where dreamy sunsets and the warm midday sun witnessed my stay.

  I was in the 700 square meters of surface of Playa Padre doing different things in its various areas of bar, lounge, dining room and hammocks, where caught by its boho style, which is a movement where the arts are given more importance and to the creativity that to the money, I was hooked to relax in their hammocks and with the white sand of the carpet, it seemed magic.  

  In Playa Padre I found a Beach Club dedicated to each of its spaces so that my body, mind and spirit could achieve fullness, with a Mediterranean and minimalist decoration suitable for the coast where warm colors are combined with sunrises, sunsets and Different shades of blue that the sea reflects every day, is the Beach Club Playa Padre, which is without a doubt one of the places that I have loved the most and I recommend you since from its facilities to the flavor in each dish you achieve the balance perfect between sweet, salty and bitter.

  In Playa Padre Beach Club in my adventurer opinion, one of the best and beautiful in Marbella, it is admirable how it fuses the best of Asian and Mediterranean food, in addition to that smell of the sea and the flavor of this unique cuisine, even the desserts marking a big difference with a simple but modern approach. 

  Here I was able to find the purity and authenticity in the reinterpretations of iconic recipes that had only remained in my memory and that today I can relive it. An organic, local, gourmet, vegetarian place with large common outdoor tables facing the beach encompasses a beautiful open-plan restaurant, minimalistically designed to adapt to the fine palate of the most demanding visitors and diners.

  I confirm it if you want to create unforgettable memories, come to this place with the beach as witness and before an accomplice sun you can sit outside or inside the restaurant, you can also reserve a relaxing Balinese bed and have food brought to you while you sunbathe. You will live the best moments and parties in this little corner of Marbella, the beach, the sun, the drinks and the music there absorbed me, in such a way that I did not want the party to come to an end. The first class service in the best company of many travelers like me wanting to have the best time. I was able to try all their special cocktails, and enjoy them to the rhythm of the best music by international DJs, under the stars and until dawn.  

Before arriving in Marbella I already had an idea of the ideal place to stay and spend the best days in one of the most beautiful places in the Puerto Banús area, from where I could have everything close by and easily get to know its surroundings, a place to spend it Well, eat delicious, relax and above all be able to have fun to the fullest and that’s where I found Meliá Marbella Banús.

  Just when I arrived I could see that it is just a few steps from the beach and I loved that, the super attentive waiters took my things, helped me with the check in and immediately guided me to my room.

  I had reserved a wonderful suite with a view of the sea, when I looked out through its huge windows, I immediately felt the call of the sea, I took a shower, got ready and went to see the corners of the hotel and be able to taste their dishes.

  On my tour I met Rocío a girl from the area who works as a masseur in the hotel’s Spa, she was super nice and guided me to the DOM exclusive restaurant in this place, I thanked her and we agreed to get together later to chat for a while at the bar at seashore. Upon entering this exclusive restaurant, I found myself with the most exquisite international cuisine, made with local products, every day during my stay I tried different dishes, one more delicious than the other and accompanied by the best locally grown wines, I was delighted with this place.

  At nightfall and the other days that I was able to enjoy at the Meliá I would meet Rocío at night at the bar to talk about our lives and adventures, she told me a lot about her life in the region and she guided me on which places I should visit in Marbella. Thanks to this nice girl I was able to spend some rewarding days in the Puerto Banús and Marbella areas.

  On this coast of beautiful Marbella, is the well-known Playa del Cable, located at the end of the city, this place combines beach and party during the day and until late at night. Here I was able to discover various activities to do, such as going on a guided excursion to various points of the city including monuments and historical places, but the best thing was the bike tour.

  I did not hesitate for a moment and I jumped on this ride. A unique experience the electric bike route through the mountains of Marbella, Alberto my guide that day is an expert in the area, we start from the marina of Marbella

From there, heading to the Sierra de la Costa, from where we went in the blink of an eye from being on the beach, to being in a mountain pass, we arrived at the Reales de Sierra Bermeja.

  We enjoy a pleasant route through one of the most important enclaves of the Betic Cordillera and we observe the intrusive rocks, as well as a diverse flora and an important part of animal species such as golden eagles, peregrine falcons, goats and wild 

cats or roe deer, this Tour lasted a little over two hours on a route of about 1,400 meters of altitude, we will return to our starting point somewhat tired but wanting more. Is that this divine and idyllic place is full of magic, perfect for a weekend or one of those days in which we need to disconnect and find that part that longs for freedom and fullness.

In a round of recognition by the city of Marbella I found that the official name of the beach is Playa del Cable, it is located at the entrance to Marbella, between the bridge and the fishing port, they make this corner the perfect place to throw the towel and enjoy the privileged climate of the Costa del Sol. It turns out that it is a city with a lot of charm and personality, full of monuments and places to visit one of my favorites were.

  Upon arrival I liked its natural environment, the first thing I could see was La torre de los robones, a tower built in Roman times to defend the coast of Marbella from pirates, located in front of Cabopino beach. While I was enjoying the walk through this place and listening to José the guide who accompanied me to this place in front of two beautiful beaches, he captivated my attention and the harmony that is breathed, with the sound of the waves and the sea breeze on my face I dedicated a moment to meditate, it was a magical moment.

  This famous beach bar is very popular for its many summer parties, good atmosphere, good music and beautiful people. Here I was able to rent a deck chair with a parasol and I lay down to relax and find peace by the sea. 

  At nightfall and the arrival of the stars, they seem to merge with the sea.
  Right there I had time to dance to the rhythm of the best DJs and musical talents that put magic in this great place, accompanied by the most delicious cocktails until dawn.

  From Playa del Cable in the heart of Marbella’s fishing port, it is common to meet many visitors from all over the world, which has led it to be classified as one of the best on the cosmopolitan area of the city and has taken it for granted as the favorite place of locals and foreigners. It should be noted that here we can find luxurious nights, that is why I enlisted me and I went to explore the nightlife of this idyllic and fun place, because I found three of the best nightclubs and bars in the city; I found that depending on the time of year in which we decide to visit Marbella we can enjoy different events that take place like in the beach clubs that celebrate the arrival of summer, these clubs have music, parties and glamor next to the beach.
  However, I entered some of the best bars and clubs in the city, which I recommend for their great variety of drinks and the menu of hors d’oeuvres and main dishes as well as the musical shows with local and international DJs, plus some of these remain open from early afternoon until dawn.

Olivia Valère

Upon arriving at this glamorous luxury club, the first thing that caught my attention and attracted me was its outdoor patio inspired by the Alhambra and the Mosque, being there I settled in the VIP and there in the company of great famous personalities who visit the site every night, the music is first class, accompanied by the best champagne. It was a totally amazing night.

  Upon arrival I felt like a celebrity because this luxurious place is exclusive for the international jet set. Located in the most glamorous area of Puerto Banús, it is one of the most sought after clubs in Marbella. Here the best parties are lived on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar, their play of lights, the surprise presentations of dancers, their amazing cocktails and already first-rate music with live performances by international DJs, they made me forgetting where I was, I felt like I was in the clouds because of how well I was having. But if you spend it relaxed with friends and with a relaxed band or DJ, you also have the best options that go from Louie’s Backyard to which I went and have a great time on its terrace overlooking the beach.


  Indeed we have the appointment at Playa Padre Beach Club where the only rule that exists is to let go of everything that binds us and surrender to tranquility, satisfying our palate and letting the salt and crystalline water release, cleanse and purify our body, soul and spirit.

  Remember! If you want to have an idyllic and unique experience, come and visit Playa Padre Beach Club, where your senses will be on the surface, giving it a touch of glamor and comfort.