Hello girls! After a few days of rest, it’s time for a new tour. Remember that everything you set out to do can come true, and if one of your dreams is to see the world, this is the time to start. For months I had been aiming to visit Oceania, believe me I want to get to know all its countries, but I was wondering where to start, well, researching I found the town of Burleigh Heads, I was very curious about its tourist places and its merchants, I didn’t think twice about scheduling my trip to that place.

  While I was preparing my flight and looking for the beach clubs in the area through social networks, I was surprised that an old friend from childhood and school named Jhon posted a photograph on a beautiful beach with the sun totally radiant, and It turns out that at the bottom of the photo he described «Fantastic beach in Burleigh Heards» I quickly stopped and did not hesitate for a second to write to him, since apparently he was in my next destination.

  Jhon told me that he has two weeks to visit Australia and when I told him that I was going to travel there he was incredibly moved that even he found me a room in the hotel where he is staying. From that moment I already knew that this trip would be unforgettable and meeting this great friend again would be an excellent experience. I only waited three days and my flight was taking off, but like any girl attentive to details I started to pack my bags in advance.

  In the afternoon I was landing at the Gold Coast airport, then I took a car to Burleigh Heards, on arrival I took advantage and went for a walk through Burleigh Heads, a suburb of the city of Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia, like you very well You know that I love nature, here I was able to find a wildlife corridor that connects the coastal forests of southern Queensland and New South Wales.

  Here I was able to admire that this is a conservation area where many local plants have been preserved that the natives of that place would have used many years ago, surrounded by the largest number of species of eucalyptus forests where I was able to observe wild koalas in the distance. That inhabit them. My guide that day, seeing my admiration for the little animals, named me many of the other native animals of the area including flying foxes, gliders and more than 60 species of birds, my eyes were filled with many expectations and illusion of being able to see all these species.

  Arriving in this city I contacted Jhon, we agreed to meet in one of the best places according to his recommendation. After my walk through Burleigh Heads I finally got to the place to meet up with my great friend John I was really looking forward to seeing him.

  The first thing I did when we met was run to him and give him a big hug, so many years without contact and getting us in this place was very gratifying. We had a lot to talk about, and right away we went to Rick Shores. I remember that at that moment Jhon smiles and tells me «Lucy, always so impatient» without a doubt, I died of laughter, in the end, he didn’t say anything to me, because he told me that it was a surprise and that I would love it, in conclusion he left me full of more craving.

   As we advanced on the road a spectacular sun illuminated us, when suddenly we arrived at the emphatic and luxurious Rick Shores. My eyes fluttered and my jaw dropped at the magnificent view that the beach club had. Totally spectacular! I quickly looked at Jhon and told him «Dude, this is beautiful» I got out of the car and stretched my arms against the air, because the wind is so strong because it is by the sea. 

  Night was approaching and I was famished, the atmosphere of Rick Shores was fantastic, many tourists visit this place for its comfort and the friendliness of its workers, who make you feel at home. While looking at the dinner menu I was very curious about the plate of Cold Smoked Kingfish Sashimi, Rock Melon, Ponzu, Crispy Nori accompanied by Sriracha, Bug Mayonnaise and Gem Lettuce, a tricky name right? but I remember it perfectly because of its exquisiteness.

What a delight that meal was! I loved it so much that I didn’t hesitate to order a caramelized peach ice cream sandwich dessert with Ecuadorian chocolate sauce, Jhon didn’t order dessert, but it was so delicious that it was impossible to share it.

John’s visit to this corner of Australia is due to the fact that he had to attend the wedding of a good friend and he invited me to accompany him, the event took place in the magnificent Rick Shores Beach Club. In the Rick Shores event room there was a beautiful view to contemplate the sea, at night you can see the fireflies fly and the brightness of the stars. During that moment of contemplation.

  The bride arrived and the party started. The live music in all genres was fantastic, I danced like never before and felt the wedding as my own, when I told Jhon that, he was dying of laughter. As the celebration passed, I met the Colombian bride and the Mexican groom, a cultural diversity that I loved, obviously it was conducive to listening to and of course dancing to a rich mix of musical styles. What a wonderful moment!

  I enjoyed a delicious champagne with delicious Asian flavors. How divine! In beautiful glasses. During the toast with the bride and groom, such a special scene, where they danced the waltz together, and of course Jhon invited me to dance it and I didn’t hesitate for a second to get on the dance floor and move on stage. I love dancing horribly!

  I was totally exhausted but happy. After that majestic dance, there was nothing left but to sing the famous Mexican rancheras. Karaoke is not my thing, however, it’s never too late to try it. I went to the center of the stage and sang like I had never done before, what a fun moment, while I was singing I saw Jhon’s face and he couldn’t stop laughing, I couldn’t stop passing that groom’s tradition and say at the end ¡Viva Mexico!

After that delicious dinner I decided to rest for the next day, I had already located a room in Outrigger Burleigh, a hotel very close to the majestic Rick Shores, where Jhon had already stayed before and it has gone wonderfully.

  Waking up the next day and while preparing to go to breakfast I could see from my room how busy the hotel is, on one side I saw the patrolled surf beaches while on the other side fitness activities along the beach esplanade and amusement areas.   Without a doubt, it is a hotel where commercial life moves totally, where the closeness and warmth of the people were sensational; For each food stall you could see the friendliness and the smell of their dishes was phenomenal.

  The Outrigger rooms are spectacular, I stayed in a suite, where it had a beautiful black sofa, and a comfortable bed, where I could sleep and rest after the long days of touring.

  I greatly loved his balcony, observing the colorful and beautiful sunrises, after contemplating them I went to have breakfast at the restaurant on the beach.


  Without a doubt, this hotel is a wonderful place, the elegance of its facilities made me feel at home. The comfort of its facilities relaxed me and on its sofa with a glass of wine I felt like a princess. The services offered by this hotel are state-of-the-art, from its tourist cruise, the children’s park, the magic show and even its spectacular beach. Outrigger Burleigh is a paradise you can’t miss.

  One of the unforgettable moments of this fabulous trip was seeing the magic show of illusions that takes place in the city of Burleigh Heads, it was so impressive to see the great work that the magicians did and keep us curious and attentive to everything they did.

  It should be noted that, I came to this event because of other tourists who were in the hotel, this show is highly anticipated by the locals, since the most impressive magic is learned from all over the world during the last 20 years and they carry out various methods of levitation never seen before.

  That is the reason why they make it so conspicuous. One of the moments that I loved the most was how an object is kept afloat by the action of only a magnetic field.

  That is, as magnetic pressure opposes gravity. The wonderful thing was that while the magicians were doing their work they explained to us what each trick consisted of, and I remember that one of them told me that any object can be levitated as long as the magnetic field is strong enough.

  To find a material that can be clearly seen with the naked eye, some little tricks had to be used. They explained to us that magnetism is associated with electric currents and that in order to achieve a material that is so diamagnetic that it can float, a special substance called a superconductor can be used. Extraordinary, right?!

  A very broad topic, which as a lover of science I remember perfectly. This area is so impressive that my gaze was always fixed on each trick they performed, with the delicacy in their movements so that everything would be perfect. Without a doubt, it was one of the moments that I loved enormously and that I remember with great emotion. In addition, in all the time that Jhon has been in Burleigh Heads, he had never been to this place, and he is also fascinated by the magic of its history and the delicacy that they transmit to people.

  This show was unforgettable because I was so close to magic that every movement and act performed by the magicians surprised me enormously, because the delicacy and total security conveyed a deep confidence in me. It was an excellent plan to agree to go to that place with other tourists.

Taking advantage of Jhon’s company and that I had so much free time and my stay in Australia would be for a long time, I decided to get to know many of its most iconic places, for that we got a little soaked in, we leaned on the suggestions of some friends of his and we set out on our way. to several good places.

  As good nature lovers we went to visit the David Fleay Wildlife Park, it is a heritage listed wildlife park in the Fleays Wildlife Park Conservation Park. I was delighted to find myself so close to the animals, to be able to touch them and admire their exotic beauty.

  Park guides explained that the original section of David Fleay Wildlife Park comprised an area in the south-central section of the park, and that over the years, the park has expanded; so that it now almost completely surrounds the original section.

  It is surrounded by many hectares and there are several enclosures with exotic creatures, one of them was the platypus, which was used exclusively to breed platypuses.

  In passing we visited the enclosure of the owls, it is a huge wooden house where thousands of owls live, when entering the darkness it is the protagonist, where I could see the giant eyes of these birds, it was so moving to position my gaze with one of them fixedly . And the giant rattlesnake enclosure, where the upper walls are covered with angled metal mesh. The structure is completely closed with plywood sheets in the corner. It was an extraordinary experience and one of the best decisions to visit that park.

  Visiting Village Markets was reconnecting with my adolescence, when I used to visit those beautiful sales centers where crafts predominate in each of the corners. In this place I was able to buy wonderful meaningful souvenirs from Australia and from Burleigh Heads. Something that caught my attention is the variety of handicrafts that can be seen, the woven hats and bags. 

  Well, more than a market, it’s a collaborative creative community of small businesses, designers, artists, foodies, musicians, culture seekers, sustainable shoppers and good vibes, not to mention the street restaurants where I was able to try some delicious cookies called Iced VoVo accompanied by a delicious meringue. These cookies have a layer of fondant very similar to the pink filling of our dumplings and grated coconut on top. 

   After a while, Jhon comes to me with a gift, and it was a beautiful blanket, we went under a tree that was nearby to talk about everything that has happened to us in life, listen to music and taste our cookies. What a glorious moment to meet my friend again.

  I couldn’t leave Burleigh Heads without first bathing in its waters. 

  One very sunny day, Jhon told me to go to one of the parks that has the most spectacular swimming pools and a beautiful river.

  Arriving at Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park was like finding my childhood toys. I felt so excited that I started running and started to shout about how beautiful the place is. Located on the banks of a sparkling calm creek, making it a favorite for vacations, I was mesmerized by this special place.

  I was able to enjoy a short walk over the bridge where we were taken to the beautiful Burleigh Heads National Park, there I was able to explore scenic trails through lush rainforest and visit the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Center to learn about the local indigenous history and culture of the Coast. Golden.

  There are many places to explore nearby. The river is very beautiful, its sweet, cold and crystalline water were the characteristics that I remember the most, it is an ideal place to relax and bathe in the high temperatures of the sun.

A few days before the end of my trip through the beautiful Burleigh Head, I decided to go out to see the party places in this area and so it was that together with Jhon we ventured to visit the best.

  On a very warm night, it was the perfect time to put on one of my burgundy short dresses. It turns out that when I arrived in Australia, Jhon told me that there is a perfect place to dance and enjoy the night. Arriving at White Rhino was something spectacular, it is a majestic space with trees, as well as a very particular decoration of rhinoceroses. It was inevitable not to eat some delicious hamburgers accompanied by exquisite grill, Jhon told me that it is a place well known for the softness and freshness of its meats. Of course, I did not stop trying the cocktails and the spectacular champagne accompanied with ice and a beautiful rose.

  When the night came, it was impossible not to dance with Jhon, the variety music was ideal to move us on stage and enjoy the moment, it was so incredible to dance under the lights in the trees.

  During my tour of the majestic places in Australia I found Chapter, a perfect place to have a glass of wine and taste some delicious homemade steamed buns, panko crusted chicken with spicy sauce, pickled vegetables, coriander, crispy shallots, tire escé, a delicious meal that I then accompanied with a traditional high tea.

  It is a variety of sweet and savory dishes. Chapter & Verse was a perfect place to spend a different afternoon, the grape wine is the highlight of the place, I loved it so much that while drinking it I danced with the locals on the dance floor. On that trip I met some tourists from Spain, who went to see this magnificent place as a family. Later, I went to the VIP area and tasted a strong but wonderful tequila that some tourists we met during our stay at the bar invited me.

  What a wonderful trip. I took away from Burleigh Heads, its fantastic parks, the affection of the merchants and the warmth of its inhabitants. It was a trip that I enjoyed to the fullest, getting to know this part of Australia was extraordinary, and of course what I loved the most was smiling and being happy in every place I visited. I consider that to be the main science of life; enjoy each moment and live it as if it were the last. Reconnecting with Jhon was also one of the best things that could have happened to me, after so many years we agreed on this trip, who also helped me walk the streets of Burleigh Heads and invited me to that spectacular wedding. When I said goodbye to Jhon it was inevitable not to shed a tear, we said goodbye with a huge hug but with the hope that it would not be the last and that one day we will meet again.

  Girls, if you plan to meet this beautiful town, then do it. It is very rich to know their culture and new experiences. Cheer up and live this magical paradise of Australia.