To speak of Australia is to evoke fauna and nature. It is a country that is characterized by kangaroos and an infinity of animals that give another air to this beautiful land and make you want to be here. Upon my arrival it was inevitable to ask where the kangaroos were and with a big smile they asked me to calm down because soon I was going to see them up close. 

  That was my greatest desire, to enjoy these creatures and see them carry their children inside the bag. Not only animals, Australia stands out for its impressive, very modern and avant-garde architecture, thus offering an incredible place for locals and foreigners. The natural settings that lie there are magnificent, waterfalls, flora and fauna, they have everything to be truly happy without looking at what you have in some of the extremes of the cardinal points. My tour guide told me that not only because of the kangaroos, that I would also fall in love with Australia because of the human quality that its people have, which is indisputable, and that’s how it was, they stole my heart.

On previous trips, I had already visited this area, since Melbourne Boulevard, in Victoria, has a privileged location, and that’s how I got my first destination to spend a couple of days, this is the República ST Kilda Beach.

  Arriving at this place to be able to register at the reception, I tripped and twisted my ankle, which made it impossible for me to go beyond where I had planned, but not everything was bad because that way I could enjoy the place without hesitation. I found it to be a great place for a Sunday session, perfect for hanging out with friends at the beer garden. With my ankle a little sore I stayed near the pool area, it was not bad, I loved it because I could read a book and contemplate nature, its perfect location on St Kilda beach, which can be seen from the horizon from the pub. 

  The attention was first class and they took more care with my sprained foot, I always had someone looking after me, I also tasted the restaurant’s food, they have a wide range of menu options and a variety of cocktails and drinks, In short, everything looked delicious, I ate octopus and lobster, the preparation of each dish in the best Australian style was on another level. In addition, one of the waiters explained the history of Australia to me, things that I did not know and I was hooked, he told me what day-to-day life is like for minorities and for the wealthiest.

  My day was spent between piña coladas and cocadas, everything was very good, on one occasion I got into the pool, I did it very carefully and I enjoyed being able to bathe there, at the República ST Kilda Beach they really made sure that I could enjoy my time In this place, closing with a flourish was a live presentation of a local band, the tunes were fabulous.

  After my spectacular day at the República ST Kilda Beach, which despite everything I was able to enjoy a lot, I went to find a hotel to spend the rest of the days that I had left in Australia and that’s how I arrived at 28 Hotel, I can define it as paradise.

  I felt like a celebrity because they even opened the door of the vehicle for me and it is not for less, all of us like to be treated in this way.

  Located in Chippendale, one of the corners of downtown Sydney, 28 is a boutique hotel that recreated the atmosphere of the 1920s. Tastefully merging history with modern practicality, it gave me a unique experience in style, comfort at all times.

 The rooms are super comfortable in the suite where I stayed I was able to rest at ease and enjoy all its services, TV, Wi-Fi and 24-hour concierge, total comfort.

  The next morning I put on my two-piece swimsuit and went straight to the pool to enjoy the sun and a good swim. Here I ordered some fish croquettes with a bottle of wine to complement, everything was very good, the restaurant of the place has incredible music and it made me feel relaxed.  The cold that the hotel gave me was very good, I liked feeling my skin fresh and not sweaty. While having a few drinks by the pool, I started talking to the pool cleaner and he told me that he is a migrant from Mexico and that’s how he earned his living to help his family.

  A good man, educated, respectful and an engineer, but he decided to migrate from his country to find a better future in Australia. I liked this place more every day, it had me in love and it was happening every second. 

  Everything is impeccable, beautiful and they do not give you the option to ask because they already know what his job is, to provide you with first-class attention. 

  Staying at this place was lovely, the service at check-in was exceptional. The room was very nice and a good size. The central location is a plus. I would definitely book here again.

  If we talk about tourist options in Australia we must mention Melbourne, this is because it is emerging as the best tourist option and its streets mostly reflect the presence of large tourist groups.

Melbourne is the coastal capital of the state of Victoria in southeastern Australia. In the center of the city is Federation Square, with squares, bars and restaurants along the Yarra River.

  How I got here, well simple because Alfonso, my new friend, the pool cleaner at the hotel, started his vehicle and brought me straight to this beautiful city, he wanted to make up for what I had done for him, to brighten up his work day.

  Upon arrival I was totally shocked by the infrastructure of the buildings, huge skyscrapers, beautiful streets and avenues. I took pictures of myself in all the places that have been and will be. It was very nice to be here because I felt in a modern and cosmopolitan area, avant-garde and with a thriving economy. On the Southbank, Melbourne Arts Precinct, there is the Arts Center Melbourne performing arts complex and the National Gallery of Victoria, which exhibits native and Australian art.

  The city has wide open spaces, from urban alleys to country roads, overpasses and highways lapped by the ocean. Melbourne surprised me on all sides. Alfonso explained to me that this is one of the cities he loves most in Australia and that not far from the cosmopolitan area you can meet the manufacturers, growers, artisans and creators, who strive to make their mark in their own special part of Victoria. it’s really shocking. Alfonso told me that every time he has the opportunity he visits her with special people like me.

  Continuing my tour of Australia another day I went to visit Sydney, the most populous and oldest city on the planet. Many important sites converge in this epicenter and although due to time I did not enter them, I did take pictures where I could.

  The Opera House in Sydney, there was no place where I could not pose, each photo was better than the previous one and I enjoyed them although I did not enter. The Darling Harbor and the Circular Quay Harbor were the places where I took pictures.

  I was able to see the monorail and the urban train up close, how beautiful they are, I wanted to travel on them, but I was already in a vehicle.

One of the most beautiful moments during my time here was when a girl who was on the urban train greeted me with great emotion and a big smile, I will never forget that moment.

  I came to this city to visit the Western Australian Museum, the works exhibited here are really fascinating. You can learn from each one thanks to the tour guide who was accompanying us.

  In addition to the works found here that are impressive in themselves, the façade of the site is amazing, my jaw dropped when I saw it and it was inevitable to take many photos in the outside sector. 

  The Perth Museum chronicles the social, cultural, political and architectural history of Perth.

  I liked the atmosphere, very fine and refined, the life I have always led. I like to surround myself with class, intellect and good taste. Its spaces serve as a meeting place for ideas and stories, an event space, and a cultural and research center in a growing part of our city. You can find all this in this extraordinary site.

A few days before the end of my trip to the beautiful Burleigh Head, I decided to go out to see the party places in this area and so I took a course and ventured to visit the best.

  This place full of good music, life and culture comes alive with a gastronomic association at the hands of its famous chef, with delicious cocktails inspired by New York City. I think I was born to win contests because when I arrived at Alumbra I signed up to participate in a karaoke competition, there were more than 50 registered and I was one of them.

  She played me as a competitor to a woman, with a very good voice, I would say prodigious and when she started the duet I felt nervous but I did it. I thought she was going to beat me and it was not like that, I managed to beat her and the rest of the 49 competitors.

  Applauded and cheered by those present, I had no choice but to toast and celebrate this triumph in Australia in a big way. The atmosphere had turned good and I decided to dance and sing to delight them again with my voice. After a while they tell me that I should go up on stage and repeat the song that gave me the victory, after that I received a trophy and $1,000 for having achieved it.

  The queen of the dance floor, that’s how they nicknamed me here because since I arrived I’ve been dancing, all the genres that were placed I danced with complete freedom. How wonderful it is to feel like this and enjoy the moment. In this opulent indoor playground for grown-ups, where I found bubbly pours, upbeat music, and cheeky artwork around every corner. There’s nothing to drink but champagne on entering here, making Ms Collins the perfect place to kick back and relax. A man in his 70s approached me and asked me to dance with him, he was alone and I agreed. He danced better than me and he dominated me with every step he took, he was spectacular and he had no rest. We ordered some chicken wings to eat while we talked and he told me that he has always visited the place and that he likes to dance, he told me that it had been an honor to be able to dance in this spectacular place because of his music. Then we sat down and ordered a few shots of tequila to liven up the moment, everything was very good and we had a great time.

  Colorful and with an air that evokes the mantra and good vibes, this is how this place is. Located in the heart of Chapel Street and the hub of Melbourne’s nightlife, Circus Bar is the perfect place for any night out.

  A site that is characterized by frequently offering presentations by guest artists to brighten up the evening of those present.

  The Circus Bar boasts a classy yet comfortable setting with an atmosphere to liven up every party. Featuring stunning burlesque décor and classic charm and style. The night I was there, two musical groups performed and from my table, a bottle of wine, I was able to enjoy the good voices of the members of each group.

   The atmosphere was perfect for me to relax while enjoying a selection of stunning cocktails and later join the team on the dance floor to the latest electro music.

At first I hummed them, but then I sang them to the same rhythm as them, spectacular voices and the harmony of their instruments was too good.  

  Award days, injuries, laughs, dances, songs, trips and indescribable adventures. That’s how my time in Australia was and that’s why I want to invite you to visit this beautiful place full of magic, light and lots of life. Australia is more than a couple of kangaroos, it is the heart of its noble people, of those who continue to believe, of those who hug you and make you feel like part of them. They have everything to be happy and still continue to be thankful for everything, that’s important. In my heart I carry Alfonso and his beautiful family, I will remember them forever and I hope they are united soon.