Dear traveler, thank you for continuing to be part of my stories about the most extraordinary adventures around the world. One experience is more amazing than the other and I will tell you, they have allowed me to get to know cultures and traditions that, although they make us different, also make us unique around the world, in addition to making wonderful friendships in each place I visit.

Join me on my visit to Portugal and stay at a wonderful Beach Club you will be captivated as you read this story, join me.
Before venturing my new trip to this wonderful destination, I nurtured a little of its peculiarities and one of them that caught my attention was its particular name, this comes from the old name of Porto -Puerto de Galilea- and is due to the fact that the Gallic ships frequented this port. To speak of Portugal means to refer to an incredible mixture of cultures, by an innumerable number of civilizations that have left their mark there throughout its history.

Portugal, this is how this country is known by many, but its official name is the Portuguese Republic and it forms one of the twenty-seven sovereign states that make up the European Union and a democratic State was established. United on its borders by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, you will find its two beautiful archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira located in the northern hemisphere of the Atlantic Ocean. One of the aspects that surprised me the most during my stay in Portugal was to find out that they have the best health services on the planet and it is considered a globalized and peaceful nation, resulting in number 18 worldwide as one of the best alternatives for tourism. . This turns out to be a big ¨Green Flag¨ (or plus point) for Portugal.
Once I decided my destination and started planning my travel itinerary, the first thing that came to my mind was to find the best places to visit the coast of Portugal, its best beaches and most importantly, a place to have a good time, eat delicious, relax and above all be able to have fun to the fullest and that’s where I came across this magical place. The Sublime Beach Club surrounded by sand and extensive vegetation that covers much of the place a few steps from the Atlantic Ocean, I told myself this will be my first stop
When you arrive, notice how imposing the place is, it is illuminated by the rays of the sun and lights up the vibrant colors of green, blue, white and brown to captivate you, which captivated me from the first moment. After checking in at the reception, they invited me to visit the prestigious restaurant on the shore of the beach that or better of the local and international gastronomy. The Chef’s suggestion for that day was a fresh variety of seafood, being able to enjoy this exquisite food and refreshing cocktails was charming at first sight, it allowed me to feel the sound of the sea, the birds sing and hear the trees shake, what sounds so relaxing and enjoyable. Eat by the sea Once I managed to organize everything inside my room, I settled on the terrace and managed to visualize an open-air Bar, an idea that I liked very much, I got pretty and I went down to meet him. When I arrived, what most attracted me to this place was the cold breeze from the sea that offered me a comfortable atmosphere while I enjoyed a delicious drink, which became magical in the company of other guests who visited the place.
I walked around the place exploring all its corners guided by its immense path of wooden floors that were built throughout the place and on the sand, this disconnected me from the outside world and once again we were the sun, the sea, the sand and me. , it is a pleasant pleasure that you should give yourself every time you think it is necessary. When I got to the beach I got hammocks everywhere, I must confess I am a fan of them, there is nothing better rocking on it while enjoying the sea. The Sublime Comporta Beach Bar is a great option for anyone wanting a luxurious, comfortable and elegant lunch or sunset stop, offering great options for food and wine lovers. I was particularly delighted, it is a relaxed and unpretentious place, at sunset and live DJs fill the place with good music that invites you to relax and dance all day. After my tours around the place in the company of Asunción, the host of the site, I was able to admire the different facilities that lend themselves to all kinds of events. As I was traveling alone, Asunción introduced me to many of the guests of the place and they invited me to a couple of events that I enjoyed to the fullest, I was able to witness an adorable wedding of a long-lived couple, who were renewing their vows of love in front of the sea. A moving and fascinating moment, seeing the purity of this love filled my heart with illusion. Another day I was invited to a birthday celebration, it was impressive how the sound and the lights were combined in perfect synchrony that shook everyone present. I still remember, that night I danced like never before, this experience closed my stay at the Sublime Beach club with a flourish. Oh, how magical are the nights on the coast of Comporta Portugal and how pleasant those that are lived in this Beach Club that treasures so many stories and experiences within its walls.
During my stay on this coast of Portugal, I wanted to try different places and experiences, one of them and almost the one most recommended by all was to know her exclusive beaches. For this I decided to take a break from my stay in the sublime and I got this wonderful private house in the airbnb style. Fantastic modern house in Comporta, super quiet and safe with fabulous views of the natural landscape of pine and eucalyptus trees, very close to the seashore, and Carvalhal beach, where I later have plans to go surfing on the waves. I was totally amazed with all the comforts I got here, the facilities are private with first class services, air conditioning, underfloor heating, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, fireplace, solar panels and a fully equipped kitchen. And in its outdoor space it has a beautiful garden that surrounds the entire place, until you reach the pool that is located on the edge of the terrace where I could spend the afternoon relaxed drinking cold champagne. The stay in this beautiful house was most relaxing thanks to the fact that I was alone and I was able to find myself and my inner peace.
As many say I am quite daring and I love to experience all kinds of adventures on each trip. This time I went into Surfing on the shores of Carvalhal beach. Carvalhal surf school, in this place they have trained instructors who will make you float through the waves with simple lessons that take little time. Daniel Vilas is the name of the instructor of this school, he told me that he grew up in Carvalhal and has been surfing since he was 14 years old. From the hand and guide of Daniel expert in the waves, I lived one of the best adventures in the sea, the surfboard, the wax, my suntan lotion, my swimsuit and the sun were my companions in this idyllic experience.
Once I was in the behave area, I was encouraged to visit and get to know many of its most outstanding tourist sites, which range from its culture and history with its ancient ruins to museums and walks with dolphins in the sea, they are experiences that you must know and live. to learn more about the entire coast of Portugal.
The Rice Museum
On a walk in the town of Comporta, I had the opportunity to visit ¨El Museu do Arroz¨, an old rice husking factory, all this history immersed me in a part of the tradition of the town and its rice culture. All this tour of course whetted my appetite and I did not hesitate to make a stop at the museum’s restaurant, and I tried a tasting of the different dishes with local rice, the king of the house, accompanied by a glass of local wine. You must visit this place it has a lovely charm.
The Roman ruins of Tróia
On this guided excursion to the Roman ruins of Tróia, just minutes from the city center, he took me back in time, with archaeological exhibits, horse shows and much more.
Sado dolphins –
But without a doubt the ¨Estuario de Sado¨ turned out to be one of the surprises of the place, it is a bay in Setúbal, which is a natural reserve, between marshes, rice fields and sandbanks, home to a multitude of dolphins nose bottle. I enjoyed it aboard a cruise on the waters of Sado, this quiet walk, marked by the splash of the water, shows the natural riches of the reserve and the charming dance of the dolphins that walk through the bay, it is an unbeatable experience, accompanied by a drink and admiring the sunset on the horizon makes this the best experience in Comporta.
While staying at the Sublime in one of my long talks with Asunción, we agreed to know the nearby night spots and where to enjoy, have a drink, chat and dance all kinds of rhythms. The girl, as a good host and local, mentioned that we could find an infinity of night spots to dance until we couldn’t and we opted to visit the most outstanding ones.
Luanda nightclub – We started at the Luanda Discoteca, a site that is characterized by offering the best music, the most popular and what is positioned as number one in the world ranking. Its beautiful concept offers you a fascinating experience, combined with the wide variety of drinks and eating alternatives. It was a pleasant experience to visit this place because I was able to meet people from other countries and they shared the best of their culture with me.
Palace Kiay –
The next night we decided to escape to the Palace Kiay, an exclusive club with the best theme parties, that day the theme was Safari and everything from the decoration to the cocktails alluded to the theme, we dressed the best outfits related to the theme and we launched into fun , located in the VIP area we admire the whole show between drinks, light play, dancer, DJs, placing the best music of the moment that take over your being and make you shudder in the middle of the dance floor.
All this experience closed my stay in this incomparable place, full of history, culture, rice fields and marine life, they show that Portugal has it all, mountains, seas, cold, heat, in short, the perfect combination for a good vacation. I had a great time and of course I will return to this magical land of grace. I would like you to live this experience as much as I do, and not only this, the next adventures that I have to live, I would like to continue sharing them with you and that through this screen you feel it as much as I do. Will you stay glued here?