As is customary and I think it has even become one of my best Hobbies, travel to see the world and the wonders it offers, so I decided to continue my journey through it and now I will go through Italian lands again. I loved this country because it stands out for its beautiful beaches, food and warmth of its people, here there are some spectacular places that are not seen in another part of the world, they have a great treasure in their heritage.

  If we talk about romanticism we have to mention Tuscany, it is a city that is characterized by its immense fields of sunflowers and the iconic tower of Pisa. This area is best known by tourists who visit Italy and seek in it a period of romance, peace and connect with that loved one. Here you can also appreciate cities on bristling hills.

  Low hills with green landscapes are other attractions that you can enjoy during your visit to Tuscany. Florence houses the roots and birth of Italy, sculptors, humanists, painters, craftsmen, architects, among others, the memories of all of them are preserved here and their legacy is constantly honored. On other previous occasions I had visited Tuscany and I decided to consult my favorite places and others that I had yet to discover and enjoy.

  Tower of Pisa

  Leaving the airport and on the way to my destination, I went straight to see the Tower of Pisa, I already had the reservation ready and I was dying to discover the wonders that this iconic place offers tourists. In addition to contemplating, I was able to climb its stairs and stop at its floors to see the city from there. What a beautiful view this bell tower gave me that after it was built began to lean.

  The most beautiful thing about this visit was to appreciate many couples in love and others who went beyond love and bowed down to propose, who would let this opportunity pass. The surroundings of this site are very beautiful, structures that date back years give the place a unique touch. There, very close to the tower is a great Cathedral and the Plaza de los Milagros. People enjoy the Plaza de los Milagros a lot, many share with their family and others simply enjoy a good afternoon under the sun alone.

  Leaving the tower, she already wanted to go to enjoy the beach club that she had previously booked, she was anxious to meet it since she had read that unforgettable moments were spent in this place.

Booking this site was the best option I could take because it has a privileged view, looking out of its common areas allowed me to appreciate the immense view of the sea and see the sun’s rays falling on the water.

  I loved visiting this place because the white color predominates in its structure, this gives it a sophisticated and elegant touch, the tables and chairs are of a high level, all well refined.

  The attention from the moment you step on the place is very good, they lead you to the reserved table and you feel in them the desire to make you feel good at all times, the orders that I asked for came to the table super fast and if you are paying it is good to receive this efficient service.

  Eating outdoors is fantastic, the sea is a few meters from the place and beyond seeing it you can feel, it is as if the waves were falling at your feet. Right where the tables are, there is a path that will lead you to the shore and on the sides there are many awnings with tables and chairs arranged. Here I ate a delicious pasta and what better way than to accompany it with an excellent musical environment.

  The white wine was delicious, I enjoyed every glass. I got up from the table, walked down the wooden path and reached the shore, raised my glass and toasted the opportunity to be there.

  That night they had one of their famous mask parties or masquerades as they call them, of course I did not hesitate to stay and enjoy it, I joined a large group of tourists and to the rhythm of the music, the drinks, we made some super funny masks, the night became really magical, I really liked being able to share a totally different time in this place.

  It was great to be able to start my tour of Italy in this cozy place.

  My days in Italy were numbered and this vacation would really give me the task of enjoying each day to the fullest, and for my stay I already had a more exclusive plan, I had anticipated making reservations at one of the most famous hotels in the area I was not wrong with my choice, Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, I was provided with endless luxuries and comforts.

  This hotel is very classic, too contemporary and it gave me the best nights I could have spent in Italy since my arrival. I wandered through the largest private garden in the city, it seemed to be a quiet haven of statues, surrounded by fountains and century-old trees, on my way to my suite.

  When I saw the room I fell in love with the patterns on its walls, my room was blue with details in gold, that is, the walls and the floor were in the same tone, a purple backrest was on the bed and the sheets of White color with olive green tones were a show.

 Where everything was intertwined in such a way that they merged between the Italian architectural characteristics. Everything is very classic here, the lamps are too beautiful, they seem from a royal palace, the candles that decorate the bathroom took my breath away and the mirrors caught my breath.

The hotel pool is wonderful, it’s big, I didn’t swim but I did go to see it and spend some time on the sun loungers. Being able to swim in the pool at all times and being able to enjoy the beautiful landscape filled me with a lot of peace and calm and magical moments.

I went back to eat pasta in the hotel restaurant, the food was too rich and for dessert I ordered chocolate pudding.

I am totally a fan of body treatments and SPAs in each of my destinations and this was no exception, this site inspires peace and harmony, complemented by massages and body treatments that recharge the body and soul, it was a refreshing experience to spend afternoons full of pure pleasure.

I was impressed by all the wonders offered by the Four Seasons facilities, I think I lacked time to continue touring, getting to know and enjoying all its modern facilities.

  For me it is extremely essential to know many historical or tourist places in each of my trips, one of those days I decided to start my respective tours knowing a little about the city and its surroundings, to learn a little more about its culture and customs, so I started this walk in the

  Knowing Michelangelo’s David was one of my biggest dreams and I made it come true, seeing this monumental work of more than five meters carved in marble in front of me moved me because I am an art lover.

  This sculpture represents Michelangelo’s David minutes before facing Goliath, a bit of spirituality with emotion was what I felt when I was there.

  It cannot be denied that this work has taken the cake from all other statues, modern or ancient, Greek or Latin; no other work equals it in any aspect, with such fair proportion, beauty and excellence, it presents in a few words the wonder of one of the greatest masterpieces ever created by humanity. At the Accademia Gallery, you can admire the perfection of Florence’s most famous statue from close range.

  Although it is in a special place, there are also others that you will discover as you get closer to the sculpture, they are also spectacular but there is nothing that compares with Michelangelo’s David, really, it is worth living the experience in this tour.

  As he got to know and walked through the place, they explained the history of each work, its monetary value and how transcendental it was for Italy to preserve each one of them. Without a doubt Up close, you can feel Micheangelo’s passion for human anatomy and his deep understanding of the male body.

  As the days passed, I continued with my walks around the city, so I put on my most comfortable outfits and with my App of places of interest I could very easily find what to do.

  I was impressed when I left the hotel one night towards this cathedral because I wanted to attend mass and connect with God, I think it’s never too late to do so.

  It is too immense, I really have to confess that I got lost in its immensity. When I entered I almost cried, on the ceiling of the cathedral there are beautiful images that make a connection to the Bible.

  I knelt down, prayed, asked God to renew me spiritually and received the blessing of the father.

  After seeking the presence of God I took some photos in this place, it was wonderful to capture many images of the entire cathedral.

  One of the most important bridges in the world and I couldn’t stop being there, how wonderful it was to contemplate the city from there, everything looked beautiful and I felt happy. Everything built near this bridge is beautiful, you can see the very colorful buildings, together, one of the others and that enhanced the place, really everything is very beautiful.

  I took some pictures, I captured the best images I can, I looked at the river and it was so nice to see the reflection of the buildings on the water and the boats passing through the area.

  Around the river there are beautiful green fields with red tones of some flowers, at night this gets better because the lights reflect on the water and you will not want to leave there.

  Visiting this palace was gratifying, in addition to touring it you can learn a lot from the hand of my tour guide who, in addition to doing the relevant translations, taught me everything about the history of this site.

  The square that is located on the outskirts served for me to spend an excellent afternoon, like me there were many people there and mostly couples eating or simply talking.

  I dedicated myself to enjoying a delicious dessert while I was there and contemplated that immense and enormous place.

  The water fountain that is at the entrance and the flags caught my attention, another thing that I loved was that I was able to see the place in the late evening and when the lights of the place were turned on that was fantastic, it really changed the whole picture.

  After so much walking and walking I took a day off on the beach, I went to this place and the sand was too fine and white combined with the turquoise blue of the sea, I felt in paradise. I made myself comfortable, had several beers, relaxed, felt the sand and applied sunscreen, lay on top of a towel in the sand and gradually turned brown.

  Then I got into the sea, the water was a bit cold but even so I enjoyed it without thinking about it, I relaxed too much and felt comfortable.

  This site looks impressively full of people, from a distance you can see the blue awnings that occupy the entire beach and are taken by people to spend the day. 

  Some boats can be seen in the water, changing the contrast of the beach, facing the sea there is a huge green area that generates shade and an optimal environment for those who want to be near these bushes.

  Tuscany and its surroundings are totally attractive both during the day and at night, I had in mind to go out a little to get to know and enjoy the nightlife in this place, the options that I had consulted for my amusement seemed quite attractive and I decided to go out a couple of nights to check this assumption.

  The good sound that this place has is wonderful, long before arriving at the site and entering you can feel the good music that welcomes you from the door and enjoy the party until your body lasts.

  Upon entering I shivered from the musical rhythm and ended up dancing, after a while I stopped to rest and ordered a cocktail at the bar, I want to thank the waiters and bartender for their attention, they were very good to me,

  I was able to notice something that makes this place special and that is that night after night the venue’s stage serves as a stage to present the best singers in Italy and offer unrepeatable shows.

  The lights here are wonderful, everything turns pink and purple with the music, I loved the bar, they have too many liquors and one is better than the other. And I went on stage to demonstrate my best dance steps, I was able to enjoy it to the fullest without thinking twice, moments like this are the ones that are really worth it.

  Excellent parties are presented in this place and the best thing is that they are outdoors, that night I jumped, shouted and danced, outdoors, and took off my jacket to feel free, around the pool,

  In addition to all this, I was also able to enjoy a good glass of wine at one of the tables overlooking the sea.

  Of course, this was possible because I did it before giving myself over to the dance and jumping around uncontrollably.

  Here, late at night, all the drunk people jumped into the pool and enjoyed themselves from the water, there was foam, a ball and a lot of alcohol.

  A red wall with hundreds of decorative roses and the name of the place in neon lights serves as a photographic point and I stopped there to take many photos to remember.

  After a night of alcohol, I came here to have a coffee and regain vitality in my body, I really needed it urgently.

  Large windows, Christmas lights at the entrance and a few tables arranged on the street is the first image that the place offers. Very European and sober.

  I sat at one of the tables outside and in a short time my coffee arrived, it was delicious, I accompanied it with cookies while I watched people pass by the establishment.

  After this I ate a vanilla cake, it was delicious but not satisfied with this, I ordered ice cream and I felt in glory because I am a lover of sweets and chocolate.

  The variety of ice cream flavors is impressive, I wanted to eat them all, they were very good.

  The place is cool to spend a good afternoon or have a conversation.

  The food in Italy is too good, I loved its pasta and ice cream, I would fly there again just to try its rich gastronomy and that without a doubt is one of the best in the world. The night spots are charming, it has everything to offer you the best nights you can live in Italy. The cathedrals are glorious, places where I was able to connect with God and feel his presence in my life. It’s good to know that countries continue to bet on God and preserve these temples very well.